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“Grey?” she choked out, while sitting up and reaching for her water. Grey lent her a hand and helped her grab the water while she sat up.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, trying not to sound too worried.

When he told Kaid and Maisy that he was headed over to the rehab center to check on Willow, they advised him to not tell her about Quinn just yet, since she was in recovery. They didn’t think it was the best time.

“Tired and kind of on edge.”

Grey nodded his head in understanding, while he watched her perfect lips wrap around the straw that was in her water cup. Once she was done sipping, she set it on her night stand and turned toward him in her bed, so she was laying on her side and her hands were under her face.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to check on you,” he said, while trying not to stare too much into her eyes. He was helpless when it came to her.


“Because I care about you, Willow.”

“You shouldn’t,” she said sadly. “I’ve been a complete bitch to you. You should be out celebrating that I almost killed myself.”

“Willow!” Grey gasped at her words. “No matter what, I will always care about you. You scared me to my core when I found you on the floor of your bathroom. I thought you…” he choked on his words and took a deep breath. “I thought you died.”

Willow shut her eyes momentarily and said, “Might have been better for everyone.”

“No, Willow, it wouldn’t have. Even though you want to deny it, I care about you deeply. I can’t imagine what I would do if you didn’t come back to us. I would have been devastated.”

A small tear trickled down her face as she asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really,” Grey said in relief. “Willow, you mean something to me, and the fact that I was never able to actually spend more time with you ran through my head every moment you laid lifeless in my arms. It was a regret I wasn’t prepared to live with.”

Grey didn’t mean for their conversation to get so heavy, but it did, and he wasn’t about to turn back now. He watched her as she studied his face, looking for any tell that he might be lying about his confession, but he wasn’t. He was dead serious when it came to Willow. He was going to make sure he gave their relationship a chance, no matter what he had to do. He was going to make it happen, because there was no place he would rather be then next to Willow, cheering her on.

Finally, she took a deep breath and placed her hand on his. She lightly squeezed his hand, and he returned the gesture.

“Don’t leave me here by myself, Grey.”

“I won’t; I will be here every day,” he promised.

“I’m scared,” she said in a shaky voice.

“Don’t be, Willow; we’ll get through this.”

“You’ll be here every step of the way?” Her voice was so weak, it nearly gutted him.

“You can count on it, baby. I’m not letting you go.”

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BOOK: Fame
5.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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