Falling for the Secret Billionaire: Part 2

BOOK: Falling for the Secret Billionaire: Part 2
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Mia Caldwell has been fantasizing about stories of "Happily-Ever-After" since she was a little girl, and now that she's all grown up her "Happily-Ever-After" stories have taken a steamier turn! After graduating from college Mia still wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with her life. Bored with her day job as an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit, she started writing stories on the side and sharing them with her friends. They gave her the push she needed to share them with you! She lives in New York with two rascally cats named Link and Zelda, eats too much chocolate and Chinese take-out, and goes on way too many blind dates. She's still waiting for Mr. Right, but in the meantime she'll keep dreaming up the perfect man!






























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Falling for the Secret Billionaire

Part 2


Mia Caldwell


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Falling for the Secret Billionaire: Part 1


















“Jasmine, are you in here?” I could hear Keisha pounding on my bedroom door.


“Yeah, sorry love, give me a minute.”


I had been dwelling in my own misery for months it seemed. After what had happened between James and Greg and the fight they had had, I couldn’t bear to face either of them. I sunk into an abyss of sadness. My days consisted of dragging myself to work. My dream job had almost become a sort of burden to me. I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I would go into work and constantly be watching the clock and counting down the minutes before I could leave to go home and sink back into my mopey state. My fluffy white duvet was the only comfort I needed. I would curl up in my bed, get under the covers with a box of chocolate or a pizza if I was hungry and binge watch reality shows; anything that would take my mind off of James.


It was Sunday evening and the farthest I had gone all weekend was the distance from my bed to the fridge. My pink pyjama set with sheep on them had not been washed all week and I could spot some remaining chip crumbs on my breast pocket. Jumping out of my bed, I tried to scavenge for something to wear so that I looked approachable talking to Keisha. I knew that she was worried about me and I didn’t want her to realize the true extent of my depressed phase. I picked up a sundress out of my closet and threw it on myself. A little out of season, but it was better then coming out in my food stained pyjamas. I threw my duvet over the 2-day-old pizza box to cover the rest of the evidence and turned off the television.


When I finally opened the door, Keisha was standing there tapping her foot.


“What the hell took you so long?”


“Sorry, I uh… just woke up.” I responded.


“Jasmine…. It’s six in the evening. You know you can’t stay this way forever. I think we need to talk about this. If you can’t talk to me about it, who can you talk to?”


Keisha was absolutely right; I hadn’t spoken to anyone about it but I still felt like I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted to be left alone, and I wanted to figure things out on my own. I had always been stubborn. I recognized that I was stubborn, but that didn’t want me to fix it any more.


“Keisha, I understand you’re worried about me, but you don’t have to be! I’m completely fine, don’t worry about it!”


I gently ushered her out of the doorway and closed the door on her. I couldn’t deal with her right now.  I climbed back into my warm cozy bed and pulled out the last slice of pizza from the box while I simultaneously put my reality television back on the set.




When I woke up the next morning, I looked like a complete and utter mess. The curls of my hair were so tangled that I wouldn’t be able to brush them out without pulling out half the hairs on my head. I threw my curls into a high bun on my head to hide the rat nest look of my hair and applied some light mascara and lipstick to make myself look approachable enough for the library. I had already lost the man of my dreams over complete bullshit, the last thing I needed right now was to lose my dream career, also over bullshit. I threw on a baggy black dress and pair of matching black flats. The black would cover up the fact that I had let myself go quite a bit in the previous months. The frumpy dress would hopefully cover up those extra curves I had piled on through the mass amounts of junk I had been eating.


I walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen and Keisha was standing by the stove making breakfast. The table was set for two with a beautiful floral white tablecloth, matching napkins, our best china from the cabinet, and a bouquet of roses in a vase in the middle of the table.


“Rise and shine my sunshine!” she said as she saw me creeping out of my bedroom. “I’ve taken the liberty of making you breakfast this morning, I figured I would trap you into spending some time with me” she said with a wink and a wide grim smile spread thick across her petite face.


I couldn’t even be mad. I was so lucky to have such a good friend like Keisha. I never knew how she had always seemed to keep herself so well put together. Nothing could upset her! She had been through bad breakups and shrugged them off simply while investing all her time back into her every day life. Her beautiful chemically straightened black hair framed her face so perfectly that she could make any man fall in love with her in a matter of one glance. She had high cheekbones with a small jaw and huge lush lips with huge oval shaped hazel eyes. She was slim, but still had curves. I had always been envious of Keisha. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever met, and I was so happy to claim that she was my best friend.


“You know I love you right?!” I said as I pulled out the wooden chair from our small table and sat myself down.


“Let’s elope and marry each other,” she giggled. “I’ll cook you this same breakfast every morning and be there to binge watch cheesy reality shows with you..”


I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Her quirky humour was just the thing I needed that morning. Keisha set down a cup of espresso in front of me in a small drinking teacup and put out a bowl of sugar and canister of cream. Next she picked up my plate and dished 2 poached eggs, a side of back bacon, and 2 slices of toast with concord jelly onto the side of my plate.


“Wow, Keisha you really didn’t have to do all of this.”


“Anything for my special girl” she said as she sat down across from me and scooted in her chair.


“Bon appetite ma Cherie” I replied.


I was so starving, and it had been weeks since I had had a proper meal like this. I must have looked like a savage pig eating because I finished my meal in half the time it took Keisha. If it were a civilized thing to do, I probably would have started to lick the plate clean to show how much I loved her cooking. I leaned my elbow onto the table, cupping my chin in the palm of my hand and stared at Keisha.

She was such a classy girl. She had taken the white napkin from the table, folded it on her plate. She sat up straight to eat her meal and used the proper utensils for each course of the meal. I couldn’t help myself from admiring her. What would I do with her? I knew I would never be where I am today without Keisha’s support. When she finished her meal she picked up the napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth with it and mimicked my pose of leaning on the counter cupping her face in her hand.


“You know I’m always here for you right Jasmine?”


“Don’t be ridiculous, of course I know that! Don’t get so fucking sentimental on me!” I stuck out my tongue at her and stood up from the table.


I picked up our dishes and dumped them in the dishwasher to put on automatic rinse.


“Okay seriously, I’m in a rush though, I should get to work!”


“Yeah yeah… get a move on! Eat my home cooked breakfast and leave just like that psssshhhh” Keisha said sarcastically..


“I’m sorry, I love youuu! See you tonight babe! I told her on my way out the door.


I started to walk towards the library, and like a brick wall, the depression hit me again. I could keep myself distracted for a few minutes, but as soon as I started thinking about James again, all the memories started to flood back to my memory. It wasn’t the actual incident between James and Greg that made me so sad, but rather, it was memories of that amazing night I had had with James that made me so sad. This could have been the man I spent the rest of my life with if thinks had worked out for us better. James had left about 100 messages in my voicemail, pretty much one a day but I still couldn’t build up the courage to pick up the phone and call him back. Like clockwork, he would call me every day at around 5 in the evening when he knew that I would be finished at the library, but I had put the status to “ignore” on my contacts list so that I wasn’t tempted to answer the phone when he was calling. Sometimes, I dreamt about him too. Mostly flash backs from the night down at the beach and would wake up wishing that he were there lying down next to me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I had gotten over Greg so fast. Of course I still talked to him after the break up but the emotional and romantic connection completely disappeared. With James there had been no closure to our relationship, I felt like we had unfinished business but if what Greg said about him was true, I couldn’t’ stand the thought of getting back together with a guy like that.

BOOK: Falling for the Secret Billionaire: Part 2
2.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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