Exotic (The Druid Breeders Series, #7.5)

BOOK: Exotic (The Druid Breeders Series, #7.5)
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A Druid Breeder short story

by Marata Eros


Marata Eros

2012 Marata Eros


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Druid Breeder
Fans everywhere

Chapter 1

Lucia threw her head back, her mouth slightly
parted and Tarrin watched her ride him, her hair swinging against his
hips. The soft spirals tickled his dark skin and a groan escaped him
as the moist velvet glove of her pussy pressed him to finish before
he desired.

This was always a problem between them, if one
counted it as such.

Tarrin did not.

In the few years they had ruled beside Kier and
Holly, Tarrin had become even more convinced that Lucia was meant for
him and him alone.

“Daydreaming, my dark angel?” she asked,
grinding her golden mound on top of his with a finesse that was
criminal in its execution.

Tarrin could not hold back and came inside her
heat in a delicious rush of hot seed that was torn from his balls by
his lovely mate.

“No!” he barked and she gave a low throaty
laugh, finishing up her twirling push against his vampire cock in a
lazy circle and then began to move away.

“No... not yet, Lucia,” Tarrin said, grabbing
her with his dark hands.

She gave a feminine yelp of surprise as he buried
his hand in all those dark blond curls and forced her to meet his

“I will take it upon myself to give you proper
discipline later...” he promised.

“And I shall like it,” she breathed in return.

He kissed her then with an almost bruising force
and her lips parted beneath his.

Growling softly, Tarrin broke the erotic tongue
tie, Lucia smirked at him.

“Let us go and meet with Kier and Holly,”
Tarrin suggested, his fingers trailing off her rounded ass as she
moved to get dressed.

Tarrin quirked a brow, watching her. “You will
not wash our lovemaking from your body?”

She shook her head, with a large grin and replied,
“Let them scent your vampire seed from within my body...”

Tarrin blurred to her, dwarfing her, even though
she stood nearly six feet in height. He cradled her face he'd just
kissed, pecking her again and again, nuzzling his face against her
temple. “How I love you, breeder.”

Lucia moved her lips against his neck. “And I,

He took her hand and kissed the underside of her
wrist where her blood flowed, the most intimate of gestures before
dropping it so she might dress.

Tarrin watched her select her wardrobe, the ghost
of a smile never leaving his lips.

Or hers.


Tarrin and Lucia strode to the interior chamber of
the newest place they called coven; it was little more than the
bowels of the earth. While the rest of the Druid nest dwelt above
ground, where the Druid Breeder mates lived handsomely, the meetings
all took place beneath the earth.

Guarded and without the aid of sunlight.

Tarrin and Kier did not always agree on things,
but on this they had. It was safer to plot subterfuge or anything
else in an area
was wholly secret in its location. It had the added advantage of
being secure from sunlight. Though some of the Druids could move in
sunlight, it was little more than shadow walking, in Tarrin's

He came upon the King and Queen, their heads
pressed together, one light and one dark. Their gazes moved to his as
he and Lucia made their entrance.

Kier's nostrils flared at the subtle remnant of
their sexual encounter. A brief smile revealed his fangs and then was

Kier nodded his acknowledgment of Tarrin and the
moment their eyes met, Tarrin knew a challenge had come to the
doorstep of their coven.

“What say you?” Tarrin asked, folding his arms
across the dark skin of a chest heavily muscled and scarred from an
extended lifetime's worth millennia of battle.

Lucia circled around the low table that held
papers and other items of interest: mainly maps of other covens,
hostile and otherwise. She knew that their presence had been summoned
here for more than just a chat.

Kier sighed, raking a hand over his longish hair
bound at the nape of his neck. The soft candles glowed with a low
light and gave off a fragrance that aided Druid magic.

“Our scouts have come across a problem with
insurrection.” Tarrin and Lucia watched as Holly bit her lip and
her mate paced the length of the room, his head almost brushing the
low ceiling.

“The Mer have picked up Constantine, as you
know.” His eyes slid over to Lucia and she held his gaze with
difficulty. Con had been of Exotic blood and she'd hoped to save
another of the precious and rare lineage. Essentially, Exotics were
vampires who had psychic talents, not the least of which was
telepathy and precognitive abilities. Kier went on, “Disturbing
tales of demons have been mentioned as well, and a horrific
mixed-blood demon angel.”

Lucia gasped, her hand flying to her mouth.
, she thought with horror. To have both demon and
angel blood was to live within a contrary nature. It was an
abomination to be sure.

Kier nodded at the expression on her face. “That
is our belief as well.”

“What else are we to believe?” Tarrin asked
with an obvious tone of certainty. “In all my centuries, I have not
encountered a mixed-blood of the celestial realm and Hades. He stared
intently at Kier. “You are certain?”

Kier dipped his chin. “Aye. Further, he revealed
himself before his demon kin while protecting a demon breeder.”

This made Tarrin sit up straighter in his chair.
“How does that affect us here?”

“Constantine has killed Desmond.”

Lucia hung her head, the guilt over forcing Tarrin
to release Constantine spearing her.

Tarrin put a hand on her nape. “Do not, my dark
dove. Self-recrimination will not bring our ally back.”

“Why?” she asked mournfully. Why had he killed
their ally? Couldn't he just... meld into a group peacefully. Of
course, Lucia already knew the answer to that.

“He is not like the other vampire,” Kier said.
“But the product of former abuses that are unparallelled to any
I've ever seen.”

Holly dismissed that, saying,
why of this isn't important. He got a second chance and blew it all
to hell. That's how I see it.” She shrugged as if to say,
was that

Lucia rolled her lip
into her mouth, lightly biting it with her teeth.

“I am sorry, Lucia.”
Tarrin shrugged and added, “you tried to protect him.”

“Yet, there is no
protecting him from himself,” she murmured in a quiet voice.

Tarrin and Kier nodded.
“We have to retaliate. Nothing short of the mongrel's life will do.
It will be seen as indifference if we do not expunge his life from
the surface of this earth.”

Lucia nodded, then
threw out a last hope, “What if we find that he is somehow innocent
of wrongdoing? That perhaps there was a sound reason that he murdered
the Mer?”

Holly snorted and Lucia
gave her a long-suffering look. Barely more than an infant in
vampiric terms, Holly could not be expected to think things through
to the final degree in the way of a more mature Druid.

“Then we would
abstain,” Kier paused, giving her a weighted look. “However, I
will not hesitate to slay him myself if there is even a breath of
truth to the Mer's claims.”

“Tell them the worst
part of it, Kier,” Holly instructed softly.

Kier looked at his
ancient and most trusted advisor, a pure Druid Exotic. “He has
killed Desmond, their prince and taken their princess.”

The tension in the room
swelled with this informative tidbit, becoming nearly unbearable in
its duration. “Wonderful,” Lucia said.

“Not really,” Kier
observed in a droll voice.

Lucia's gaze flicked to
his. “It does look quite damning.”

“Because it is,”
Holly said, rolling her bluish-green eyes.

Lucia silently stewed
at Holly's insistence on assuming that the fault lay with
Constantine. Of course, Lucia realized she was loathe to kill another
of Exotic blood... and whatever else Con was, for he was many things.

Tarrin leaned back in
contemplative silence with his arms crossed. “I am not keen on the
demon presence.” Kier nodded in agreement.

“Nor I,” he

“They do not usually
cross our paths while on a mission to find their females....”
Tarrin began.

“I have seen it,”
Lucia interrupted quickly, her ocean-colored eyes flashing with her
ready temper.

“It is not regular,” Tarrin said.

“Aye,” Kier agreed.

“What?” Holly asked the trio.

Kier sighed. “Sometimes, though rarely, there be
a Druid female who possesses enough of the demon blood that they will
hunt her...”

“What the fuck?” Holly asked them. “You mean
to tell me that there are Druids out there who are unsuspecting

“My breeder...” Kier began, trying to soothe
the hot-tamale that was his mate and Queen.

“No,” Holly said, pointing an accusing finger
at Kier. “Don't 'my breeder' me!” she ordered the almost seven
foot tall wall of muscle who was her king. “I am not buying that!”

“We cannot save them all, my Queen,” Tarrin
stated calmly and Holly's eyes narrowed on him.

“Well, that's great!” she said angrily. Then
it was her turn to pace. Finally, she whirled around and said, “We
have not worked, what? Over two years to assemble a vampire
contingent of some magnitude to just... let these demon jerk-offs
have our girls?”

Tarrin could not help the short bark of laughter
that exited his full lips and Lucia elbowed him. That only made his
mirth grow.

“It's not funny, you... asshat!” Holly yelled
at the huge Druid, the whites of his eyes the only part of him that
could be easily seen in the dim of where they met.

Kier grabbed his mate and held her against the
front of him. “Ah!” she fumed.

wish to find these females but you
of all people know how much more difficult it is to find a Druid of
mixed blood.”

Holly nodded as tears of frustration fell from her
eyes. Her small fists clenched and Kier dropped his arms, turning her
gently and staring deeply into her eyes. He covered those fists with
his massive hands, engulfing hers easily, encasing her anger. “We
can but try, my breeder.” His voice was as soothing as honey,
touching her deeply and Holly brushed the tears away with an angry

“I know.” Her eyes bored into his. “I don't
want one of our females falling between the cracks for those creepy
hell-guys to scoop up.”

Lucia said, “They are debased in a most
miserable way.”

Tarrin looked at Lucia, that last comment would
cause their queen to become more inflamed, not less.

, Tarrin thought.

“I will help to find those wayward breeders, my
Queen,” Lucia said.

“The hell!” Tarrin raged, standing so quickly
that the chair toppled to the floor behind him, clattering so loudly
that it made Holly jump.

BOOK: Exotic (The Druid Breeders Series, #7.5)
6.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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