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“Slow down,” she screamed as she saw them approach the stoplight. The bike went faster than she normally rode it. Squeezing her eyes shut, she sent up a silent prayer and waited for him to decide what to do. The bike squeaked to a halt, the engine rumbling like a tamed beast. She opened her eyes, unwound one arm from around his waist and smacked him upside his helmeted head. “Don’t ever do that again,” she shouted.

His response was just to laugh and take off once the light turned green. The bike took off with a jerk, speeding up and winding around the few cars that were on the road. Party revelers meandered through the streets screaming, singing off key, throwing confetti. She saw a few people making out right in the open and one or two couples fucking against buildings. She shook her head. That could have been the four of them earlier that night. She grinned and laid her head back down on Tor’s back.

They arrived at her house in no time. He parked the bike and she got off and unstrapped the bags from the back before going to the front door and unlocking it. Her heart hammered against her ribcage as she stepped over the threshold. His footsteps on the cobblestone walkway made her feel like prey being stalked. She glanced over her shoulder and saw his helmet was off and his eyes were now glowing red.

She turned around and rushed into the house. The door slammed shut behind her. A finger of heat raced down her spine to buzz around the base of her back. She licked her lips to face him. The stood in silence, staring at each other, not moving, not even a breath between them. It wasn’t until the silken glide of fur brushed against her legs that she shook free from the trance he’d put her in. She blinked and stooped to scoop up Whisper.

“Let me tend to her first. Make yourself comfortable.” She walked over to the wall and flipped on a light before leaving him alone. Louisa didn’t want to watch him go through her things and poke around or see his thoughts flitter across his face. It felt odd to have someone other than Whisper here. It felt like an invasion. Something was in her lair, and she’d invited it in. A part of her brain wanted to scream and attack him, push him out and make everything safe again. Instead she ground her instincts down to a low whimper and focused on taking care of Whisper and then seeing about her guest. She tried to focus on the end game: sex with Tor. He’d offered her control, and she was going to take him up on it and see where it went. Hopefully it would lead to more sex and a relationship.

Whisper scrambled in her arms until Louisa put her down. The Persian made a beeline back to the living room and right into Tor’s waiting arms. The damn thing purred loudly and rubbed up against him like he was made of catnip. Slut, Louisa thought. Out loud she said, “Well, I guess she wants you to administer her nightly treats and pets before she toddles off to bed.”

Tor gave her a devilish smile. “I can’t help it if I’m charming and irresistible to felines. Where are her treats? I’ll get her settled and then on to the fun.”

She went to Whisper’s little corner of her kitchen and handed over the gourmet treats. It didn’t take long to quiet the cat down before they stood, staring at each other all over again.

“Show me around.” He gestured around the living room. “I want to know more about this place. It’s cute.”

Cute? He’d called her living room cute. She wasn’t sure what that meant. “Um, sure.” She tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and led the way. She showed him around the first floor with only its study, office, guest room, kitchen and living room—which he’d already seen. They took a tour of the second floor, where she left her bedroom for last.

“I love your house. It’s very cozy, perfect and roomy,” he said as he stood in the middle of the bedroom. “So, what do you want to do? You’re in control. Do with me as you will.”

Her mind traveled over their encounters that night. The most aggressive had satisfied her tiger and given her a thrill. She’d never been able to fully indulge in the more animalistic side of her sexual needs. Tor could handle it—and her—and if it helped with the mating heat and calmed his inner dragon down, she wanted to see how he’d handle her in a tiger’s heat—all violence, blood and base need.

“I have an idea.” She went to him and stood only a foot away. “And I know you can handle it.” Louisa lifted a hand and ran it down his arm. Beneath the sweater she could feel the muscles shift. Heat emanated from under the thin cotton. Tor’s strength was held in check, danger hidden behind a silent façade. A shiver raced down her spine. Tingles started in her inner thighs and raced up to the base of her back as her pussy clenched. “I want you to let your dragon out, let go and just experience everything through the mating heat.”

He narrowed his eyes. His frame became rigid and his lips thinned. “And what about you? A dragon in full heat could be unpredictable. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me when I truly let go.”

She could understand his concern. “I’m an alpha tigress. I’m so badass that other felines have been warned about me.” She lifted her chin and stood tall. “I can handle a little rough dragon play. The question is can you handle my tigress in full heat.”

Louisa called upon her tiger and allowed a partial shift. The backs of her eyes felt hot as her pain and heat flooded her body. She allowed only the tiger stripes to come to the surface, suppressing her fur. Her fingers elongated as her nails became long, black, and sharp. “Well?”

She was still in human form but had the awareness, speed, and strength of her tiger. “Dragon wanna play?”

His response was to let out a bellow, smoke trailing out of his nostrils as his eyes bled from black to glowing, ruby red. Scales rippled over his skin. He seemed to grow in stature and bulk. His hands became long claws tipped with sharp, red talons. The sweater seemed to want to rend in half at the small change in size. Tor stripped off his shirt, bent over, and yanked off his boots and socks and then stood up.

“Run,” he growled in a low, rough voice.




Chapter Six

Tor watched through a haze of need and predatory desire as Louisa stripped off her clothing and rushed out of the bedroom. His enhanced hearing allowed him to track her movements as he undid his fly and stripped off his pants. He counted before he took off after her.

Tor had wanted to give her a bit of a head start just so he could adjust to allowing his dragon control. Through the smoke, all he could think of was finding and fucking her. He wanted to pin her to floor and take her from behind. Tor felt the need shimmering within him to take her up against the wall and hear her scream his name all over again. The urge to claim echoed in his head as lava flooded through his veins. His balls throbbed with the need to brand her in the most basic way.

His mouth ached as his teeth became longer and sharper. He didn’t allow himself the full shift. Not only would the house get destroyed but he doubted Louisa would forgive him for scaring her cat literally to death. That and he didn’t think her neighbors would appreciate a dragon going full rampage just for a fuck. He didn’t want to spend the first few hours of the New Year in a cool down cell at the police station, and he was sure that Brent and Fletcher wouldn’t bail him out until they were sure he was himself rather than his dragon counterpart. He took off, using his sense of smell and hearing to find her.

He found her in a guest room. She stilled. Her skin showed in the dim moonlight filtering through some curtains. She was bathed in silver, a goddess to behold and a temptation that was chafing his control. An echo of her cream filled his mouth. He wished he’d used the chocolate syrup and rum they’d brought to the bar. He yearned to lick it off her warm and inviting flesh.

She let out a hiss of warning to him, one he didn’t intend to heed. He advanced toward her, intent on overpowering her and fucking her on the floor. He grinned, allowing her to see the sharp teeth. He watched her body quake before she launched herself at him, claws out. His heart hammered in his chest. His blood screamed with need as his balls pulsed, aching for him to come inside the woman he’d decided to claim.

Her scent was everywhere. He inhaled it deeply, imprinting it on his brain. This was what his mate smelled like when fully aroused. The heady perfume wove through his body and tightened around his cock, causing it to jerk. He grabbed her out of the air and slammed her into the floor. They rolled around, fighting for supremacy. She hissed, scratched, and clawed. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her pussy pressed against his cock. The damp folds pressed against the shaft, pushing him to the breaking point.

A tremor wracked through him as he tried to wrestle her underneath him. Louisa fought him tooth and nail to stay on top. His blood sang with desire and need. With a surge of strength, he managed to roll them until she was pressed against the wall. He lifted his hips and positioned his cock at her entrance. He groaned as his cockhead sank into her vagina. Her nails clawed his back as her body writhed against his.

“Tor,” she groaned. “Hurry, fuck me.”

“So tight. How can you be so fucking tight? So good. Goddess, so perfect.” He pushed forward and rocked back. With each thrust he sank deeper into her pussy. He kissed the top of her womb and withdrew before he slammed back into her, taking her again and again. She came on a feline scream before wriggling off his still-hard cock and running away into the darkness.

With a curse he came to his feet and rushed after her. His climax melted away until all he felt was a cold emptiness. His dragon roared as smoke slipped out of his nostrils and mouth. The loud drumbeat of his heart rumbled in his ears as he searched for her. It became difficult to keep his anger and need in check. He hated that she’d escaped him right before his own release but loved that she had such fight in her.

His heavy footfalls echoed around the house. He dismissed the other sounds and continued to search the dimness, hunting around the rooms for her. Moonlight guided him from one space to the other. People were still partying and carrying on well into the early hours of the morning, and fireworks still burst while crackers popped. He tuned it all out and focused on trying to find her. Her perfume grew heavier. He followed the scent until he found her in the office, her back to him. She turned to look at him over her shoulder and let out a small, feline cry. He rushed to her and wrapped his arms around hers, trapping them to her body.

Tor nipped her ear lobe and growled. “Got you.”

She didn’t struggle like he’d hoped. Instead, her body went lax. For a moment he was confused and didn’t like it. Keeping one arm around her waist, he slipped his hand over her stomach and between her thighs. She tried to kick him. Rather than avoid the blow, he took it and continued on his quest to weaken her using his touch. “Your skin is so soft, like silk. Absolutely gorgeous.”

He nuzzled her neck, placing open-mouthed kisses and bites along her throat. His fingers trailed along her mound and delved between the slick folds to find her clit. A soft cry was his reward as he worked the thick nub. She moaned and he swore her body trembled against his. Her ass rocked against his cock, teasing and tormenting him. Tor gritted his teeth and focused on making her come with just his fingers.

He pressed his thumb against the bundle of nerves and pushed his fingers into her dripping cunt. Her inner walls rippled as he increased the pace, pushing her closer and closer to climax. She looked over her shoulder at him. Her dark brown eyes had turned feline green, the color reflected in the minimal lights, becoming eerie. The scent of blood mixed with her desire. She moved on his fingers, fucking herself. Her moans and inarticulate sounds filled his ears.

Just as he felt her stiffen against him, Tor stopped his ministrations. He released the hold on her waist, withdrew his finger, and turned her around.

Tor grabbed her wrist, slammed her into the closest wall, and took her lips in a possessive kiss. Their teeth bumped and their tongues twined and fought against each other. She writhed against him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her nails dug into his skin. His hiss of pain turned into a moan as she ground her wet pussy against his cock. He grabbed the other wrist and pinned them to the wall as he let loose his passions into the kiss, taking control. Louisa struggled against his hold, biting his bottom lip. Her knee came up. He moved away, avoiding the possible connection. Placing nibbling kisses along her neck, he murmured against her hot flesh. “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

“Not yet,” she hissed and jerked this way and that. Freeing one of her wrists, she slugged him in the jaw. His dragon roared, taking that as a challenge and a love tap. Growling, he tried to grab hold of the wrist again and pin her in place only to have her wrench free. She grabbed his cock and he stilled, waiting for her to hurt the most sensitive part of him. “You haven’t won me yet.”

With strong, sure strokes of her hand, the slit at the tip of his cock wept drops of pre-cum. Pleasure coiled in his belly as his stomach muscles clenched. “But I will.”

She laughed, released his shaft, and rushed off. “Come catch me,” Louisa called behind her.

His dragon roared again, pushing away the fog of arousal, and allowed him to pursue his mate. Tor prowled the darkness, searching for her. He could smell her, feel her heat, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. Rather than get frustrated, he closed his eyes and followed her with his senses, allowing his dragon to lead him.

The scent of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, sweat, arousal, dragon, and tiger musk floated through the air to mix with the scents of coffee, cinnamon bread, and Whisper. As he moved around the living room, he could hear the sounds of passing cars, people calling out to each other, and fireworks but he couldn’t hear her. He weeded through the cacophony to find Louisa. Despite her attempts at stealth, he could hear her coming his way. Pressing against the closest wall, he watched her entering the room.

She crept into the space, looking around. Her eyes flashed lamplight green. The restless, aggressive energy of her tiger hit him like a wall. The feline was out almost in full but he could still sense Louisa in there holding back the full onslaught. Rather than wait for her to find him, he took action, leaping out and grabbing her by the arms and hauling her toward the nearest wall. She managed to buck against him and wrench her arms free. Whirling around, Louisa faced him, a feral smile greeting him.

“Try me,” she hissed before launching at him, claws extended. They stumbled around, his hands locked on her forearms. They crashed into tables and chairs but didn’t let go, not even when a crash of pain ricocheted through him as his hip hit the corner of a tabletop.

They stumbled out of the living room and into the hallway. He pushed her toward the wall, hoping to get an advantage. It wasn’t long before she got the upper hand, pulled an arm free, and grabbed his cock. Yet again he was at her mercy, and his dragon loved it. There was a hope that she would finish him off. Her strokes were long, fast, and sure. The climax hit him in the gut as the pressure popped and released inside of him. He came on a roar, spurting jets of cum into the air. She released his shaft, dropped to her knees, and took him into her mouth, cleaning him off with her tongue.

“Truce?” She stood, looking primed and ready to go.

“I still haven’t won,” he pointed out.

She grinned. “Fine. One more round and then we get some sleep.”

Louisa didn’t look the least bit tired but he looked forward to holding her in his arms and waking up next to her when the sun came up. She came to him, rose up on her tiptoes, and wrapped her arms around his neck. He groaned as she kissed her way up the back of his neck before taking one of his ear lobes between her teeth and sucking it into her mouth. Louisa released it, a purr rumbling up from her, vibrating into him.

“Come on, lover, let’s go to bed.” Releasing him, she placed a kiss on the center of his chest and pulled away. He grabbed her hand and let her lead him up to her bedroom where it had all began. When they arrived, she let go and turned around to face him.

“No toys. No fighting. I want to feel your full dragon in bed. Let out your passion. Can you do that for me?” A question glittered in her eyes. They had returned to their usual beautiful brown color.

“I can do that.” Fire burned in his veins as the pressure began all over again. His dragon huffed out a line of steam. It agreed to bank the violent need to take his mate so long as they did it later. Tor agreed with the beast.

Louisa walked toward the bed. Her body was moving temptation. He stifled a groan and followed her. They climbed onto the mattress together. He toppled her onto her back and covered her body with his. She arched her back, brushing her nipples against his chest. Sparks burst within his chest and bounced around his torso to flood his stomach. He groaned and took her lips with his.

Instead of trying to take control, he let things ride. He teased and pried her lips apart to slip his tongue inside to tease and seduce her mouth. His hands roamed over her body, taking his time to memorize the curves, dips, and hollows of her body. He teased her breasts, gauging her responses and how to apply pressure. This time it wasn’t about fucking but coming together and learning each other’s wants and needs. They moved against each other slowly, grinding their hips. He rocked his cock against her stomach, leaving a sticky trail of cum with each brush.

Tor pinched and rolled her nipples, eating up each cry, and moaned until his lungs felt like they would burst from lack of air. He moved away from her mouth to kiss and taste her skin, lapping up the saltiness and sweat from her heated flesh. Her fingers threaded through his hair, urging him down her body to where she needed him most. He kissed his way from her collarbone to the valley between her breasts. With gentle touches, he circled each mound before taking one nipple into his mouth; teasing, suckling and tugging the tip with his teeth.

“Tor, more. Suck hard,” she moaned as she hooked a leg around his waist and rocked her damp slit against his groin. Each glide of her wet sex against his cock drove him to the breaking point as the dragon tried to rear its head and take control. Tor shoved it back, only allowing it some threads of power. He followed her instructions, sucking on the tightened peaks with hard pulls. “Yes, just like that. Goddess, please, Tor, fuck me.”

He didn’t comply immediately, instead showing the other tip the same attention before trailing biting kisses down her stomach. Tor buried his head between her thighs to kiss and lap at her slit, taking his time to torment her clit and fuck her vagina with his tongue. She thrashed against his mouth. Her cries filled the air as she grabbed his hair with both her hands and held him to her sex. He parted her folds with his thumbs and nibbled at her plump flesh with small nips and licks.

“I’m so close, please, Tor, please,” she begged.

Her juices dripped down his chin as he lapped at her cream before kissing his way back up her body to take her mouth once again. Tor positioned his cock at her dripping entrance and pushed forward, taking his time. Inch by inch, he entered her until he was balls-deep inside her. Tor took a moment to savor her wet flesh all around his shaft. Her inner walls rippled around him. She clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock and drawing a moan out of him.

“Move, for the love of the gods, move!” she pleaded.

He didn’t have to be told twice. Tor withdrew and pushed forward. He built up the pace, going from slow to fast. He pounded her pussy as she fucked herself on his cock, matching each thrust with one of her own.

They moved as one. The pressure built up inside him. Electricity buzzed around his head to race down his spine and ping around his balls. He climbed higher and higher as the pleasure grew. Tor was on a knife’s edge, so close to falling into the chasm. Her nails raked his back, drawing blood and awakening the dragon. He cried out. Lava flooded his body as the beast tried to push him out the way to take control and fuck Louisa.

He shoved the reptile away and demanded his time with his mate. With slow movements, he allowed himself to regain control until the dragon had retaken its place inside him. Tor would use the dragon for other ways to please her but would not allow it to cost him his control.

BOOK: Dragons at Midnight
3.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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