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Louisa wasn’t sure what she needed to believe. All she could do was nod. A soft “Merow,” pulled her from the haze of desire they were weaving around her. Pulling out of the haze, she gulped in some air. “Whisper.”

All movement stopped. The men looked around.

“The cat. We can’t forget about the cat,” Tor said.

Louisa searched the floor for her pet and found her rubbing up against Brent’s legs, purring loudly.

“Aw, can’t forget about this beautiful creature, now can we?” Brent scooped up Whisper and gave her a scratch behind the ears. The feline curled up in his arms and closed her eyes.

Flirt. Louisa shook her head but couldn’t help but smile at how calm and secure her pet felt with the men. Aloud she said, “Can’t do this with her here. She needs to be taken home and given treats.”

Fletch stepped past Tor and crouched down in front of the cage. He stuck out his hand. Louisa watched as Whisper rubbed her head against his palm, and a loud purr emanated from Brent’s arms. “I’ll take her. You guys get started.”

They wanted to do this here? It was like cold water had been thrown on her. Holding up a hand, she stalled them. “Whoa, whoa, you want to do this here? In the bar? But Rune—”

Tor answered, “Don’t worry about it, we got clearance from the big boss, and besides, what better place? We have it all planned out. Trust us.”

She mulled over the idea. The bar did have a lot of areas that could be of use to their seduction plan. Some of the areas in the bar had played into her fantasies.
If I’m going to trust them and go for it, I may as well go all the way.

“Hey there, beautiful. I’m going to take you home, and me and my friends are going to help your mommy relax, okay?” Fletch said, his voice soft and soothing. He took Whisper out of Brent’s arms and put her in her carrier and shut the door. “Have fun, guys. Don’t do too much without me.” He picked up the carrier. Whisper was silent. She didn’t make the usual cacophony that told people she was being tortured or dying when she was put into her carrier. Louisa was amazed he had that kind of power to calm Whisper down and make her feel safe. Wordlessly, she handed over her keys and watched him leave.

He was out the door before she thought to tell him her address. A hand squeezed her shoulder. She turned around to see Tor behind her with a smile on his tempting lips. “Don’t worry. He knows where you live. Let’s do as he suggested and get the party started, shall we? Brent? The restraints.”

Restraints? What the hell had she agreed to?





Chapter Two


Tor watched as Brent left the room. The atmosphere continued to swirl with unrelieved arousal. Fire pumped through his blood as heat continued to roll around in his body. His cock pressed against his fly, demanding out. His inner dragon demand that they start without Brent. It needed to mate, to sink into Louisa’s tight, wet sheath and satiate itself after months of fantasies and dreams. He took a deep breath and blew out, centering himself and ordering the dragon down. He needed to see things clearly despite the thick swath of need covering his mind.

With a grin, Tor decided to let Louisa in on the plan for the evening. “You may be wondering what’s going on. We’ve all be fantasizing about you, jerking off to thoughts of doing bad, bad things to you. I suggested a week or so ago to the others that we should help you celebrate New Year’s, and things progressed from there. Any fantasy you want, we’ll fulfill. Anything you can think of, we’ll do. No limits.”

He watched as she trembled. Emotions flew across her face. Tor could read curiosity, excitement with a hint of reluctance. He watched her grab the back of a chair and sink down onto the seat. Tor advanced toward her. He could feel the dragon rise within him. To distract the beast from trying to take control he decided to tell her a bit more about his desire for her. “I’ve been thinking about all the ways I can fuck you. Every time you’d walk past me, I’d get so hard, I’d have to go to the bathroom and jerk off just so I could function.”

Her lips parted, the small tip of her tongue darting out to wet her lips. He could feel her body heat pouring from her in waves. Sweat beaded on her forehead. She rubbed her palms against her pants. He watched as she swallowed. Her pupils dilated and her eyes darkened. “You have?” Her voice came out high and thin.

He leaned forward and rested his hands on the arms of her chair. “Oh, yes. Every minute of every day that I wasn’t working, my thoughts were on you, and you know what?”

“What?” Again that high voice.

“I’m tired of fantasizing. I want the real thing. I
you. The question is do you want me? Us?” He inhaled the soft, warm perfume of vanilla and the musk of her arousal. She smelled like sunshine and warmth and danger with just a trace of fear that intrigued him. His face was so close he could kiss her, taste her mouth. His lips tingled at the very thought. She moved her face closer. He prayed she would take the initiative to kiss him.

He wasn’t disappointed. She pressed her lips to his. The contact sent an electric shock through his body. With a moan, she opened her mouth, giving him permission. He slipped his tongue past her lips to twine with and tease hers.

He took this moment of distraction to bring out the handcuffs. With very little sound, he closed one cuff around her wrist and then the other. Only a soft click indicated what he’d done. She didn’t notice, much to his amusement.

His face moved back, and he watched as understanding dawned in her eyes. She tried to lift her arm but it didn’t move very far.

Louisa tested her manacles, struggling to free her arms. She looked down and growled. The manacles clanked against the chair. She let out a frustrated noise, which caused him to chuckle. “No trying to break free.” Tor pressed a swift kiss to her lips and stepped back to watch his feline captive struggle to no avail.

“What the fuck is this?” Her eyes narrowed, and a dangerous glint appeared. The color of the irises changed from brown to lamplight green and back. She looked down at her other wrist and back up at him. A growl made her lips quiver. The very sound shot a bolt of electricity straight to his cock. “Let me go.”

He leaned over the chair and brushed his lips against hers. “No. Not yet.”

“I didn’t agree to this,” she hissed.

“Fine.” He reached into his pocket and took out the key. Dangling it in front of her, he watched her gaze narrow on the symbol of her freedom. “I can let you go, and we stop this here and now. All of it. We can part, and you won’t ever experience what we have to offer you. Do you still want me to let you go?”

Indecision sparked in her eyes before she settled back against the back of the chair. He grinned and waited for her to acquiesce. She tossed her head, defiance in on her face. “Fine.”

“Fine, what?” He wanted her to say she understood everything that would be happening and agreed with it.

“Fine as in I’ll stay but don’t think I’ll accept everything you try to hand me.” Defiance painted her face as a queen, regal and expectant of his obedience.

He grinned. “Oh, I expect you to fight but we’ll win in the end. I promise you’ll like it but you have to trust us. We’ll only give you pleasure. Promise.” He crossed his heart.

“I doubt you’ve ever been a boy scout,” she growled. A bit of her tiger peeked out, making her eyes glow green before returning to brown again.

Tor straightened to his full height. “Got kicked out my first year after I got caught spying on the all-girls camp across the lake.” He beamed. “I was trouble early.”

“I’m sure you were.” Her gaze shifted to the door behind him.

Tor glanced behind him. Brent entered the room. His eyes widened and a flirty grin curved his lips. “You started without us. Fletch will be so disappointed. I won’t.” He held up the bag. “I’ve got the toys and a few other things.”

Tor turned his attention back to Louisa. “Ready?”

Other things? Toys? What the hell were they up to?

She eyed the bag warily. Tor crouched down, blocking her view. His eyes sparkled with anticipation and hunger. “You need a safe word, honey.”

Safe word?

“Why?” She’d read stories with safe words, but to think they would need her to make one up made her uneasy. She wasn’t sure what to think of their intentions. “Just what do you intend to do here?”

“We already went over what we intend to do here, with you. As for the safety word, it’s for if you feel overwhelmed or need a moment. You say the word and we’ll stop. Just so you know, we don’t intend to leave until you’ve had the sexiest, filthiest night you’ve ever had.” He brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “We won’t let you get hurt, but we do want you to understand that we won’t stop until you’ve come so many times you can’t walk, much less think, or until we’ve all passed out. You won’t go home unsated, I promise that.”

She considered his words and looked over his shoulder at Brent. He was placing things on the bar top: vibrators, lube, more handcuffs, silk scarves, blindfolds, what looked like an anal plug, feathers and nipple and clit clamps. Her pussy quivered at the sight of all those sex aids.
Are they going to use all of those on me?
She shut her eyes against the sight. It was almost too much. So many fantasies that she’d tried to ignore flooded her mind. Nights she’d spent using a vibrator to come as she thought of being tied down and fucked by a dominant lover came to the forefront. She bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning aloud. Tonight they wanted to do that for her, give that to her.

Louisa opened her eyes and looked at both men. Tor and Brent were both tall, with broad shoulders, but where Brent had an athletic build Tor was bigger in bulk. And then there was Fletch, lean and wiry. All three of them offered her a different flavor of masculinity. Each man would approach her differently. Tor was the clear leader, Alpha, dominant. Brent was easy-going and laid back, taking orders from Tor and Fletch. He would patiently wait his turn until the other two were done or take orders from either one of them.

She wasn’t sure they had enough hours in the night. And then there was the fact that there were three of them. Were they going to take turns fucking her or all at once? She wasn’t sure if she could take them all. Her memory went back to what she’d overheard about the motorcycle. It was chilly outside—no snow, thank goodness—but she was sure they could heat up the night all right. But she wasn’t going to make it easy on them. She was a tigress, and damn it, they would earn the right to fuck and claim her. That is, if they wanted to claim her.

She took in Tor. His desire was clear. He wanted to brand her and make her his. It wasn’t clear if the others were in it for the fun or they intended to truly make this a relationship with her. She knew they had a plan—the question was, what was it?

Tossing her head, she licked her lips and decided to take the first steps in figuring out how they were going to proceed in making her fantasies come true. “You’ve got me trussed up here to the chair, told me what you want, the question now is, what are you going to do with me?”

“Well…” Tor crouched down to her eye level, reached out and brushed back more hair and looked her right in the eye when he answered. “After this party, we go back to our place and we sleep it all off, have breakfast, and talk.”

At least it was a plan, though one she wasn’t sure would work. She looked over at Brent and watched as he continued to set up the toys. Did he want a relationship? Being involved with one man was enough but three seemed too complicated. She didn’t think she could do that.
Like sex isn’t complicated?
Louisa opened her mouth to reply but was cut off. “Don’t say no. At least not yet. Give us a chance. We’ve thought about it. Really thought about it. You’ll see. Tonight we’ll prove we can all work together and be a team.”

And after tonight? She didn’t want to ask. Concentrating on the future rather than the here and now would take her out of the moment.

ll focus on tonight. The morning will be dealt with when it comes

She waited for him to press his point, to make her try to see it his way—that it could work with four people. He didn’t. Instead he shrugged. “We’ll see. For now, it’s all about you.”

His words were said low and husky. There was edge of a growl in there that made her shiver. The dragon again. “Tonight, we give you a New Year’s you won’t soon forget.”

She just hoped she would be able to walk away in the morning.

“Now.” He grinned. “You still haven’t given me a safe word. Think up one, and I’ll go talk to Brent about where to start with you. Tearing off your clothes and fucking you, though tempting, would ruin things. I’ll be right back.” He pressed a quick kiss to her lips and left her side to go to Brent’s.

While the two men talked, she took that time to think. Words rolled around her head, each one shoved away. The signal had to be something she would never think to say during sex. She thought of colors, buildings, animals, nature, movies, and actors. Nothing seemed to sit right with her. Never had she had to use a safe word with a lover before. It was intimidating to think about a word she wouldn’t use during sex. There were just too many options.

She didn’t want it to be just any word—she knew she’d forget it in the heat of the moment. The clink of bottles drew her attention. Brent pulled out two bottles of high-end rum and small buckets of whipped cream. She giggled. Where they planning on making her a sundae? When he pulled out tubes of icing and ice she stopped laughing and just gaped. What the hell did these little perverts have in mind?

Brent came over this time. Amusement glimmered in his eyes. She wondered if he ever got serious. He crouched down to eye level, and for a moment she began to get annoyed. Yes, she was currently shorter than them, but couldn’t they just stand over her instead of making her feel so short and helpless? She tugged at her restraints. There was nothing she could do to get out of her current predicament.

“Goddess, you look tempting. Now, you’ve agreed to this night, yes?” Brent traced a finger along the edge of her chin. His touch sizzled against her flesh. Her breasts felt tight and full in her bra. His finger moved down her neck until it played along the neckline of her shirt, teasing her. She pushed her chest out, asking for more without a word.

“You said yes, right? I can’t continue unless you tell me you approve.” Mischief glittered in his sky blue eyes. They darkened to navy as he leaned his face forward. His breath fanned against her lips, causing them to tingle. She could smell mint and cinnamon. Louisa wanted to kiss him, to taste the spices on her tongue. Brent brushed his lips against hers in a slow tease of flesh that left her hunger and needy.

“Brent,” she moaned and moved her head forward, trying to chase after his mouth, hoping he’d kiss her.

“Say, yes, Lou, and I promise to kiss you,” he whispered huskily.

She groaned, unable to resist. “Yes.” Louisa wanted him to kiss her, to stop the torture.

He grinned. His fingers moved with deft quickness as he undid her belt, then her fly and began to pull her pants down her ankles. She let out a moan of annoyance. “What are you doing?” She didn’t understand why he needed to take off her pants to kiss her.

“I never said where I was going to kiss you,” he murmured as he pressed small nips and kisses along her neck.

Understanding lifted the confusion from her mind. Her pussy quivered as her panties dampened with desire. She squirmed on her chair. Her sex tingled at the thought of him tasting and kissing her there.

Brent yanked off her shoes, socks, and then her pants. Cool air brushed against her heated skin. She groaned and squirmed, wanting him to move faster. “Hurry up.”

Brent ignored her plea and ran his hands up her legs slowly, taking his time, his eyes watching the movement of his hands. She bit her bottom lip as she savored the smoothness of his palms and the heat of his hands. “I can’t wait to feel your legs wrapped around my waist and my cock balls-deep in your pussy. I bet you’re nice and tight and wet, so wet.”

She spread her legs, hoping he’d take the hint and touch her cotton-covered sex. His hands ghosted up her thighs until he gripped her hips. She groaned and pushed her hips forward. Her cunt quivered, and the fire in her body flared to life. “So beautiful. I can’t wait to taste you.” He moved the crotch of her panties forward and buried his head between her legs. With an inhale, he groaned. “Fuck, you smell so good! Jesus, I don’t think I can wait for the others.”

His tongue lapped up one side of her sex and then the other, a soft tease that left her whimpering and needy. Louisa tried to grind her mound against his mouth, but he pulled away, leaving her unfulfilled.

BOOK: Dragons at Midnight
11.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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