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Don't Tell Daddy

BOOK: Don't Tell Daddy
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Jai Amor

Copyright 2015 Jai Amor

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Pink Angel Publications LLC

Washington, DC

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Fade 2 BlaQue Ink



I want to thank first and foremost The Almighty for giving me this great talent and the media to share it. I want to thank my parents for encouraging me to do what makes me happy and especially my mother for fostering my love of reading which grew into writing.

I want to thank anyone who’s ever taken a chance to read some of my first works and given me great feedback whether I liked what was being said at the time or not. I want to thank my friends for thinking my writing was cool. I want to thank BlaQue Angel for taking a chance on my work.

I want to thank anyone who’s picked up my previous books, anyone who will buy any releases after this, and anyone who even considers giving my work a chance.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you, the reader, for picking up this book.



Daddy’s Best Friend

Bryan entered his best friend, Jonta's, house to make sure everything was all cool. Jonta and his wife, Carmella, had gone on a vacation down to the Bahamas and left their eighteen-year old daughter. As Pamela's godfather, Bryan fulfilled the responsibility of looking after her. No matter how grown she thought she was.

Sweating from the beams of the high noon sun in the summer sky, Bryan went into the bathroom, intending only to wash his face, and he found her bent over the tub, her pink lips spread and revealing a glistening inside. Bryan wouldn’t be able to take his eyes away if he really wanted to, feeling the strain against his jeans.

Pamela noticed, growing wet from being so turned on by the tent in his jeans. A million urges and fantasies ran through her mind. She asked herself briefly if she was willing to take this chance. If she was ready for this. She then decided the better question was if she was going to pass up the prime opportunity.

"Come and fuck me, Papi," she invited.

Bryan didn’t waste a second, moving closer to take the teen into his arms. He took her waist, and he dropped down to his knees, eating her fresh blossom, his tongue entering her warm honey pot, searching for the sweetness he knew just how to extract.

Pamela’s hand moved to hold his head, her thigh resting on Bryan’s shoulder. Her head rested against the wall as her eyes rolled to the heavens. The moans left her throat, echoing off the bathroom walls.

His fingers dug into her tender flesh, pressing her against the wall and holding her in place. His tongue traced the outline of her lips before placing gentle kisses along the heated and wet flesh.

Pamela squirmed and moaned, and begged Bryan not to stop.

Right there, in his best friend's house, Bryan had his way with Jonta’s daughter.

He lifted her up, carrying her to her bedroom and spreading her thighs apart. She gave him a condom from her nightstand, and he shook his head. She was fucking in her parents' house. But she was about to do it again. He just knew his own daughter would be quite dead.

"Ay, Papi," Pamela moaned as Bryan stroked her in and out. He looked down at the tender eighteen-year old. He hadn't been in something this tight in at least fifteen years.  

This was wrong, and he knew it. This was his best friend's only daughter. He had been there when she was born.

She was certainly not a baby anymore. She grew up calling him papi, but not in the sexual way she was now.  

"You like that?" he asked, sliding in deeper. 

"Oh, oh, oh," was all the tenderoni could manage. "Ooh, fuck me harder, Papi." 

He gave in to her demands, trying to hold it in. Pamela was in ecstasy. No one informed her that sex could be so good. So...satisfying. She had never known that her body could be rocketed out of this world this way.

Bryan held Pamela’s thighs open, watching her eyes shut, her bottom lip trapped between teeth. Each breath that left her body was labored as sweat began to form around his hairline.

Each stroke in and out of her tight walls left her trembling, aching for more. With each thrust of Bryan’s hips, Pamela swayed her own, urging him deeper inside of her. Her labored breath eventually became gasps for air as she held onto Bryan, her body convulsing and salty beads of sweat dripped between their heated bodies.

Trying to catch her breath, Pamela stared up at the ceiling, her body abuzz with excitement and contentment.

She looked up at her father's best friend. Her godfather. The father of the girl she called her friend. The husband of a woman who was a second mother. On so many levels, it was wrong. But when he was inside, damn it felt so right.  

Bryan massaged her full breasts, moving his hands to caress her thighs. He leaned down and kissed Mela on the lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She slid her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist. "It was good, papi," she whispered, her finger tracing his spine.

He just smiled and replaced his condom. "You want more?" he teased.  

Mela bit her lip with hooded eyes, smiling, rubbing her clit, moaning. "Da me más," she moaned.

Bryan pulled her closer by the hips and entered slowly, his strokes teasing and painfully pleasing. "Hah," she gasped as he sped up. "Ay, Bryan." 

"Mmm, Mela… Oh fuck, you're so tight," he groaned. 

He stimulated her hardened pearl with his fingers, and she moaned louder, her eyes rolling back and closing, her hips gyrating to catch his rhythm. He held her hips, going in and out. Her pussy tightened around his dick and she pulled him further in, squeezing.

A blissful piece of heaven found its way nestled comfortably in the walls of Pamela’s feminine flower with each powerful push of Bryan’s dick.

"Oooh, baby," he mumbled. "Yeah." 

Pamela began to struggle for breath, her hips arching forward to meet Bryan’s deep strokes. Numbness engulfed her legs and arms, making her feel limp as every nerve ending between her thighs seemed to come alive and convulse, sucking her lover in as far as he would fit.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Bryan drew his hips back, holding Pamela’s waist securely as he slowly drove back into her, burying his face in her neck as he pulled out for the final time, groaning. His sweat dripped onto the body of his sated mistress as he kissed her neck before he rolled over and looked up at the ceiling.

The two lay there, neither uttering a word. Speaking would just ruin this moment that was strictly theirs. They were on borrowed time. With each second, goodbye got closer.  

Bryan pulled Pamela atop him and cupped her round ass, kissing her stomach. "When did you get so fucking sexy?" he asked huskily. She smiled and leaned down to kiss him.  

"When did you start looking?" she challenged, her eyes sparkling with laughter as she smirked down at him. He chuckled. 

"Touché, mami,” he conceded and admitted, “Maybe a year ago." 

He moved his hands to her thighs, massaging her clit. She bit her lip. "Mmm. Come on. If you do that, you gon have to fuck me again. You gotta get home soon." 

"I'm with you right now, baby." 

He lay her back and entered her wet cave. "Oh," she sighed.  

How had they ended up in this bed together? How had he ended up inside of his barely legal goddaughter? How did he get here?

He knew. Pamela started getting thicker. When she would spend the night with Jada, and she had on her short, thin little night gowns with her titties just so supple-looking and her ass so round, her skin so smooth… He started fantasizing about it, making sly comments when they were alone. 

"Mmm, Bryan," she moaned softly, cupping her breasts.  

He looked down at her, so overcome with lust. She was the young woman that became of the little girl he helped raise. Damn she was sexy.

He couldn’t help his lewd thoughts, looking at the barely legal piece beneath him. There were still so many things he wanted to do with her. Now that he’d had a taste, he was ravenous. His greedy desire would not allow him to be satisfied with the sample. He needed a full course and consequences no longer mattered.

Pamela couldn't breathe. The pleasure was just that intense as her body trembled, her nails sinking into the soft sheets, gripping them in her flexing fingers.

She didn't want Bryan to leave when it all ended. When she looked at her clock and it was 8:30 in the evening, she knew he had missed dinner. "Come with me," he said, kissing her lips. She moaned.

"Mmm. Okay."

She got up, and he took her hand, following her to the shower. She got dressed and packed an overnight bag. Then he drove to his house.

His wife, Heather, was so happy to see her. "Mela," she greeted with so much cheer, filling Pamela with a fleeting moment of guilt as her godmother kissed her cheeks. She had just fucked her husband multiple times and loved it. It was different now, when fantasies became action. 

"Hola, Madrina," she greeted, smiling, reaching to hug her.

"You guys missed dinner. But I'll heat you up some real quick. Your papi has a damn hard time telling time," she said teasingly to her husband, leaning up to him, her arms around his waist. 

Bryan just smiled and kissed his wife as if those same lips hadn't recently been on both pairs of Pamela's. "I'm sorry, baby. I just got caught up. I ended up crashing on Jonta's couch a little while. Mela woke me up and asked to spend the night."

He lied much too easily. Pamela wondered how many affairs Bryan had had, but she didn't question it because she still wanted to be his current love affair. As wrong as her heart knew it was, her carnal instincts just wanted another piece of him. He was a seasoned lover and he did it well. 

"Gracias, mami," Pamela said smoothly. Just like Bryan was calling her earlier. 

Heather headed into the kitchen, and Jada came down. "Mela!" she greeted and ran to hug her best friend. 

"Hey, Jae," Pamela greeted her girl with a grin. 

Jada looked up at her daddy. "Oooh, Daddy, we should let Mela come to the lake with us. We should, really!" she suggested, pouted and pleading as if the man had already told her no.

"Do you want to go to the lake?" Bryan asked Pamela with a smile, his eyes gleaming with tease but darkened with lust. 

"Yeah, I wanna go."


Heather came in the room with two plates of baked chicken, macaroni, and green beans. "Mela's going to the lake with us," Bryan told Heather. 

"Great!" she said with a smile, giving them the plates. "I know this is going to be fun."

"A lot of fun," Bryan agreed, shooting Pamela a slight smirk. He kissed his wife and headed up the stairs. Pamela went to eat in the kitchen, and Jada sat with her, talking about what they were going to do when she turned eighteen in a few days.

Pamela was staring into space and hadn’t even realized she wasn’t listening to her god sister.

“Mela, Mela! Hello! Earth to Pamela,” Jada called, waving her hand in front of Pamela, bringing her back to reality.

Pamela blinked and snapped out of it with a coy smile. “Sorry. My mind is somewhere else.”

Jada rolled her eyes and shook her head. “We can talk later. I don’t need you spacing out on me. Are you going to eat that or not?”

Pamela looked down at the plate she had barely touched and decided to reheat it and sit down to eat it, still staring into space. Jada could never understand.





                                          I Just Died

I just died in your arms tonight. Don't want nobody bring me back to life

The Amerie song I Just Died played on Pamela's iPod. She was thinking of Bryan as she listened to the tune. Speaking on an affair that was appallingly good but clearly wrong. Died was once a euphemism for orgasm. She loved the play on words.

She was waiting for Bryan down in the basement. Heather and Jada were both asleep, and she was in his den. What they, the ladies, called the man cave. She was on the black leather sofa, lingerie under her robe. He told her to wear a pair of stilettos, so she did as she was told. 

The door opened, and Pamela's heart beat in anticipation, and a little from the fear that it maybe wasn't Bryan. She lied there completely still as the figure approached. "Mela," Bryan said huskily, leaning over the couch to lift her up and bring their torsos together. He kissed her, and she leaned up, slipping her arms around him. He pulled away and smiled at her. "Damn."


"Nothing. You just look good," he admitted.  

He studied her young body thoughtfully, giving his devotion to every detail, every curve, every inch of flesh. Her young, tight, 
 body. Her inexperienced body. Losing her virginity had done very little by way of experience.

He lifted her up and pulled her to the bed near the window. He went over to his closet and got something she couldn’t see. She watched, unable to really believe that this was happening. She had been crushing on her godfather for a few years now and here she was, sleeping with him. 

He locked the door, and went back to her. "Do you know what this is?" he asked, holding a canister. She shook her head no, and he smiled wickedly. "Come here, mami," he whispered, and she crawled over to him. He lowered his head and kissed her softly, wrapping his arms around her thin waist, his hands resting on her plump ass. Then he laid her back. "Have you ever heard of body paint?" he asked. She shook her head no. 

What the hell has she been doing with that young boy? He don't know shit. Whatever. I'll teach'er.

Bryan layered different flavors of the paint on Pamela's body under the lamp light, flicking the brush across each plane of her body with such precision, it was as if he had known this body forever. As if this body had belonged solely to him.

Bryan admired his handiwork a moment, his eyes roving over the fresh and waiting body of adulterated art before he proceeded to lick it off from her neck down. He gently bit her nipple, his lips closing around it, and she moaned accepting the pain as her pleasure.

He licked the paint from her stomach, and she giggled, squirming from the tickle. His eyes watching her face, Bryan moved down and licked the paint that he placed on her juicy pussy and it was already melting away from her wetness and the heat emanating from her body.

BOOK: Don't Tell Daddy
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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