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Don’t Tell

By Eve Cassidy




“You going in or did you drive all this way to stand outside and think about it?”

Jeff Ward turned his head to the man talking to him. What the hell did he know about his life or his plans?

The stranger pointed to the base sticker on the windshield of his car. “You’re not the first one to come out here you know.”

Well, fuck. Clearly driving two hours away hadn’t been enough. Just his luck.

Now he’d have to head back with need clawing at his gut, even worse for having come so close.

An understanding smile flashed across the strangers face. “Look, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, I know some of you army guys can be a little uptight about the lifestyle. But you’ll do fine here. No one gives a shit about your job and they sure as hell won’t be causing you any trouble.”


“Huh?” The guy raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m not Army. Army is for pussies.”

“Ahh, of course. I forget how serious you all take that shit.” He held out his hand.

“Name’s Will, and I’ll be sure to not call you Army again.

Jeff barely held back from rolling his eyes as he reached out and shook hands.


“Okay, Jeff, so you going in or what?”

Things went from bad to worse the longer the guy kept talking. His head told him to get in the car as fast as possible and get his ass back to base where it belonged.

There were some risks not worth taking. Yet something about this place made him


comfortable despite the overbearing greeter in the parking lot. Gut instinct told him to stay and who the hell was he to start ignoring his gut now.

“Sure, why not.”

Will grabbed the door and pulled it open ushering him inside. Instantly the dark smoky atmosphere enveloped him, welcoming him in. He’d always loved a good Irish pub and from what he’d heard, this one served a largely gay clientele. He’d researched online that if you were looking for a discreet hook up in the area this would be the place to go. To avoid all the fancy gay bars in Palm Springs or any of the other towns near base if you didn’t want to get spotted and possibly reported. Something about being gay in the Marine Corps seemed to hit the locals wrong out here in the desert and he had at least one more year of duty in the sandbox before he could transfer to another duty station. Preferably one not so damned isolated.

Before his eyes even adjusted to the room, a voice crooned from the loud speaker. His muscles tensed and his cock leapt to life. A rich, mysterious voice, which reminded him of old whiskey. Harsh and smooth all at the same time. Damn.

“You’re just in time. It looks like Finn is entertaining us tonight.” Will nodded towards the far end of the room and Jeff followed his gaze.

A small stage had been tucked into an alcove, maybe enough to hold three people max. Tonight there were two. One sitting on a stool to the left strumming the tune on his guitar and the other standing at the microphone belting out the song. God and what a voice, not to mention the rest of him. Jeff raised his hand to his face to make sure his jaw wasn’t hanging open.

Tall, lean and dark just like he liked them.


His thick black hair was brushed back, revealing dark brows over dark eyes, a couple of days past a o’clock shadow dusted his jaw and a full mouth made for sin.

His clothes molded to his body as if they’d been custom made from the snug but well-worn jeans to the white long sleeved shirt with only one button fastened. A far cry from his own nearly regulation appearance.

“That boy is hot and he damn sure knows it.” Will shook his head and headed to a booth not far from the stage. “Come on I’ll buy you a beer while you wipe the drool from your chin.”

He wanted to say something smart back to Will but truth be told he had been damn near staring with his tongue hanging out and his dick working up a tent in his pants. Better to let it drop and take a few minutes to cool down. This kind of quick reaction wasn’t his normal style.

Jeff took the bench that gave him the best view of the stage. Like it or not, he wasn’t done checking out the singer by a long shot.

“What’ll you have? I’ll go over to the bar and fetch it.”

“Just a Bud for now.” He reached for his back pocket to throw a few bills at Will.

“Nah, I’ll get this round, you can get the next.” Will sauntered toward the crowded bar in the center of the room.

He turned his attention back to the stage and caught Finn looking in his direction.

He liked the way the name rolled off his tongue. Not one to be embarrassed about staring he held his gaze, soaking in the unmistakable heat being aimed in his direction.

Sure he was probably playing up to the song but it didn’t hurt to entertain a quick fantasy or two about that mouth and bod being interested.


Jeff resisted the urge to adjust himself, letting the zipper dig into the soft flesh of his cock a little while longer. He’d been nursing the need to fuck for a long time now and the whole point of tonight was to set it free and get it out of his system for a while. Then he could get back to his job and focus on something else.

“Here you go.” Will handed over a beer and slid into his seat, angling sideways so he too could check out the stage and the surrounding tables. “Got a good crowd tonight. Not surprising though, Finn does draw more than the usual suspects.”

Jeff lifted the bottle and tipped it to his lips, only half hearing what Will had to say.

Will was definitely not his type and he didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.

Finn’s voice rose on the last few words of the song, flinging his hair back and squeezing his eyes shut to finish. When the crowd roared its approval, Jeff got his first look at the gorgeous smile and wicked dimple that sealed the deal.

He wanted one wicked Irish singer for the night.

Jeff shifted in his seat when they announced the band would take a thirty-minute break. He’d give Finn a few minutes and then he’d see about making a move. The least he could do was introduce himself. He fought back the smile playing at the corner of his lips as he took another swig of beer.

“You seem awful happy with yourself all of a sudden. Like a man with a plan.”

More like his dick had a plan and wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Not a big deal.”

“Uh huh.” Will smiled and waved at someone across the room. “Well, don’t look now but here’s your chance.”


Jeff turned and Finn walked up to the booth and slid in next to him. He didn’t know whether to throttle Will or kiss him in gratitude, the fucker.

“Hey Will, what’s up tonight?” Finn twisted the top off his water and chugged it.

He sucked in a breath at the expanse of his neck; the sudden urge to bite overpowered him. Fresh blood pulsed into his dick and he was damned grateful for the cover of the table.

“I’m Finn by the way.” He held out his hand.

In slow motion he shook his hand as their gazes locked and heat leapt between them. Damn he didn’t want to wait to get to know him. Couldn’t he just take him somewhere to fuck? Sometimes the stupid rules of society and good manners needed to go fuck themselves.


“Nice to meet you Jeff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before.”

“My first time.”

“Is it now? I do like the sound of that.” The wicked dimple popped into his cheek again.

“Great set by the way.”

“Thanks. I really like coming here. The crowd is very appreciative.” Finn took another sip of his water.

“You look good up there. A natural.” Their gazes met, unblinking. This close Finn’s green eyes practically glowed with mischief.

“Thanks. I got distracted when you came in though. Marine, right?”

Jeff’s stomach clenched. “That obvious, huh?”


“It takes one.” He pushed up his sleeve revealing a small eagle, globe and anchor tattoo on his forearm. “First marine division out of Pendleton.”

He reached for Finn’s hair, tugging on the ends that brushed his shoulder. “Take it that’s over.”

“Yeah, for a few years now.”

Reluctantly he withdrew his hand, sliding his fingertips through the silky strands.

“You know, I think my work is done here. I see someone I need to talk to so I’ll leave you two to…whatever.”

Jeff jerked his gaze across the booth to Will in time to see the wink he exchanged with Finn. No subtlety here but who the hell needed it. If things continued the way they were going he’d owe Will more than a drink later.

“Sorry Will isn’t exactly discreet when he decides to set people up.”

“Does he do that often to you?”

Finn shook his head. “Yes on the often part, not so much on the me part. But I’ve known him for years now and he knows my weaknesses well,” he admitted.

Jeff regarded him for a minute. It’d be easy to make assumptions based on the innuendo but he’d rather be frank.

“Still have a soft spot for a military man?”

Finn shot him a sly grin. “And then some.”

Jeff leaned forward, brushing his hip and thigh against Finn. More heat flared between them and he glimpsed an impressive bulge in the singer’s jeans. Damn he wanted a piece of that.

“We should go somewhere more private to discuss it.”


Finn’s breath caught. “I’ve got another set before I can leave.”

“No worries, I’ve got all night.”

“Speaking of… I better get to it...” Finn hesitated.

Sensing his need for more, Jeff wrapped his hand around the back of Finn’s neck and drew him close. With their lips only inches apart, he caught the subtle flare of Finn’s nose as he held his breath. The muscles in his neck clenched under Jeff’s hand when he pulled him closer yet until their lips brushed against one another. Public displays of affection weren’t his normal style but damn something about Finn had him craving all kinds of things normally left unsaid.

He pushed his tongue between slightly parted lips and found Finn pulling him in.

Wet heat beckoned, encouraging him to explore, soft lips, a firm tongue… Kissing him sent a direct line of sensation to his cock. Fuck, at this rate he’d be coming in his pants like an untried virgin. What the hell had gotten into him or better yet why did Finn make him so hungry?

In an instant the low burn of arousal leapt to a full alarm fire and the urge for more nearly overwhelmed him. He tore his mouth from Finn and pushed him away.

“You’d better go before I don’t let you.”

Finn smirked. “Talk about making it hard to walk away.” Emerald eyes bored into him for several long seconds before he edged from the booth and walked to the stage.

Grasping the edge of the table, he willed his damn dick to ease up and his heart to quit racing. Finn had him so hard he ached and he’d have to wait for any relief. He glanced around the club, curious to see if they’d drawn attention. But as far as he could

BOOK: Don't Tell
4.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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