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Devoted to Him

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Devoted to Him

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Cheryl Dragon




Both from broken homes, Jason and Fiona take marriage very seriously. Will tradition ruin their kink or make them even more committed?


Jason Abbot is a man who has everything, including the perfect submissive fiancée. His parents’ ugly divorce and Fiona’s lack of a father at all in her life has him convinced that commitment and tradition are the only ways to make them both feel safe. Marriage won’t curtail their bondage play or his dominant side. However, one change seems only logical—Jason has shared Fiona with other Doms before, but how can he share his wife? When she starts questioning that change, his doubts grow. Being a good Dom is one thing but being a reliable husband is another.


Fiona loves only Jason but enjoys letting Doms-in-training practise on her and pleasing two men in role-playing scenes. She also knows just how much Jason loves to share and watch her in action with other men. Her entire sex life is about what Jason wants since he fulfils her needs perfectly. Commitment doesn’t have to mean cutting out what they both enjoy. She knows she can live without other men, but marriage is forever and she doesn’t want him to grow bored with her. Pleasing him is all that matters and she knows when pushing back is better than obedience—especially when he punishes her so well!







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Chapter One




Surveying his Malibu compound as the limo pulled up the long horseshoe drive, Jason Abbot smiled. He’d hated being away from the calm order of his California life. With the wedding only a week off, he needed to keep his fiancée free of jitters.

She’d never show a hint of panic or stress, and his sub was eager to please in bed. There he could work out all of her nerves, because weddings were stressful times, whether she admitted it or not.

There she stood, poised on the porch waiting for him. Fiona Brandon’s curves couldn’t be missed in the proper skirt suits she wore. Her wavy reddish brown hair was pulled back but he could see her inquisitive brown eyes on him. Over a year ago, she’d been hired to provide his chain of luxury tourist bed-and-breakfasts with custom flower arrangements. Back then she’d worked for a place in Beverly Hills. Now she had her own company. The work and vision had been hers, he’d only encouraged her.

The woman to thank for the match was their housekeeper, who’d originally picked Fi’s flowers for the compound. Mrs Caster stepped out onto the porch and waved as the limo stopped. The round woman took no crap and made no fuss about any kinky games played in private.

The driver opened the door as the staff of maids unloaded the luggage. Jason had two sealed boxes in the car with him. Carrying them out carefully, he glanced back at his friend, who said, “Have a good one.”

Jason nodded to the driver. “Take Teddy home so he can freshen up and settle in. He’ll be back for dinner in a few hours.”

“Later, Jas.” Teddy waved.

“Go rest,” Jason replied.

Fiona waved at Teddy as well. When the limo was gone, Jason followed Fiona into the house and she hugged him tight. Without fail, her mouth found his. “I missed you. Did you have a good trip?”

“Profitable, in the end. Don’t make me drop these packages,” he warned.

She grabbed one box and set it safely on the entry hall marble table, which was graced with a gorgeous creation of hers. Only she could make cactus so dazzling.

“What are they?” she asked.

“Gifts for you. Be careful with them.” He set the other box down and hugged her from behind. Her flared hips and round ass pressed back against him.

“May I open them here or are they private gifts?” she asked.

The woman had self-control and he loved it. She wasn’t a whimpering lost sub nor was she annoyingly bratty. Fi knew herself and her limits well at twenty-nine. He’d never imagined getting married but she had been the one to change that in his mind.

He slid his hand up and pinched her left nipple. The piercing was a gift for the engagement—a proper ring for her finger and the custom stud for her breast. She leant back and kissed his cheek before opening the first box.

“Oh my. These are so rare!” She lifted out the samples of purple lady slipper orchids.

“They are. But that is your favourite colour. I asked them to get me something very uncommon. You can grow your own.” He smiled.

She opened the other box and found more purple.

“Those are campion. Another rare one but I’m sure you can grow them here. If anyone can, you’ll do it,” Jason said.

She turned in his arms and kissed him hard. “Thank you. I’ll do my best with them, but they’re so hard to make thrive.”

“That’ll be a great challenge. Upstairs in ten minutes.” He smacked her ass.

“I only need two minutes, I need to get someone here to take these to the greenhouse and get working on them.” She blushed and grabbed her phone.

Five minutes later, Jason had given Mrs Caster the instructions for a private dinner in a couple of hours and sat in the bedroom waiting.

“Seven minutes,” he said when she entered.

“Sorry, those are so unusual that I had to give my best employee some added instructions.” She smiled and locked the door behind her. “Did you miss me?”

“I did. Now strip off those clothes and crawl to me.” It was no small distance. His bedroom was a dual suite with a massive bed, sitting area and hot tub plus attached full bath and a walk-in closet the size of the bedroom he’d grown up in.

She removed her clothing, including the lacy thong and bra, and crawled to him in nothing but heels and a hair clip. Her nipple stud gleamed in the afternoon sun. One side was an impressive diamond matching the one on her finger. The other side was a flower. It was uniquely her.

“You were good? Followed my instructions?” he asked.

“Of course. I couldn’t have any sexual fun without you anyway.” Her ass was hiked up and she licked her lips.

His cock grew hard as he saw the slight sway of her breasts. The curves and slight bounce in her body drove him mad. She was perfect for him. He patted his lap as she approached. “Sit here.”

She obeyed and encircled his neck with her arms. “I missed you, Sir.”

He kissed her and fingered her pussy. So wet. She moaned the second he spread her lips. “No playing with yourself even while thinking of me?”

“No, Sir. I did turn my nipple ring so it didn’t heal over and I showered thoroughly but not a single orgasm in a week. You could’ve taken me with you.” She slid her tongue into his mouth.

“I wanted to, but with the wedding, I thought it might cause more stress with last-minute plans. And I wanted to make sure you could handle it well. Your business and mine may make it necessary at times.” He hugged her.

“Now we know we can be apart and loyal without going totally crazy. But I do need a serious spanking. I thought of you naked often. I dreamed you’d come home early.” She plucked the buttons on his dress shirt.

“Is that supposed to be a request?” He smacked her ass. The woman was still in her logical and very controlled mindset. An equal in public worked for him—he loved her success and intelligence—but sometimes she needed to stop thinking so much.

She slid down onto her knees on the carpet. “Forgive me. I’m out of practice. Please, Sir. I need to be spanked and restrained. I desperately need to be reminded of my place in your life.”

He smiled and lifted her chin. The glisten of her tears tugged at him. “I missed you too. I love you. Crawl to the bed. Hands behind your back, stay kneeling.”

“Yes, Sir.” She obeyed instantly and folded her arms at the small of her back.

He grabbed some lengths of rope from the kinky side of their closet and fitted it under her pretty tits and over her upper arms. He tied it snug then secured her forearms so she couldn’t wiggle it loose.

“Stand,” he ordered.

She did it with elegance that had taken practice. Next he bound her knees and ankles. “Kneel on the bed, face down, ass up.”

She worked her way into position and he studied her. Spreading her ass cheeks and pussy lips, he found her wet and perfectly shaved. “What would you do for relief?” he asked.

“Anything, Sir.” She moved slightly.

He trailed his fingers along her spine. “Anything? Don’t lie. I know your limits. What’s your safe word?”

“Peony,” she said.

“Good. I’m glad you thought of me while I was gone.” He kicked off his shoes and opened his fly then pushed his dress pants and boxer briefs to the floor. His belt clinked as it landed and he knew just how hard it was for her not to see him naked now. “Did you think of anyone else?”

BOOK: Devoted to Him
11.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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