Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC) (3 page)

BOOK: Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC)
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The pressure inside of her body was demanding. She was right on the edge of something, but it was just out of reach somehow. Instead of fighting the restraints she was grasping them tightly, like a lifeline. He pressed down right above her clit and she got that much closer.


She was fighting the natural needs of her body. He pressed down a little harder above her clit and leaned forward, whispering close to her ear, “Let go.”


That small change in position was the tipping point. Everything inside her stilled, then blew up. She came so hard that fluid from her body rushed out. Screaming, she came back together only to fly apart again quickly.


Unable to hold back, Rex was banging his pelvis into the softness of her body when it happened. Fluid gushed out and coated their thighs. Her contractions were so hard that he was barely able to keep moving. When she relaxed, he went deep and she gushed again, sending him over the line. All he could do was hang on as his body shook and his cock pumped jet after jet of fluid.


When the last tremors had gone, his muscles were weak and his heart was racing. The ringing in his ears was lessening and there was this strange noise. Laughter. Ellie was laughing, deep and jolly.




Manny had sat in his hiding spot outside the storage units every night since the night Xander had failed to have him killed. Finally, tonight, he saw movement. Several trucks had shown up with Karthadossian members behind the wheels. They unlocked the storage unit where he’d seen them put George’s body and began rolling out several sealed oil drums.


They were getting rid of the bodies. Manny made sure the sound was off on his phone and began to take pictures. Each driver. The number of barrels and the trucks themselves. If Xander was getting rid of evidence, then it was obvious that Manny had made him nervous by not showing up that night.


But the photos wouldn’t prove anything unless he could also figure out where they were taking the barrels. Only problem was there was no way he would have time to get back to the club, get a vehicle, and follow them. Even if he could, it would be a big risk trying to follow them on these back roads without being seen.


For the first time since this whole affair had started, Manny didn’t know what to do. Losing the leverage of a storage building full of dead bodies was a real blow, especially considering that he still wasn’t exactly sure what was in the other units. Drugs, guns—it had to be something big enough to kill over. Xander was in over his head this time, but without enough info on the operation, Manny wasn’t going to get the revenge he craved.


The trucks pulled away and Manny ducked down to keep from being spotted by any headlights. His only evidence was driving away, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. He could call the cops, but by the time they got around to raiding the other storage units, Xander would have moved whatever was kept there to another secure location.


Manny was stuck. He pounded his fist angrily into the ground. When he couldn’t hear the trucks any longer, he got up and dialed Rex on his cell phone.




Ellie couldn’t stop laughing. Her heart was pounding so hard it almost hurt, but she felt light as air and…soft. Thighs still shaking from the power of her orgasm, she was finally able to calm down a little and the laughter toned down to small rounds of giggling. By the time Rex got back from cleaning up and dealing with the condom, she was coming down off the high and ready to be let out of her bindings.


With her hearing back to normal, she could hear him moving around the bathroom, running water then shutting off the light as he came out. His fingers were gentle as he untied the knots around her ankles. He caressed the skin there, making her smile softly.


He was a study in contradictions, her Rex. He seemed much older than his age most of the time, the result of his harsh childhood. Yet, despite the violence and uncertainty of his upbringing, he was kind and caring. There was a deep belief in her soul that knew beyond doubt that he was a good man.


The calluses on his hands told the story of how hard he worked. Technically, he was the boss, but he never hesitated to get his hands dirty and help out. He was loyal to a fault, even though the people he was loyal to didn’t always have his best interests at heart.


His protective nature showed in his worrying about her safety. He could have easily walked away and left her to find a way out of the mess she had gotten herself into. He made her feel safe, and not just in this situation, but in general. “Safe” was something she couldn’t remember feeling before.


When her legs were free and he’d inspected her flesh to his satisfaction, she felt him move back between them. Using a warm washcloth, he began to wipe the nearly dry fluid off of her body. He was so gentle, so careful. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes, and this time it wasn’t from laughter.


“I can do that, if you’d untie my hands,” her voice was husky with emotion. Hopefully he would think it was from all the screaming she did earlier.


“I want to do it,” his voice matched hers, low and husky, softer than usual.


She let him. When he was done, he took the cloth back to the bathroom and moved to the head of the bed to untie her arms. He kissed her right wrist once the knot was free, and placed her arm across her belly. Reaching across, he untied the left and gave it the same treatment.


Finally free, she reached up to take off her blindfold, and surprised when he swept her up and settled her by his side, tucking her into the curve of his body, her face in the crook of his neck.




“You trusted me,” his voice came out rougher than he wanted, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to say more, but the words were stuck behind a giant knot in his throat. He ran his fingers up and down her arm, raising gooseflesh.


Moving her head slightly, she pressed her lips to the sensitive flesh under his jaw.


“When haven’t I?”


That was it. The moment that all the remaining pieces from years of anger and hurt and fear fell away. It took his breath for a moment. He wasn’t a man for poetic words, but he found himself wishing he was so he could give them to her. He would have to settle for doing the best he could.


“I’ve never known anyone like you. Being around you seems to make a person want to be better. Do better.”


She smiled against his skin. “I’m not half of what you’re making me out to be, Rex. I have my faults. My secrets.”


His head came up a little so he could look down at her. “Secrets, huh?” His tone was teasing and his heart felt light. He didn’t want to let her go. Didn’t want to move or think about what could happen in the future. For once he just wanted to be here in the moment.


“Deep, dark secrets that would make your skin crawl,” she teased back, poking him in his ribs and laughing when he jumped like it tickled.


“Bodies in the closet–” he began, interrupted by the sound of his cell trying to vibrate its way off her dresser. It was nearly midnight and he wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone other than Ellie. When it stopped vibrating and then immediately started up again he began to worry a little.


“Get it, Rex. What if something happened?” Ellie moved out of his arms and gave him a light nudge.


Snatching the phone up, he managed to get to the call right before it went to voicemail. It was his Dad.


“Is everything alright?”


“Well, no. Why else would I be calling you in the middle of the damn night?” There was definite annoyance in his Dad’s tone.


“What happened?” Rex was anxious as he pulled on his jeans. “Are you hurt?” Distracted and worried, he didn’t hear Ellie come up behind him, dressed in her robe.


“No, I’m not hurt. Just pissed off.”


“Are you going to tell me why or do we have to play twenty questions?” Running a hand through his hair, Rex let relief rush over him. As long as his Dad was okay they could deal with anything.


Ellie could hear every word Manny said. The obvious relief in Rex’s stance was comforting. Then she heard Manny say something that turned her blood to ice.


“He moved all the bodies out of the storage unit. I couldn’t get back to the club in time to follow. They’re all gone, Rex.”


Ellie gasped loudly. Rex turned in time to see all the color drain from her face. She ran from the room and into the bathroom, getting to the toilet before her stomach emptied itself.


“Shit. I have to go, Dad,” Rex dropped the phone but could still hear his Dad talking, his voice getting louder and louder. He ignored him. Ellie was more important right now.


He found her with her head pressed against the cool porcelain of the toilet. She was crying softly.




“I heard him. He said—he said bodies, Rex. Plural. Oh, God.” She leaned back over the toilet as her stomach heaved emptily.


Kneeling down beside her, Rex waited for the last of the dry heaves to end. “Ellie, I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have had to find out like that.” He reached up and turned on the faucet, helping her to stand so she could rinse out her mouth.


Palming water, she filled her mouth over and over, trying to rid herself of the taste of vomit and fear. Her stomach rolled with it still. She grabbed the mouthwash bottle, poured a generous amount into her mouth, and swished vigorously. As soon as she spit it out, she began to sob.


He couldn’t stand to see her crying so hard. Helping her up, he carried her back to the bed and cradled her, letting her sob against his chest. Slowly, the tears began to ebb and she was down to hiccupping breaths.


“I knew he was bad–” Tears threatened again and she had to pause and breathe deeply before continuing. “How many? Do you know?”


His eyes closed. This was a conversation he didn’t want to have with her. Not now, not ever. “I don’t know how many, Ellie.”


“But it’s more than one?” She pulled away, wanting to look into his eyes. “More than five? Ten?” Her voice kept rising, panic and fear taking hold.


Rex wrapped his arms tightly around her. “Don’t do this, Ellie. I am never going to let him get close to you. Never.”


“He’s a killer, Rex.” She pulled away again, anger eating into the fear. “He’s a killer and you and your dad knew. You knew and you didn’t tell me.”


Dread settled into his gut. “No, I didn’t. I was afraid to tell you.”


“You should have told me. I had a right to know,” she pulled out of his arms completely and curled up against the headboard, wrapping her arms around her knees. “That explains why you were so overprotective. It didn’t make sense before, but now—now it does.”


“I was wrong. I should have given you all the information that night,” he got up off the bed and began to pace. His chest felt tight and that knot of fear and dread was growing. She’d put her trust in him only to find out he didn’t deserve it after all.


“Yes, you should have. I needed to know. I believed you and Manny when you said Dad was dangerous, but this—this is beyond what I thought he was capable of. That could have been a big mistake.” Her voice was calmer, her breathing becoming more regular. She knew being this upset with Rex was slightly irrational, but her emotions were spinning out of control.


“Look, Ellie, I realize you’re upset–”


“Don’t finish that sentence. All my life, people have been telling me that their lying to me was for my own good. I’m an adult now and I deserve to be treated as such.” When Rex tried to speak again, she cut him off with an angry, slicing gesture of her hand. “No, just don’t. I need you to leave, Rex. I need time to think some things through.”


“No. Ellie, I won’t leave you here alone when Xander–”


“Xander isn’t going to come here tonight. So go. Please. Before I say something I might seriously regret later.” It bothered her that her temper was making her irrational. Like a part of Xander was alive inside of her. The thought made her stomach lurch.

BOOK: Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC)
7.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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