Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC) (2 page)

BOOK: Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC)
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Let him screw her silly. Ellie knew nothing about what was going on in his life, or his club. Her slut of a mother had made sure that he never had a relationship with his daughter. If she wasn’t already dead, he might be tempted to have another go at beating her into submission.


Still, the situation didn’t sit well in him. Manny comes home from prison and suddenly Manny’s son is hot for Xander’s daughter? No, that didn’t sit well with him at all. He was going to have to do something about that. Soon.




Rex and Ellie talked and laughed their way through the meal. Once they were both pleasantly full, Ellie insisted on cleaning up. Loading the dishwasher only took a few minutes and she came back out with a couple more beers, amazed at how quickly the stresses of the day had fled in his company.


When she came out he was back on the chaise, her book in his hands. She sat and watched him for a minute. She was dying to know what he thought, but there was no way she would dare ask. It was already killing her to keep the truth from him. It made her feel dirty—and not in the good way.


“You look comfy,” she said, sliding up close to the chaise. “I’m going to do some laps.” He nodded absently, intent on reading. She peeked at the page number and smiled. She dropped her robe at the end of the chaise, then tapped his knee. “Maybe when you’re done we can give page 328 a try.”


His head snapped up as she walked away, giggling. Sitting up, he flipped the pages and found 328 as she sliced into the water with barely a splash. Within minutes, he was painfully turned on and wondering if she meant what she’d said.




Ellie smiled the entire time she was doing her laps. The look on his face when she’d suggested that page number had been priceless. Floating aimlessly now that her muscles were loose and warm, her thoughts wandered, as they usually did to that mess involving her Dad.


She didn’t like the thought that her Dad might do something as stupid as hurting her. After hearing that he’d beaten her Mom though, it was not something she could ignore. If he felt like she knew too much–




“I could feel you thinking from all the way over there,” Rex spoke quietly into her ear, startling her. When she flailed and her head went under, he pulled her back up, grinning at her.


Sputtering, Ellie pushed strands her hair from her face. “That was so wrong.”


“What? The thinking too loud thing or the causing you to dunk under the water thing?” He chuckled, watching little sparks going off in her eyes. There was one sure fire way to distract her. He pulled her close and let her feel the hard length of him press into her belly.


Humming under her breath, Ellie pressed closer, letting her hands roam up the naked expanse of his back. “I take it you like page 328.”


Rex looked down into her eyes, wanting to be clear. “It was great, but only because I saw the two of us and not those characters on the page.” Lifting her higher up in the water, he nuzzled her neck and let his breath blaze a trail from behind her ear down to her collarbone. When she shivered he had to stop a groan. “Come inside with me.”


She didn’t trust her voice not to shake so she nodded her yes. It had taken him just seconds to reduce her insides to molten lava. A whisper in her ear, a breath of air on her neck, and the grip of his hands on her waist were enough to set off every nerve ending.


He released her waist and took her hand, pulling her out of the pool. He took a towel for himself and handed her one so they could dry off. All of that was a blur to Ellie, because she was too busy watching him slide the towel over the tanned planes of his chest.


Taking the towel from her hands, he turned her around and began to gently dry the water from her hair, working his fingers through it to get out the worst of the tangles. Something as simple as the feel of him stroking her hair, being careful not to pull or yank—it went against the tough image he projected to world and made her heart stutter.


He started leading her inside, but she was so distracted by the play of the muscles in his back that she didn’t notice until she was standing next to the bed. Candles were lit and several of her scarves were lying on the bed, waiting. Page 328, in real life.


Eyes wide, she watched him watching her. His mouth was relaxed but there was a tension in his body language that gave away his nerves. Knowing that helped settle her own. There was an unspoken question in his eyes. Trust was what he was asking for, and trust was what she offered. She moved back to the middle of the bed and smiled, the edges of her lips trembling almost imperceptibly.


The blindfold went on first. Immediately, her hearing seemed to heighten and focus on Rex’s every movement. She felt his hands undo the back of her suit and pull the top down to her waist. She felt his breath on her shoulder, followed by the tips of his fingers running down over her arm to her elbow, then lower to her forearm. Taking hold of her wrist, he ran his thumb over the thin-skinned area where her pulse pounded. His fingers left only to be replaced by the softness of a silky scarf.


The scarf wasn’t tight on her wrist, but her heart rate still kicked up a notch or two. There was a gentle pull as he tested his knot, then a more demanding pull as he stretched her arm back toward the headboard. Knowing how to respond from the scene she’d written, she lay back and let him tie the other end to the bedpost.


He repeated the same motions for her other arm, and then there was nothing but silence. She couldn’t hear him moving or breathing. It was a disconcerting sensation. When his fingertips touched the skin between her breasts, she sucked in a hard breath. With both hands, he caressed her stomach, reaching under the suit to work it down and off of her legs.


There was something inherently erotic about the fact that he could see her while she couldn’t see him. Completely nude, tied to the bed, and at his mercy. What was he thinking? Without her being able to see him, there was no way to judge his thoughts. The touch of silk against the skin of her inner thigh was so soft that for a moment she thought she’d imagined it—until it wrapped around her ankle.


The longer he took, the more hyperaware she became. Her own breathing was so loud in her ears that she lost track of Rex after he finished tying off her legs. It seemed like hours had passed, but she knew it had only been minutes. She was so hot and so wet that she could feel the wetness seeping from her body, nipples hard as diamonds and trembling on top of mounds raised high by the position of her arms.


A barely perceptible rustling of fabric let her know that he was still in the room. A real-life experience of something she had written was showing her that she really hadn’t had a clue what she was talking about. This was so much more than what she’d imagined.


If there had been a time that she was more turned on, she couldn’t remember it. The need to rub her thighs together and ease some of the ache was outrageous. His thumb ran across her bottom lip and she gasped at the contact, simple as it was.


The sight of her was something Rex was never going to forget, not even if a thousand women came after her. Her cheeks were flushed a color that he usually only saw
she came. Her lips were wet from her tongue, and opened slightly with her heavier breathing. Her nipples were just a shade or two darker than her lips, and so hard you could almost see them throbbing.


But it was the glistening wetness between her thighs that was making it hard for him to think. He caught her trying to rub those softly rounded thighs together several times already. His sweet little Ellie had a darker side, and it was turning him on beyond belief.


He reached out to touch her. His hand shook. He stared at it, something deep in his gut twisting. He’d been having sex since he was 14; not even during his first time had his hands shook. Shaking his head, he cast the thought aside. It was for another time.


The sound of fabric snapping made her insides clench. A slide of cold satin across the throbbing heat of her nipples had her back arching up off of the bed. Anticipation had heightened her senses unbelievably. He used the taut edges of the fabric to tease and flick at her nipples, making them even harder.


Rex leaned down close to her ear, but not close enough to touch. Heat radiated off her skin. “I think it would ruin things if I followed that scene from the book exactly, don’t you?”


Her whimper was all the answer he needed. He used the end of the scarf to tease her belly, watching it dance.


“You smell like summer and sex.” The words, whispered huskily, raised her heart rate another notch.


Something soft and velvety marked a slow trail up the outside of her thigh. At first she couldn’t imagine what it could be, then the scent of roses reached her. It was such a different texture and she was starting to like it when he stopped abruptly. It took all of her willpower not to cry out.


His weight dipped the bed beside her then moved to settle between her widely spread legs. The velvet warmth of the rose caressed the skin of her mound, moving down over her outer lips then back up. She had to hold her breath. She was dying for him to touch her with his flesh. Any flesh.


The sound of his breathing reached her ears; he wasn’t as unaffected as he wanted to appear. She heard foil wrapping tear open, and then the hiss of his breath as he rolled on a condom. No, he was affected.


He slid his hands up under her ass and lifted enough to line his body up with hers. She was so wet that the tip of his cock easily parted her lips. The long moan that came from deep in her chest nearly undid him before he could even begin.


Taking his time, he slid the entire length of his cock inside of her heat then held very still. The very act of breathing was almost too much movement for him to take at that point. When he could think again, he moved forward, putting her thighs over his, the scarves just long enough for the move without tightening painfully against her ankles.


With her thighs tight against his, Ellie couldn’t move much at all. She was dying to push her hips back, get some movement to ease the growing ache low in her gut. The position he had put her in was doing something that felt good but also odd at the same time. A feeling of fullness and pressure that was maddening. The most she could do was squeeze and release her inner muscles, which only increased the feeling of pressure but was too good to stop.


It was so hard to restrain himself from pounding into her over and over until he couldn’t think or see or move. The way she was squeezing his shaft was making it impossible to concentrate on what he wanted to do to her. Reaching out, he took her nipples between his fingers and plucked them to full attention, rolling them gently with just enough pressure to make her want more. She tried pushing her breasts closer, harder into his hands but he pulled back and she gave up.


He ran his thumb over her bottom lip, pushing forward until it was in her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue to mimic what she would do to another, more sensitive part of him if she wasn’t tied to the bed. When he pulled it out and used the moisture to wet her nipples she gasped loudly. When he blew cool air over the tips and made them pound with blood, she held in a scream.


For several minutes he remained as still as possible, fighting the urge to touch her the entire time. It was a form of torture, for both of them. With every contraction of her muscles he got closer and closer to losing control and he couldn’t let that happen before he sent her screaming into an orgasm like nothing before.


Gritting his teeth, he managed to hang on for another minute. He wasn’t even sure that what he wanted to happen was possible for her. Not all women could do it, from what information he had gleaned from the internet. Still, he wanted to try. With her. For her.


Placing his thumb just under her clit and right where his cock met her flesh, he pressed gently then stroked up and over her clit, then back down. He set up a rhythm--press, rub up, rub down. Slowly at first, then faster and faster again. She was whipping her head from side to side, biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out.


Raising up onto his knees, he stroked into her, once, twice, then lay still. She cried out and a fine sheen of sweat broke out over her chest and forehead. She began to plead, repeating one word over and over.


He actually felt the change, a pushing against his cock instead of the sucking into motion from before. Knowing it was time, he leaned into her and pounded into her with steady strokes of his cock.

BOOK: Devil on Wheels: A Biker Erotic Romance (Karthadossian Riders MC)
5.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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