Death Lords Motorcycle Club: Annie, Michigan, and Easy (The Motorcycle Clubs Series)

BOOK: Death Lords Motorcycle Club: Annie, Michigan, and Easy (The Motorcycle Clubs Series)
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Death Lords Motorcycle Club: Annie, Michigan, and Easy (The Motorcycle Clubs Series)
The Death Lords MC
Ella Goode
Their Private Need

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I've been the good girl too long. I don't drink, don't smoke, and live at home with my preacher father. The most daring thing I've ever done is work part-time at the library. Rule-breakers and lawless men aren't part of my world but not doing doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. And every fantasy I’ve ever had is promising to come true if I just take a chance.

: The moment I laid eyes on Annie, I knew she was the one for me and Michigan. We've been partners ever since we served and now we do everything together. And by everything I mean riding, drinking, and women. If we can get Annie on board, it'll be perfect. Not only do I have to convince Annie, though, I need to convince Michigan, too.

Easy seems to think sweet, delectable Annie's just going to fall into our laps. But my one experience with a preacher’s daughter left me scarred—emotionally and physically. A good girl like Annie wants to experience a little danger but she doesn’t want to live it and I’m not going all in unless this is for the long haul.

Three hearts are on a collision course. They will either be ruined or remade.


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Chapter One

hat do you think
?” I ask Michigan as we watch the slim figure of Annie Bloom disappear inside her small cottage attached to the Methodist church.

“I think you were dropped on your head one too many times if you think Pastor Bloom’s virgin daughter is going to spread her legs for one of us, let alone get into a threesome.” Michigan’s glaring at me but I can’t keep a smile from breaking out because he wouldn’t be angry with me if he didn’t want her.

“I was hard the minute I laid eyes on her too.”

He grunts and climbs into the cage. Michigan broods during the short trip from the church to the clubhouse where we trade the four wheels for our preferred mode of transportation. His hog is a matte black lowrider with no front fairing and the Death Lords emblem custom stitched into the saddle. Mine’s a softail, powder-coated black with orange accents over the front fender and along the tank. My bike’s name is Amber Whiskey. That’s the name the Harley dealer told me the accent color was. It’s a shit name for the color orange but a damn good name for a bike.

“Package is safely delivered,” I report cheerfully to Judge, our club president.

“Take yourselves home then. Mash tomorrow,” he reminds me. “I’ve got other things to take care of. Prospect Handfield will be at the door. Let’s try to keep the jailbait out this time.”

“Got it.” I stick the phone in the front pocket of my jeans and signal Michigan that I’m ready to roll out.

My former Marine battle buddy has never been much of a talker but the entire evening is spent with him not uttering one word. After watching the Twins blow through two pitchers in as many hours, he surges angrily from the sofa during the seventh inning stretch and I hear the growl of his bike a few minutes later as he roars down the street.

I don’t have to follow him to know where he’s going. It’s where I want to be too. No, I correct myself, I don’t want to be sitting in the dark outside the parish house. I want to be inside, sliding Annie’s clothes off, kissing her small tits and moving down the thin belly to those long legs.

Opening my jeans, I take out my heavy erection and begin to stroke myself. I wonder what she smells like between her thighs. Her neck smelled like cinnamon and vanilla. It was pretty damn hard not to lick her right there in the library earlier today even under the watchful gaze of her boss, two toddlers and a bright-eyed teenager.

It was even harder to hide the massive erection that sprouted when she stood close, giving me recommendations of books she thought I might like. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d been sent by Judge to keep an eye on her boss and make sure the chief of police or the skinheads from up north didn’t ruffle a single red hair on Pippa Lang’s head.

But one look at her long legs under that frumpy prairie dress and I turned hard as a rock.

She’s the one

I don’t know if it was my dick or my head that called it out but I felt some unfamiliar pull toward her. She felt it too and she buzzed around the small library for the rest of the morning full of sexual anxiety. I’m not certain she knew what she was feeling. Her blush when I winked at her indicated her level of experience with men was pretty low.

That’s perfectly fine with me and it wasn’t a turnoff for Michigan either.

It’s not as if I can’t fuck without Michigan. I didn’t even know I liked sharing until I enlisted and was shipped off to the Philippines. Michigan, a six-foot brick house, was assigned as my battle buddy. He was quiet even then but formidable. I did the talking for both of us but he taught me a few things, like how giving a woman pleasure at the same time another man was taking her was a heady feeling.

We never have trouble finding a woman who’s willing to take a ride with us. The problem is finding someone we both want to spend the rest of our lives with, an old lady we can share. Michigan is convinced it isn’t ever going to happen. The sad sack hasn’t had sex in a year.

Nothing seems to move him these days and given the amount of ready snatch in the club, his disinterest is fucking with my head. Annie is just his type—long legs, a sweet disposition, and doe eyes that you can drown in.

Envisioning her on her knees, taking me into her hot mouth while Michigan is fucking her cunt has my balls tightening up. My guess is that her tits are small but perky and tight. My big hands would swallow them up. I could probably suck the whole breast into my mouth.

My imagination flicks through a couple more images. Michigan in her ass while I’m in her cunt as we both stand, bouncing her up and down on our cocks. The three of us tangled in bed, moving slow, enjoying the intense friction having both of us inside her at the same time would create.

It doesn’t take more than three rough jerks for me to spill into my hands, but even though my dick hangs limply between my legs, I know I’m not going to be satisfied until I’m coming inside of Annie Bloom.

Death Lords
mash is made up of two things. Sex and alcohol. Okay, three. We fight a lot. Sometimes we fight over women and sometimes we fight over who took the last beer or ate the last bacon-wrapped weenie. It didn’t take much. All that testosterone and liquor makes for a rowdy evening.

The first floor of the granary is semirespectable. Sure, there are folks groping each other and plenty of nudity but Judge, the Death Lord’s president, likes to keep the raunchy stuff for the second floor playroom. Michigan had volunteered to run security which means he stands around, arms folded, watching everything. The bored, flat look in his eyes shouts “been there, done that, fucked till the T-shirt fell off.”

I drink a few beers and pour two shots down my gullet hoping to take the bite off my lust. I hadn’t seen Annie today. I’d ridden by her place but didn’t see a soul around. Under the guise of checking out a book at the library, I asked Pippa where Annie was. Pippa gave me a long knowing look but admitted Annie only worked two days a week at the library. The rest of the time she’s at the Methodist church. Churches are about as off-limits as teenage sexpots trying to get into a mash. In the last couple of years, this has begun to be a real problem. I blame it on the stupid-ass television show.

Fortunately Judge’s stepdaughter comes by to mark them for us. We don’t need underage flesh getting us in trouble. People get leery just at the sight of our leathers and our bikes. And there are some who are dying to pin shit on the club to make us look bad. Judge’s son, Wrecker, got sent to the state penitentiary for three years.

An underage girl at a mash? Might as well take a bulldozer to the granary. We’d be done.

When my foot lands on the second floor, the sounds of sex in the party room travel all the way down the hall. The high-pitched wails carry over the lower grunts and shouts of encouragement.

I peek in the first room and see a woman on a low, round coffee table. Her hands are tied behind her back, her ass is high in the air and the guy fucking her has a hand on the back of her neck. The rockers on the back of his cut proclaim him to be a Stonehead Bandit. The Bandits are a crew out of Illinois that are known for moving drugs and guns along the Mississippi. He finishes with a hard grunt and steps aside. Without much more downtime, another Bandit is taking his place.

“Nice hospitality you got here,” says Thrasher. He’s the Bandits’ enforcer. Like Michigan, he’s just watching but it’s early yet. He might find a sweet butt he can’t keep away from once all his boys have bedded down.

“Can’t have a mash without a few willing women.”

“You boys care a little too much about a sweet butt’s age. Michigan’s more strict than a Chicago bar.” The toothpick in the corner of his mouth barely moves as he talks.

“We’ve got liquor and a bunch of horny guys running around. Being careful is why we’ve been here for generations.”

“Nothing like the tight hole of a virgin,” Thrasher muses. “Hear there’s a club up north specializing in that kind of treat for visiting clubs.”

“Then you should’ve rode straight up there if that’s your thing because it’s not something the Death Lords will ever have on the menu.”

“Don’t tell me now that Judge has hooked up with permanent pussy that you guys are turning into a choir group.”

The slaps of flesh on flesh are starting to bore me. Giving the room a quick perusal, it appears everyone is here willingly. There’s a Death Lords patch with a woman bouncing on his lap and a prospect the Bandits brought with them taking in the entire scene. He reminds me of Abel, one of our prospects who’s so fresh out of the Marines, he still smells like mortar and sweat. I like the looks of the prospect more than any of the other Bandits here. Pushing away from the wall I was leaning against, I grab Thrasher by the neck. He jerks in surprise but my grip is relentless. “You talk shit about Judge’s old lady like that again and one of us will reach down your throat and pull your colon out through your mouth.”

The three other Bandits in the room stand and the sex acts grind to a halt. Robot, the Death Lords patch, has his trusty ten-inch liner lock knife in his hand, blade flipped out. I give him a tiny shake and he folds the blade inside the handle.

I release Thrasher with a small shove. “You know old ladies are untouchable.”

He strokes his throat. He smiles but his eyes are burning with anger. “Yeah. ’Course. Meant no disrespect.”

Holding back my snort, I give a nod toward the occupants of the room. “This is a party. Go forth and have a fucking good time.”

Robot follows me out, dragging his sweet butt with him. “Give them ten minutes and then clear the girls out.”

“They were having a good time,” Robot says. “Everyone in there was willing.”

“Oh yeah, Tracey’s the girl on the table and the mash is all she’s been talking about all week.” A brown-haired girl with a pixie face looks up earnestly at me and then Robot. “But we’d rather be with a Death Lord, if we had the choice.”

I chuck her under the chin. “It’s early yet. Plenty of Death Lords to be had later tonight. Plus you got Robot here. Never heard of a girl complaining who had the attention of this dude.”

Robot rolls his eyes and pulls the giggly girl back into the room. At the end of the hall, I see Michigan waiting for me.

“There trouble inside?”

“Not yet. Just visitors talking trash. Judge having an old lady is a big surprise.”

Michigan rubs a hand across his chin and then heads downstairs. I follow him to the front of the granary where he pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers me one. I shake my head. I’m pissed he’s smoking again, but I’m not his keeper. I’m his best friend.

“What do you think Pastor Bloom would do if I sat in a pew on Sunday?” I ask. He blows out a stream of smoke but doesn’t answer. I press on. “She’s a hot little thing. Just our type.”

With a grunt, he sucks the cancer stick down until it’s more ash than tobacco. Finally he throws the piece of shit on the ground and grinds it out with his boot heel. “You’re a fucking fool if you think that Annie Bloom has any interest in roughnecks like us individually or together. She’s not the type.”

“You ask her?”

He grits his teeth. “I don’t have to ask her. I know.”

“You have a thing against pastors’ daughters? They’re the dirtiest girls around,” I joke.

Michigan spins suddenly and pulls up his cut and T-shirt. His back is a mess of scars. Even when we were in, he never explained the source. “I got these because I slept with a preacher’s daughter. She was all over me, rubbing herself against me, telling me she wanted me and my friend to do her. Finally we did. My friend was an asshole and bragged about it. Word got back to her dad and she claimed we raped her. I got dragged down to Lake Superior, had my own special baptism at her daddy’s hands and then he and a few other dads took turns beating me. I was told I could join the Marines or go to prison. I joined up. The day I fuck another preacher’s daughter is the day I will have lost my fucking mind.”


Fuck me. It’s been less than forty-eight hours and I’m already making a fool of myself over Annie Bloom. I’ve kept the story of my beating a secret for over ten years from a man who has become closer than a brother, but one argument over the preacher’s girl and I’m vomiting shit from my mouth.

“Never mind,” I sigh and drop my shirt. I light up another cigarette wishing it was something stronger.

“I had no idea.” Easy rubs a hand across his forehead.

“You like her. You fuck her.” I shrug carelessly as if the idea of Easy and Annie together without me doesn’t bother me.

His hand moves from his forehead, over the full head of hair to the back of his neck. Easy’s always liked to wear his hair long after we got out. “I’m not fucking her without you.”

“Can’t get it up without me staring at it?” I mock. “I’ll give you a picture to hang over your bed.” The muscles in his biceps tense and for a second, I wonder if he’s going to throw a punch. I brace myself because I deserve it. And because I’m a selfish masochist, I keep going. “Or are you worried you can’t satisfy a woman alone? Even a virgin like the Bloom chick might have expectations you can’t live up to.”

BOOK: Death Lords Motorcycle Club: Annie, Michigan, and Easy (The Motorcycle Clubs Series)
9.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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