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Dark Tales 1

BOOK: Dark Tales 1
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Four dark tales of erotica that go under the sea, into a haunted mansion, beneath the earth and into the woods. Who will survive?



Sea Men—A woman abandoned to the ocean for refusing to cross the friend-zone barrier finds herself the object of interest for some mermen as she loses her grip on reality.

Swipe Right—On a first date, her realtor companion decides to show her an unsellable house. When he makes a move, she rebuffs him but not in time to stop his girlfriend from seeing them.

Cross Country—She is with friends and a guide on a skiing weekend, but she isn’t as fast as her companions. After a flurry, she is lost and they are gone. Finding shelter is her prime concern with night creeping in, but the mythical beast she has to share a cave with has more than sleep on his mind.

Camping Out—After a stressful wedding, she is tired of being the bridesmaid. Now, here she is, forced to camp with friends while she remains in the only solo tent. She pitches her small site away from the others. The scratch on her flap in the middle of the night is definitely something that wants to know her better as it hauls her into the woods.


The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

The scenarios contain dubious consent and are not for all readers. It is erotic horror and should not be construed as anything else.


Copyright © 2016 by Viola Masters

ISBN: 978-1-987969-22-1


©Cover art by Angela Waters


All rights reserved. With the exception of review, the reproduction or utilization of th
is work in whole or in part in any form by electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, is forbidden without the express permission of the publisher.


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Dark Tales 1






Viola Masters





Sea Men




mmy looked at the dark water and bit her lip. Anything could be under there staring up at her and she would never know it. “I am not really a strong swimmer.”

Bob grinned from next to her. “Don’t worry. I am here to help.”

She was about to ask him if she could skip the night swim when he used his larger muscle mass to grab her and pull her over the side and into the water.

She shrieked and choked on the water as she fought to right herself and tread on the surface. “Why did you do that?”

He chuckled and swam closer, his years of competitive swimming showing in the ease of his movements.

“You needed to get wet, and this was the fastest way to do it.” The shadow of his face showed the white Cheshire-like grin.

She tried to move away from him. “I just don’t appreciate death being an option.”

He slipped over to block her from returning to the boat. “You can hold onto me if you like.” He stroked his hand up her arm, and then, he cupped her breast.

She jerked back. “I told you; I am not interested.”

He lunged forward and kissed her, holding her hair as they sank under the waves.

He held her there until she was weakly struggling before he kicked them back to the surface. He was grinning again. “If you say you’ll fuck me, I will take you back to the boat.”

She groaned at her stupidity. She had been told that everyone needed to try a midnight swim on their first time out on the ocean. All of her friends had agreed with long winks in Bob’s direction. She had just wanted to fit in with the more affluent crowd. College sucked.

She frowned but stood her ground, so to speak. “No. I am not going to fuck you, but I am going back to the boat.”

She started to swim toward it, and he simply swam around her, making it to the boat when she was still yards away. The engine fired up, and he looked at her over his shoulder. “Bitch.”

He gunned the engine, and the small zodiac skimmed over the waves, leaving her alone in the dark.

She wanted to yell, but she had to keep her mouth shut. The choppy waves of the wake were trying to drown her.

Emmy aimed for the direction she remembered them being in and followed the wake of the boat to try and get to safety. She wasn’t going to make it. She knew she was done for, but she wasn’t giving up.

Her arms grew heavy, and it wasn’t until something touched her leg under the water that a surge of adrenalin ripped through her. She couldn’t shriek. She needed her mouth to breathe.

Another slick touch on her thigh made her keep going. She was terrified, but continuing toward her only hope of safety was her one chance. When a grasp around her ankle pulled her under, her mouth and nose flooded with salt water.

She tried not to breathe in, she saw bubbles coursing up to the light of the moon, and there was no way of knowing what had a grip on her. The water got darker and darker.

Her lungs were about to pop when a glowing figure appeared in front of her. It was vaguely masculine, and it held something in its grasp.

Cool metal clasped her neck and splayed over her chest between her breasts. Energy rippled along her skin and zipped through her bloodstream as her vision went black.

She didn’t want to breathe in... didn’t want to die. When she couldn’t stand it, the blurry figure in front of her gripped her arms and shook her. Her burning lungs gave in and released the last of the air. She felt the water rush in.


The pressure on her skin burned where the cuff fastened her to the carved stone. She was floating above it, but the one shackle held her down to the ocean floor.

Glowing lichen lit up small pieces of the empty valley she was in, and the necklace that she could only see part of was glowing as well.

A shadow closed in on her, and a merman was examining her in detail. He touched her hair, her cheek and went down to her one-piece.

She looked at the man, took in the silver of his tail and noted the shape and direction of the fin at the end. He had a cloud of midnight hair, midnight eyes and wide gill slits running down his neck.

She flinched when he pulled on the strap of her suit, and he grinned, pulling her toward him in the water. He opened his mouth, and the wide, deadly expanse of teeth split his head nearly in two.

He bit through the fabric easily and did the same to the other strap.

She tried to touch his head, but he snapped at her as he peeled the spandex from her body, biting it free as necessary.

When the heavier elastic between her thighs fought his tugging, he swam down, pulled the fabric free of her and snapped quickly.

She nearly peed herself. Those teeth were so close to her groin that the brush of the deadly implements abraded her skin.

The fabric floated free of her body, and she tried to tug free of the cuff on her ankle. She hadn’t felt it snap on.

The shark man floated in front of her, and his smile was cruel. His webbed hands gripped her breasts, and he pulled roughly at them, his skin abrading her nipples.

She shivered.

He pressed his lips to her breasts, scraping delicately against her skin with his teeth. She kept completely still.

She was either in hell or hallucinating. He kneaded at her flesh, and she could see something forming below his belly. The smooth skin was opening, and two large erections were swelling to an alarming size and shape.

This had to be a dream. Mermen weren’t real. Bob had abandoned her, and this was her mind’s way of protecting her from the deadly reality as she drowned. That was it.

Perhaps if she let go, her departure from the world would be peaceful.

He pushed her to the edge of her tether and faced her as he gripped her hips. She reached between them and caressed the cocks that wobbled there. They were coated in a thick, slick coating, which was probably good, as her own lubrication wouldn’t have a chance at letting him in.

His eyes were heavy lidded, and he stroked his fingers between her thighs before lining up one of his members. Her body clutched it tightly as it worked in.

To her embarrassment, he lined the other cock head with her ass, and he began to nudge it inside. He wasn’t fully erect, and she knew it the moment he was in both of her orifices and he continued to swell and harden.

She would have groaned, but the liquid in her lungs didn’t allow for sound. It was a silent fucking that began as he moved in and out of her in a slow and deep motion. The slick coating on his cocks let him ease in and out with luxurious thoroughness.

She clutched at his shoulders, and he gnashed his teeth. She kept well away from his deadly jaws as she was filled beyond what she thought she could take. He fucked her for what felt like hours before she screamed and he shuddered as if waiting for her signal.

He pressed his cheek to hers before pulling out, leaving her sore, aching and energized.

He swam away, and she was left staring into the dark waters and wondering what was going to happen next. He hadn’t released her, so that meant she wasn’t done.

Shadows slid just beyond the glow of the light. Emmy bent down, grabbed the chain and pulled herself to the stone, looking for a way to unlock her confinement. It might be a dream, but she still wanted out of it.

A hand stroked her butt, and she turned to see a golden man behind her. Well, he was half man, the rest was brilliantly coloured with a wide fantail.

She was about to let go of the chain, but he wrapped his hands around hers and showed her what he wanted.

She wasn’t facing him, so she guessed at what was about to happen. He was fully erect when he shoved his way into her ass, and she gasped for air that wasn’t there. One of the shadows came toward her, and another merman of the traditional variety was in front of her, holding his cock.

He pushed it into her open mouth until the small, sharp scales around his pelvis pressed against her nose. She gagged, but whatever the coating on his cock was numbed her throat, and he began to thrust as his buddy pulled in and out of her ass with a heavy beat.

She was pinned and clutching the chain as they pistoned back and forth. Her body was the only anchor point for all three of them.

Her fingers got numb around the chain, as her grip became her focus. Her ass felt tight, and a dark pleasure was filling her.

The cock in her throat jerked, and the man floated away, strands of cum connecting them as his orgasm continued.

The merman behind her pounded faster until he shook and gripped her hips with his hands, digging his nails into her skin.

Her ass throbbed when he pulled out. She had been feeling a bit of arousal from the friction, but now, she was stuck and scanning the phantom world around her for another playmate.

Darkness flickered, and another merman came out. He was solid charcoal grey with a light in the centre of his forehead.

He took her hands off the chain and ran his hands up her arms. She bobbed toward him. He held her against him, and to her surprise, he kissed her.

He pressed her hands to his chest, and he held her, caressing her slowly, as if they were first-time lovers. He wove his hand through her hair and held her carefully, as if she was treasured.

She felt the smooth texture of his skin and ran her hands down his chest and around to his back. The thick ridge of spikes made her draw back.

He kissed her softly, licking at the inside of her mouth with a strangely pointed tongue. She licked back and felt his lips flex against hers. When their kiss escalated to the point where she would have been panting and moaning, he slid a hand between them and caressed the swollen lips between her thighs. In a fast beat, he pulled away from her mouth and moved down between her thighs. He draped one leg over his shoulder and the other was held in one of his hands. He pushed the pointed tongue into her, and she twisted, seeking an anchor for her flailing hands.

Another pair of hands helped her and held her while she rocked in the current to the rhythm of the tongue plunging into her.

Her vision spun, and she looked around for something, anything, to use to focus herself. Her first male, the shark, was there, holding onto her and holding her hands as the anglerfish had his way with her.

She moved with the beat as the pointed tongue worked higher and higher into her. Her body was nearly to the edge, she felt a quiver inside her, and just as she was about to go over, he pulled away.

To her shock, he pulled away from her and blew her a kiss. The shark released her, and she was floating alone again.

It felt like hours, but it could have been days, before the next shadow moved into the light.

Hard silver scales marked his tail. The fins were blades that appeared to be deadly. His body was a pale silver, and his eyes were the same absolute black as the others.

BOOK: Dark Tales 1
7.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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