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She batted her eyelashes and grinned. "You'll never
guess what type of business I'm going to open."


"Uh huh."

His heart lurched. An opportunity to see her again? Reality
came down like a boulder. He couldn't get his hopes up. Couldn't risk wanting
more than these few days. He'd be busy turning the old barn into a rodeo arena,
buying livestock, and trying to get sponsors for his business. And doing all
this while making sure he didn't break his neck falling off a bull. He wouldn't
have time for a long-distance relationship.

Rolling on top of her, he kissed her. "Something to
think about."

Her eyes shadowed. She nodded. "I guess so."

It felt like closing the door on the possibility of a future
with her, but it was what he needed to do to keep his focus on his goals.
"Be right back." Holding onto the condom that threatened to slip off,
he walked into the bathroom. "Holy shit, have you seen this bathtub?"

Her footsteps sounded behind him. Her hands landed on his
hips and she kissed his back. "Feel like a bubble bath?"

"Sure do."

While he cleaned up, she filled the tub and poured in
crystals that weren't too girly smelling. When she bent over and swished her
hand through the water, her ass rounded. Too sexy.

He scooped her up into his arms.

She screeched and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling.
"You're crazy."

"Crazy is right." Crazy for her. And damned if
that didn't make a mess of things.

He stepped into the bathtub, careful with his footing. He
sat with her on his lap, facing him.

Lacing her hands behind his neck, she sighed. "Oh,
Boone. You're so strong." Her voice was a breathy tease.

He chuckled. "You feel like a feather in my big, manly

Running her hands over his shoulders to his biceps, she
licked her lips. "You are all man, cowboy. Almost too much for me to

His gut lurched. "Did I hurt you?" He glanced down
to where her sweet pussy lay open to his gaze below the waterline.

"No." She ran her fingers slowly down his chest,
past his abs, and onto his fully hard cock. "You fit just perfectly."

Relief washed over him. He prided himself on his control,
but with Gigi, he seemed to give in to manic desire. "You're tight and
hot, baby." His cock jumped. "I could take you again right now."

She held her breath, and her nose crinkled. "You like
feet?" A naughty smile curved her lips and sparked in her eyes.

He tipped his head. "Uh huh. Not like a fetish or
anything, but I like your little toes and soft skin."

Gieselle took a breath and slid back. "I have a secret

He grinned. "Oh yeah?"

She nodded and leaned back in the tub. She lifted one foot
out of the water. "Wanna see it?"

He eased back and stretched his arms along the back of the
tub. "Hell, yeah!" He laughed. "I'm just imagining what you can
do and it's got me rock hard."

A blush climbed her cheeks. "Okay, but stop me if

"No. I'm going to love this." His mouth dropped
open as his gut tightened with need. "Do it, baby."

She touched her foot to Boone's cock.

"Uh huh. Yeah. I'm lovin' it."

Bracing herself with her hands, she brought her other foot
up and bracketed his shaft with her feet. In the slick water, she slid them up
and down, using the space between her first two toes to squeeze his head with
each stroke.

His head dropped back as zips of electricity charged up his
spine to ricochet around in his head. "Aw, fuck."

She worked his cock for long minutes, changing her foot grip
on it to horizontal, then one-footed while she pressed her big toe into the
spot behind his balls.

Closing his eyes, he experienced the kinkiest rubout he'd
ever had. Damn, she was the perfect combination of sweetheart and sexual

His mind muddled with snaps and pops as his balls tightened
and an extra pump of blood shot into his cock. "Aw, baby."

When he tensed, she switched one foot to horizontal, one
foot to vertical and started a fast race.

He jerked, his head fogging over, zaps of heat racing down
his spine. His balls shot out, and hot ropes of cum blasted out of the water,
landing in floating puddles on the surface. She stroked him until his balls
emptied and he returned to consciousness, his body relaxed and melted into the
water. "Holy shit, Gigi." He breathed a couple unsteady breaths.
"That was truly awesome."

Easing her feet from him, she smiled. "My signature

He couldn't move, the warmth spreading through him tempted
him to close his eyes and replay the amazing climax. He'd come so quick and
hard, his balls felt cramped.

As the pools of cum dispersed into the water, she jumped up.

He blinked. "What's wrong?"

She shrugged. "Paranoid about loose sperm. I'm…not on
any contraceptive. It's been so busy at school, I haven’t dated much."

Her openness tugged at his heart.

"I know they're probably not viable." She grinned
and stepped out onto the bathmat. "But with a big stud like you, a girl
can't be too careful."

"Damn right." He pulled the plug to drain the tub.
"Bull riders have especially rugged swimmers."

She laughed and started the water flowing in the walk-in
shower. "Want to rinse off with me?"

He stood and pinned her with a hot stare. "There are a
couple other things I'd like to do with you in a shower."

"So many wicked things to do, and so little time
left." Her gaze locked with his, her eyes turning sad.

Damn, he didn't want to think about it.


Gieselle watched Boone's face shut down. Was he feeling the
time slipping away, too? It made her nervous that they hadn't made plans to see
each other again, but maybe that would come later. If he didn't bring it up
before they parted ways, she would.

This connection between them was something unique. Compared
to Boone, every man she'd dated was a complete asshole. She could get used to
being spoiled and pampered, even if she had to travel long distances to do it.

She stepped into the shower. The hot water pulsed on her
skin as a delightful shiver from his words ran through her. "What are the
things you want to do to me?"

He followed her, closing the glass door. "First one is
making you scream my name."

Licking her lips, she backed under one of the showerheads
and wet her hair. "I think you've done that already. A few times."

He took her face in his hands. "Not nearly enough to
hold me over."

Gieselle moved closer, her hands sliding around his back and
sneaking lower, cupping his hard butt. Could she get enough of this man to hold
her for their time apart? "I'm all yours, Boone." Her double meaning
had to show in her eyes.

He kissed her as the water rushed over them from above and
from three sides. His lips were gentle on hers, almost like a farewell kiss,
his tongue making love to her mouth.

When he pulled back, his eyes searched hers. He tugged her
close and held her for a moment.

She tightened her arms around his middle, not ready to let
him go.

He turned her in his arms, her body facing one of the wall

The water hit her nipple, taunting it into a hard peak.
Slides of lust raced from her breast to her core.

Boone took the nipple in his fingers and played with it,
teasing, using the water's pulses to make her quiver with bliss.

She laid her head back on his shoulder.

He slid a hand down her belly to her mound and gently
slapped her bare, wet skin. "You like that?"

She nodded and spread her legs for him, wanting him to touch
her where her lips swelled and pulsed with need.

He eased his hand lower and slapped her twice.

"Mmm." The sting shivered as a wave of desire
through her.

Pushing a finger into her core, he pinched her nipple and
bit her neck.

"Oh, God." Her mind flooded with the pleasure of
his triple assault. Reaching back, she grabbed his thighs. Hard and slick, they
ramped up her desire for this man.

He slid his finger deeper in her slit as his other hand
brushed across her chest to taunt her other nipple, and his mouth sucked her

Surges of lust roared through her, and her mind began to
slide into climax.

When he eased a second finger into her slit, washes of heat
shot up her spine. His thumb touched her clit.

Gieselle jumped, the tender flesh already tightened and

On her clit, his thumb rubbed a pattern designed to make her
go over the top. "Come, Gigi. Now. Cream all over my fingers." He
sucked her earlobe into his mouth and bit. His fingers on her nipple increased
their pace to match the rhythm of the finger fucking he gave her, and his
thumb's beat on her clit.

A wave of heat struck, swamping her, pulling her under until
she couldn't tell up from down, didn't know if she was standing or falling.
Sounds muted as she rode the wave, crashing with it in a sensual roll of
ecstasy. "Boone!"

His name echoed in the tiled room. She grounded to shore as
the wave of delight receded, leaving her weak, wet, and quivering.

He held her, his arms wrapped around her from behind,
bearing the weight her legs wouldn't support.

"Boone, you didn't warn me you'd be using another
signature move."

He chuckled and kissed her temple. "I'll give you
notice right now, baby. All my moves are signature."

"Yay." She turned in his arms and kissed him.

He took over, tasting her deeply, sucking her tongue into
his mouth for a nibble.

She slowed the kiss and pulled back. "Damn. You're even
an amazing kisser."

He smiled. "I'm good with scalp massage, too." He
grabbed the shampoo bottle and turned her to face away from him. "Hang on
to your sanity, 'cause this will make you pure loco."

She laughed but was soon moaning in pleasure as his strong
fingers did wondrous things to her scalp.

They washed each other, slowly and thoroughly, exploring and
tasting. After they dried each other, Boone took the fluffy white hotel robes
from their packages, slid her into one, and him into the other. With a towel
wrapped around her hair, she held his hand as he led her into the living room.

"Hold on." Boone dragged the loveseat in front of
the Christmas tree and flipped the switch on the gas fireplace. He helped her
sit then gestured toward the bar. "Gin and tonic?"

"I noticed a bottle of red wine. That sounds

"Anything else, birthday girl?"

She tipped her head. "I'd almost forgotten it was my

He opened the wine and poured a tall balloon glass for her
then put an inch of whiskey into a tumbler for himself. He carried them over,
handed her the wine, and set his glass on the end table. Walking back to the
bar, he bent over where she couldn't see him.

"What are you doing, cowboy?"

Chapter Six


"Just hold on, city girl." A few seconds later,
Boone stood up behind the bar holding a tiny cake with one lit candle. He
carried it over to her on the loveseat.

Her breath caught. "Boone." Her eyes misted.
"How did you…" She sighed. "No. I don't need to know."

He sat next to her holding the cake and a fork. "I'd
sing, but it'd probably spoil the moment." His eyes gleamed a soft blue in
the candlelight.

Another chunk of her heart broke off and became his
property. "Thank you."

"For not singing?" He grinned. "Make a wish
and blow it out."

She closed her eyes, listing all the things she would have
wished for before she met Boone, but trashing them all for the one thing she
wanted right now. More time with him. She blew out the candle.

He plucked it out of the cake, scraped it across the
frosting, and held it out toward her. "Lick it, baby."

She shook her head but smiled. "You're so bad."
She wrapped her lips around it and sucked.

"Yeah. That's the way." He laughed. "For some
reason, I seem to have a tent in my robe."

"We'll take care of that. After cake."

"Promise?" He forked a piece and held it out to

Delicious vanilla butter cream frosting and a dark chocolate
cake melted on her tongue. "Mmm hmm. Promise."

"Damn. You're callin' me bad?" He took a bite and
nodded. "This is almost as delicious as you."

After they plowed through the cake, she held her wine glass
and snuggled close against his chest.

His hand stroked her arm as they watched the cacophony of
the Christmas tree lights against the background of the Las Vegas strip.


"Uh huh."

"Why did you decide to spend Christmas in Vegas?"

"The rodeo."

She glanced up at him. "Your parents didn't

"At first. Then we explained that the Old West Casino
Invitational is something new the casino is doing. Put on just to benefit local
food shelves."

Gieselle laughed. "Kira and I wondered why people were
carrying cans into the arena. At first we thought they were going to open them
and pelt you with baked beans."

He chuckled. "Doesn't happen at rodeo. It's a pretty
respectful crowd, usually."

"It was so much fun, Boone. I loved it, and I really
want to see more live events." Her hint that he could ask her to join him
was met with silence.

A few minutes later, Boone set down his empty glass.
"Mom made us promise to be back the day after Christmas. She's holding the
feast until we return."

"That's nice." When she finished her wine, Boone
took her glass and arranged her more snugly against him.

"Does Dallas live close to you?"

"He does. He's on his own, though. Lives in an
apartment in town."

The warmth of the fire surrounded her in a cozy, muzzy blur
and her eyes slid shut. The next thing she knew, Boone had her in his arms,
carrying her into the bedroom.

BOOK: Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas
9.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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