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She lifted her head and watched as he swirled it around, the
decadence making her hips jerk.

His eyes shifted and caught her gaze. With a wicked smile,
he kissed his way down to the edge of her see-through panties. "I can
smell you, sweet and musky, honey and spices." His tongue snuck under the

"Please, Boone. Oh, God. I can't wait." Her thighs
shook, needing his lips, his tongue, working magic between them.

"Baby." He kissed her through the fabric, inching
lower, slow, open-mouthed kisses that promised everything, hot and lovely all
the way down her mound and along her pussy.

The barrier of the fabric made her hungry for the touch of
his lips on her bare flesh. She flattened on the bed and grabbed the quilt.
"Boone. You're teasing me."

"Damn right I am, woman." His tongue licked hot
and hard along the edge of her panties where they met her inner thighs.

She moaned.

He chuckled, but promised relief from her suffering when he
slid off her panties.

Opening one eye, she saw him toss the panties onto his
cowboy hat. Was he planning to keep them? When he parted her thighs, all
concern over her wardrobe ended.

"Your pretty pussy, Gigi. All shaven clean for
me." He blew on her lips. "Pink and wet. Mmm, your juices are
shining, luring me in for a taste."

"Yes, take it."

"Slow down, baby. Make this last." He kissed and
nibbled his way down her tender inner thigh.

Her body shimmied with desire.

He licked behind her knee, then trailed his lips to her

"You've got toes that make me want to spend hours on

She rolled her head from side to side. "We don't have
hours, Boone."

He laughed. "Your toenail polish matches your panties
and bra." Taking her big toe into his mouth, he tickled it with his tongue
and scraped his teeth along the bottom.

"Do they?" With his mouth on her that way, she
couldn't remember what color they were painted. Or what color her bra was.
Nothing filled her head except the pleasure Boone created. Like a string of tracer
lights, tingles coursed from her foot to her core. "Oh, yeah. That's

He treated each of her toes to the same attention then
switched to her other foot. "Sexy feet."

"You like feet?" Her hips rolled, her core wetting
with cream, wanting the attention of the lips and tongue that he used to please
her toes.

"Yeah." He took her hips in his big hands.
"But not as much as I like your other beautiful parts. Roll over."

"Huh?" Was this more of his teasing? She let him
turn her onto her stomach.

He held her butt cheeks in his hands and squeezed, then
kissed each one. "So sexy. You've got the cutest ass I've ever seen."

Did he really mean it? He'd have seen a heck of a lot of
women's butts in his life. She wiggled her tush a little.

With a groan, he licked the bottom of her cheek where it met
her thigh, a long, hot taste.

He core quivered with desire. She was tempted to move her
hand lower, pleasure herself, but she'd let him have his fun. She'd be sure to
keep him in suspense when it was her turn to be in control.

He licked the other side of her then grabbed her hips and
lifted her.

With her face on the quilt, she fisted her hands in the
fabric next to her head and hung on. "What are you doing, cowboy?"

"Trust me?" The rumbled words shook her low in her

He'd said the same thing to her at the Birthday Baby
machine, and look how well that turned out. "I trust you."

He chuckled. Kneeling behind her, he slid his hands between
her thighs and grasped her hips from below, lifting her bottom higher. When his
mouth closed over her pussy lips and sucked, she could see the genius of this

Blood flowed to her brain, spinning her like a ride at a
carnival as his mouth heated and tickled her slit.

His tongue lapped along her folds then deep inside her, slow
and hard.

Manic chills raced up her spine, flickering lights in her
head, sending her reeling toward climax.

His mouth slid closer to her butt, and his nose pressed
against her anus, circling as his tongue and lips continued to eat her with
nibbles and sucks.

"Oh, God, where did you learn that?" Blasts of
heat rocked through her, wildly whipping her toward nirvana.

"Mmm. My signature move."

"So when girls ask you for your signature…"

He laughed. "Just you, Gigi. You're my only fan."

Warmth spread from her heart. He was hers this Christmas. A
gift she wished she didn't have to return on the twenty-sixth. She pushed the
thought from her mind and concentrated on finding her orgasm.

His mouth slid down and captured her clit. With a suck and a
couple flicks, he gave her what she craved.

Wheeling crazily, multicolored flashes blazed in her head.
"Boone!" Her core contracted and her hips bucked in rhythm with his
tongue. Whirring kaleidoscopes of color and light carried her off for long
moments. The blood rushing to her head intensified the orgasm until she felt
weightless, ungrounded.

The touch of his lips on her clit gentled her, eased her
back from the perfection of the amazing orgasm. He licked her pussy. "You
are honey." He sucked. "Sweet spicy cream."

"Haa ahh." Words wouldn't form, but a smile curled
her lips.

"Is that a good thing?" His voice held a teasing

"So, so good, Boone." Aftershocks rallied through
her pussy, climbing her spine to shimmer like fireflies on a dark night.
"I'm lifeless."

He kissed her thighs softly and lowered her to the mattress.
His body came down half on top of her, warming her as his lips sought hers in a
tender kiss. "You are incredibly sensitive." He laid his head next to
hers, their noses just inches apart.

She could stay like this forever. She'd never come so
quickly or so hard.

"Why did you decide to come to Vegas for

Gieselle sighed. She could go with the story she told her
friends at college; that she just needed to do something wild on her birthday
this year. Or, she could tell the truth. "My parents were invited to their
friends' chalet in Switzerland." She wasn't invited.

His brow creased and his eyes held sympathy. "No
brothers or sisters?"

"Only child." She smacked a kiss on his nose.
"So, I talked Kira into sin city. And here I am. With you." Karma at
its best.

"I'm damn glad you are." His hand trailed up her
spine to her neck, brushing back her hair.

"What about you? Siblings? Besides Jayden, of

"Two older sisters and another brother who's sixteen."
His eyes turned serious. "But, I'm not in the mood for talkin' right now,
if you don't mind."

Against her thigh, his erection pulsed, hot and sticky with

"Mmm. I can see why." She trailed a hand down
between his body and the quilt until she touched his cock. "We're going to
have to do something about this."

"Fuck, yeah!" He grimaced. "Excuse my
language, ma'am."

"When we're in bed, you can be a naughty cowboy."

He wagged his eyebrows at her. "Oh, I plan to be, baby.
Naughty and wild."

Grasping his thick length in her hand, she whispered,
"Condoms in the drawer."

He reached over his head to the nightstand and came back
with a foil packet. Ripping it open with his teeth, he sheathed himself in

"You practice that?" She loved how his every move
was sure and commanding.

"Yep. Like bull riding. The more you do it…" He
stopped and looked away.

Chapter Five


Gigi smiled. "I appreciate all the practice you've had
up 'till this point. I can imagine you've had a long and memorable career in

Boone looked into her eyes, helpless to keep from connecting
with her, to keep from wanting more than his two-night limit. Hell, he hadn't
even slid his shaft inside her and he was far too attached. "Right this
second, Gigi, I can't remember one of them." His heart thumped a feral
beat as he opened himself more than he should. In a day or two, he'd say
goodbye and whatever was going on in his chest would feel like muscle ripping
from bone.

She bit her lower lip and blinked rapidly.

Oh, shit, she wasn't going to cry, was she?

It was her turn to look away. With a sigh, she pushed up on
her elbows.

He had to change the mood. Wrapping his arms around her, he
sat up and pulled her back against his chest. His hands slid to her breasts.
"I want you, baby." He kissed her neck. "Want you to ride my

As he tweaked her nipples, her body shivered and arched.

"Mmm, yes." She bent her knees and knelt on each
side of his hips.

Skimming his hands down her narrow waist, he lifted her
until her pussy touched the tip of his twitching cock.

She braced her hands on his knees and tipped her ass in a
gorgeous display. Her hot, wet lips surrounded the head of his shaft.

Boone's balls tightened as flames seared deep in his belly.
He had to hang on, cowboy up and give her a long, rowdy ride. But all he wanted
to do was pump into her and release his cum.

Gigi sat up, skimming her hands over her thighs in a move so
seductive, he nearly shot over the top.

Looking over her shoulder, her eyes dark and heavy lidded,
she smiled as she grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, sliding centimeter by
agonizing centimeter down onto his throbbing cock.

"Aw, baby." His words barely more than a breath,
his heart raced as air panted through his gritted teeth.

When she bit her lower lip and dropped fully onto him, he
shouted a couple curses he couldn't find the memory to remember.

Gigi moved, circled her hips, sliding his cock in amazing
patterns that blasted flames up his spine.

His mind flared, wanting to enjoy this, but desperate for

Lifting herself, she pulled her sweet pussy nearly off him,
then slid back down again, grinding her hips against his.

The pleasure ricocheted through him, heating his flesh,
drawing beads of sweat to the surface. "I want you to fuck me, Gigi."
He reached for her hair, fisting it with a tug. "Fast and hard, like you
can't get enough of me."

She cried out in a sensual moan and lifted her body quickly,
dropping again just as fast.

"That's it, baby. Ride it."

She did, her muscles working in beautiful ripples as she
pumped her tight slit onto him over and over.

Her hand eased between his legs, cupping his balls.

He had to shake his head to keep the orgasm from overtaking
him. "Touch yourself. Play with your clit. I want you to come, want your
pussy to suck the cum out of me."

"Boone." It was half sigh, half whine. Her body

He tugged her hair a little tighter and slid his other hand
over her ass, feeling the muscles working to bring him pleasure. He eased his
thumb over her pink puckered anal opening and circled gently.

"Uhhhhhh!" Her cry accompanied the stiffening of
her body.

Around his cock, her pussy tightened, incredibly hot and

His mind combusted, shooting backdrafts of heat to his sack.
Deep inside his groin, pleasure rocked him and his cum pulsed from his balls
and out through his cock. White flames seared inside his mind, licking wildly
through his skin as every nerve burst into hot, glowing bliss. Sailing upward
like a spark from a bonfire, he let go and felt the pleasure of shooting his
load into the perfect woman. "Gigi."

"Boone." Her voice echoed in his head.

Long moments later, he came back to earth, back to reality.

She slowed her ride then stopped, her body shaking and hot.

He eased her down beside him, tugging her close, her head on
his shoulder.

She curled in, her legs twining with his, her arm around his
middle, holding tightly as if she didn't want to let him go.

He understood the emotion. To find someone so well matched
to him, physically and emotionally, but worlds apart in goals. It was just not
fair. "If you decide to open a business, are you going to do it in New
York?" Not the most romantic cuddling talk, but he needed to know
everything about her. Details to keep with him as he traveled the rest of the
lonely rodeo tour.

"I love to travel. I'd like to find a way to work from
home—wherever that ends up being—and work with customers at their
locations." She shook her head. "I thought I'd have years to decide,
but now it's actually happening. Too fast, maybe."

"Huh." He felt the same way. Almost as if it
wasn't real.

She flattened her palm on his chest and rested her chin on
it, gazing into his eyes. "Huh? What does that mean?"

"I'm considering starting my own business, too."
Maybe her goals weren't as far from his as he'd thought.

She smiled. "In Reno?"

He nodded. "I've got some land. Inherited from my
grandpappy on my mother's side. Grampa Boone."

Gigi smiled. "That's nice that you're named after

"My parents farm the land right now, but whenever I'm
ready to settle down, they're more than ready to have me take it over."

"Are you going to farm?"

"Nope. Dallas, Jay and me want to open a rodeo school.
We can probably get it going part-time in the off-season. If we stay on the
rodeo circuit…" He smiled. "…and keep winning, we can finance the
business until the school takes off and brings in enough to support us and a

She lifted her head and her eyes opened wide. "What a
great idea." Her gaze shifted and her brow furrowed. "Perfect
location. The marketing and promotion would be easy because of the draw of the
casinos, and because both you and Dallas are big names in the business."

He shook his head. Too much to think about after the major
orgasm he'd just experienced. "I don't know anything about that. I'll
probably hire that part out."

BOOK: Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas
8.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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