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Continental Life

BOOK: Continental Life
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Continental Life

(Continental Affair, #3)



Continental Life

(Continental Affair, #3)

Copyright © Ella Dominguez, 2014

All Rights Reserved



For the loves of my life: My daughter and my husband.

For my family.




The usual
(and cherished) list of suspects: My beta readers (who are the absolute best this girl could ever ask for), my friends (whose raunchy sense of humor inspires me and keeps me motivated), and my fans (who never cease to amaze me with their kind words and fabulousness). I heart you all.

A big round of applause to Ali S. and Destini Reece for copy/editing this work.

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Eyes the color of the rarest sapphires.

Lips the shade of cherry blossoms in bloom.

The name “Mr. Pettifor
” moaned out lustily.

Continental B

The front of Xander’s pants tightened around his girth at the thought of his most favorite things in this world. He was hungry –
so God damn hungry.

The voices around him droned on
incessantly. Shareholders, equity, market value, mergers and acquisitions… None of it mattered. Maybe tomorrow it would, but right now he couldn’t give a shit.
Right now
all he wanted was for his tongue to be buried deep inside of Bella’s cunt as she moaned out his name. It had been twelve long, wretched days since he had the pleasure of tasting his deliciously subservient fiancé and feeling her pussy sheathed around his cock. It was un-fucking-acceptable. Given their chaotic and conflicting schedules, he was lucky to get to see her beautiful face before she left at the ass-crack of dawn.

An irritated glance out the window revealed the sun to be midway in the sky and shining brightly, signaling noontime. He shifted uncomfortably and readjusted himself as he mentally tried to talk his dick down. Interrupting the keynote speaker, he ordered a b
reak in the discussion and waited impatiently for the last and final person to make their way to the exit. He quickly grabbed his briefcase and called his driver, Dante. His driver must have sensed the frustration and hunger in his voice because he wasted no time pulling the car around.

Once s
eated in the backseat of his car, he tapped out a desperate message to Bella.


XP: Can you spare me 30 minutes?


A short time later, her response came.


MsDarcy: Are u ok?

XP: I need to see you.

MsDarcy: I’ll meet u in the employee parking lot of Lutheran Med Ctr. in 20 minutes.


He could always count on Bella to get things done in a timely manner. It was her best quality as his personal assistant. Well, not really her
quality, but one of the many that made her indispensable. He sighed miserably. The days when she was his side kick and ran all aspects of his business affairs were long gone. A dozen replacements later only solidified the fact that no one would ever compare to her.

minutes passed but it felt more like a hundred. He waited impatiently in the parking structure of the hospital as each painstaking second ticked by. After excusing Dante, he loosened his tie and slipped off his suit jacket. Just as he laid it on the seat next to him, Bella’s exquisite form came into view outside the tinted glass of the passenger window.
Christ Almighty, she was a sight for sore eyes.
He swung the door open widely and pulled her in by her wrist.

she breathlessly whimpered as he pulled the door closed behind her and possessively wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, smashing his mouth violently down onto hers

“No time for talki
ng…” he snarled as he pushed her back onto the soft leather beneath them. “I’m hungry.” His voice rumbled in his throat as he fumbled and tore at her skirt like a starved man faced with a hearty meal.

ing for her panties, he ripped them off viciously and tossed them onto the floorboard. He pushed her knees apart and with no lead-in foreplay, he buried his face between her legs. He sucked and nipped at her clit as his shaft hardened painfully and strained against his navy blue slacks. The sound of Bella’s breath catching in her throat and the thrusting of her hips let him know that she was just as excited as he was. Fingers in his thick, dark hair fisted and twisted, guiding his head as he lapped at every centimeter of her sensitive flesh. Glancing upward, their gazes met and held, and a prevailing sense that she was his destiny overwhelmed him. Her indigo eyes shined brightly and watched him pensively as a devilish smile played on the corners of her mouth. Just as he began to make lazy circles around her rapidly swelling pearl, her lashes started fluttering wildly. It may have been lunchtime, but their version of
Continental Breakfast
was something they both enjoyed all hours of the day. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day, after all.

Inhaling deeply, he savored her distinctive
, perfumed arousal and his anticipation piqued as he clenched his jaw.
Twelve un-fucking-acceptable days.
Rising up, he struggled to slow his movements. With a forced leisure, he released each of the buttons on her blouse, exposing her large, lace-covered breasts. While tugging the fabric down and resting her tits on the shelf of her bra, her nipples hardened, urging him to deliver a wet lick and a ravenous suck to each of them. The sound of his mouth smacking and popping when he released each of them fueled their desire. Tendrils of the onyx-colored hair framed Bella’s face and he swept them away gently, kissing her forehead, then lips.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, staring up at him longingly.

He narrowed his possessive, emerald-green eyes and gave her only the slightest hint of a smile. “You’d better love me. I’m the man you’re going to marry.”

“What else?” she smiled as she reached a hand between them to caress his hard-on through his pants. Unsure of her question, he pinched his brows together quizzically. “What else are you going to do to me?” she clarified. “Tell me, Sir.”

A short, breathy laugh slipped past his lips. “To start with, I’m going to treat you like the Princess that you are. No amount of money will be spared to make you happy.”

She shook her head. “I don’t care about any of that.”

Xander knew she didn’t, but it made no difference to him; he was going to make her the Princess of his multi-billion dollar kingdom and lavish her like one. “I’m also going to fuck you like the naughty little minx that you are.
Every. Single. Day
. No more of this waiting bullshit to have what rightfully belongs to me.” His husky voice dropped an octave. “Is that understood?” Her hand stilled as she pressed her palm against his shaft and her eyes widened. His gaze scanned her body to make sure he had made his point unquestionably clear before settling back on her eyes. “I mean it, Bella. I need you.” When he spoke, his voice betrayed the steely calm that he had worked so hard to maintain.

She nodded compliantly while she moistened her lips, the sparkle and
trepidation in her eyes undeniable. Picking up where she left off, she rubbed his crotch with one hand while the other touched his cheek. An index finger ghosted across his firm lips, her eyes coming into sharp focus on them. “And I need you.”

Sitting up on his knees, he traced the rigid outline of his erect shaft
with his index finger. “That’s right; you do. And you need this too, don’t you?”

Skimming her hands across her breasts, her nipples puckered in response. As she rested her hands on the tops of her thighs, she opened her legs wider, submitting to his unspoken command.
The air around them arced with sexual electricity as Bella closed her eyes and whined, “Yes, I do need it. Please, Mr. Pettifor…”

God, how he loved the sound of his name spoken so passionately and damn if it didn’t have the same effect now as it did the first time he heard it.

“Look at me, Princess…” he whispered as he began to unbuckle the belt around his trim waist. “…and watch the man who loves you, fuck you.”


Xander’s sensual gaze was so intense, the sweet bite of desire curled and settled low in Bella’s belly and throbbed in time with her heartbeat. She only had a few precious minutes left with him, but she didn’t dare hurry him. He was too beautiful to rush. She watched impatiently yet eagerly as he casually undressed. Wanting nothing more than to be crushed by the weight of him as he drove into her wet depths, she heard herself whimper her longing.

She longed for
the days when he lorded over her while she proudly took charge of his business affairs; the mornings and afternoons with her legs spread wide as she lay splayed out across his desk, satiating his every need. She yearned for the evenings when he would wear her on his arm like a beautiful piece of jewelry, showing her off, and the nights when he would slam his hard cock into her over-and-over as she screamed his name while looking out at the San Francisco cityscape from his office penthouse. Those days were gone and three years later, this is what their life had been reduced to – fragmented conversations and texts, rare stolen moments of passion, and not nearly enough time to nurture their love.

School was eating every minute of her
time and she knew their relationship couldn’t hold out if things continued down this path. She had hoped, even prayed, they could weather the storm, but the inevitable was setting in. Damn lucky is what she was that Xander had held out as long as he had, and she knew it. She also knew he needed
more of her time and more of her, and the desperate and agitated look on his face at that moment drove that message home. A full-time lover is what he required and she wasn’t fulfilling her end of their unspoken deal. Xander was a man with needs – needs far different and more demanding than any ordinary man. He was Alpha; Dominant; Ruler of his Universe and hers… and of so many others.

hings had shifted in their relationship and a foreboding, ominous cloud settled over them when he wouldn’t agree to a firm wedding date and when he had begun teaching again at the Domestic Discipline Training Center. For close to three years, he had only made occasional appearances at the request of the administrator, or filled in when needed. Bella had dealt with it the best she could considering what it was he was engaging in. Reassurances that it was only a job and he wouldn’t participate in any scenes came from Xander time-and-time again, but Bella had her doubts. With him having taken on a full-time position again, her insecurities had bubbled to the surface; insecurities she had never had before and she knew exactly why: because she felt like she wasn’t giving him what he needed. He had never said as much, but Bella saw the tell-tale signs in his frustrated eyes and behavior, and his ever increasingly intense workout routines. Between her hectic schedule and the traveling that his work required of him, things had slowly begun to snowball downhill. Even the simplest of conversations were strained and it was all because they weren’t spending enough quality time together.

As he sunk into her and swiveled
his muscular hips, she clawed at his back and nibbled his neck, both in the heat of the moment and out of frustration for not having shared this kind of intimacy in so long. She needed him and loved him with all of her being, and she couldn’t stand the thought of disappointing him or, God forbid, being without him.
Only one more year
, she reminded herself. In only twelve months, her education would be complete with only a formal residency being left to accomplish. That would still demand a great deal of her time, but not nearly as much as was required now, allowing her to focus more of her attention on Xander.

She lifted her bottom off the
leather and met him thrust for thrust. His long, thick cock filled her and felt so damn good. Twelve days was far too long to wait for this kind of pleasure. Maybe not to the average person but for her, and she knew for Xander, it felt like a lifetime. The aroma of sex and expensive cologne, and the wet sounds filling the back of the car, coupled with the squeaking of the shocks as the car rocked in rhythm with their fucking, was intoxicating. She missed the slickness of his shaft as he eased it in and out of her, slow and methodical at times, fierce and deliberate at others. He always kept her guessing. Draping her legs over his shoulders and lifting her pelvis, he plunged balls deep causing her to mewl out loudly. When she did, Xander smiled down at her – the kind of smile that expressed sheer and utter joy and the kind of smile that made Bella’s blood pound through her arteries and her heart sing.

Swiftly and without warning, he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her as he seated h
imself and spun her around. Digging his fingers into her hips roughly, he pulled her back down onto his stiffness. Suddenly, she heard the sound of voices outside near the car, and her body froze. One of the voices was familiar - a classmate - and fear that she would be exposed made the blood rise to her cheeks. The windows were tinted dark – very dark, and she prayed they would cloak her in the throes of passion.

She stilled
and glanced out the window, but Xander lifted her to the tip of his shaft as his deep voice rumbled in his throat, “Focus, Ms. Darcy,” and slammed her back down as he thrust upward, making her unintentionally squeal out.

Grabbing onto his thighs for leverage
, a jolt of desire and his command forced her to focus on the feeling of his shaft penetrating her depths. When the voices drifted away, she let caution fly again and turned to face her lover as she straddled him. With their foreheads pressed together, she rode him hard until his breathing became ragged and his grunts closer together. He held her face as they stared into one another’s eyes and a flash of desire flitted across his face. Several expletives later and her name shouted loudly, he came inside of her. It wasn’t long before she followed suit.

BOOK: Continental Life
8.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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