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Cloud Rebel



Connie Suttle

SubtleDemon Publishing, Oklahoma City, OK

Copyright (c) 2015 Connie Suttle All rights reserved.


Published by:

SubtleDemon Publishing, Oklahoma City, OK

P.O. Box 95696

Oklahoma City, OK 73143


This is a work of fiction. Names, places, incidents, and characters are the product of the author's imagination and are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


eISBN: 9781939759993


Cover Art by: Renee Barratt, The Cover Counts




To Walter, Joe, Larry, Sarah, Lee, Dianne, and Mark-you are awesome.


And for my sisters, Kathy and Beth, because you are my heroes.





As always, this book is a collaborative effort. I am grateful to my Beta Readers and my cover artist for making it better. Thank you.

About the Author:

Connie Suttle lives in Oklahoma with her husband and a small herd of cats. It is well-known that she is merely one visit to the animal shelter away from becoming a crazy cat person. Do not attempt to send help-there is no cure.

Contact information for Connie may be found on her website:, or visit her on her Facebook page: Connie Suttle Author. She is also on twitter: @subtledemon

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Chapter 1


"You wanted to see me?" I asked. I stood before Colonel Hunter's desk after James ushered me inside and closed the door, leaving us alone.

"I did. Sit down," he gestured with a hand. "Want coffee?"

"No, thank you."

"At least sit down."

"Of course." I took the offered chair and attempted to make myself comfortable.

"We think we have a sighting-in Vancouver." Colonel Hunter released a sigh before shaking his head. "I wanted it to be a fake, but the photograph appears to be genuine."

"Let me see," I said, leaning forward to take the offered tablet. If this were a drug survivor, he had successfully stayed hidden for more than a year.

That's how long it had been since the attack at the White House. Forcefully shoving that memory away, I studied the grainy photograph on the tablet.

"This looks very much like," I began.

"Those lizard fuckers who hit us at the White House," Colonel Hunter agreed. "Matt's seen it-he thinks the same. If this image is real, we don't need those scaly bastards showing up here a second time."

"At least we understand better what the scaled woman was early on-the one who attempted to take me and-well."

"I know. It's poetic justice, I suppose, that some of the drug survivors would be of that race."

"You want me to track this one?"

"I want you to go to Vancouver and see what you can find-if anything. The address of the man who took that photograph will be sent to you when you arrive. He's agreed to an interview. Find out what you can and get back with me. The President wants us to be discreet."

"Of course. When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow morning. Take that tablet-it's all on there. Do you need funds?"


"Let me know if that changes."

"I will."

* * *

Reth Alliance Founder's Chambers

Ildevar Wyyld, Founder

"Deonus, they went without my permission, which brands them rogues," Geethe Cheriss, Prime Potentate of Lyristolys, whined. At least he appeared humanoid instead of changing to the scaly alter ego of his kind.

Lyristolyi were related to Sirenali in some way, but Lyristolyi didn't possess the ability to place obsession. If they fought or wanted to appear aggressive, they wore their scales. For everything else, they were humanoid.

"While I'd like very much to believe that, I have my doubts," I snapped at Geethe's excuse. "This was too well-coordinated and too many of your trackers were involved, I think. You know the rules-if any non-Alliance world has a government, or in this case, many governments, they must be approached by an envoy from the Reth Alliance. This was not done."

"I understand the rules, Deonus Wyyld. I stand by my statement-these were rogues. Punish them, not Lyristolys."

"Except we can't find them-those who survived, that is," I thundered. "Your rogues killed nineteen world leaders and hundreds of others, sending that planet into near-chaos. I want those rogues caught and delivered to the ASD for prosecution."

"Yes, Deonus." Geethe bowed as low as he could without toppling over.

"Leave my sight. I want updates every eight-day on your search for these rogues."

"Yes, Deonus."

Geethe scurried backward, never taking his eyes off Ildevar's boots, until he was through the wide door and away from the Founder's Chamber. Ildevar heard running after that.

"Did you light a fire beneath that pretentious ass?" Norian Keef, Director of the Alliance Security Detail, asked quietly as he turned away from a nearby window. He'd heard the entire conversation with Geethe-who'd likely fled to get away from Norian as much as to escape Ildevar.

"He'll never openly admit that he sent that army of trackers to Earth," Ildevar snorted. "He's lucky he's still alive to lie and place blame. My question is this-did they get all the drug and its survivors, there? You know a survivor is just as dangerous as that infernal powder ever was-they can infect others with the same type of blood, after all."

"I know." Norian shook his head. "Want me to send someone?"

"I'd appreciate it," Ildevar replied. "Perhaps more than one. Make sure they speak at least one of the languages where they're dropped, too."

"I know the routine, Deonus," Norian jerked his head. "I'll see who I have to send."

* * *


More than a year has passed on Earth. That meant nothing to me where I was. Actually, it meant nothing to me
I was.

I was four hundred years in the future, still waiting for a decision to come from the Larentii Council.

To show how little they thought of my talent and power, they left me to wander wherever I wanted, although I was expected to spend my nights at the Larentii Archives. The Archives had become my home, once I'd arrived on the Larentii homeworld.

The Archives had been uninhabited most of that time, so I'd wandered through them, reading, listening, watching, studying-any form of learning or information was stored in the Archives, including a history of Earth.

The Larentii version of that history was far more detailed and accurate than anything actually produced on the planet in question. I'd only read up to the time when I'd been pulled away from Earth-what was the point in depressing myself more than I was already?

Instead, I turned to other worlds and read their histories.

Yes, Larentii can bend time as well as fold space. If I'd known that when I was still on Earth, I might be in a lot more trouble than I was already.

At first, a few Larentii came-mostly curious to see the one who'd become Larentii after getting the drug. When they learned their staring upset me and made me shake, they backed off.

At least they were a polite race.

I'd seen, too, in the ones who'd arrived to study me, that female Larentii were quite rare. I understood much from those meetings, and wondered whether they knew I could read them as easily as I'd read humans (and others) on Earth.

I'd learned a new word, too-

That's what President Phillips had become after getting the drug. Capable of placing obsessions that would remain with the recipient until death, the Sirenali were supposed to be extinct.

I didn't want to bring up that bit of history with any Larentii, because they refused to discuss it, most of the time.

I was deep into the history of Le-Ath Veronis when the Archivist and one of his sons arrived one sunny morning.

"Do you know who I am?" The Archivist peered over the book I held open and floating before me with power. I didn't want to put my fingers on anything, in case the item in question was fragile.

I was Larentii, after all, and had more than enough power to hold something in front of me-even while sleeping if I wanted.

"Nefrigar. Chief Archivist for the Larentii," I spouted after lifting my eyes from the book and seeing his face.

"Ah. So wonderful," he smiled. "Welcome. I'm sorry we were out when you arrived. This is my second son, Valegar," he introduced another Larentii who resembled him greatly. "My eldest, Serrigar, is still out gathering information with my two youngest."

I stared at Valegar as a slow and magnificent smile came. His hand took mine and he kissed it, while his eyes glowed a very bright blue.

"Is this?" Nefrigar's voice sounded far away and faint as I blinked at Valegar.

"Yes, Father," Valegar replied as my consciousness fled.

* * *

Larentii Council Chambers

"Is that what you were waiting for? To see whether anyone might have a M'Fiyah with her?" Breanne studied Kalenegar. "If that's true, then I may have to amend my description of you-from heartless bastard to merely bastard."

"My parentage is known and recognized, therefore, that word does not apply," Kalenegar huffed.

"I know-I just wanted to jolt you out of that pretentious shell you wear." She smiled to let him know she was teasing.

"I received mindspeech from Nefrigar moments ago, that's why I sent for you," Kalenegar ignored Breanne's remark. "You have no idea how many Larentii went to see her-most of them shielded heavily so she wouldn't see-we learned it upset her greatly to be under such scrutiny."

"She wasn't born Larentii, and she still has all those memories of living among humans, so that's not a surprise. Who has the M'Fiyah with her?"

"Valegar," Kalenegar offered a slight smile. "I worried that the Archivist's sons would never agree to have their children."

"So they want their children to have love from both parents, I take it?"

"I believe that to be true, yes."

"He still needs to ask her, you know. I don't want her knocked up and finding out later."

"I believe Nefrigar and Valegar will prevent that from happening," Kal sniffed.

"When will you tell her? Do those filth from Lyristolys know to stay far away from her?"

"In this timeline, they should know better. Four hundred Earth years have passed since their brutality was visited upon that planet. Many died who should not have. Ildevar threatened to remove them from the Alliance shortly after for their mistakes."

"Speaking of that," Breanne began.

"What do you want, love of my heart?"

"I want a lot of things. Mostly, I want to send Corinnelar back to Earth in the past-there are things which require her attention."

"Are you giving permission?" One of Kalenegar's dark-red eyebrows rose in curiosity.

"I am."

"I doubt Valegar will allow her out of his sight so soon."

"Look, I know he's an Earth scholar and understands the excrement happening in the past four hundred years. I'll give him permission to go as well. I believe those two can be trusted to decide when to intervene and when not to."

"You've studied her, haven't you?"

"Yes. It's all I can do to hold back from introducing myself. Who knew there'd be two Vhanaraszhes?"

"The drug," Kal snorted softly. "You and I know it for the abomination it is, as it interferes with all timelines."

"Yes, but this time, I believe it has worked to our advantage, rather than our disadvantage. Here's my question, though."

"What question is that?"

"Do you have a M'Fiyah with her?"

"I have muted it. Now is not the time, if ever it will be."

"Now I know why you didn't influence the Council to kill her outright."

"She is Larentii, no matter how she arrived at that state."

"Sure. That's your excuse and you're sticking with it."

"She may not understand the concept of multiple mates-that is foreign to her in her other existences."

"I understand that. Let's see how it works with Valegar. I may consider dealing with the problem experienced by her previous mate-should I find him worthy."

"That is my desire," Kal agreed. "To see that he is worthy, before offering relief from the obsession and a place among immortals."

"Just keep those trackers away from him until I make a decision," Breanne said.

"I will inform Valegar."

"Thank you."

* * *

Notes-Colonel Hunter

"Did you receive the number and address from James?" I asked. Rafe had reached Vancouver and was now checking in.

"I have them," Rafe acknowledged. "It's late-I'll contact him in the morning."

"Good idea. Let me know what you've learned after talking with him."

"I will."

* * *



Something about this assignment worried me. No-not from Colonel Hunter's standpoint-the name and phone number concerned me.

A great deal.

That's why I wanted to wait until the following day; I could plan my moves in case this turned out to be a trap.

I'd seen too many similar cases in my past to believe otherwise.

It made me wish for
talents-to tell me whether the contact was a safe one. Instead, I found myself boarding a tourist bus headed for Stanley Park that afternoon, so I could clear my head and think.

* * *

Larentii Archives


"Your acceptance was never in question," Nefrigar explained. "I am sorry you believed your life in danger at any time."

"But he said," I began. I felt like crying. Tears, when I hadn't taken in anything but sunlight for more than a year, were more than difficult to make. I wanted to cry them anyway.

"I know-and perhaps he meant those words when he first came upon you," Nefrigar replied. "I believe his mind was changed moments later. Perhaps he will explain that to you himself, someday."

"I don't expect the Head of the Larentii Council to waste his time on a drug survivor," I muttered, turning away.

BOOK: Cloud Rebel: R-D 3
11.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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