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Clang (23 page)

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"I wouldn't be caught dead kissing you."

Bank teller Thomas Riley
 is the youngest of his three brothers, and the only one without a steady relationship. That's not to say nobody's interested, though... His ex, hunky Alex, is back in town and suddenly interested in spending time around him. But
Alex nearly screwed up both of his brothers' lives
, and Thomas isn't willing to forgive him easily. He's not having any of Alex's apologies, but Alex seems certain that he'll come around. The worst thing is that Thomas is starting to feel like he might, too. There's no way reigniting an old flame can work; especially not when they're practically enemies now... right?

Moving back to your hometown isn't easy when your ex is still living there – especially the one that got away. After getting on Thomas's bad side, 
private detective Alex
 is determined to at least explain himself. He wasn't trying to screw up the Riley brothers' lives, and he's not just looking to screw Thomas again, either. He gets his chance to redeem himself in the most unexpected place: the nearby ski trails, when 
Thomas falls head over heels for him
... more literally than Alex hoped. How can he prove himself when the first family meeting is bound to be disastrous? And that's just the beginning of the complications. If he wants to catch Thomas, this time, Alex will have to keep up and change his ways for good.


Swish will be released on January 8
, 2015.

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BOOK: Clang
10.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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