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Chapter 28

Jackson was the sexiest man alive. Just watching him cook was hot enough. Flirting with him, helping him clean up, getting him flustered by touching and tempting him...

Tonight would be hot.

When Jackson joined him on the couch, Chase let Jackson slide his arm around him. He leaned into his chest, watching the game show on TV without complaint. Within minutes, he reached over to lace his fingers with Jackson's other hand. He squirmed enough to lean up and kiss him.

Jackson kissed him a few times back, and then the commercials ended.

Chase sighed and turned to watch the TV again, letting his palm rest on Jackson's knee instead. He had to be feeling hot, too, but he wasn't initiating anything yet.

After the game show ended, a nature documentary about the oceans came on and Chase glanced at him. “You mind this?”

“No, I like nature channels,” Jackson told him.

“Good. You like the ocean?”

“I have positive feelings, yes,” Jackson laughed. “It does sustain life.”

Chase smirked and sidled closer. “You know what else sustains life?”

Jackson laughed and nudged him. “You're missing the intro.”

“Fine,” Chase laughed, leaning back into Jackson's arm and rubbing his leg idly. He paid attention to the narrator telling them about the history of the ocean.

It didn't take long before the heat crawling under his skin became hard to bear, though. Chase sidled closer until their thighs pressed together.

“You wanna kiss me again?” Jackson grinned. “You have a particular look about you.”

That's an understatement.
Chase licked his lips and turned to press his shoulder into the couch. When Jackson's arms rose to slide around him, his thoughts turned triumphant.
I've got him.

Their lips were warm and soft, sensually sliding against each other. Jackson's tongue tip teased Chase's lower lip. He moaned and shivered, and he felt Jackson shiver in return. That tongue felt so good elsewhere...

Chase sucked Jackson's lower lip between his and nipped lightly, grazing teeth along soft flesh until Jackson gasped. Chase kissed it better. He pressed open-mouthed, light kisses against Jackson's lips until Jackson relented and pressed close again.


Chase was pleased to hear the grunt slip from Jackson's throat. Jackson's fingertips dug into his back and his nails grazed their way up his spine.

When Chase's cock was pressing hard against his jeans, he shifted to try to roll over and straddle Jackson's lap. Jackson pressed his hip to keep him sitting flat. “Nnh?”

Jackson shook his head. “We're not having sex and I don't want you getting blue balls.”

The disappointment was visceral. Chase flinched and looked away for a moment, until he felt less like he'd been slapped. Sure, Jackson had
that yesterday, but... had he really meant it? A week was going to be
. He didn't even want to think about longer periods.

Or was there something else besides gentlemanly behavior? Chase's fears kicked into overdrive. Nobody had turned him down like this before without having
be wrong. He shook his head. “Don't you find me hot?”

“Oh, yes,” Jackson breathed out. He laced his fingers with Chase's and dragged Chase's hand across his thigh to his groin.

was a boner. Chase's cheeks flushed with the desire to go down on it. Jackson raised Chase's hand to his lips to kiss it instead.

“But I don't want you to feel pressured to satisfy me,” Jackson murmured. He waited until Chase made eye contact before he went on. “It's not your duty. Sex isn't rent you pay to exist as a person, or a gay man, or a guest in my house.”

Far more so than the rejection moments ago, that was a punch in the stomach, but it wasn't from Jackson himself. The words hit Chase much harder than he'd have expected.

It was enough to kill the mood between them. Strangely, Chase didn't feel the crushing disappointment he would have moments before.

He was too busy reeling from the words. How much of his hypersexuality was down to exactly that? Did Jackson already have him pegged after knowing him for, Christ, a couple months? Knowing him well for just a couple weeks?

Chase had thought he was hard to read. How much of him was that easy?

“You all right?” Jackson murmured, his voice gentle.

Chase nodded. This time when he scooted closer, Jackson pulled him in and hugged hard.

“I work first thing tomorrow. You wanna come to bed with me?” Chase murmured. He wasn't even going to address what Jackson had said. He had way too much thinking about it to do first.

Jackson wasn't pushing him, either. He nodded, loosening his grip so Chase could stand up first and help pull him to his feet.

Hand-in-hand, they walked up the narrow staircase, Chase one step ahead.

Chase only let go to grab pajamas from his clothing box and bring them back to Jackson's room. They changed for bed together. Even though Chase appreciated the muscular body in front of him, the sexual tension had died down.

Chase was shocked at how much of a relief it was.

He crawled close to Jackson's side of the bed and slipped under the covers, and Jackson followed suit. Jackson didn't even complain at Chase spooning backwards into him and lying on his arm. Chase tried to scoot to find a position where he wouldn't cut off his circulation.

“It's okay,” Jackson chuckled quietly. “I'll move you if I have to.”

“Okay,” Chase murmured, shivering again at the lips pressing against the back of his neck. He closed his eyes as Jackson turned out the light.

They lay together for a few minutes, their bodies warm and pressed together back to front.

Just in case, Chase tried to memorize this feeling: Jackson's strong arms circling him. One under him, one draped over his side, Jackson's hand against his chest. Perfect. It was... perfect.

Chapter 29

Jackson tried his hardest to keep Chase from jumping his bones. Any man's willpower would be tested by waking up with a sexy man pressed hard against him. At least, that was what Jackson told himself. He struggled not to grind against Chase's sexy little ass.

It didn't help that Chase was slowly stretching and squirming his way to wakefulness. Jackson's fingertips pressed hard into Chase's arm as he tried to catch his breath and pull away.

“Morning,” Chase murmured. Finally, the overwhelming heat of their bodies pressed together faded. He pulled away enough to roll onto his back, then his side. He faced Jackson this time.

“Good morning,” Jackson greeted, reaching out to push Chase's hair away from his eyes. “You sleep well?”

“Like a dream,” Chase admitted, yawning. “Wh'time is it?”


, that's early,” Chase groaned, his voice hoarse from sleep. He cleared his throat.

Jackson laughed. It was actually a little late to him, but it felt like taunting to say that since Chase wasn't a morning guy. “I'll be in the workshop today. You work this morning, right?”

“Mmhmm.” Chase covered his mouth, yawned and stretched, looking much more awake now. He scooted close to kiss Jackson.

Jackson pecked his lips in return. “You're a sound sleeper.”

“I know.” Chase ran his hand lightly down Jackson's side until it rested on his hip, folding his other arm under his head. The morning light streamed down over the bed and along the pillow, highlighting every curve and sleek angle of his slim body. He looked... beautiful. “Hope I didn't put your arm to sleep.”

Your boyfriend waking up in bed with sunlight streaming over him? Christ, it's a trope, but it's true
. Jackson could hardly look away. “Nah. You're light,” he teased.

The mood between them was much lighter than it had been the night before. Chase wasn't coming on during every spare moment. Even now, his affection was... different.

Jackson's carefully-considered words had actually sunk in. He was used to his brothers brushing his advice off – especially Cam – no matter how much they valued it. Having this man listen so well had been almost disconcerting.

“Before we get up...” Chase was rubbing Jackson's hip lightly. “I wanna do something.”

Or maybe the words hadn't sunk in. Jackson frowned, troubled. He opened his mouth to protest, but Chase shook his head.

“No, no, hear me out. I heard what you said. It... Christ, I'm gonna have to process it for days. You should warn people before you do that.”

Jackson was startled into a laugh. “Sorry.”

“It's okay,” Chase smiled. “I wanna please you. Not as a favor or...
... or anything. But because I woke up in your arms and I really liked it. And you. And I want you to feel good.”

His words were honest and straight to the point. They dissolved the tension Jackson had been holding in his chest. It wasn't Jackson's job to hold sex out over Chase until he thought he was ready for it. It was just his job to make sure he wasn't feeling pressured into it, and it didn't sound like he was.

“Okay,” Jackson murmured, but first, he pulled Chase in to kiss him again. “You're incredibly sweet.”

Chase blushed, and Jackson grinned at the sight of the redness creeping along his cheeks and up to his ears. “Th-Thanks.” Chase awkwardly fumbled with the compliment for a second before brushing it off. He shoved the covers away and scooted further down the bed.

Jackson was already itching and tingling for attention. His body had responded to Chase's presence. Just the
of a blowjob had him half-hard by the time Chase's hands ran over his groin.

“Ohhh. God,” Jackson moaned, pressing his head back into the pillow. He arched slightly off the bed when Chase tugged his boxers down so his flushed, throbbing cock head popped free. Slowly, the waistband ran down rest of the shaft and then around his thighs.

Chase lapped at the head of his cock and licked gently at the frenulum. Jackson's thighs quivered as he pushed his feet into the bed.

This was

It had been eons since he'd last had morning sex, and he'd forgotten how fucking good it was. The hours of being pressed against the warm, firm heat of a cute little ass had him on edge already.

Chase swirled his tongue around the head of Jackson's cock. He sucked it between his lips and smoothly bobbed his head down, shifting on his elbows and knees to a better position. One hand closed around the base of Jackson's cock to stroke it all the way down, and then back up as he started bobbing his head.

Chase was fucking

Jackson swallowed back his first moan, but the feelings were too intense: he couldn't hold back the second one, or the ones that followed. Chase's mouth was wet and hot and

“D-Do... Hey, Chase...” he breathed out. Chase slowly pulled his head up to the tip, then popped his lips off the head and stroked the shaft. “D'you wanna fuck my mouth, too?”

“Same time?” Chase grinned. “69?”

Jackson nodded. Sure, it could be awkward, but it could also be fuckin' good. Something told him it was worth a shot. Besides, he really wanted to return the attention Chase was paying him.

“Sure,” Chase agreed after a moment's thought. “But I haven't, er...”

“You've never done it?”

Chase blushed and shook his head. “I've given a lot of blowjobs, but never...”

“Not even in college with, like, college boyfriends?” Jackson marveled. “Testing out the Kama Sutra, y'know?”

Chase laughed, his strokes slowing before he let go of Jackson's throbbing cock. He left it aching for more contact. “No. Never.”

Jackson patted his ass firmly. “C'mon, turn that cute little ass around and get your PJs off.”

It was a mutual fumble to yank off shirts and boxers now as they ground together. Jackson's wet, aching cock kept grinding against bare skin. He wouldn't mind just frotting against Chase sometime, pressing their cocks between their firm bodies...

Once Chase was naked, he slapped that ass lightly and moaned. “God, you're hot. Turn around.”

Chase blushed. “Just, like, hands and knees?”


Chase shifted, turning around until that gorgeous butt was all Jackson could see.

He grinned with appreciation. “A little further back... that's it.”

When Chase's cock brushed against Jackson's chin, he reached out to run a hand up Chase's side to his ribs, then back down his back. It was always strange touching a lover in reverse, a bit like petting an animal the wrong way. It just

But there was something about the newness that was exciting, particularly for Chase.

Chase's dick stiffened easily as Jackson mouthed his way from tip to base. Jackson gently licked his balls, then pressed a few kisses just behind them before licking his way back again. He kissed along the seam. He loved the way Chase's dick twitched as it hardened.

“Oh, yeah,” he heard Chase quietly whisper to himself and grinned without commenting. Moments later, warm wetness closed around the head of his own cock again. Chase swallowed his cock down to the base. It had to go into his mouth at a different angle this time, but it almost fit better this way. The head slid right down the tight ring of Chase's throat as Chase deep-throated him.

“Hnngh!” Jackson groaned, the vibrations quivering through Chase's cock as he sucked the tip of it. He kept his tongue dancing around the frenulum to get Chase warmed up, too.

“Nnh-- hnnh, hah...” Chase panted as best he could as he bobbed his head up and down the shaft awkwardly.

It was sort of the wrong angle, especially now that Chase was hard, but Jackson was determined to make it work. He reached up to grab Chase's thighs and keep him steady, and Chase moaned.

, the vibrations felt incredible! Jackson treated Chase to a groan in return. Their noises quickly started to come with every bob and suck in an incredible feedback loop.

Chase stumbled now and then, losing his balance over Jackson. Jackson gripped his thighs hard to keep him in place and bobbed his head as best he could from underneath.

When Chase pulled his mouth off Jackson's cock, Jackson gasped around Chase's cock. He pulled his head up, licking rapid circles around the tip.

, Jackson, s'too hard to... focus when you – hnnh! When you do that! Christ. Oh, fuck, yes...!” Chase whimpered, his thighs already tensing up and trembling.

It was gonna be easy to see when he was ready to come, at least.

Jackson redoubled his efforts, sucking harder on the tip. He kept swirling his tongue as he twisted his hand up and down the shaft.

Chase's thickness swelled in his hand and between his lips. Then, Chase was coating his throat with sticky, warm passion that Jackson loved swallowing. Each little lick of his tongue as he swallowed made Chase's hips snap forward again. The hard, warm flesh sliding across his tongue was addictive.

“Ohhh, God,” Chase whimpered, rubbing his cheek along Jackson's achingly-hard dick. “Oh my god, I didn't warn you, s-sorry... oh, Christ, that's amazing. Don't stop... please...”

Jackson bobbed his head slower now, still maintaining light suction around Chase's shaft. He sucked every little squirt until Chase was dry. He swirled his tongue until it ached, never relenting on his firm grip around the base of Chase's shaft. “Nnh! Oh, hnnh, J-Jackson, I... nnh... mmm...” a series of low moans escaped Chase with each squirt and thrust.

Chase had never come so fast and easily, and Jackson

Chase shuddered again, his hips pushing forward to slide his softening cock across Jackson's tongue. Then, he let out a long, slow breath. “O-Okay, Christ. That's good. Oh, God, Jackson. Nnh, I'm... That was so good.”

Jackson slowly pulled his mouth up and off Chase's shaft. He was grateful that the awkward angle was over, at least. He kissed Chase's thigh and stomach playfully, then carefully rolled Chase until he was on his side.

Chase didn't stay there for longer than two seconds before he scrambled around.

Jackson leaned back, sitting up against the headboard now. His cock stood up straight, the flushed head begging for attention. It was a prickly fire of discomfort, yet extreme arousal. He
to come. He was on the edge and Chase had teased him to the very precipice before pulling away to enjoy his own orgasm.

“Whoa, you can take a sec--

Chase knelt between his legs and wrapped his hand around the shaft. He smoothly pushed the head between his lips. The sudden warm wet of Chase's tongue under Jackson's cock head made his whole body pulsate with pleasure.

Jackson grabbed the back of Chase's head and Chase moaned his approval, pulling Jackson's other hand towards his hair, too. With both his hands on the back of Chase's head, it was the hardest thing in the world not to fuck that beautiful mouth.

Chase's lips were already stretched around his thick shaft, his eyes flickering up to meet Jackson's. They were hazy and flushed, especially when he pushed his head down to take Jackson's entire cock into his mouth and throat.

Jackson had
, if even that.

“Ch-Chase, I – Chase, I'm gonna... holy shit... don't stop...” Jackson echoed Chase's words from just a minute ago, his eyes squeezing shut. Days of tension were clenching his thighs and stomach and arms. His hands tightened in Chase's hair. Chase swiped his tongue and swirled and moaned, even swallowed his cock down...

Then, blissful blackness and climax. Jackson gasped, his arms and legs tensing with super-strength. He had an absolute focus on
, and every bit of how goddamn fucking incredibly
he was. His cock tasted incredible, his orgasms were the hottest to witness, and the way he moaned and whimpered uncontrollably when he came...

Chase swallowed hard with each squirt, his hand twisting around the base of Jackson's cock. He swiped his tongue under the head and sucked, bobbing his head just a little. When Jackson cracked his eyes, Chase was watching him with distant, hooded eyes and flushed cheeks. His bedhead hair was even more messy now with Jackson's hands carding through it.

Chase was stunning, and he didn't even know it. Jackson had the air sucked right out of his lungs as he desperately quivered those last few times.

Then, the tension drained from him and Jackson let out long, deep sighs of pleasure. Chase licked him a few more times before pulling back.

They didn't say anything for a few moments. Chase drew himself up to kneel across Jackson's lap and kiss him.

Jackson didn't give a damn that they could taste each other. He just wanted to crush Chase against him, hug him, and maybe sleep with him all day to recover from those mind-blowing climaxes.

BOOK: Clang
9.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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