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His testicles were as beautiful.
Two plump sacs drawn tight to his body, no doubt eager for release.

Tim stood so quickly, his chair’s
legs scraped the hardwood floor. Naked, he approached, his cock also rigid and

Still facing her, Hunt blocked the
man. David took the easy way, coming around to the side, his hard shaft equally
prepared for pleasure.

Three virile males, one dark, one
blond, one tawny like his Asian ancestors.

“I was first,” Tim said.

Hunt laughed. “The hell you were.”

David cut in. “Actually, I was ahead
of you both.”

They stared at each other, their
expressions tightening with frowns, all friendship and decorum forgotten.

Whether they’d actually come to
verbal or physical blows didn’t seem likely. However, with rutting males, who
knew? She was only certain of one thing…Hunt would win. That truth was in his
eyes, the stance of his powerful body.

“David,” she said.

Without pause, he turned to her.

She murmured, “I want you to kiss

Genuine shock flashed across his
broad face.

It would have been so easy to smile.
So cruel too.
She didn’t want him to think she was
making fun. Pretending to misunderstand his reaction, she hushed, “Unless you
don’t want to.”

“What? I do. Of course I do.”

“Good.” She offered a relieved
before he did anything, she spoke to Tim.
“I want you to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples.”

His funny half smile said that he
was pleased, but not content. He wanted it all.

Not unless she proposed it.

To Hunt, she said nothing, testing
to see what he’d do. Ask or take.

He studied her for a long moment,
his expression revealing none of his thoughts, and then he regarded her nudity.

Her areolas constricted in response.
Her pussy ached with unfulfilled need. More than the others, she wanted his
hands and mouth on her. But she wouldn’t ask for it. Nor would she ever beg.

Tim moved first, cupping her breast,
testing its weight, his touch generating more heat within her. He smelled of
something expensive and woodsy, a fragrance she found pleasant, causing her to
lean into him. It broke David’s inertia. He cupped her chin, turning her face
to his so he could capture her mouth.

His kiss was tentative, the sweet
kind she recalled from guys in her early teens. She touched the tip of her
tongue to his. A shock of electricity couldn’t have prodded him more. He seemed
to forget about everything but his own need, deepening their kiss, making her

With the sound, Tim eased her nipple
inside his mouth, suckling it, lapping the tip. His tongue was rough and wet,
sending a thrum of delight through her. Before it faded, his free hand went to
her other breast, fondling it without restraint.

But nowhere near what she truly needed.

Through a haze of mounting pleasure,
she sensed Hunt moving closer. His cologne was stronger now. She heard
something rapping against the floor.
His knees?


He placed his hands on either side
of her cunt, using his thumbs to part her soft folds, exposing her clit. The
room’s tepid air felt
against her damp nub,
his tongue wonderfully hot. She gasped at the sensations sluicing up her torso
and down her thighs. With her lips parted even more, David thrust his tongue
deeper into her mouth, encouraging her to resume suckling him.

She did for a time. Then Tim bit her
nipple lightly before licking the other, swirling his tongue around the bumpy
areola, making her forget David.

But not Hunt.
With relentless intent, he
her clit, keeping her legs parted when she tried to close them, using her
inability to flee to do what he wanted. He worked three fingers into her
sheath, clearly stretching it for his cock.

No. She wouldn’t allow him to take
her first. She’d give herself to David, then Tim. Hunt would be last. She’d
prove to him that she called the shots. That she—

Oh god.

Hunt worked his fingers in and out
of her as he would his shaft, even as he teased her clit with his tongue.

She sagged against the post, using
its support and her bound wrists to keep from slumping down.

If Hunt noticed her sudden weakness,
he didn’t hesitate in the least. He used her body as he willed and she desired,
bringing her close to orgasm.


He paused just as she was about to
go over the edge.

Frowning, she tore her mouth free of
David’s and gulped air.
Didn’t help.
She couldn’t
quite catch her breath. The room lurched with her dizziness. She wanted to
bitch at Hunt, ordering him to continue, to give her some fucking relief, but
clenched her jaw instead and waited.

David kissed her throat, sending new
ribbons of delight through her. Tim pursed his lips and pulled on her nipple.
For him, a surprisingly gentle move that delighted her.

Even so, she wanted the intense
pleasure that lay between her legs. Hunt hadn’t resumed licking her there
again. When he stopped moving his fingers within her, she finally chanced a

He was already watching her, wearing
that same pleased expression she’d seen before. Heat prickled her chest, throat
and cheeks.

As though he enjoyed her surprise—or
was it embarrassment?—he winked.

Not expecting it, she smiled,
moaned lewdly as he resumed licking her.


She tasted so good, Hunt had to curb
his desire, fearful he’d hurt her. She smelled better than he’d first thought.
Even the finest perfume couldn’t compete. There was
to her scent along with a vibrant, earthy quality that kept
him off guard. The same as he’d done to her by winking.

He’d seen her surprise at his
playful intimacy. He treasured her smile. Her unguarded joy was for him alone,
not because of anything Tim and David were also doing.

Eager to reward her, Hunt eased his
fingers deeper into her cunt, spreading them and stretching her so she’d know
what was coming next. Him inside of her, buried so fully neither of them could
get away. He didn’t care who was on top, as long as he was within. He was going
to have her vaginally, orally and anally before the night was through.

Thinking of that, he moved his free
hand to the furrow between her cheeks and stroked her tight pink ring.

She shot to her toes again,
came down hard, her heels clacking on the floor.

David cut off her appreciative grunt
with another kiss. Tim growled,
resumed sucking
her nipples. They were rosy and tight from his attention, the tips glinting
from his wet kisses.

Hunt knew Tim wouldn’t be content
with foreplay much longer and couldn’t blame him. He also wanted more.

He demanded to have her first.

Measuring the strokes of his tongue,
he again drove
close to the edge, only to
pause as he had earlier. She squirmed and bent her knees in an attempt to get
closer to him, to force him to continue.

Tim slid his hand down her torso,
heading for her clit.

No fucking way. Hunt latched onto
her nub, his tongue flicking it as fast as possible, his nose pressed to her
delicate curls. He filled himself with her fragrance, enjoying her musk the

She came without pause, her legs
tensing, her arms yanking his tie.

That’s it, baby,
as much as you want.
It didn’t matter—no way was he going
to let her go.
At least not yet.

While she continued to pant, Hunt
stood, shouldering David and Tim away.

“What the fuck,” Tim complained.

“Yeah,” David chimed in.

“Shut up,” Hunt said. He cupped her
buttocks in his hands and lifted
up and into

She needed no further guidance,
wrapping her legs around his hips, using the tie’s slack to rest her upper arms
on his shoulders, her forearms cradling his head.

He slanted his mouth over hers,
kissing her deeply so she couldn’t object to what he wanted and had to do. He
couldn’t wait any longer, sensing she couldn’t either. It was in the way she
snuggled into him, trying to get closer, coaxing his tongue deeper into her
mouth. As she moaned in what sounded like expectation, he lifted his cock and
positioned it, entering her in one hard thrust.

Aw, damn.
She was tight, hot, his. Hunt’s ears buzzed. His body felt
heavy and weak at such pleasure, and it hadn’t even begun.

must have sensed his reaction to finally being inside her.
She tightened her legs around his hips for added support.

With one arm around her waist and
the other beneath her ass, Hunt held her close, letting her know she wasn’t
getting away…nor would he allow her to fall…he wouldn’t hurt her.

She responded to his increasingly
tender caress, softening even more. Funny thing, her trust in him made Hunt
harder than hell, not to mention demanding. He pumped once, twice, vaguely
aware of Tim and David in the background, both of them bitching up a storm.

Nothing short of
shouting “No, stop!” would get him to do so.

She said nothing, couldn’t, not with
his tongue
her mouth. If anything, she sucked
him even harder, grinding her cunt against him, wanting him as deep as

Wanting it
rough too.

He sensed it in the way she returned
his kisses, how she kept tugging on the tie, trying to be free. So she could do
what? Rake his shoulders with her nails? Hold him even closer?

Hunt wasn’t about to put any
distance between them. Again and again, he thrust, plowing into her, giving
neither of them rest. With each of his pumps, he pushed her into the post, his
arm protecting her back. The bed frame jerked, its legs scraping the floor.
Within minutes, their bodies were damp with perspiration, their scents mingled,
just the way he liked. Her cunt narrowed even more, creating greater friction
between them, her sheath slick with her excitement.

Her wanting
of him.

That guileless acceptance stoked his
desire. She pressed her elbows into his shoulders. He tightened his arm around
her waist and moved his other hand between their bodies to her clit, finally
remembering to tend to it. Hunt stroked her hard as he plunged into her
repeatedly, dazed at her narrow channel, its incomparable heat.

They came within seconds of each
other. Pulling her mouth from his, she lifted her face to the ceiling, the ends
of her hair tickling his arm and hand. Indelicately, she moaned. Less
restrained, he bellowed as too many sensations slammed into him—excitement, contentment,
pure fucking satisfaction—ending at last on a hearty growl.

It took both of them a moment to
come down.

Breathing hard, Hunt rested his head
against her shoulder and grinned. Whether she felt his joy was debatable.
However, she did start to giggle, which soon turned into a contented laugh.

“Wow,” he whispered.

She pressed her face into his hair,
rubbing her nose against it. Marking him or smelling him, Hunt had no idea. Nor
did he care. Having her so close was enough. Despite his fatigue, he wasn’t
going to let go. He locked his knees, gritted his teeth and hoped he wouldn’t

Too quickly, her sheath stopped
pulsing around his weary cock, the last of her orgasm fading away. Crap.

She inhaled deeply and worked her
inner muscles around his shaft.

Smiling, Hunt hugged her to show his
gratitude. “Just give me a few
,” he whispered,
“and I’ll be ready to go again.”

Her cunt’s contractions slowed,
stopped. She murmured, “No. It’s time for your

Hunt’s skin went cold,
hot, his tender caress forgotten. It was time for his
friends? As if what she and he had just done meant nothing?

Are you nuts?
Of course, it didn’t hold any earth-shattering significance.
They weren’t on a date. She was a call girl. Here to see to her clients’ needs,
of which he was only one.

Tim was already untying her wrists.

With too much grace, and what
appeared to be no regret, she slid down Hunt’s body, releasing his cock from
her wonderfully heated cunt. The room’s mild temperature felt cold in comparison
against his skin. The only consolation was the way she placed her hand on Tim’s
chest, stopping him from pulling her onto the bed.

BOOK: Claiming Magique: 1
2.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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