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No, dammit. She wasn’t going to
screw this up. She’d have a great time, relishing each moment, not thinking of
the coming days, weeks, months,
without him.

Where would Hunt be then? How would
he look and sound?
Wonderful, no doubt.


Kyle wiggled his brows at her and
came to the edge of the platform, handing Hunt what appeared to be a small vial
of shimmering oil.
For her pussy?
Surely, Hunt knew
she didn’t need the additional lubrication.
Had to be for her

With her legs spread as they were,
her tightest opening felt deliciously exposed, the muscles tensing in
preparation for what was to come.

Hunt poured a bit of the liquid into
his palm and lifted it to her nose. The concoction smelled of roses and
jasmine, the same as her perfume. Nice. She offered a satisfied purr, waiting
for him to go around to her back and prepare her anus for his cock. It wouldn’t
be easy to contain his full length given how thick and rigid he was, his rod
bouncing with each of his movements. However, she’d do whatever she could to
take all of him within that part of her.

“Do your worst,” she ordered.

“My best,” he corrected, spreading
the oil over her breasts, playing with her nipples as he suckled her neck.

Bursts of heat lingered on each area
he’d kissed and touched.
pushed to her toes at
the wondrous sensations. Ethan and Chris pulled her back down. Apparently, she
wasn’t allowed movement.
Didn’t stop her from trying.
She twisted her wrists within Brad’s hands, struggling to free them, desperate
to touch Hunt now as she had before. Brad wasn’t as giving as Hunt had been. He
held tight, his increased grip telling her she would remain confined until Hunt
said otherwise.

He didn’t speak at all, his mouth,
tongue, lips and hands telling her what he intended. As he suckled one of her
nipples, pulling hard on the small peak, he applied more of the oil, running
his hand down her cleft and over her opening already slick with arousal.

She gasped.

Hunt captured her mouth once more,
plunging his tongue inside, trying to quiet the sounds she made.
managed a muffled moan. He kissed her even deeper and
harder, all while slipping three fingers inside her cunt,
resting his thumb on her nub.

The small rise of flesh was so
she jerked, then prayed,
Rub it

He didn’t, content to make her wait.

She moaned again, and it got her
another savage kiss that she responded to, holding nothing back.

That must have pleased Hunt. He drew
his thumb over her clit, a bit too gently for her taste, but at least it was a

her mind begged.

He pushed her tongue aside when
she’d unknowingly tried to take control of the kiss. He stopped stroking her
nub, his actions telling her he demanded full submission to whatever he

relaxed as best she could, even though her body screamed
for his touch, for him to use her without restraint and for his pleasure, which
would only add to hers.

The music’s tempo picked up, the
bass deep and sensual, the brass oh so sexy. Beneath it, she heard other
The men’s
heightened breathing, them moving
closer to the stage, no doubt for a better look at what was or wasn’t
sensed their carnal excitement, no
greater than hers. The only difference being that Hunt would eventually allow
her to climax.

At least, she hoped he would.

He’d resumed stroking her nub at an
exasperatingly slow pace, his movements seeming to relish her reaction. She
became too weak to open her eyes, too stirred to breathe normally, her strained
panting almost as loud as the music despite his mouth on hers.

His kiss was unrestrained, then
loving, then wild once more.

It kept her off guard, though hardly
unfocused. She kept concentrating on his fingers within her sheath, stretching
and filling her, his thumb on her clit.

As he had earlier, he stopped

Fuck. Why?

He drove his tongue deeper into her
mouth, telling her she’d forgotten about that part of him.

With the same obedience a slave
might show—or a woman who was helpless against love—she suckled him.

Hunt drew her closer, his thumb
rubbing her clit, harder than the previous time, quicker too. It was such a
went to her toes
again. Her back arched, which pulled her cunt away from his touch.

He draped his arm around her waist,
forcing her against him, his gesture ordering her not to move unless he granted
her that privilege.

Focused on relief,
complied, even as a part of her resisted. She curled
her fingers into fists, digging her nails into her palms each time Hunt
neglected to arouse her.

The warmth from his body, the space
heaters and her mounting passion intensified the oil’s fragrance, along with her
body’s natural musk and his. Surrounded by his scent, powerless against the
pleasure building within her,
bowed to Hunt’s

He didn’t rush, stroking her gently,
then hard. Fast. Slow.
Finally settling on somewhere in
Her body was moist with perspiration, her fists hurting from
squeezing them so tight.

It was nothing to match the agony of
waiting for climax. Warmth continued to pool in her cunt. Her pussy was so
hypersensitive, Hunt no longer needed to touch it for the feelings to remain
and build. However, when he did attend to it once more, oh god—

She jerked her mouth from his and
choked out a moan, incapable of stopping the orgasm tearing through her. Her
legs wobbled and her arms ached from tension. She slumped against Hunt, burying
her face in his neck.

He continued to stroke her clit.

shook her head, hoping he’d stop. He didn’t,
insisting on having his way, for her to belong to him as he brought her to
another climax.

Her chest bumped his with her ragged
breaths. She found it impossible to lift her head from his shoulder. When Brad
released her wrists,
arms dangled at her
sides, too weary to wrap around Hunt.

He kissed her temple, a gentle,
nearly sacred action that made her want him even more.
only because he was a great lover, nothing else.
Once they parted, she’d
forget him. She wouldn’t allow herself to think of these moments ever again. If
she did, the loss would kill her.

, don’t…please.

She didn’t want to think of that
now. She demanded pleasure. Using what little strength remained, Alex wrapped
her arms around Hunt, clinging to him like the little girl she once was and the
lonely woman she’d become.

“You okay?” he whispered.

Never again,
not after tonight.
“No.” She cleared her throat and
spoke with less hesitation. “I’m still horny.
How about you?”

Chuckling, he eased back and lifted
her into his arms, carrying her to the bed.

She ran her nails across his broad
back. “
tie me up now?”

“Will I have to?” He studied her.
“Are you planning on running away?”

She had to. They both knew that.
Because of it,
kept her manner light and
teasing. “I always disappear at dawn.”

Hunt brushed his lips over hers.
When she shivered, he did it again. “You’re a regular vampire, huh?”

“Fuck me,” she begged before she
realized she would. Cupping his face in her hand, she ran her fingers over his
mussed hair. “As hard as you can. Screw me raw.”

He studied her in a way he hadn’t
before, making the moment painfully intimate as though he could read past all
of her defenses, straight into her ravaged soul. “No need to rush.”

“But I want—”

He kissed her with great care, as though she might break into a million pieces
and he wouldn’t be able to make her whole again. “We’re doing this my way.
One on one.
No rush. And everything I desire.”

Chapter Ten


He saw her yearning. He sensed and
understood her fear. She’d been dismissed as a child, never valued by those who
should have treasured her above everything else in the world. She expected
nothing more from a man than the momentary pleasure he could give her and what
she could take.

She intended to do the same tonight.
Hunt couldn’t blame her. They didn’t know each other as lifelong friends or a
couple who had decades invested in a relationship, though they would. He was
going to make certain of it.

was in his blood, already such an intimate part of his
being, removing her would be as impossible as changing his eye or skin color.
Tonight, he was going to show her that a man could be in charge without causing
her heartache.
That her following his lead and allowing
herself to be truly vulnerable wouldn’t bring any pain.
It would free
her to soar.

They’d do that together.

He settled her on the mattress and
straightened, taking in the incredible picture she created. The candlelight
added a touch of gold to her ivory complexion, the fluttering shadows licking
her naked flesh. His unwavering attention and desire had tightened
nipples to rosy little buds. Her tousled hair
looked as though she’d just awakened from a satisfying sleep, the tresses
fanned out around her, shiny and black, matching the night’s sky. With a look
of wonder, she regarded him, her sadness contained for the moment.

A good way to
mark the beginning of their time together.

The three guys who’d held her left
the stage. Four more took their place as planned. Hunt had choreographed these
moments with more care than the arguments he presented to those on the Hill.
The men tonight knew what to do and how much of
they could touch.

It wasn’t a lot.

She glanced from man to man, giving
the redheaded one a gentle smile,
finally looked
at Hunt. “What are you doing?”

He stroked her inner thigh, pausing
at the delectable curls between her legs.

She arched her back and emptied her
lungs in a noisy huff.

Two of the men near the redhead—one
of them Asian, the other a muscular African American—went to either side of the
bed and sat, causing the mattress to shift and the springs to groan. The guys
held onto her ankles, parting her legs. Another pair of men, these tow-headed
twins, moved to the head of the mattress, holding
hands above her shoulders, restraining her fully so Hunt could do whatever he

He wanted it all and then some.

Forcing himself not to rush, he
watched her reaction as he trailed his fingers over both her breasts, circling
her areolas with his forefinger. A soft purring sound spilled from her, telling
him she liked what he was doing. He moved lower, over her ribs.
smile widened with her giggle.

“Tickle?” he murmured.

“A little.”

If he’d already had her half a dozen
times tonight, he might have tickled her until she was panting,
gathered her into his arms while she settled down. As
it was, he decided to tease
a bit, knowing how
much she enjoyed that.

“Tighten your hold on her,” he
ordered the men.

She watched as they did, her
expression questioning Hunt’s intent.

He ran his fingers over her ribs
again. She tensed, no doubt waiting for him to tickle her until she was
breathless with laughter.

“You okay?” he asked.

What are you going to do?”

“Do?” He rested his hand on the side
of her
his thumb stroking what he guessed was
the most sensitive part of her.

writhed a bit. “I don’t like being tickled.”

She didn’t like being out of
control. “Yeah, I know.”

“What—how could you know that?” Her
brows lifted. “It was in the stuff you had your investigator dig up on me?”

“All public
Perfectly legal.
And no.
I found it on your Facebook page.”

BOOK: Claiming Magique: 1
5.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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