Claimed on my Wedding Night

Claimed on my Wedding Night




Amber has been a good girl all her life and wants to save herself for marriage. When her stepfather who has been appearing in all of her fantasies lately, her forbidden desires turn to reality and her lust lets him take her, piercing her virginity and giving her pleasure she had never experienced before.


But she is engaged and due to be married and though she doesn’t want to cheat, she knows someone will claim her hard on her wedding night, but will it be her fiancé or Daddy?





Extract of Naughtiness


He toyed my puss harder with his fingers, almost slapping my clit with his palm and wrapped his other arm around me, slipping his hand down to find my tight little knot. He ran the pads of his fingers over it, sending tingles down my spine. My eyes shot open at his intrusion, but he just smiled and pushed in, finding my secrets and taking great pleasure in turning me to putty in his hands.


“You want me to take it?” he asked, looking into my eyes, though a glaze of pleasure had taken over. I moaned under his touch, letting him do whatever he wanted, as long as he didn’t stop.


“Amber, you want me to take it?” he repeated louder, teasing me harder.


“Daddy, take me, you can do whatever you want to me.”


“I want you to answer my question, do you want me to take it?”


“Yes Daddy”


“Then say it, tell me what you want”


“I want you to take my virginity, take my first time Daddy”


“That’s all I needed to hear,”





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I picked up the white lace bra and ran my fingers over the fabric, imagining what it would feel like pressed against my skin, making me feel things that I hadn’t allowed myself before. Warmth spread between my thighs and my nipples stood erect. Thankfully, standing in the department store, no one could tell what was going on under the surface.


“Come look Amber, they have some beautiful things over here.”


I blushed as my mother pulled an ivory corset off the rack and held it in front of me. It wasn’t even particularly sexy.


“Try it on, I’ll wait outside for you.”


She pushed the hard boned lingerie towards me and spun around to sit in a chair, taking the chance to put her feet up, while I slinked into the changing room. All of this was so new and I wasn’t quite sure how to react.


At nineteen and engaged, my mother had first had been against the idea, saying that I was too young and should wait. Eventually she had come around to the wedding and somewhere, in the back of my mind, I wondered if that was because I spent too much time hanging around the house, alone with my stepfather.


Daddy was a writer, spending hours locked away in his office and I happened to have a lot of time on my hands before I went off to college to be there lounging around her space. Mom was often away on business, which meant I had him to myself. She had married him when I was ten, so he’d been a big part of my life for a long time, watching me grow into a woman.


My boyfriend Eric had always been a little wary of him, perhaps he was a threat to his masculinity. Daddy was a Hemingway type – a man’s man who smoked cigars and liked to hunt. He was very protective of me, something that Eric was a little jealous of and sometimes made fun of me, calling me “Daddy’s little girl.” I laughed it off, but secretly I liked it, imagining what those words would sound like coming from the man himself.


It did cross my mind that part of the reason that Eric proposed, was to get me out from under his roof, to get me all to himself. Daddy and college were his biggest threats and he was putting all his chips on the table to claim me as his own. He knew that I was saving myself for marriage; I wanted to remain pure and would only give myself to my husband on our wedding night.


Eric had pestered me, teased me and tempted me, so I had to push down the volcano of desires that lived under my skin. Alone at night, my hand would find its way between my thighs and my head would race with thoughts, impure thoughts – but they weren’t of Eric. More and more lately, I was shocked at myself to find pictures of Daddy creeping in. I tried to shake them, but something in me, didn’t want to and the images would become stronger and more vivid – imagining what he looked like under his clothes. I slid inside my wetness and teased myself, my fingers slipping over my wet clit, until I came hard. Then I would tell myself that it was wrong and I would have to make up for my badness.


“Are you ready in there?” The voice of my mother came through the door, hurrying me up. She would want to get out of there as soon as possible I was sure. She had never spent that much time with me as a kid and even less now that I was older. Instead she passed me off to a series of nannies and then when she married – to Daddy.


“Almost, just a sec”


I pulled my top over my head and unhooked my bra – even that sometimes set me off, sending a twinge running through my puss. Slipping my jeans down over my thighs, I kicked them aside and picked up the heavy boned corset. The satin felt beautiful, but I wasn’t sure I could go all day wearing one of these.


“I might need your help Mom”


I heard her sigh just outside the door before she threw it open and stepped inside with me.


“Turn around, I’ll do up the back,” she said brusquely. “I hope you’ll be more willing on your wedding night, although men fall for that silly little virgin thing, don’t they?”


She snapped the corset and pulled the ribbons tightly, squeezing my ribs so I could hardly breathe. I wasn’t like her – she hadn’t been a virgin on her wedding night, she had told me that much herself. Daddy was her third husband and she didn’t have the beliefs that I did. Maybe I had gone in the opposite direction of everything that she was. When I looked in her face, I didn’t want to see myself reflected back at me.


When she had finished, she spun me towards the mirror, resting her hands on my waist. “So what do you think? Will this do for the damsel in distress?” she smirked.


“It’s… not exactly the most comfortable thing Mom.”


“Comfort? – let me tell you one thing Amber – your wedding night, will not be about comfort. So let’s lose the silly little ideas and get real. I’m sure Eric will love this – he gets to unwrap you like a present – his own little sex toy.”


“Mom!” I blushed hearing her speak like that, although she did it all the time.


“Don’t tell me that isn’t why he’s marrying you. Why else would a horny nineteen year old pop the question?”


“Because he loves me,” I shot back. I tried to hold back the anger, but she had a certain way of pushing my buttons. She knew exactly what to say to set me off and she seemed to revel in it.


“OK” she said sarcastically and began to unlace the corset roughly.


“You know what Mom, you can go, thanks for your help today, but I can pick something up myself.”


She stepped outside, throwing me what seemed like a look of contempt before she left. As soon as she was gone, I breathed a sigh of relief and it wasn’t because I had been freed from the corset.







That night when I got home, Mom wasn’t anywhere to be seen and I was grateful for that small blessing. I padded through the big empty house in my bare feet and came to Daddy’s office, where I knocked softly on the door.


“Come in”


I stepped into his world, which was so different from my own. A thick cloud of smoke hung above him as he puffed on a cigar and drained the last of a glass of scotch. They gave him room to think, he had always said, as he pounded away on his typewriter. He had always been a little old-fashioned, preferring not to get a computer, instead he sent his manuscripts off to the publishers and let them deal with it. Once he was done, he was done. That was his mantra.


My eyes ran over the huge stack of papers neatly laid out beside him and he put the cigar down, leaving it resting precariously on the edge of a wooden ashtray.


Seeing my face, he immediately sat up, “What’s wrong baby girl?”


“Nothing really, are you busy working tonight?”


“Don’t be silly, I always have time for my favourite girl. Now don’t you hide it from me, what’s going on with you? It’s written all over your face - weren’t you supposed to be going with your mother today, to get some things for the wedding?”


“We did.”


“Oh – I see. And did things not go to plan?” He knew the way my mother could be sometimes. They had gotten into arguments about it, which then made me feel guilty, as if I was coming between them.


“No, no, it was fine... She’s not here now, has she gone out?”


“On business,” he nodded. “So you can tell me what’s wrong”


“Do you think I’m a silly little girl Daddy? Is that the only reason Eric is marrying me – because I want to wait until we’re married?”


“What? Did your mother say that to you?”


I nodded and walked over to his desk, perching myself on the edge. “She’s wrong – let me tell you that right now…about so many things,” he muttered quietly.


I studied his face as he puffed on the cigar again and I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. In his late forties, he had dark black hair, threaded with silver and piercing blue eyes. He was younger than Mom, though she would never admit it.


My mind returned again to his image, wondering what he looked like underneath the shirt, or even better; in the shower. I bit my lip and tried not to let it show on my face what I had been thinking.


“Have you ever thought about giving Eric the thing that you’re holding back?”


“No, I… I told you, I want to wait until I’m married.”


“But my girl, if you have no experience - no practice in it; how will you know what to do to please him? How will you know if he is any good, for you?”


Hearing him speak like that, sent a tingle rushing between my thighs and my puss tensed and began to soak at his words.


“You may want to learn a few things before you commit yourself, Amber. As lovely as your ideals are, men sometimes have needs and wants also.”


I nodded and walked away, closing his door behind me. What if he was right, should I just give Eric what he wanted? Would he still want to marry me after all that?


I ran upstairs and jumped into bed, burying my face in the pillow and lay there with everything he had said to me running through my head until I fell asleep, exhausted.


When I woke up, I pulled back the curtain and saw that it was still dark. I looked over at my watch. “02:15”


Lying in my old childhood room, in the same bed I had always had, I stared up at the ceiling and wondered what I was doing. What if I was making the wrong choices? Turning on my side, I heard the familiar trickle of water coming from the bathroom telling me that someone was in the shower.


Just then, something came over me; it was almost like something had taken hold of my body and took charge. I jumped out of bed, flinging back the covers and found my way in the darkness to the bathroom door.


“Hello?” I said softly.


There came no answer, so I repeated it louder – “Hello – is there someone in there?”


“I’m in here sweetheart,” came my stepfathers deep growl.


Something inside me, that drove me on had taken over. I turned the handle, knowing he always forgot to lock doors behind him and pushed it inwards, stepping inside. I locked it behind me, unlike him.


The room was full of steam, but I could just about make him out behind the glass doors.


“Amber, honey, I’m in the shower!”


“I know Daddy”


“So what are you doing?” he replied


I began to undress, pulling my clothes off until I stood there naked and I went to pull the door back, sliding it against its hinges easily.


“Hi Daddy”


His face was a picture of pure shock as I stood naked, inches away from him.


“Amber! I…”


“I’ve thought about what you said and I think you’re right.” My eyes drank him in, my fingers itching to run across the dark hair of his muscular chest. At last, I didn’t have to wonder anymore; here he was in front of me. I looked down and smiled when I saw the size of his soft pink cock. He wasn’t hard yet, but it was already impressive.


I stepped into the shower and pulled it closed, the steam fogging up the glass again, giving us an illusion of privacy.


“I’ve tried to be good Daddy, but now I can’t”


I got onto my knees, the warm water sloshed about my legs and trickled from above, soaking my hair. I watched for the first time as his cock stiffened until he was completely erect and he couldn’t hide his desire.


“Amber, what are you doing? Your mother will be home soon…”


“I know she doesn’t take care of you Daddy, not the way I can…”


He didn’t reply, only watching to see what I would do next. “Have you thought about me too?” I asked innocently.


Still he remained silent, and I took that as a “yes”. Realising that he was having the same filthy thoughts about me that I had for him, just made me wetter.

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