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: Atlantis Captain in charge of Flore Gub’s defense

Tallsin, Gorgo
: Inventor of rock-clothing

Tamarah the Prophetess
: One of
The Twelve

Tat Shunbickle
: A scout from Lilley

: Name used to refer to the Atlantis Rules Enforcement Association; a powerful organization enforcing Orb worship; led by Sli Silkian
*See Sli Silkian

The Code
: The Book of the Covenant belonging to Atlantis *
See covenant of the books

The Forbidden High Language
: The most powerful creation words. The words are restricted and contained within the Books of the Covenant

The Garga
: A pagan tribe inhabiting the northern regions of Under-Earth

The Great Garganton
: The deity worshiped by the Garga

The Great War
: A devastating war between Atlantis and El Dorado that was won by Atlantis. In the aftermath of the war, the Covenant of the Books was sealed *See covenant of the books

The Hunter
: A horrifying beast that hunts anyone who reads from a Book of the Covenant other than its own Book Keeper

The Impaler
: A title given to Kael the Invincible; El Dorado’s High General; one of
The Twelve

The Key
: The
Book of the Covenant
belonging to El Dorado *
See covenant of the books

The Orb
: A powerful essence at the Earth’s core

The Rephaim
: A rumored new class of El Dorado soldiers that feel no pain or fear

The Speaking Sands
: A communication device created by Lamgorious Stalkton

The Thirteenth
: A supposed additional member to
The Twelve
whom little is known

The Twelve
: The twelve members of the Alac-icacs tribe who discovered Under-Earth

The Undecided One
: The member of The Twelve who refused to join either Atlantis or El Dorado and walked away, never to be heard from again

The-Creation-Which-Should-Be-One’s Own
: A dangerous creation that is not spoken of

Tiana Hubrisa
: A citizen of Atlantis

: A soldier in Atlantis’ Outer-City Guard

: A matrix of tunnels that allows communication across Under-Earth

: The world at the center of the Earth

: A title to refer to people living in Under-Earth

: First Chief of the Alac-icacs

Wesley Simon
: An elderly bookstore owner in Havenwood; first Book Keeper of
The Code
; one of
The Twelve

: A soldier in Atlantis’ Outer-City Guard

: A monk of the Brotherhood of Light


: Wood

: Wind

: Cold

: Dust/Earth

: Explosion

: Fire

: Rock

Gai di gasme
: Phrase to end creation

: Light

: Water

: Metal

: Wormhole

: Smoke/Fog


Once again, the incalculable number of people deserving an appearance on this page is expansive enough to fill its own book. So to mention only a few:

First and foremost, to my beautiful wife, Sarah. No one has made more sacrifices for the completion of this book than you. I am so grateful for your constant support. Love you forever.

To my family: Dad, Mom, Mike, and Carrie for helping me along this journey in your own special and unique ways. You guys are the best!

To my editor, Anna McHargue, for dedicating so many hours exploring Under-Earth with me and for cleaning up the hunk of trash I continually tried to slough off as a legible manuscript.

To strong black coffee—the undisputed MVP of this writing process.

Finally, to all of you who read Legend of the Book Keeper and gave me such kind encouragement. During the (many) long days when I wanted to do anything BUT keep writing, your support provided the needed boost to get ’er done! It makes everything worth it. Thank you!

About the Author

Daniel is a fourth generation author. He grew up in the icy plains of western Canada. Daniel has published multiple books in both fiction and non-fiction genres. When not writing he enjoys reading, hockey, and playing guitar. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his beautiful wife, Sarah.

Follow his writing at these locations:


Table of Contents

Praise for the Lost City Chronicles

Title Page





Chapter 1: Confined
Chapter 2: The Pawn
Chapter 3: A Beautiful Voice
Chapter 4: A Mole
Chapter 5: The Point of No Return
Chapter 6: Fallen Sactuary
Chapter 7: Murky Motives
Chapter 8: A Veiled Romance
Chapter 9: Forming The Company
Chapter 10: From Dust to Dust
Chapter 11: The Journey Begins


Chapter 12: Darkness Closes In
Chapter 13: An Ill-Fated Departure
Chapter 14: Discord
Chapter 15: A Torn Heart
Chapter 16: Carvings and Ink
Chapter 17: Redtown
Chapter 18: Ominous Feelings
Chapter 19: Clash of Steel
Chapter 20: Trust No One
Chapter 21: Starting Fires
Chapter 22: The Caves of Revelation
Chapter 23: Bones and Corpses
Chapter 24: The Den of a Killer
Chapter 25: The Prophecy
Chapter 26: A Passionate Heart-to-Heart
Chapter 27: Exchanging Destinies
Chapter 28: The Garga
Chapter 29: Summoning the Hound
Chapter 30: Through the Portal
Chapter 31: Missing Pieces
Chapter 32: The Ageing City
Chapter 33: Hidden Pasts
Chapter 34: The Journey Continues
Chapter 35: Changing the Board
Chapter 36: Flore Gub
Chapter 37: Gone
Chapter 38: Unleashing the Flood
Chapter 39: Battle of the Borderlands
Chapter 40: Of Loyalty and Disloyalty
Chapter 41: The-One-and-Only Igg
Chapter 42: Across the Great Sea of Lava
Chapter 43: A Golden View
Chapter 44: Out of Time


Chapter 45: Changed
Chapter 46: The King's Court
Chapter 47: The Two are One
Chapter 48: Stirrings
Chapter 49: Confessions
Chapter 50: A Perfect City
Chapter 51: A Pull-and-Shoot Kind of Guy
Chapter 52: Of Air Destiny and Fancy Clothes
Chapter 53: The Banquet
Chapter 54: Welcoming Party
Chapter 55: An Under-Earth Fortune Cookie
Chapter 56: Missing
Chapter 57: A Deeper Training
Chapter 58: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 59: A Sacred Glen
Chapter 60: The Price of a Good Story
Chapter 61: Disagreements
Chapter 62: Two of a Kind
Chapter 63: History Erased
Chapter 64: In Search of Answers
Chapter 65: The Heart of the Orb
Chapter 66: A Living Sacrifice
Chapter 67: Death and Life
Chapter 68: One Final Task
Chapter 69: Packaged
Chapter 70: Stranger in the Night


Chapter 71: Phase Three
Chapter 72: Resistance
Chapter 73: Illusions Dispelled
Chapter 74: Danger
Chapter 75: A Special Girl
Chapter 76: The Desire to Kill
Chapter 77: The Dream Ends
Chapter 78: An Intimate Connection
Chapter 79: Visions
Chapter 80: A Tight Spot
Chapter 81: A Fool's Plan
Chapter 82: A Secret Language
Chapter 83: The Fortress Falls
Chapter 84: Waiting for the Sign
Chapter 85: The Piercing Sting of Love
Chapter 86: Less Than Perfect
Chapter 87: From Under the Rug
Chapter 88: Of Daggers and Arrows
Chapter 89: Randilin's Dark Deeds
Chapter 90: History Repeated
Chapter 91: Unforeseen Events
Chapter 92: One Simple Word
Chapter 93: Trapped
Chapter 94: an Icy Prison
Chapter 95: Forged in Hatred
Chapter 96: Duel of the Book Keepers
Chapter 97: A Strange World
Chapter 98: Safe
Chapter 99: Unmasked



About the Author

BOOK: City of Gold
7.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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