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Authors: Delaine Roberts

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Chasing Air (22 page)

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The support I’ve received on this writ
ing journey has been humbling. I can’t even begin to describe how it feels to have someone approach me at a signing or online and say that they have my books or they love my work.

You, the readers, mean everything! I’m thrilled when you think enough of my work to read it and to reach out to me!

To my editor, Mercy Pilkington, and your team at Author Options, I adore you! Working with you has been amazing. HUGS!

There is a special group of writing friends for which I find their support and knowledge immeasurable: Geri, Carolyn, Kimmie, Carra, Brenda and Tessa I am completely honored to be in your company and grateful for all that you’ve shared with me to assist me in learning and growing in my craft.

It takes time to write, time away from my family as I huddle in my writing den. Rob, you sacrifice so that I can search for my own destiny in the world of imagination. Your support is unwavering and your love is a level of respect for which I am undeserving! Thank you for loving, supporting, and even humoring my dreams.

To my son, Benton, you are the light of my world. Do not ever forget that.

Amazing, amazing cover credits go to model Alexa Morrison and cover photographer David Quisenberry! You two rocked it out of the park! Beautifully elegant and beyond my imagination!

Hope you enjoy the story!




BOOK: Chasing Air
2.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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