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She wakened far into the night, when the
setting full moon was sending streaks of silver light across the
bedroom floor. The sheet had been pulled up to her shoulders to
ward off any chill. Arianna turned over, opening her eyes. She saw
Thomas standing by the windows, pulling back the woolen curtains
and opening the shutters. It was the sudden light that had wakened
her. She slid out of bed and went to him, treading along a path of
moonlight and lavender. His arms enfolded her, and they stood
watching the moon and listening to the sounds of woods and stream
and the soft footfalls of the guards patrolling the castle

There was no need for words. They had loved
each other well and fully opened their hearts to each other, and
Arianna knew it would always be so. They stayed together in
contented peace, Thomas’s arms around her, keeping her warm and
safe within the circle of their strength.

“Guy will send us to Kelsey next week,”
Thomas said after a long, quiet moment.

“Away from Afoncaer?” Arianna drew back a
little, the better to see his face in the moonlight. He was
laughing down at her.

“It’s only for a short time,” he said. “The
seneschal at Kelsey is old and needs to be replaced. I’m to see to
his retirement and the choosing of a new man, while you are to
supervise improvements in the domestic arrangements. I think Guy
believed we would enjoy a few weeks away from family and close
friends, time to ourselves before we take up our usual duties
again. We must be back at Afoncaer before King Henry comes to Wales
in late summer.”

“King Henry,” Arianna murmured. “I remember
the morning when he knighted you. I thought then that you were the
most handsome man I had ever seen. I know now that you are without
a doubt the finest knight he ever made. You are all that a knight
should be, Thomas.”

“Once I wanted to be a perfect knight. I
dreamed of it all through my boyhood,” Thomas said. He laughed
again, ruefully. “I am not perfect, as you will learn, my dear
wife, after you have lived with me a bit.”

“We shall have sons,” Arianna told him, “boys
like you. And one or two daughters, like Cristin. Meredith has told
me about you when you were little.”

“Lies, every word of it,” he teased. Then,
“Daughters, with your spirit and gentleness, and your enduring
love. We’ll make Afoncaer a happy place, Arianna, not just for the
Normans, but for the Welsh on our lands, too. For years I’ve wanted
a wife I could love as



Guy loves Meredith, and now at last I have
one.” He kissed her, a long, deep, tender kiss that turned into
something more than tenderness.

“You smell of roses,” he said when he caught
his breath again.

“So do you, my gentle knight,” Arianna
murmured as he picked her up and carried her back to their bed.



Those who went about their business in the
great hall of Afoncaer that morning noted with knowing,
understanding smiles that Thomas and his beloved lady did not leave
their chamber until the day was nearly done.

About The Author:



Flora Speer is the author of twenty-two
full-length novels and two novellas.

She writes historical, futuristic and
time-travel romances. Born in southern New Jersey, she now lives in
Connecticut. Among her favorite activities are doing research for
the next book, gardening (especially herbs and flowers used in
medieval gardens) and amateur astronomy. She believes in space
travel, and wishes the U.S. would restart its space program.

Flora can be reached at
[email protected]
and at



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BOOK: Castle of the Heart
5.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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