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October 12, 1942




The bell tinkled gently as Lilli Windsor entered Judy and Pete's Diner, where she worked three days a week. Immediately the smells of greasy hamburgers, hot apple pie and strong coffee mingled together creating the unique smell she associated with work. She walked quickly to the kitchen, her white sneakers squeaking on the clean checkered floors. The tables were nearly empty, only a few occupied by the usual patrons, the rest waiting for the lunch rush to be filled.


"Hey Lil." Johnny, the cook, greeted with a smile while throwing a hamburger into the air with his spatula.


"Hi Johnny, where is everyone?"


"Viv's in back, eating something before the lunch rush and Judy's looking at the books in the office. Pete's off today, doing something with Willie. Judy told me, to tell you, that you're on the counter today, she and Viv will take the tables."


"Easy enough." Lilli pushed her jacket and purse under the counter and settled herself on the far stool. She pulled the tub of cleaned silverware toward herself and began to wrap it in napkins so it would be ready for fast setting later. She laughed as Johnny sang loudly in the kitchen and began to hum along with the familiar song. After a few minutes of the monotonous wrapping, she heard the bell tinkle softly again.


Lilli turned, finding a tall, handsome soldier standing in the doorway. He glanced around the diner quickly, as if deciding where he should land. His chocolate eyes lingered on Lilli for more than a passing moment, making a blush rise from her chest up to her hair. He took off his hat, tucking it carefully under his arm and slid onto a stool, running a hand through the dark thick hair he had uncovered.


Lilli was ashamed to say she had watched him for far too long, her blush still tinting her cheeks. She cleared her throat and straightened her skirt while spinning off her own stool. The man was still looking at the menu when she approached. She hated, more than anything, interrupting the customers to take an order or check on them. Something about it struck her as rude, even though she knew it was expected by the customers.


"Excuse me, but can I get you something to drink?" It came out as a whisper, a choked, embarrassed whisper.


"I'm sorry?"


Lilli cleared her throat, "Can I get you something to drink?"


"I'll have a strawberry milkshake please."


"Coming right up."


"Thank you." He smiled at her briefly before returning his attention to the menu in front of him.


Lilli walked to the kitchen and practically threw herself into the ice cream freezer, dangling over the side to dig out three large scoops of strawberry ice cream. She added a squeeze of strawberry syrup and milk before turning on the blender. While the noisy piece of kitchen equipment did it's work, she glanced over her soldier, who had put the menu down and was now waiting patiently at the counter.

BOOK: Captivated
13.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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