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Blow Out the Candles

Karenna Colcroft


For years Tracy has lusted after her friend Darin, but has
never dared act on her craving. She’s always been a little afraid and a lot
excited by his dominant tendencies. But when Darin reveals the desire is
mutual, a dinner invitation quickly turns to something more—and Tracy is ready
and willing to submit.

Blow Out the Candles

Karenna Colcroft


Chapter One


Tracy lit the candles on the table and stepped back to
admire their glow. The flames on the red and pink tapers drew her eye and the
faint scents of cherry and roses filled the air. Hopefully they would set the
mood she wanted when Darin arrived. The mood that would finally get him into
her bed.

They’d been friends since college. Tracy didn’t think she’d
been all that subtle about her interest in him, yet somehow he had either not
recognized it or had ignored it. The first day they’d met, his hazel eyes and
sandy-brown hair had caught her attention. So had his runner’s build and his
tendency to wear faded jeans that outlined his ass just right. She’d lusted
after him since day one and had spent plenty of time over the years playing
with herself while she imagined his hands roaming her body, tweaking her
nipples and thrusting into her wet pussy.

For six years now she’d confined her interest in him to
flirting and private fantasies. She had been too shy to take it further. His
in-charge attitude had both drawn and intimidated her, and as badly as she’d
wanted him, she had been afraid both of his rejection and of what he would do
if he had her. Hints he’d dropped during their friendship led her to believe he
was not just forceful but a true Dom, or at least learning to become one. She
had kept a distance from that quality even as it appealed to her.

She hadn’t been able to admit that she wanted him to take
charge of her. Those desires had worried her as a college student. Over the
intervening years, she had learned nothing was wrong with wanting to be
dominated. For six years she’d been afraid to ask Darin for what she truly
wanted. Tonight she would change that.

She smoothed her tight black skirt over her hips and
adjusted her silver V-neck top to make sure she showed just enough to be on the
classy side of sexy. She wanted to turn Darin on, not scare him off.

The doorbell rang. Tracy gave the table one last look. It
was as romantic as she could make it. It and she looked good.
Darin had
better appreciate this.

She hurried to the door and opened it just as Darin raised
his hand to ring the bell again. “Sorry,” she said.

“No problem.” He eyed her up and down and Tracy’s face grew
warm. “Pretty fancy. Is it a special occasion?”

“Just you coming to dinner.” She smiled and stepped back to
let him in. “The chicken and potatoes will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Something smells interesting.” He took off his coat and
draped it over the back of the chair closest to the door. “Candles?”

“I wanted this to be a nice evening.” Tracy gave him her
best seductive look. “I have ulterior motives.”

“Ah, that explains a lot.” He studied her again, this time
with more intensity. Tracy’s skin tingled and her nipples perked up as if
anticipating his touch. “Why don’t we sit down and talk about those motives,

“Why don’t we wait until the food’s ready?” She didn’t want
to wait. She wanted everything he could give her. Her entire being yearned for
it. But the food was already cooking and she didn’t want it to burn. Once she
managed to start what she truly wanted, she hoped they wouldn’t stop. Not even
to eat.

“Why don’t we start now and continue while we eat?” He moved
closer to her and caressed her cheek. “You look incredibly hot tonight.”

“Thank you.” A pulse began between her legs.
God, I want
“You look pretty good yourself.”

“I’m not as dressed up as you.”

In his typical faded jeans and a tight black turtleneck that
accentuated his pecs, he looked far better than any guy could in a suit and
tie. Tracy’s mouth watered just looking at him. “You’re fine,” she said.
I have my way neither of us will be dressed for long anyway.

“Well, thank you.”

He looked into her eyes and a rush of arousal went through
her. A brief image flickered through her mind of her lying beneath him, looking
up into those eyes as he fucked her. As he did whatever he wanted to her. Her
pussy moistened and she bit her lip hard to bring herself back under control.

“Why did you put your hair up?” he asked.

“It looks nice this way.” He’d always told her he liked it
when she wore her shoulder-length blonde hair pulled back from her face. Even
in college, she’d wanted to do what he liked. Given the reason for bringing him
here tonight, she had even more desire to please him.

“It does,” he agreed. “Nice and safe. Is that what you want
to be tonight? Safe?”

“It depends on what kind of safe you’re talking about.”
sex, yes. Safe in general, not a chance.

He chuckled and reached behind her to unclip the barrette
she’d used to secure her hair. “You had ulterior motives in inviting me here
tonight, Tracy. And I have to confess I had my own motives in accepting.” He
set the barrette on the chair. “Shake your hair loose, baby. Let me see it all
messy like it will look after I finish fucking you.”

Tracy stared at him, her mouth open. She’d hoped he would
want her but she hadn’t expected him to be so blunt about it. From any other
man the bluntness would have been rude. From Darin it was arousing as hell.
Surprising, but an undeniable turn-on.

She shook her head as he’d ordered and her hair swirled
around her face. He smiled. “Beautiful. Nice and sexy.”

“You came over here planning this?” He’d already said he had
motives but she could hardly believe that the man she’d lusted after for so
long had returned her interest. He’d been far more subtle than she had.

“I came over here planning to seduce you.” He ran both hands
through her hair then suddenly gripped it tightly in his fists. Tracy gasped
and her heart pounded as he pulled her forward into a kiss. “I know you want
me,” he said hoarsely against her mouth. “I’ve wanted you since junior year
when we first met. Back then, you were too unsure of yourself. Too vanilla and
too good. I didn’t know whether to take a chance with you.”

“I was never too good for you.” They’d wasted so much time!
He’d wanted her as long as she’d wanted him. She could have had him at any time
and yet neither of them had made a move on the other. “Why didn’t you ever say

“Why didn’t you?” He let go of her hair and wrapped his arms
around her. “I didn’t mean you were too good for me. You were too good in a
‘good girl’ sense for what I wanted to do to you.”

“And what was that?” She held her breath. She didn’t know
for sure that he was a Dom, only that he gave that very strong impression.
Would he admit it?

“Everything.” He slid one hand down to cup her ass. “I
wanted to make you do everything. To hold you down, to tie you, to control you.
Does that scare you?”

“Yes.” She had to be honest. But fear wasn’t her only
emotion. Hearing him tell her what she’d suspected brought more heat to her.
She wanted to beg him to take her now but held back. “But it excites me too.”

“Good.” He gave her a lazy smile. “We’ll talk as we go, but
know if that’s what you truly want, I will expect you to follow through. We’re
going to eat dinner and then we’re going to spend the rest of the night making
up for lost time. I hope you took a nap this afternoon because you won’t get
any sleep tonight if I have anything to say about it. I think you’re finally
ready for me.”

He said the last in a low growl that sent hot chills through
Tracy. She was definitely ready. “I’m not tired.”

“Good.” He crushed his lips hard against hers and flicked
her mouth with his tongue. When she opened to allow his tongue entry, he
released her. “Get the food ready and let’s eat. Then we’ll pick up where we
left off.”

Kiss me!
But she didn’t voice the demand. He had
teased her with his forcefulness and he would only keep the game going if he
knew she wanted more. She went to the kitchen, where the smell of roasted herb
chicken breasts and baked potatoes overwhelmed the scents of the candles on the
table, and removed the food from the oven.

Darin was suddenly behind her, wrapping his arms around her
just below her breasts. Tracy jumped. She hadn’t heard him enter the room. Her
nipples perked up again and she ached to have him cup her breasts in those
strong hands of his. “Smells good,” he murmured, his breath hot against her ear
and cheek. “I can’t wait to taste.”

Even though she was certain he meant the food, Tracy
shivered as sparks went through her. She was equally certain the food wouldn’t
be all he tasted that night. The thought of his lips around her nipple and then
his tongue between her legs made her so aroused her knees trembled.

The anticipation of what would happen after dinner might
drive her insane.

She tried to break free of his embrace to reach the plates
she kept in the cupboard above the stove. He didn’t let go. “If you want to eat
I need to take the plates down,” she said, hoping he would ignore the request.
She wanted to stay in his arms. Wanted to inhale the scents of cologne and man.
It had been too long since she’d been with anyone and too long that she’d
fantasized about Darin with no relief. Now that she was finally getting what
she wanted she didn’t want to stop even for a moment.

He nuzzled her neck and she shivered at another rush of
desire. “You don’t really want me to let you go,” he said. “Do you? Be honest.”

“No, I don’t,” she said softly. “You’re the one who said we
should eat first. I’m just saying I need to get the plates and I can’t reach
them with you holding me this way.”

“Then I suppose I should let you do that.” He kissed the
spot where her neck and shoulder met, the spot that always drove her crazy, and
stepped away. “I’ll be waiting at the table.”

“I’m a waitress now?” She glanced at him over her shoulder
with a raised eyebrow, hoping the sarcasm would hide the way her body trembled
in the wake of his kiss. “Do you think I’m going to serve you?”

“That’s exactly what I think. Isn’t that what we were just
discussing?” He ran his hand over her ass. She hissed in a breath. Just his
touch did things to her that most men couldn’t do no matter how hard they
tried. He smiled smugly. “We’ll talk while we eat.”

He left the room and Tracy stared after him. He expected her
to serve him. Of course that made sense. He was dominant. Yet his comment had
caught her by surprise. They definitely needed to discuss this further and set
some limits and rules. As long as they agreed on everything, it would be fun to
see where things went between them.

“You said dinner’s ready,” he said from his seat at the

“Yeah.” She took the plates from the cupboard and dished up
the food then brought it into the other room and set one plate in front of
Darin, between the fork and the knife and spoon she’d already set on the table
before he’d arrived. The candles were still burning and on impulse, she turned
off the lights in the room so the candles provided the only illumination.

“Very romantic,” Darin said. “I guess you did have ulterior

“I admitted that.” She indicated the bottle of wine and the
two wineglasses that sat between two of the candlesticks. “Everything we need
for a perfect night.”

“Pour the wine and we’ll make a toast.”

Tracy opened the wine bottle and poured some wine into each
glass. Darin stood to pick up his glass and clink it against hers. “To a
perfect night,” he said.

“To a perfect night,” Tracy echoed.
Hopefully more than

They sat and started eating. Tracy studied Darin while he
cut his potato. The guy she’d had her eye on in college had become a very
attractive man. Over the past six years she’d watched him grow more appealing,
even more confident and in charge than he’d been when they’d first met. Sitting
here tonight, alone with him and knowing they both wanted the same thing
accentuated it. She would finally have what she’d never dared to ask for from
him before. She would have him tonight and many nights thereafter if she had
her way.

And she would make sure she did. Although it would be his
way, not hers.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked.

She jumped. She hadn’t thought he’d noticed her stare. But
there was really no reason to hide it. They’d established they both wanted the
same thing. “I like it very much,” she said. She straightened one leg under the
table and rubbed his shin with her foot. Then it was his turn to jump, followed
by a grin. “And what do you like?”

“I like a woman who knows what she wants.” He set down his
knife and fork and leaned back in his chair, arms folded. “Stand up.”

“I thought we were going to finish eating before we start
our playtime.” They hadn’t even agreed on what would happen after dinner but
there was no doubt in Tracy’s mind that it would involve nudity, touching and
plenty of hot action. Just what she wanted.

“That was before you started teasing the fuck out of me.”
Darin’s voice lowered to a growl on the last few words. “Are you going to argue
with me or do what you’re told? I thought you wanted this. Stand up.”

A thrill of desire hit Tracy as she obeyed Darin’s command.
She did want what he was offering. She would just have to learn to recognize it
when he spoke. When she stood, despite the table between them and the outfit
she wore, she felt naked. He looked her up and down and she swore his gaze was
as physical as his hands. “You’re hot as hell,” he said.

Heat rose to her face. “Thank you.”

“What are you wearing under that skirt? Tell me you don’t
have any panties on.”

She’d worn panties out of habit. At least she’d thought to
put on her sexiest pair, a green satin thong that matched the green satin bra
she wore beneath her shirt. “I’d be lying if I said that.”

“Take them off.” His eyes narrowed and she shivered, not out
of fear but arousal. “How dare you wear anything under your skirt when you’re
planning to seduce me?”

BOOK: BlowOuttheCandles
11.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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