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Authors: Violet Walker

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Billionaire Romance: Christmas Surprise (Book One) (3 page)

BOOK: Billionaire Romance: Christmas Surprise (Book One)
12.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

“I just meant you have choices and you
shouldn’t let money be the only factor in whether or not you decide
to travel.” He walked over to her, stood just inches from her,
close enough to smell the peachy shampoo she used. “I’m sorry that
I offended you.”

“You didn’t.”

He smiled at the steel in her voice. “Okay
then. We’re cool?” She nodded but didn’t turn, so he grabbed her
shoulders and turned her until they were facing each other. Her
eyes darkened and he could see the pulse point racing at the base
of her neck. His fingers itched to reach out to her, to touch her
and taste that pink mouth.

“Dean,” she whispered, reading the intent on
his face. He could see the war within her and he knew, as he drew
closer, that she would succumb to him. That this thing between them
was too hot for either of them to ignore.

He leaned in until his breath mingled with
hers and he smiled. “Yes, Krista? Tell me you don’t want this.”

“I-I,” was all she could get out.

He smiled. “I thought so,” and then leaned
in and kissed her.


The kiss was so hot it stole the breath
right from Krista’s lungs. One minute she was fuming mad at Dean
and the next she was in his arms, clinging to him as his mouth
explored and devoured hers. Her hands flung around his wide back,
caressing his muscles up and down as his tongue tasted her mouth
and moved to her neck. His breathing was as shallow as hers, his
hands smoothing over every inch of her body from her shoulders down
to the curve of her ass.

His fingers sank into her ass and pulled in,
and she gasped as his hardness came into contact with her body. He
rubbed her body against his, making sure she felt his arousal. She
could barely breathe as desire flowed through her veins. “Dean,”
she moaned and he swallowed it, taking another kiss so deep that
she had to suck in air when he was done. His mouth attacked her
neck, kissing and sucking and licking until she was close to
begging him to take her.

“Krista,” he panted and let his fingers
sneak under her t-shirt, hissing when he found her breasts bare. “I
want you, Krista.”

She wanted him, too, and the time had passed
for her to deny it. Her body wanted his, her mouth longed to taste
him everywhere and her nipples wanted his sweet, hot kisses. She
said the only thing she could. “Yes.”

In the next second, Krista felt the cool air
touch her breasts, her stomach as her shirt went flying across the
library. His mouth and hands went to her breasts, kneading and
lavshing them until she cried out. “Dean!” Her hips rolled against
him, her body unashamed to beg for what her mouth would not. “Yes,”
she moaned when his hands and mouth switched positions. Her own
hands had a mind of their own, ripping his shirt open so buttons
flew through the air. Her hands were greedy to explore his body,
over the hard muscles of his chest, his abs, and oh god his back!
His body was hot and hard. Pulling her mouth from his, she kissed
and licked his body while her hands eagerly worked on opening his
pants. His hiss of pleasure made her smile as her tongue swiped
across first one nipple and then the other.

“You’re killing me, Krista.” His voice was
tight, gruff and full of need. She had never felt so feminine, so

She swallowed a groan when her small hand
wrapped around his hard length. It was warm and soft and hard, and
it was the best damn thing she’d ever held in her hands. Fisting
him tight, she stroked up and down, up and down until a hiss of
pleasure stole her concentration. She looked up at him, hair mussed
and golden muscles flexing under the opened shirt. “You are a
beautiful man.” She heard the reverence in her voice, but damn, he
was a sight to behold.

“I think that’s my line,” he chuckled and
made quick work of opening and removing her pants. “No Krista, you
are the beautiful one.”

He bent over and helped her out of her
pants, skimming his hands up her legs. He dipped his head in and
inhaled the sweet nectar wafting up from her feminine center. She
quivered and pulled a handful of his hair when his tongue made a
swipe, parting her folds for an all-too-brief kiss. “Oh god, Dean!”
She didn’t know what he was doing, but it felt incredible.

“You taste amazing, babe.” His hands
continued the path up her body, kissing a spot here and a spot
there before swiping his tongue across her lips. She squealed when
he palmed her bottom and lifted her up. Instinctively her legs
wrapped around his waist and her tongue was drawn to the pulse
beating in his neck. It was intoxicating.
intoxicating. His taste, his smell, the warmth that surrounded him
and the way he felt under her hands, her body.

“Dean, I-” her words were cut off when his
swollen tip slid inside. He moved slowly, slower than her body
wanted, but she was thankful. Despite his flaws, he was a gentleman
and he wanted it to be good for her. He pushed in inch by slow inch
and then he stopped. She would not let him stop until they were
both satisfied. “Dean,” she groaned and loosened her legs until the
weight of her body sank down and took the rest of him in. “Oh

Dean grunted as her tight warmth engulfed
him. She could see him struggling to take it easy on her, but she
didn’t come this far to let him give her half an experience. Krista
easily picked up his rhythm, her hips moving with his own. Beads of
sweat trickled down her back as his pace sped up, becoming more
frantic until some weird sensation took over her body. This was
nothing like the times she’d given herself pleasure. This was
mind-blowing, earth shattering. It was fucking explosive!

His thrusts were now rapidly pounding into
her tight sheath and she felt herself pulsing around him as he grew
thicker, harder. “Dean,” she growled. She couldn’t explain what was
happening, but she knew the orgasm was imminent and it would be
big. “Dean,” she moaned again in warning and then millions of
bursts of light went off behind her eyes and her body trembled
powerfully. She held onto Dean as the waves washed over her. He
thrust into her pulsating sheath, faster and faster until he
stilled and shook, emptying his seed inside her. “Oh!”

“Oh shit, Krista, that was incredible!” His
smile was bright as he struggled to catch his breath. “How in the
hell are you a virgin?”

“I was busy taking care of people,” she said
defensively. She pushed him away and slid down his body, ignoring
his words and reveling in the glow of what had just happened. “That
was amazing, Dean. Thank you.” She kissed his cheek and picked up
her clothes scattered around the library before slipping out and up
to her room.

As Krista tiptoed upstairs, she couldn’t
believe what she had just done. As fun and passionate and as
satisfying as the encounter was, the fact was that she had slept
with her boss. An arrogant billionaire who thought she was after
his vast fortune. God, could she make a worse decision right

Only time would tell.

Chapter Four

ean stood in the doorway of the
newly refurbished nursery while Krista and Angel played on the
plush mint green carpeting. At Krista’s urging, he had moved the
nursery to the empty room that connected with hers so they could
all be closer to Angel as she slept. He’d left everything up to
Krista, and while she had spent a tremendous amount of money, he
saw the bills and knew she’d gotten only what the baby needed. He
was surprised yet again that she hadn’t gone down to the city and
purchased everything from one of those trendy baby boutiques.
Instead, everything was beautiful and coordinated, but only the
armoire and dresser were high quality.

Normally he would have balked at the idea of
his child receiving less-than-excellent nursery furniture and toys,
but looking around he could see everything was sturdy and reliable,
soothing and appropriate for a baby’s room. She had done a good
job, and once again, she’d impressed him, which was good since she
didn’t seem to be too impressed with him lately. Days had passed
since their hot encounter in the library and he couldn’t stop
thinking about it, about how open she was then. He’d spent long
days in the office and the only thing he could focus on was the
beautiful flush of her skin when she reached her sexual peak, the
dark pink pebbled nipples that hardened under his touch. The scent
of her and the taste of her consumed his waking hours. But it was
nighttime that really tortured him. Her scent seemed to be
everywhere, forcing him into a cold shower or to take himself in
hand like a horny teenager. He needed her again or he was going to
lose it.

“I need more time.” He knew his voice
startled her because she and the baby jumped. He smiled and came to
sit on the floor beside Krista.

“More time for what?” She held the baby
close, cuddling her as she peered at him over Angel’s shoulder.

Krista didn’t mince words or use his words
to her advantage, and Dean was learning to appreciate that about
her. “I need you to stay longer because I haven’t had any time to
dedicate to Angel yet.” He looked at her but stroked the baby’s
soft cheek.

“I’ll think about it.”

“That’s it? What am I supposed to do if you
think about and decide not to stay?” Again those old insecurities
rose to the surface. What was her game?

“It’s already been almost two weeks and you
haven’t made any effort to spend time with Angel. You don’t know
how to change a diaper, make a bottle or even hold her.” To prove
her point, she thrust Angel in his arms and watched as he held her
awkwardly. “I give you more time and it’ll accomplish nothing. So
you make more of an effort with
child or you find
someone content to let you continue to ignore her.”

His sigh was resigned because he knew she
was right to call him on his bad parenting. He hadn’t spent much
time with Angel because he was so focused on his latest
acquisition. The sale contracts would be signed on Friday and then
he could focus on learning how to be a father. “I will make an
effort, I just need more time. The deal that has been distracting
me will be complete at the end of the week and then you both will
have my full attention.”

She frowned at his charming smile. “You see,
that’s the thing Dean, you can’t be a parent around your other
responsibilities. Angel should be your priority.”

Her disapproving stare got to him in a way
he didn’t think was possible. She managed to make him feel guilty
as though he’d come up short in her eyes without pissing him off.
He knew he was wrong, dammit, but he had other things on his mind.
“Can you cut me some slack, Krista, please?”

Krista shook her head as she stood, moving
Angel to the blonde wood changing table. “No Dean, I can’t. If I
don’t force you to do this now, who will later? Angel needs a
parent, not just a provider. If you can’t give her your time, then
why the hell do you even want her?” Her gaze never lifted to his
and he looked on as she made quick work of removing the dirty
diaper, cleaning her up and fitting a new one on the kicking,
smiling baby. “Much better, right?” She kissed Angel’s tummy,
making her squeal.

Watching them, Dean knew he needed to do
more for his daughter. He wasn’t worried about Krista taking her
because he had enough money that she’d never be able to challenge
him in court. But if it came to that, he’d lose Krista before he
was ready. “She’s my daughter.”

Leaning back in the matching wood rocking
chair, she fit Angel’s heart against her own and rubbed gentle
circles on her back. “Really? Have you gotten the DNA results to
confirm that? Because I seem to remember you being very doubtful of
mine and Angel’s motives where your money was concerned.”

She wouldn’t give him an inch, and for some
strange reason, he loved it. “I was an ass, okay?”

She nodded. “Be home at five every day,
spend one full weekend day with Angel and put her to bed every
night and I’ll stay.”

He looked at Krista, her look daring him to
disagree or attempt to negotiate. He nodded, “Okay, I can do

“No excuses, Dean.” Her tone was hard and he
knew she meant business. “I don’t want you calling at the last
minute to say you won’t be here, because when Angel is older, all
she’ll know is that you’re not here. She won’t care about the

Dean took in her words and remembered when
he and Rory learned of their parent’s deaths. The only thing he’d
thought about for days was that they’d left him because he was bad.
“Okay. I’m in.” He extended his hand and rather than shaking it,
she held him tight to help her stand and lay Angel in her crib.

He looked down at his sleeping daughter and
thought she really was an Angel. He couldn’t resist touching her,
rubbing her downy soft hair as she slept. “She’s so tiny.” His
words were reverent, and the more he looked at his daughter the
more connected he felt to her.

“Yes and she needs her father.”

“What about you Krista, what do you need?”
His look was intense and he fingered one of her wild curls,
twirling it around his finger playfully.

“I need more than an orgasm, Dean.” She
stepped away from him and he followed her down the stairs.

“So you want a relationship with me?”


He laughed at her quick denial. “Then what
do you want from me?” He didn’t like when women played games. and
he couldn’t figure out hers.

Turning so quickly her curls whipped around
her face, she swiped them away. “Nothing Dean. I want nothing from
you other than for you to be the father Angel needs.”

He followed her angry steps into the
kitchen. “Even after what happened in the library, you still deny
you want me?”

you, Dean, and it was
great. But that’s not what I’m looking for in life. I shouldn’t
have slept with you anyway!” She pulled out tons of ingredients
from the fridge and angrily slapped together a sandwich.

BOOK: Billionaire Romance: Christmas Surprise (Book One)
12.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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