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Best Food Writing 2015

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Best Food Writing


“What is so great about this annual series is that editor Holly Hughes curates articles that likely never crossed your desk, even if you're an avid reader of food content. Nearly every piece selected is worth your time.” —The Huffington Post

“There's a mess of vital, provocative, funny, and tender stuff . . . in these pages.” —
USA Today

“Some of these stories can make you burn with a need to taste what they're writing about.” —
Los Angeles Times

“The essays are thought-provoking and moving. . . . This is an absolutely terrific and engaging book. . . . There is enough variety, like a box of chocolates, that one can poke around the book looking for the one with caramel and find it.” —
New York Journal of Books

“Stories for connoisseurs, celebrations of the specialized, the odd, or simply the excellent.” —
Entertainment Weekly

“This book is a menu of delicious food, colorful characters, and tales of strange and wonderful food adventures that make for memorable meals and stories.” —

“This collection has something for connoisseurs, short story fans, and anyone hungry for a good read.” —
Library Journal

“Browse, read a bit, browse some more, and then head for the kitchen.” —
Hudson Valley News

“The finest in culinary prose is offered in this new anthology . . . these pages delight and inform readers with entertaining and provocative essays. . . . This book ultimately opens readers' eyes to honest, real food and the personal stories of the people behind it.” —
Taste for Life

“Longtime editor Hughes once again compiles a tasty collection of culinary essays for those who love to eat, cook, and read about food. . . . A literary trek across the culinary landscape pairing bountiful delights with plenty of substantive tidbits.” —
Kirkus Reviews

“A top-notch collection, Hughes brings together a wonderful mix that is sure to please the foodie in all of us.” —
San Francisco Book Review

“An exceptional collection worth revisiting, this will be a surefire hit with epicureans and cooks.” —
Publishers Weekly
, starred review

“If you're looking to find new authors and voices about food, there's an abundance to chew on here.” —
Tampa Tribune

“Fascinating to read now, this book will also be interesting to pick up a year from now, or ten years from now.” —

“This is a book worth devouring.” —
Sacramento Bee

“The cream of the crop of food writing compilations.” —
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The book captures the gastronomic zeitgeist in a broad range of essays.” —
San Jose Mercury News

“There are a few recipes among the stories, but mostly it's just delicious tales about eating out, cooking at home, and even the politics surrounding the food on our plates.” —

“The next best thing to eating there is.” —
New York Metro

“Spans the globe and palate.” —
Houston Chronicle

“The perfect gift for the literate food lover.” —
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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How to Make Carnitas That Will Fix Everything That's Wrong in Your Sad, Horrible Life,

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By David Leite

Mexico in Three Regrets,
from Chow

By John Birdsall

Beach Town,
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By Anthony Bourdain

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BOOK: Best Food Writing 2015
2.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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