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Chapter 6

It’s been days without a word from Parker Garrett. I guess I was right he got what he wanted and that’s that, except I can’t stop thinking about him and the way he touched me. I have never felt anything like that in my life. But then there’s Royce, he has been making an effort. He has texted and called me every morning when I wake and every night after I get off work. He has shocked me, not once has he said anything bad about my job. It has been the opposite. Royce claims that the thought of me in my work get up turns him on to no end.

Take today’s text for instance it reads.

Royce: The thought of all those men getting to see you dressed up looking so sexy and mysterious kills me. I don’t want them dreaming of you or touching you, but I know realize that I should have never doubted you. I should have had more faith in us.

Ps I love you.

How can I ignore that? I feel like my heart and my head are having an internal tug of war over what I want vs. what I need. I know Royce can make me happy and like I said Parker is nothing non other than a man whore.

Me: Pick me up at 4 the fight starts at
5:30. I figure you can treat me to dinner before it starts. xx

Royce: You won’t regret this Kings. I’m going to make you happy just you wait and see.

“You still coming to my fight?” Kline takes up the seat across from me on the other end of the sofa.

“I’ll be there after my date.” I smirk and toss a throw pillow his way. “Speaking of dates, what’s up with you and Tiffany?” Kline gives me his annoyed face. I know what that means, he’s over it. And see, that is why I can’t worry about Parker, he is like Kline. They get one thing and then they move on to the next.

“I don’t know. She got all weird and clingy acting like we was exclusive. I felt like she was smothering me. You know how I get.”

I frown but don’t press him any further. There’s no point in it. “I hope you know what you’re doing with Royce. That guys a real dick.”

“Well that dick happens to love your sister, so get over it.”

“Please don’t ever say the words dick and sister together in a sentence ever again.”

“As long as you promise to cut Royce some slack.”

“I tell you no lie, I won’t promise but I will try not to co-cock him.”

“Suppose that will do for now.” I get up and start getting ready for my date.

I can’t believe I am going to give Royce a chance but I don’t see any other guys beating down my door either. Especially not Parker Garrett. I guess he will be a secret I keep hidden down deep in my heart. I’ve got to get that man out of my head. It’s not fair for me to be with Royce while dreaming of another man. When I’m with Royce I feel like me. With Parker— that man makes me want things… dirty things.

Now I need to get dolled up for Royce. I would call Tiffany and ask for her help, but I don’t think she’d be up for it considering Kline just dropped her like a bad habit. I knew he’d do it too. So I call Sug instead.

I probably should be grilling Kline about Charlie and how many more fights it’s going to take to get him out of the hole this time but I don’t have the energy. I’m trying to be excited for my date with Royce even though I am perturbed about his telling my brother we are back together. No decision has been made regarding that.

Sug is here I can hear her making a fuss over Kline being shirtless in the living room. “Sug, come on back I’m in my room.”

“Sorry girl, I couldn’t get away from that fine brother of yours. He should come with a warning label.” I roll my eyes at her. I get it my brother is good looking, but I don’t need to hear it constantly. I wonder if this is how he feels when the guys rag on him at the gym about me.

“So tell me about this date, who is he and where is he taking you?”

“Don’t hurt me, it’s Royce and he is taking me to dinner and the fight.”

“Nuh uh girl I know you must have hit your head. Royce. What the hell is you thinking.” Sug has her arms crossed and is acting standoffish.

“I’ll tell you about it later but right now I need you to work your magic.”

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“I know that’s what they all say,” I wink and she smacks the top of my head as I take a seat at my vanity so she can do my hair.

She twists a braid around the top of my head like a headband and puts the rest of my hair in a beautiful French twist. “That should hold up nice and tight for tonight too.” She showers me in hairspray. “But I don’t know what we can do about your face,” she laughs and I nudge her in the rib.

An hour later I look and feel amazing. Sug left with the promise that I’d give her full details at work later tonight. I have on a plum a-line dress with a deep v in the front and back of my torso paired with my favorite wedge sandals. “Kline, can you help me with my bracelet?” I ask him as I put my diamond studs in my ears.

“Sure. Whoa sis, you look like a woman.” Kline is staring at me like I just grew a third head.

“I’d hope dear brother of mine that I have always looked like a woman.”

He shakes his head and makes me promise I’ll be cheering him on tonight. Tonight he has to win. He wants me there so I can use my twin tuition to send him good vibes. I forgot to ask who he is going up against, too late now he’s already gone and Royce will be here at any moment. I check my bag to make sure I have everything I will need for work tonight.

There a stern knock on the door, Royce is a few minutes early. I open the door to find Parker standing on the other side. Before I am over of my initial shock, Parker speaks. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“I’m sorry I just wasn’t expecting you. I’m actually headed out. I have a date,” the word date getting stuck in my throat.

“A date,” he rolls the word around on his tongue like it has a bitter taste. What did he expect? Did he think I would be here waiting for him to show up and sweep me off my feet? I’m a big dreamer but I am impatient. I want what I want when I want it. I’m a little pissed with him, but I can’t deny how good he looks. As much as I’d like to pull him forward by his tie and take him into my room and explore his body with my tongue for hours, I have a date to go on.

“Yeah dinner and a fight.”

“My apologies, some other time then.”

“Yeah, I’ll be in touch.” I close the door in his face before he even has time to respond. Rude of me I know, but I can’t have Royce showing up and seeing Parker Garrett at my door. I keep forgetting that I don’t owe either Royce or Parker a thing. There is just this chemistry between Parker and me, but I feel like it’s more than just lust. Royce is safe. I know him and what to expect from him.

I can hear Royce revving the engine of his mustang downstairs. Grabbing my bag I lock the door and bump into him halfway down the stairs. “Here let me take your bag, I’ll put in my trunk.”

He looks nice for our date. He is actually wearing a dress shirt with jeans but he makes them jeans look good. I can’t help but check out his ass as he walks down the stairs. “Hey,” he shouts over his shoulder to me. “Did I just see the same corvette that Kline dented with my head pull out of here?”

“No idea, this is Vegas imagine how many yellow corvettes there are in this city.”

“Yeah,” he puts my bag in the trunk and comes back around to the passenger side to open my door for me. “You look good enough to eat.” Royce takes my hand and kisses it slowly. He is really laying it on thick— a little too thick.

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

He slides into his seat and takes a hold of my hand, making me blush with his romantic attempts. “Did you pack clothes to sleep over at my place? I figured I can pick you up after work or you can drop me at home after the fight and take my car.” And there’s the Royce I know and somewhat love.

“No I plan on sleeping in my bed. ALONE. I’m here with you now so let’s just take it slow. I’m not ready to rush back into anything immediately.”

“Okay, no pressure.” He turns out of the lot and heads for a familiar place, the Italian restaurant he asked me to be official with him at. Could he be more obvious? Royce is making me a little nervous with the way he keeps staring at me like he is just seeing me for the first time, and I am still on edge over Parker showing up at my door. I haven’t even begun to process my thoughts on his unscheduled visit. And how did he find my address? Probably the same place he found my real name.

We are seated at the restaurant and I decide to have some wine to help loosen me up. Royce deserves my full attention. “Hey you okay, you seem far off lost in thought perhaps?”

“I’m worried about Kline.”

“Yeah he’s pitted against Brent Miller. That guy is a real animal. Kline is going to have to be careful. I heard once that he put his sparring partner in a coma.”

“Jeez thanks a lot, now I don’t know if I can eat.”

“You know I’m never one to sugar coat. Just keeping it real.”

“Yeah I know. It’s not just this fight though. He’s helping Charlie again.” Royce takes my hand in his offering the little comfort he can give me right now. I don’t even have to explain the situation to Royce he already knows all about Charlie and his misgivings.

“How deep is he in?”


“THOUSAND! Jesus Kingsley, what in the hell was Charlie thinking?” His outburst grabs the attention of everyone in the dining room.

“Keep your voice down. I don’t know, but whatever it was Kline is paying the price.”

“You know I don’t have to tell you that if people find out that Kline is working the fights he’s going to end up with a lot more than a bloody lip and black eye.”

“I know but it’s the Garretti brothers.” It doesn’t escape my attention that Royce’s spin stiffened at the mention of their name. He’s probably just as scared of them as the rest of Las Vegas. You don’t live or work in Sin City and not fear their name.

They are the Mob— you don’t fuck with them or most importantly their money. “Have they threatened you?”

“I don’t know. Kline says that if he doesn’t get the money, they will come after me or my mom to prove a point to Charlie.”

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” Our conversation is interrupted with the delivery of our dinner. I spend a good portion of the meal stabbing my cheese ravioli with my fork and pretending to take bites so I don’t have to talk about Charlie.



I was going to tell her everything tonight, but then she told me about Kline and Charlie. I knew this would happen. I’ve always known Charlie was scum, but Kline is a good guy. The Garretti brothers are bad news. If Charlie doesn’t pay them, they will make him wish he never looked their way. I just hope that Kline knows what he is doing. I’d hate to see him ruin his chances of ever going pro. Kingsley needs to know what Parker is to me. I know she lied to my face tonight about his car, unless he was spying on her and she doesn’t know him. Fuck I hate this. I have so much I want to say to her, but if I tell her everything too soon it could ruin everything.

Chapter 7

By the time we make it to the warehouse where the fights are held there is barely a parking space left. Looks like this Brent fellow brings an enormous crowd. I tuck my cell phone in my bra. I’m not risking taking my purse inside with a crowd like this. Royce opens my door for me and once I am out of the car he presses my back up against the door. He goes in for a kiss but I turn and give him my cheek. I’m not feeling into it right now.

“Come on Kingsley, you used to love my lips…my tongue…” He presses himself against me further.

“Royce the fight, remember? And I said SLOW.” With a frustrated sigh he backs off but still takes me by the hand.

Inside the warehouse is insane. Since we were late to arrive we have to stand in the back. I usually get here earlier enough with Kline to get a seat up front. I try to look around to catch a glimpse of my brother but he’s nowhere to be seen. I always wish him good luck. I have an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Discreetly I take out my phone and try sending him a text. I don’t get a response from him, but there is no need for one when I see him making his way through the crowd for me and Royce.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to make it.”

“Show him what you’re made of man.” Royce clamps Kline on the shoulder in a show of his support.

“Thanks man.” I never thought I’d see the day my brother and Royce would actually be civil. Maybe hell has frozen over. Weren’t they trying to kill each other not to long ago?

“Kick some ass brother,” I give him a quick peck on the cheek and pray that my brother walks away from this fight. I watch worriedly as he enters the octagon cage. I grow even more nervous when I see the size of the guy he is about to go toe to toe with.

Brent ‘The Killer’ Miller is huge compared to Kline. What in the hell is my brother thinking? This guy stands a good 6’2 and weighs at least 280 pounds of pure muscle. The crowd has erupted in a chant, ‘killer Miller’ they scream making my pulse race with fear. I can feel it, Kline is scared or worried. I need to get my emotions in check and send him some kick ass vibes.

“Ladies and Gentlemen there seems to have been a mix up in the order of tonight’s fights. The first match of the night is
Taylor ‘The Hawk’ Hawkins and Bobby ‘Rampage’ Moore.” The crowd lets out some boos but I am relieved to see my brother walk out of the ring unscathed for now.

My phone vibrates inside my bra. I excuse myself to the bathroom so I can check it without Royce looking over my shoulder. Once I am out of his sight I pull my phone out to see I have a text from a number I don’t recognize.

Unknown: Next time we meet I am going to bend that ass over until you are begging me—to go deeper and harder until you feel me in your throat. Parker

Heat flames between my thighs at his words and a blush creeps downs my cheeks and over my shoulders down to my chest.

Me: Is that a promise xx

I wait for a minute to see if he is going to reply, but there is nothing. I make my way into the bathroom and brace my hands against the sink. A part of me can’t believe he really just said that to me. I know nothing about him other than what I have either read or heard through gossip and yet he has such an effect on me. The bathroom door slams shut and I hear the clicking of the lock. Before I can even look over to see who’s entered the bathroom a hand is clamped over my mouth and an arm is wrapped around my waist. My survival instinct kicks in and tears well up in the corners of my eyes, until I look to see Parker standing behind me with a mask of determination on his face. I was sure the Garretti brothers were here to make good on Charlie’s debt.

He releases the hand he is holding over my mouth and presses me into the counter while whispering, “I promise” against the back of my neck. I try and squeeze my knees together. I’m afraid my arousal is so wet and heated it is going to run down my thighs. My panties are coated with my want for him to deliver his words. With his free hand he lightly rubs his fingers down my arm while placing a single kiss at the v in the back of my dress. My knees go weak at the sensation of his lips making contact with my bare skin.

“Parker,” I moan his name as my head rolls back to a rest on his shoulder. Parker doesn’t speak. He goes down behind me on his knees and lifts the skirt of my dress. He traces the outline of my silk panties with his tongue skillfully.

“Tell me you want me Kingsley. Tell me that you should have cancelled your date the moment I knocked on your door today,” he bites the left cheek of my ass through my panties and the only thing I can think is I wish he would take them off and fuck me already. “Say it,” he bites me again but with more force causing me to bite down on my lower lip.

“Please Parker, take me. Rip my panties off and fuck me.” He rubs his hands up my thighs and pushes them apart. With one finger he crooks my panties to the side. Taking his other hand he pinches my clit. Parker takes his time sliding my panties down my legs. After I step out of them he places them in his pocket.

“I think I’ll hold on to these.” My phone begins vibrating I am sure it is Royce wondering where I have disappeared to.

“Next time you’ll’ invite me in.” And with that I am alone in the bathroom.

“Hell,” I whisper to myself and pick my phone up from the sink. “Hello,” I answer Royce’s call trying not to let him hear how shaky my voice is.

“Where are you, you okay?” Royce sounds panicked on the other end of the line.

“Sorry, I think the pasta upset my stomach. I started feeling queasy but I think I am better now. I didn’t miss Kline’s fight did I?”

“No, you sure don’t want me to take you home?”

“Yeah,” I hang up with him after assuring him for the fifth time that I am fine. Lying to him causes me to feel horrible and I feel like the worst date for almost fucking Parker Garrett in the bathroom of all places. But my body—my body is still craving for that man to march back in here and finish what he started.

I right myself and make my way back through the crowd and hope no one notices that I am now wearing one less article of clothing. I really liked those panties. I begin feeling angry. How dare Parker think he can follow me out on my date and show up and attack my senses like that! I’m not some bathroom slut or plaything he can do as he wishes with anytime he pleases.

‘”You okay,” Royce gives me a gentle hug and swipes a finger across my cheek. “Don’t worry about Kline; he’s going to be fine.” I feel so angry and guilty. My brother’s impending win is the last thing I am thinking about. “Besides if he doesn’t win, it looks like he has a whole entourage ready to make sure he is nursed back into shape.” Royce points in my brother’s direction on the other side of the ring and he looks like he is having the time of his life surrounded by a group of scantily clad dressed women. Good thing Tiffany isn’t here.

My phone vibrates and at this point I could rip someone’s arm off I am so frustrated.

Parker: Feeling tense?

Me: Never better, my date and I are having an awesome time thank
s to you getting me warmed up. xx

There take that Parker! I bet he doesn’t feel so sure of himself now. I don’t have any intention on sleeping with Royce tonight, but Parker doesn’t need to know that.

My phone buzzes again.

Parker: Don’t make me carry you out of here caveman style over my shoulder

Me: Fuck off

I know I am playing with fire, but he just makes me so angry. I turn my phone completely off and focus all of my attention to the center of the ring as my brother takes his corner. I take all the hurt and anger I am feeling towards Parker and channel it to my brother and hope my emotions fuel his fire to drop his opponent like his last girlfriend— precisely and skillfully like a ninja. I hope Kline takes him down before the guy knows what’s hit him.


My brother’s face looks beaten to a bloody pulp, he is staggering inside the cage like a drunk. I turn my head and bury it into Royce’s chest as Kline drops down on one knee. I know they won’t stop the fight, that’s not how these guys operate. The chant starts out low and barely audible but I can hear people cheering Kline on. Royce strokes my hair while tears roll down my cheeks; I can’t watch my brother’s demise. But then I hear the MC announce winning by TKO fighting out of the red corner, Kline ‘The Hit Man’ Marcum.

“He won,” I look up at Royce questioningly.

“Your brother just put up one hell of a fight. People are going to be talking about his come back for weeks.” I kiss Royce on the mouth I am so excited. I don’t waste anytime leaving his side and running towards the entrance of the cage as my brother makes his exit.

“I am so proud of you!” He picks me up getting blood on my arms and on my dress but right now I don’t even care. My brother just kicked the shit out of that guy. I look at his opponent lying in the center of the ring as his trainer brings him to. “How…I missed…I couldn’t watch.”

“He had me sis, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I dropped down on my knee trying to catch my breath. I thought he was going to finish me, but I thought about you and mom. I couldn’t lose. I used everything in me and swung myself around and landed a drop kick right square against his chin.”

I leave my brother to the crowd that is forming around him and find Royce leaning against the wall by the exit for me. “You need to get cleaned up. You can’t go into work looking like that.”

“Yeah, can we run by your place so I can freshen up? I have extra clothes in my bag.”

“Yeah, let’s go. It’s going to be a bitch to get out of this lot.”



She blew me off for him. How dare she…I knew they had a connection. I just didn’t realize how strong of a connection. But I fixed her. She will be spending the rest of their date thinking about me. And I know she works tonight so he will be going home alone. She will be mine by the end of the night.

BOOK: Beautiful Lover
7.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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