Apocalypse in the Homeland: The Adventures of John Harris

BOOK: Apocalypse in the Homeland: The Adventures of John Harris
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Apocalypse in the Homeland


The Adventures of John Harris








A J Newman






This book is dedicated to my beautiful wife of over thirty years.


Thanks to Wes Newman for being a great sounding board for many of the ideas in this novel.


Thanks to my golf buddies who duck and look to see if the CIA or NSA is watching when I bounce the plots off of them.


Thanks to Carole Lewis and Christie Jenkins for beta reading, proofreading and editing.




Copyright © 2015 Anthony J Newman. All rights reserved.




ISBN 978-0-9912334-5-8







This book is a work of fiction. All events, names characters and places are the product of the author’s imagination and/or used as a fictitious event. That means that I thought up this whole book from my imagination and nothing in it is true.

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The Adventures of John Harris:

A series about post-apocalyptic America.







America is in a morale decline and losing a war with drug gangs and illegal immigrants inside our country. Islamic terrorists across the world are terrorizing most countries. They probably have numerous sleeper cells already established in the states. Three nuclear EMP blasts would send us back to post-apocalyptic dark ages. We are also in decline, thanks to the poor stewardship of our elected officials for the past 25 years. My story just takes what our enemies and our politicians are currently doing to destroy the USA and expands on these misdeeds.


Apocalypse in the Homeland
is a novel that continues the story that tells how John Harris leads a group of survivors through the chaos of a country that has fallen apart.

The US president and a coalition of third world leaders have launched a major nuclear and EMP attack on all of the major powers and killed over 100 million Americans. The USA is in chaos with criminals and thugs attacking innocent citizens, while John and his team fight the corrupt Department of Homeland Security and the president.

John leads the people from a major part of the old USA and most of the remaining US military in building a new country, the Independent States of America. The USA immediately begins attacking the new country along with attacks from drug lords based in Mexico.

In the last book,
Revenge in the Homeland
, the ISA has just delivered major blows to the USA’s military and corrupt politicians in retaliation for a series of devastating attacks on the ISA.

John and his team were kidnapped, but crashed in Wyoming while overpowering their abductors. They are thought to be dead. He quickly makes the best of the situation and decides to annex the Northwest ahead of schedule. He only has to kill a few thousand gang members and wannabe dictators. No big hill to climb for John. Everyone else in the ISA is worried about rescuing John; however, John has never felt like he needed to be rescued.


I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them. I had only planned for five total books and I have begun writing another Post-Apocalyptic series along with a murder mystery series, so I’m not sure if there will be any more yarns about John and his team. Thanks to my readers for allowing me to share my imagination with you and remember to recommend this series to your friends.


A J Newman










Chapter 1

Tall Tales
Smyrna, Tennessee



Josh looked around the hospital room and almost had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He had only been in the ISA for a few weeks and had helped save one of its founding fathers from an assassination attempt, found the love of his life and gotten shot twice.

Josh was a reporter from the USA and had been in Tennessee interviewing John Harris, the ex-president of the ISA, about the early days of the ISA. Josh had taken two bullets that probably would have killed John and his daughter, Jenn, during an attempt on John’s live.

A Mexican drug lord had sent a team of assassins into the ISA to kill John and as many family members as possible. Josh was pinned down with John, Beth and Jenn in a barn during the attack. They killed many of the attackers, but were vastly outnumbered. Scott Harris, the current President of the ISA, led a team that came to their rescue and killed all of the attackers except the leader, who was tried, convicted and executed after giving up the name of the man who paid them.

Josh and Jenn fell in love and are to be married after Josh recovers from his wounds. John was sitting beside him telling him more about the fight to build the ISA.


Beth and Jenn were off in a corner making wedding plans and John was in the middle of the story about his adventure in Wyoming and the North West when Scott Harris, John’s son and current President of the ISA, walked into the room.

“Well, look what the cat drug in. Apparently this hospital doesn’t have much in the way of security.”

“They aren’t too picky about who they’ll let occupy a bed in this hospital. Real sick people are trying to get in and this slacker keeps hanging around taking up valuable resources.”

Josh replied, “Mr. President, that would hurt my already bullet-riddled body even more if I thought you weren’t kidding.”

“You only got a couple of scratches and you have everybody feeling sorry for you. What lies is the old man telling you about Wyoming? You know that he only has half of the story. My team had to travel over a thousand miles fighting the bad guys all the way and enduring many hardships just to rescue his ass.”

“Gus and you were the only ones that kept looking for us. The others put up a plaque in a park that said 'John Harris lies here'.”

Beth spoke up, “John went berserk when he found out about that plaque. He went to the park and pissed on it. He was going to demolish it, but I talked him into leaving it alone so he could rub it in on the ones who gave up on us. Josh, please don’t mention pissing on the plaque in the story.”

John said, “Josh, you tell them about the plaque. I want everyone to know the whole story.”

“I knew Dad was too hard-headed to die from a plane crash. I was worried about the rest of you though. Has Dad told you about his girlfriend up in Montana and his new family? I’ll bet he doesn’t.”

“Damn, Scott, don’t stir that shit. Beth still holds that against me every chance she gets. What you need to know is about many brave people who kicked the drug gangs and thugs out of the North Western states.”

Josh propped himself up and said, “I want to hear about rescuing John, but I also want to hear about the loss of Israel and how they rose back up from the nuclear ashes. Hey, I almost forgot. What’s being done about the people who tried to kill you and wounded me?”

“There’s plenty of time for that, but I want you to make sure that everyone knows that John Harris did not need to be rescued. I’ll tell you the true story, not some campaign BS that Scott used to get elected as the hero that saved John Harris.”

Scott threw a towel at John and called his father several names.




President Harris met with his Cabinet and Joint Chiefs to discuss the imminent threat to the ISA from the USA and her allies. The USA and UN had completed phase one of building stealth boats armed with nuclear bombs. Their plan was to run the boats up into the waterways of the major ISA coastal cities that harbored the Navy and detonate the bombs.               They would also launch nuclear missiles aimed at the major landlocked cities to deliver a knockout punch to the ISA. They knew there would be a nuclear counterattack, but their leaders would be hidden in secret bunkers far away from the action.


“Mr. President, we have had a major breakthrough. Israeli intelligence has found the location of three bunkers for the Leaders of the USA and UN. Wilton, her staff and her Joint Chiefs are traveling to it as we speak. The same for the other world leaders and UN personnel who are plotting to nuke us again.”

“Where are they and how much time do we have?"

“The USA has a bunker in Alaska, north of Juneau and one below Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. The UN bunker is at the Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen, Norway. They thought no one would suspect that it would be a secure location.”

“Mr. President, may I offer a peaceful suggestion?”

“Go ahead.”

“If we publish the location of the hideouts, they would catch hell from their loyal followers and they wouldn’t dare attack us if they know that we can kill all of them.”

“Joint Chiefs, Cabinet and staff, what do you think of that idea?”

Gus spoke up first, “Bullshit is what I say. Those bastards will just regroup and find a way to nuke us next year. We have to cut the head of the snake off once and for all.”

There was a round of cheers and everyone else agreed with the Secretary of Defense.

“Team, I want a revised plan to take out all of the USA’s and UN’s nukes and their leadership ASAP. They can attack us as early as five days from now.”





BOOK: Apocalypse in the Homeland: The Adventures of John Harris
11.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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