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King George sighed deeply, noted the fire in her eyes and simple honesty to her words. His anger ebbed; he could not help but admire her spirit. “I would choose your painful honesty over another’s soothing lies any day.”

Katrina remained silent.

“Your sudden confession the night of the ball shocked me, and made me angry at your deceit. I hope you were not terribly uncomfortable in the tower?” The King’s words were tinged with remorse, and Katrina turned curious eyes to him, realizing he had come close to apologizing to her.

“I have been in worse places, my lord.”

Her answer did nothing to ease the guilt he felt, not just from allowing his anger to control him and send her to the tower, but for making her marry Randolph Langsford. His decision had nearly cost Katrina her life, and did not rest well on his conscience. Silent a moment, he pondered these notions, but voiced his next question out loud. “You married Randolph, knowing the danger it put you in. Why?”

Blue eyes as dark as the night sky looked at the King. “I gave you my word to abide by your decision. I could not go against a given promise.”

“You are an honorable woman, but a foolish one,” King George mused sadly.

“What am I without honor?” questioned Katrina evenly.

The King knew what he must do, his own guilt for his part in her years of suffering leading him to be merciful.

“Come,” he demanded, and Katrina followed. They entered a large room, crowded with people, each bowing low as their King made his way to his throne. A hush came over the people as they waited for his judgment of Katrina Easton.

The King cleared his throat and began.

“I am faced today with a grave decision. Katrina Easton is charged with crimes she has committed against the Crown as the Angel in Black. Since her sudden confession, London has been besieged with people coming in support of their lady. They crowd the streets and chant her name, claiming her crimes were committed for their sake and not her own. In addition to the obvious support and love of the people, I have had a barrage of confessions from others who have admitted to knowing her identity, and by keeping her secret they are considered accomplices to her crimes.”

Shocked, Katrina’s eyes met Blake’s and she felt sick. But standing next to him was several people dear to her and she knew they had all come forward to confess as well. Trevor Wilde, David Greerson, Ryon, Rebecca, John, Jake, Jenny and Chin Li. In the crowd behind them she spotted Father Murray, Tom, Charlie, and other familiar faces from Tattershall. Desperate, she turned to the King and pleaded.

“They had nothing to do with my actions, except to try and dissuade me from my purpose. And you know full well, I do as I please. I beg you, sire, do not consider their foolishness!”

“I see you are willing to beg for their sakes, but not for your own.”

Without hesitation, Katrina answered, “They are innocent — I am not.”

Considering this, The King spoke again.

“The situation is this — I have a beautiful, headstrong lady who has robbed my subjects. Yet, the officer, whose commission was to capture the Angel, asks the lady be pardoned. I have numerous accomplices, including a priest. And last, but not least, I have throngs of people surrounding me who love and cherish this woman … and I cannot deny having developed a fondness for her as well. Considering all of these things, and most importantly, what I feel in my heart, I have come to a decision. Katrina Easton, you are given full pardon for your crimes and shall be free to go. But I warn you, do not ever make me regret my decision, for I shall not be so forgiving a second time.”

A cheer went up from the crowd and Katrina bowed graciously to her King. “I thank you for your compassion.”

He smiled and replied, “And I thank you, child … for your honesty.”

Without further hesitation, Katrina ran to Blake’s open arms. They laughed with relief as he twirled her about joyfully. He proceeded to kiss her, long and passionate, the crowd cheering as feelings of elation vibrated throughout the streets of London — their Angel was free.


for joy and celebration in Tattershall. Blake and Katrina stood together, hand in hand, accepting the best wishes of the people. Earlier, with all their dearest friends and family present, Katrina Easton and Blake Roberts were married in the small church by Father Murray. Dressed in a simple gown made by the women of the village, her sapphire jewels her only adornment; Katrina looked more beautiful than ever. Happiness and love shone in her eyes as she looked into Blake’s.

Blake squeezed her hand and leaned down to whisper in her ear, Jason squirming happily in his father’s arms.

“I love you, little one.”

Katrina smiled up at him, “I love you, Blake — more than life itself.”

Their lips met in a soft, delicate kiss, the tenderness reflecting all trials passed, their love bringing them together at last.


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Fela Dawson Scott writes as Brit Darby with fellow author and friend Patricia McAllister. Currently available from the writing team:
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, a medieval historical; and
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, a romantic historical fantasy.


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BOOK: Angel in Black
6.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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