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s Desire

Copyright © 2014

Authored by
Krysten Raine

Edited by Kathryn Kaye



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Printed in the Unites States. January 2014.


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First Edition.


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                    Content Warning

This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters, explicit language, drug use and violence. It is intended for adult readers only. By purchasing this book, you are agreeing that you are of appropriate age to read this material.



Table of Contents

Chapter One: Alyssa's New Job

Chapter Two: Awakening Desire

Chapter Three: The Ex-Wife

Chapter Four: Bail Denied

Chapter Five: New Hope

Chapter Six: Regret

Chapter Seven: Casual Sex

Chapter Eight: European Delight

Chapter Nine: Romantic Encounters

Chapter Ten: Barnes Behind Bars

Chapter Eleven: The Road to Recovery

Chapter Twelve: Payback

Chapter Thirteen: A Murderous Connection

Chapter Fourteen: Hot Hotel Sex 

Chapter Fifteen: Secrets Revealed

Chapter Sixteen: Needle of Death

Chapter Seventeen: Bittersweet

Chapter Eighteen: The Firm Falls

Chapter Nineteen: Sheer Elegance

Chapter Twenty: A Proposition

Chapter Twenty-One: Recovery

Chapter Twenty-Two: A Paris Wedding


Chapter One: Alyssa's New Job

Alyssa drew in a deep breath as she looked herself over in the mirror. Nervous anticipation gnawed at the pit of her stomach. Today was her first day at her new paralegal job at Coleman, Patters and Schleicher, Attorneys at Law. She was apprehensive to say the least. Coleman, Patters and Schleicher was a very prominent firm that handled high profile cases and catered to the wealthier clientele of New York City.  Alyssa was worried about making a good impression, even though she knew that she would be one of hundred or more legal assistants who would go relatively unnoticed from day to day in a firm of this magnitude.      

Alyssa had never worked for a major law firm before. She was downright lucky to get the position, seeing as her only real experience came from the first job she had after college. Alyssa had worked for a brief time as a legal secretary for a small time personal injury lawyer. She hated that job with a passion, mostly because she thought her previous boss was a joke. He was an overbearing, over controlling lump of a man, whose breath and feet reeked with such intensity that Alyssa had a hard time just being in the same room with him. He was chronically disorganized and he literally had no idea what he was doing in terms of practicing law. Alyssa was not surprised at all that he lost far more cases than he won. It seemed to her that the only time he did manage to win a case was when the client's injuries were so vast, or when negligence was so abundantly clear, that the other side chose to settle rather than take their chances in court.

    As if her job didn't suck enough, Alyssa's old boss
had a particularly obnoxious habit of coming onto Alyssa and indicating time and time again that she would lose her job if she failed to succumb to his advances. The mere thought of him sweating all over her, made her want to vomit. Besides, the pay was lousy and the work was mind numbingly boring. It didn't take long for her to realize that it wasn't worth her time or the crap she had to put up with. Alyssa started looking for other work after only being there for two months.

When Alyssa first saw the classified ad for paralegals at Coleman, Patters and Schleicher; she dismissed it because she thought she was chronically under qualified for the position. She did possess the necessary Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies degree and she was certified as both a paralegal and as a legal secretary in the state of New York. However with her limited job experience she didn't think she had much of a chance. Still though, the ad stuck in the back of her mind. The listed starting pay was four times her current salary and they offered full benefits. Right now Alyssa was struggling to make ends meet and she had no health or dental insurance. The idea of sitting at the free clinic if she needed a doctor was scarier than facing illness or injury on her own. So after much hesitation, Alyssa finally decided to take a chance and apply.

Alyssa was pleasantly surprised when she got called in for an interview. She prepared the best that she could and she approached the task with confidence and pride in her skills and abilities. During the interview she highlighted her educational accomplishments, including her 4.0 GPA and her memberships in several distinguished honor societies. She talked about taking a job after graduation that she felt was not right for her and that she was looking for an opportunity to continue learning and honing her skills as a paralegal. Her words must have impressed the interviewer, or perhaps the firm was just desperate for help. In any case, Alyssa landed the job and she happily told her old boss to "kiss it" as she packed up her things and left his office for good. Alyssa couldn't be happier with her decision, as this was her shot at actually having a career, rather than just a job.

Having a real career and making a life for herself had become increasingly important to Alyssa over the last few years. She had grown up poor, mostly due to her mother's drinking and drug habits and the fact that her father had left them when she was young. He had found another woman that was exciting enough that it was worth abandoning Alyssa and her mother. The truth is that Alyssa didn't really blame her father for leaving with her mother's constant state of inebriation and outward indifference to everyone around her. Nonetheless, Alyssa was bitter that her father cared so little for her that he never even bothered to call or so much as write her a letter.  Needless to say he never sent any money or anything, leaving Alyssa to basically fend for herself. She would always hate him for leaving her like that, but his absence had made her stronger and left her with an unrelenting sense of determination.  She went to college right after high school, hoping to gain the skills she would need to make it on her own. Today she would start on a path that would hopefully make all of her work and lifelong suffering worthwhile.

So here Alyssa was, staring at her own reflection trying to make sure that she looked both professional and attractive. Not that Alyssa had any problems in that department. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. She was about medium height and thin with shoulder length brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had full, pouty lips and plump, tight breasts that allowed her to catch her fair share of attention. Today she wasn't trying to win any beauty contests though. She wanted to look serious and professional but she also wanted to look like the women on the legal television shows that she watched. They were all pretty and desirable and the idea of being like that in real life was part of the appeal for Alyssa. It added to her fantasy of an exciting and fast paced career at a big time law firm in Manhattan. So she viewed her reflection in hopes that she could look the part.

    She wore a semi tight gray skirt that rested about two inches above her knee and had a small slit in the back. Her silk, cream colored blouse was neatly tucked into the skirt and complemented with a black belt. She had a blazer that matched the
skirt and a long silver necklace that rested gently between her supple breasts. Her hair was tied back into a bun and she wore black framed glasses that matched her belt, her purse and her black high heels. A pair of matching silver earrings completed the look. She was pleased that she looked nice, especially considering that she spent her entire savings and maxed out her credit card buying new work clothes. She knew she needed to look good though and going to work in jeans and a t-shirt was not an option for a place like Coleman, Patters and Schleicher.

Satisfied with her appearance, Alyssa grabbed her purse, her briefcase and her keys and she left her apartment in Brooklyn for the Seventh Avenue Express. Alyssa had a car but the subway was the most convenient way to get to the firm from Alyssa's apartment. There was a station just right down the road from where she lived and she could get off on Chambers Street, and head almost directly to the firm from the stop. Still the subway made Alyssa a bit nervous when she was alone and dressed nicely. It was like asking to get robbed. Crime was always a concern for New Yorkers. That was just a part of life in The Big Apple. So, to be on the safe side, Alyssa kept pepper spray in her hand and she made it a point not to make eye contact with the other passengers.

    Today it was a little more challenging for Alyssa to keep her gaze down when an attractive but dangerous looking couple entered the subway car. The man was tall with a shaved head and several menacing tattoos that covered most of his body. He
wore blue jeans and a white tank top with vertical stripes that showed off his muscular physique. The woman dressed provocatively with a black leather top that barely covered her large, full breasts. It was adorned with small straps of leather that were held together at her waist, leaving her with a v-line that extended all the way down. The top was cut short exposing her pierced navel and then a matching black leather mini skirt and black thigh-high heeled boots completed her outfit. Her long, platinum blonde hair provided a striking contrast to the rich, dark color of her clothing. When the couple walked past Alyssa, the man turned to look at her. He gave her a slight nod of his head and a crooked smile, and then he licked his lips and winked at his partner. The woman smiled back at him and then she flashed a similar smile at Alyssa before they both sat down on the seat directly across from her.

    Alyssa retuned their smiles with a nervous one of her own and then she pretended to read through some papers that were in her briefcase. It was difficult not to stare at the wild couple though, because they started making ou
t right there in the subway car! Alyssa couldn't help but watch out of the corner of her eye as she continued to fake read her documents. It was so hot though. The man started kissing the nape of the woman's neck before moving up to devour her mouth. He groped her breasts with his large, powerful hands and he bit and then sucked on her lower lip. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily in response. Then she opened her eyes and looked directly at Alyssa, who was clearly staring by this point. The woman smiled and blew Alyssa a kiss and then motioned to her boyfriend that they were being watched.

"Sup?" he asked with a nod and a wink and then he turned his attention back to the woman he was with. He ran his hand in between her legs and under her skirt. Alyssa could tell that his fingers were penetrating her, even though the woman's skirt hid the action. The motion of their bodies and their exquisite sighs of ecstasy made their activity abundantly clear. They continued on this way for about ten minutes, kissing and moaning as they shared their exhibition with everyone onboard. Then at the next stop, he pulled his hand away, looked at Alyssa and slowly licked his fingers. Alyssa just stood at him with her mouth agape; she was so appalled and so turned on at the same time! Then the woman tossed her a business card and whispered that if she ever wanted to join them, she should call the number on the back. Then the couple exited the subway. Alyssa was dumbfounded by the openness of their very public display and shocked at their invitation. She was stimulated but she could never do anything like that. She just looked at the card for a moment before crumbling it in her hand and letting it drop to the subway floor.

    The next stop was Chambers Street and Alyssa needed to pull herself together and get into a clear mind set for work. She was already very nervous because it
was her first day on the job and now after witnessing such an open and blatant form of exhibitionism she felt flustered, uneasy and honestly a little bit horny. None of these were great emotions for trying to concentrate on work. Before she knew it the subway had reached her destination. Still frazzled from what she had seen and tremendously anxious about the new job, Alyssa stumbled off the platform looking quite precarious and very confused. This was not at all the professional vibe she worked so hard to portray.

    Cautiously, she walked into the high rise building that housed Coleman, Patters and Schleicher. Before reporting to human resources, she ducked into the ladies room to recuperate and recheck her appearance. It took a few moments, but she was able to regain her composure and focus on the task at hand. After a final glance in the mirror, Alyssa went to the H.R. department to report for her first day at work. She spent
the next three hours filling out paper work and reading through company policies and procedures. Then she was escorted into a conference room where four other new paralegals were waiting for orientation. Alyssa felt some comfort in the fact that she was not the only newbie and everyone else looked as nervous and uncomfortable as she felt.

    The orientation was led by one of the firm's junior associates, a woman named Clara Brighton. She was friendly enough but she was very technical and rigid. Alyssa honestly had a hard time focusing on what the woman was saying. She
talked about the law firm's history, explained who the main partners were, and she discussed in great length what was expected of the paralegals and what their daily tasks would be. It was all pertinent information for the job but the woman was so dry in her delivery that Alyssa had to fight to pay attention during the orientation. 

    The rest of the presentation was not quite as boring as Alyssa and her new coworkers were given a tour of the offices and work areas. At least she was able to get up and walk around for that part. The main partners of the firm were almost never seen nor were they talked to by the paralegals and support staff. This point was made clear right from the beginning. Alyssa couldn't help but scoff silently to herself. She didn't really care how important, powerful or wealthy they were, it didn't mean that they were better than her or anyone else, but she was aware that this was how things worked. She would be complacent with the rules, smile and agree and never cross the boundaries, but who would stop her from giving a silent "fuck you," in her own thoughts?
The glistening ideas of her own private rebellion became apparent as a wicked half smile spread across her lips. Once again Alyssa noticed her behavior and she had to force herself to appear professional.

     Alyssa's devious thoughts were soon brutally interrupted when the most incredibly handsome man she had ever seen in her entire life walked past the group. As he walked
, the whole world seemed to stop for Alyssa. His movements were almost in slow motion like you would see in a cheesy, romantic movie. It was a surreal sensation and Alyssa was aware that she was staring at him with the lust filled gaze of a hungry wolf, but she just couldn't help herself. He was hands down the most attractive man she had ever seen. He wore a silver-gray Armani suit that fit his perfect, toned body like a glove. He was tall, but not too tall and he was a bit on the thin side but still built. Alyssa could tell that he had lean, tight muscles by the way his clothing fit. He had short, brown hair and an amazing smile that he flashed as he said "hello" to the new employees upon passing by. Alyssa figured that she had been staring at him for a very long time, but in reality it must have only been a few seconds because the woman conducting the orientation felt the need to point him out to the group.

BOOK: Alyssa's Desire
13.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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