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Last night, holding her in his arms, Scorch had known the truth of what had happened between them. They were a destined mated pair. His wolf had calmed down the instant they were close. The words of mating, claiming, and taking made more sense. He’d never found a woman he wanted more than the beautiful, red-headed Victoria. She sent his blood aflame with her presence alone.

He recalled a conversation with his father many moons ago asking about mates and knowing when the right one would come along. At the time his father had been cryptic, but Scorch finally knew the truth. When he found the one woman destined to be his, he’d know. He would feel it in his body and in the way his wolf responded to her.

Lidia hadn’t inspired his wolf at all. Only the human attraction had lured him toward Lidia. Nothing else had captured his attention.

Victoria only had to walk into a room and he was captivated. Now all he needed was for her to realize the truth, and then they could do something more than play together. Today, he would give her a taste of what being with him actually meant. The call of their bodies and the need that flowed inside them, it all meant something more.

Massaging her back, he stared down at his cock resting between the
of her ass. The tip was swollen, leaking pre-cum over her rounded curves.

He heard the rest of his pack wandering around outside, muttering to themselves. Soon he would tell them all that he intended to claim a mate, and Victoria would be the woman he claimed for his own.

Climbing off her ass, he turned her over. She weighed next to nothing against him. As he was an alpha he could lift people without pulling a single muscle in his body. Her curves drove him wild, and all he wanted to do was spend his day holding her against him, feeling those curves wrapped around him, holding on as he drove into her body hard.

“What have you done before?” he asked.

“With what?”

“With a man?
What have you done with a man.?” It was hard for him to get the question out. The very thought of another touching her filled him with rage.

I’ve done nothing with a man.” She sounded
young as she answered him.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

He’d never thought anything of a virgin before. With Victoria he saw the draw of women who hadn’t been with anyone else.

The smell of sex surrounded the room. Their personal scents wrapped around them like an invisible cloak. His wolf hummed his approval as the mating hormone flooded his veins. It would be so easy to take her now, to mate with her and to make her his woman without a thought. For once he and the beast were thinking as one, but he knew to do something like that before she had a chance to speak up, would be wrong. He wouldn’t do anything to lose her trust.

Opening her thighs, he kept his gaze on her never once leaving her face. Slowly, he eased his fingers up the outside of her thighs teasing her skin. When she relaxed again he brought his fingers around to the inside of her thighs. She gasped as he brought his fingers up to her core. Touching her pussy, he felt her arousal coating the fine hairs of her sex. Her eyes went wide, and she arched against him, clearly trying to get him to touch her harder.

Ignoring her demand, he remained still, only touching her lightly. Once she settled down again, he opened the lips of her sex, spreading her open.

“I’m just going to touch your pussy and get you used to the feel of my fingers against you.” His mouth watered for a taste of her. Touching her would never be enough, but tonight only his fingers and mouth were going to do.

Her breathing deepened as he touched her pussy. He eased a finger between her slick folds, watching her eyes dilate more. The sudden tinge of a darker green shone wide as her beast flooded her veins. His own beast answered the call, but as quickly as they appeared, the wolves disappeared, leaving the humans alone once more.

“What happened?” she asked, looking amazed.

“Our wolves like each other.”

He caressed her clit watching her cry out as he coated his fingers with her essence. Leaning over, he claimed her lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth. He kissed down to her breast, sucking the tight nipple into his mouth. She tasted amazing. Scorch knew he would never grow bored with her. Each second they were together drove him further to claim her.

Biting down onto her hard bud, he stroked her clit loving each cry and whimper that escaped her lips. Down he went, kissing down her body, removing his hand from her pussy. When he was at eye level with her mound he simply took seconds to stare at the beauty of sex. Her clit was swollen, and the fine red hairs covering the lips of her sex teased him.

Spreading her open, he touched her clit with his tongue. Her essence exploded, and he swallowed every drop of cream he could. She tasted amazing, addictive, and he didn’t want it to end. He would gladly spend the rest of his life licking her out.

Her screams echoed off the walls as he flicked, caressed, and nibbled on her clit. She gripped his hair tightly but couldn’t force him to stop. Scorch was nowhere near done with her yet.

Reaching up, he gripped her hips, wanting to hold her in place as he licked her out. Her cries turned to screams. The pleasure built up, and her orgasm was so close to the surface. Nibbling on her clit, he sucked the swollen bud into his mouth before giving it a final flick of his tongue. She came apart, and he kept up the strokes of his tongue wanting her orgasm to last.

From her response, he knew she hadn’t experienced an orgasm before. The thrill that went through him would stay with him forever at knowing he was the cause for her first explosion.

Pulling away from her pussy, he wiped the excess cream from his chin and stared down at her. Her chest was heaving with every indrawn breath.

“You’re going to kill me with a tongue like that.”

He chuckled.

Her gaze wandered down his body, settling on his shaft.

“You don’t have to give me anything.” He hadn’t tasted her just to make her feel the need to give him something back.

“I want to give you the same kind of pleasure.” She sat up holding his arms as she changed places. He sat down, watching her gaze on him. His skin felt on fire with her gaze blistering him where she sat.

The intention of what she intended to do was not lost on him at all. He pushed some of her hair off her face and stroked a finger over her plump lips. She moaned, opening her lips, and he slid his finger inside watching her suck on him.

Removing his hand, he watched her kiss down his body.

“I’ve never done this before. Please, don’t laugh at me.”

Did she really think he was that bad a person? Scorch wouldn’t dream of mocking her in any way. Watching her grip his shaft, he gritted his teeth to stop himself from growling out and thrusting against her mouth.

Closing his eyes he tried to gain the control he was so close to losing. Biting his lip, he finally opened his eyes and watched her once again.

She licked the tip of his cock, teasing around the head and sliding down the blue vein pulsing along the shaft. Fisting his hands, he stopped himself from reaching out and forcing her head down over his dick. Her lips surrounded the head before taking more of him going deeper into her mouth. Her moan vibrated against his cock.

No longer able to control the urge to grab her head, Scorch fisted his hands in her hair and thrust into her waiting mouth. He growled as she didn’t fight him, and he slammed in deep. Her inexperience shone through, but he didn’t care. The pleasure her mouth was causing was so damn sweet. He couldn’t stop the need for release building inside him.

Watching her mouth bob on his length was all it took. “Stop, I’m going to come in your mouth.”

She didn’t stop her ministrations. Her movements slowed prolonging the pleasure inside him.

Grunting, Scorch closed his eyes as the first wave of pleasure washed over him. His cum erupted in her mouth, and she swallowed him down. She didn’t stop until she milked him dry.

When there was no more for her to take, Victoria collapsed to the bed smiling up at him.

“You’re a fucking witch,” he said, smiling.

“I take it I did a good job?” She raised a brow, and he was blown away by her teasing.

“Yes, you did an amazing job, not that I consider giving me a blow job actual work.”

She giggled. The sound was music to his ears, and his wolf perked up at her happiness. Her stomach growled, and her cheeks heated.

“Now it’s time for me to wash,
feed you.”

Getting out of bed, he carried her through to the bathroom to wash her before heading downstairs to the kitchen. For the first time in his life, Scorch didn’t want the woman to leave him.

Chapter Five


“I’ve never seen him this happy before,” Mandy said, five days later as she stood in the kitchen. Victoria was watching Scorch chop wood, drink beer, and talk with the men of the pack while kids ran around the garden. The snow and the cold didn’t affect any of them. They all loved life and knew how to take life by the horns and live it to the fullest.

“What do you mean?” Victoria asked, washing up the spoons from her day of baking. Most of her mornings were spent in Scorch’s arms. At night she would leave him trying to create a distance between them, but by morning he’d be in her bed with his strong arms warding off the nightmares. He kept teasing her about joining her when she went to bed instead of halfway through the night.

Part of her didn’t want to get too close to Scorch. She knew Chain would be waiting at some point to take her or to take Scorch. If he knew she wasn’t trying to lure him out then Chain would kill her. She really didn’t want to die at Chain’s hands, but she also didn’t want to betray Scorch.

“Most of the time he goes through life keeping the pack together, working toward keeping us all strong. He doesn’t allow men to lose control of the wolf. His father was similar, and our pack as a whole has flourished. Through it all he hasn’t once taken a woman as a mate.” Mandy was chopping an array of vegetables to go into a soup pot.

Victoria loved how they all worked together as a family, eating, sharing fun. They had all talked about the chaos of Christmas. Scorch gave them all money, and at some point between September and December they all ventured to the local town and city to buy gifts. The house was decorated, and the food was nonstop. Victoria wanted to experience it at some point, but she knew she was never going to get the chance. The full moon was fast approaching. She could force it to two full moons, but Chain would be impatient.

“What about Lidia? He seemed close to her.” Walking to the pot, Victoria started to stir the vegetables into the meat so they were all combined.

“She was a distraction for him. Scorch will not pick a woman from the pack to find pleasure inside. Lidia was his fuck buddy.” Mandy chuckled. “She would come to the pack, fuck Scorch, and think it gave her respect. None of us talked to her at all. We all despised her, but she thought it meant respect. She also stank really
. The city with all the pollution is not a good place for a wolf to be.” Mandy wrinkled her nose, and Victoria couldn’t stop laughing.

The back door opened, and suddenly she was hurled in the air. Scorch’s manly scent surrounded her stopping the panic from rising up inside her. “Where is not a good place for a wolf to be?” he asked, sinking his head against his neck and breathing her in.

Closing her eyes she tried to hold back the moan. Mandy was smiling looking between them when she opened her eyes again. “You two look amazing together.”

“You hear that, Tori? We’ve got to get married. One of the women in my pack approves. We should strike while the iron is hot.”

She couldn’t stop the laugh at his teasing. “Okay, we’ll get married, and I’ll be your queen.”

He stopped smiling, cupped her face and stared into her eyes. “Be careful what you say.”

“Why? We were only joking around.”

Scorch leaned in close so his lips touched her ear. “I wasn’t.” He pulled away, heading toward the door. “Both of you should come out when the dinner is on. It’s cold, and I hear the kids conspiring that they’re going to snowball us.”

He disappeared out the door leaving a cold spell in his wake.

“I told you. You’ve made him so happy.”

“He’s talking about marriage.”

“Have you ever considered the fact your wolves are quiet when you’re together? Neither of you look put out or close to the edge. In fact, I’m sure I’ve heard you both purring in each other’s company.”

“Wolves don’t purr,” Victoria said, trying to deny the truth.

I’ve heard you both growling lustfully at each other. I know what I heard, and I know the whole pack is looking forward to your mating. It’s only a matter of time before you realize the truth. Perhaps in wolf form you’ll see the truth glaring at you.” Mandy put the peels in the recycle bucket before heading toward the door.

“Mating, how do you know?” Victoria had never found a male who made her feel this way. There were times in Scorch’s company she just wanted to rub all over him. He made her forget about her weight issues and Chain. For once in her life she was able to feel without being terrified. Chain took everything away while Scorch gave her everything.

BOOK: Alpha Bait
4.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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