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Growling, he worked his fist faster feeling the tightness in his balls. It had been a week since he’d found any kind of release. Victoria had taken over his entire world, making it impossible for him to think about anyone but her.

He imagined her open, inviting and willing to his lust. All too soon his orgasm flooded his veins, erupting onto his stomach. He pushed the blanket away to make sure no mess was easy to see.

Once he finished, he lay back panting for breath. Fuck, the orgasm had been amazing but nowhere near to what he truly wanted. Victoria, in the short time he’d know her, had turned into an obsession for him. The way her head tilted to the side when she listened to him talk. Her fingers as she picked up
a chess
piece while they played. He noticed the way she played with her hair as they watched movies. Every little part of her had become something to memorize. He didn’t want to look away. Scorch felt possessed to know everything about her.

Grabbing an old shirt, he cleaned the white drops of cum from his stomach before walking into the bathroom. Washing the shirt out, he threw it in the laundry basket then headed out to bed. The light was out, and he sat back, listening some more. The night was incredibly still.

He heard her whimper, begging someone to stop. Getting out of bed, he walked to Victoria’s room. He saw her thrashing about on the bed, her body covered in a layer of sweat. Closing the door behind him, the instinct inside him to protect was strong. He walked to the edge of the bed, lifted the covers, and climbed inside.

“I’ve got you, honey. You’re safe now. No one is going to hurt you.” Scorch spoke softly. She wore a white night shirt over her gorgeous body. He wasn’t in the mood to cover his nakedness. Victoria lashed out trying to fight off whatever evil was in her dream. Catching her arms, he pulled her against his body. “It’s Scorch. I’m here. I’m going to protect you and keep you safe.”

After some time she grew lax in his arms. He held her tighter than ever before, knowing she needed to feel something for her to calm down. Her dreams terrified her. Scorch heard her heart beating rapidly against her chest. With one arm holding her tight, he stroked her red hair with the other, all the time, talking, whispering and giving her everything she needed to hear.

Lying down beside her, Scorch closed his eyes listening to the sound of her breathing. She went back to sleep without fighting him.

Mate. She’s our mate. Kill whoever tries to harm her.

Scorch couldn’t argue with his wolf’s thoughts. He felt the exact same way.


Chain stood on the edge of the forest. Through the line of trees he could make out the large house that was Scorch’s living place. Victoria would be working her
he had no doubt, to get what he wanted. Once Scorch was dead he intended to take what he wanted from her.

She would be the last woman to ever reject him. He’d have the power, and his wolf would have no choice but to bow down to what he wanted. The first time his wolf took over when he’d tried to hurt someone had angered him, the pain he’d experienced fed his need for justice. He would be the one to control his wolf.

All of the alphas knew the way to take control, but like a bunch of fucking pussies they bowed down to the beast within. He was going to do what no other fucking alpha could, he was going to take control and then take everything he wanted. Men of his pack would die at his hands. The women would learn their place and give him what he wanted. If they didn’t give, then he’d simply take.

Smiling, Chain walked away. All he needed to do was
for Victoria to pull through. Her seduction would lure Scorch out so that Chain alone could kill him. Chain knew the other alpha wouldn’t be able to resist Victoria. She was too fucking beautiful to deny. He wanted her for himself, but seeing as she wouldn’t give herself to him, he couldn’t claim her for his own, not until he was free of his wolf’s control. Once Scorch took her cherry and Chain killed Scorch, he intended to fuck her pussy until she forgot all about the other man. Thinking about another man between her thighs made him rock hard. He could have easily gotten her to lure Scorch out for him to kill, but he preferred humiliating her this way. Chain liked the power he held over her. She would do as she was
even fuck another man for him. If Scorch didn’t die at his hands, then he didn’t break the bond with his wolf. It was a good job he’d made sure Victoria was afraid of him. She would do what he said without arguing. If she tried to poison Scorch, his plans would fail. Victoria would do as she was told. He’d instilled fear inside her to make sure she stayed loyal. She always would.

Chapter Four


The sunlight shining through the window was what woke Victoria up first. The glare of the sun made it hard for her to see. Last night she’d opened the windows to watch the night and the snow covered mountains she saw from her bedroom window. The tranquil beauty helped to ease her troubled thoughts before going to sleep. The next thing she became aware of was the tight arms wrapped around her waist.

The arms holding her were thick and strong. Looking behind her she saw Scorch staring down at her. Neither of them spoke. She was caught up in his gaze. His blue eyes always saw too much. Down she went to the plumpness of his lips. What would they feel like pressed against her own? For all of her adult life she’d never cared about sex or members of the opposite sex. Before her parents joined Chain’s pack she thought her life would be like theirs. Find the mate destined for her, get married, have a child, maybe more than one, and grow old together. Then Chain had taken their love and smashed it into the ground, using every opportunity to mock what they’d gained together.

“Why are you here?” she asked, loving the warmth of his arms wrapped around her. He went to pull away. She held him still not wanting him to leave.

“You had a bad dream, and I couldn’t leave you like that.”

“A bad dream?” she asked, frowning.

“You were upset, whimpering in your sleep.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t wake me, baby.”

Baby, he called her baby. Smiling, she dropped her gaze back to his lips. Licking her own, she suddenly felt dry, parched even.

His fingers stroked her side, caressing her skin. She suddenly became aware of his naked state. His cock pressed against her hip, and she gasped.

Why was he hard?

“Do you need to use the bathroom?” she asked.

He laughed. “No, I want something else entirely.” His gaze dropped to her lips. The tension mounted between them. “I’ve never done anything that a woman hasn’t wanted before, Tori. I need you to tell me to stop.”

Did she want him to stop? She’d never been kissed before by anyone.

“I don’t want to tell you to stop,” she said, forcing the words out of her mouth. With his hands wrapped around her body, he slowly lowered down. Each inch he moved drew him closer to her. The smell of the ice, the forest clung to his skin.


In Scorch’s arms she felt at home within his touch.

When his lips touched hers, she moaned, opening up. He didn’t take advantage. His tongue licked along her lips before slowly easing into her mouth. She kissed him back wanting his touch to last far longer than anything else she’d ever experienced. Victoria would give up everything to feel his arms wrapped around her and his lips taking possession of her own.

No one was there to witness her need or to see what he did to her. Heat flooded her pussy. The instant spike of need took her unaware. He held her tighter, his touch firm but not intended to hurt.

Soon, his tongue plundered her mouth, spiking the heat within her body.

“Tell me to stop,” he said, muttering the words against her lips.

“I don’t want you to. Please, Scorch, I want this. Don’t deny me.” She’d never begged for anything in all of her life. Victoria would beg to feel Scorch’s touch all the time.

“You’re a virgin.”

She jerked, looking up at him. “How do you know?”

“I’m an alpha and a wolf. If I didn’t know what innocence smelled like the only excuse I could give would be my lack of sense of smell.” One of his hands moved from around her waist, to cup her cheek. “We’ll take this slow if this is what you want.”

Covering his hand where it held her cheek, she pulled him down until he cupped her breast. Chain wasn’t here. He wasn’t ordering her in this moment. For once, Victoria was doing something she wanted to do. “I want this. I know you’re not forcing me to want it.”

She released his hand feeling his fingers graze over her tight nipple.

Scorch released her arms, pulling the blankets away from her body. She didn’t fight to keep them on, watching him as he pulled the sheets away. The curtains remained open, but he closed the window cutting off the chill.

“I don’t want you to get a cold.”

Her heart pounded as she saw the evidence of his arousal standing straight out. She’d seen naked men before but none of them with such potent evidence of what they could do with their cocks. The tip looked red and swollen. He locked the door on his way back to her.

“No one will interrupt us.”

There were no doubts as he knelt on the bed coming toward her. Staring into his eyes, she knew what she was doing. He reached out, holding onto the nightshirt she wore.

“Nothing between us, Victoria.”

I’m going to have sex. I’m going to have sex.

She felt giddy at the thought of finally giving herself to a man whom she wanted more than anything. Scorch was sex on legs, and the longer she was away from Chain, the happier she was starting to feel. He didn’t control her in what she gave to Scorch. This was about her, no one else.

He tore the shirt over her head leaving her exposed. Next, the panties were taken until they were both naked. Scorch picked up her feet and started to caress the soles of her feet and up to her toes.

At first she started to giggle and then moan as the pleasure swamped her. Chain disappeared from her thoughts. In that moment Victoria felt like she and Scorch were the only two people on the planet. He stared into her eyes, capturing her with his gaze. Up her leg he went, massaging her calf then up her thigh. His touch was so close to her pussy, but he released her before he touched her. Moaning, she watched him hold onto her second foot repeating the massage all the way up her leg.

“You’re very impatient, Tori. We barely know each other,” Scorch said. He flipped her over so she lay on her front.

“We’re wolves. We’re not known for taking things slowly.”

“Give me an example.” His hands landed on the base of her back. She groaned as his thumbs were sheer heaven against the muscles. Victoria hadn’t been touched like this at all. Everything he did ignited a fire within her body.

“My parents were married within the month of meeting each other. Once they saw each other, they knew what their future would hold.” Thinking about her parents made her ache deep in her heart. She wouldn’t see the love blooming between them again.

“It was the same for my folks,” he said, rubbing circles up and down her back. Scorch took his time making her melt with every touch of his fingers.

All women should have a man like Scorch who was prepared to rub down their body. His penis lay on her ass. The hard length hadn’t diminished at all as he took the time with her body. She felt like a queen from his caresses alone.

“The moment my dad saw my mom, they were mated the same day. Within a week they were married. Our kind doesn’t take long to get what it wants, does it?” he asked, kissing her neck.

She whimpered, wanting so much more than a kiss to her neck. “You’re torturing me on purpose.”

“I’m not going to fuck you today, baby,” he said, catching her unaware. He whispered the words against her ear.

“What? Why?” she asked.

“Our parents moved fast because they knew what their future was together. I know what I want, Tori. You’re not ready. Until you’re ready to face the truth, we’ll have this, nothing else.”

The desire to scream, kick, and fight him at the unfairness of his decision was strong. She glanced behind her, staring at the cool, calm depths of his blue eyes and knew he was doing the right thing.

“You’re not playing fair.”

“Baby, I’m a good alpha. I never hurt any of my pack. Their protection is my primary concern, but never for a second think
I play
fair when I want something badly.” His hand stroked down her front. Even with him on top he made easy work to touch her. He cupped her pussy, sliding a finger through her slit. “This is going to be more than a quick fuck. Don’t worry, Tori, I can wait for you to admit the truth. I’ve got the patience of a saint.”

He kissed her temple, removing his hand from between her thighs at the same time. She smelled the intenseness of her arousal on his digits. Glancing behind her she watched him suck his fingers clean of her cream.

“You taste so good. We won’t be fucking, but we will be doing a hell of a lot more than that.”


Victoria had finally spoken up about her parents. They’d been killed. He knew they had from the way she spoke of them. The love couldn’t be disguised as anything other than love. He would get to the bottom of what happened to her if it was the last thing he did as alpha. All of the pack considered her one of their own. None of them knew the full extent of what she meant to him.

BOOK: Alpha Bait
2.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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