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Authors: Amelia Gates

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All In - Soul Seductors Part I - An alpha bad boy paranormal romance - XXL Teaser

BOOK: All In - Soul Seductors Part I - An alpha bad boy paranormal romance - XXL Teaser
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All In

An XXL Soul Seductor

By Amelia Gates

All In - Soul Seductors Part
I - An alpha bad boy paranormal romance - XXL Teaser

By Amelia Gates
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2015 Amelia Gates

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1 Corinthians

No temptation has seized
you except what is common to man. And God is
will not let you be tempted beyond what you can
when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you
can stand up under it.

Little church girl Juliette has no fucking idea what she’s
about to get herself into. She walks a few paces ahead, adamant to
go back on her sentiment about no man being tempting enough to lead
her off her path. Even a virgin has a boiling point and that twitch
in her step is evident of a woman whose panties are
hot with

Just one drink,” she says, peeking over her

I stay behind, amused at how remarkable these bitches are
when it comes to denial. She tells me she won’t do it. She tells
herself she won’t do it. Oh but her panties, those panties are
begging her to take them the fuck off. Just one drink she says,
because well, she doesn’t drink that much. She won’t drink more, I
know that for a fact because hell, she’s got all sorts of
expectations from me and she damn well wants to be fully aware when
I satisfy each and every one of them.

You believe in love at first sight,” she says and I can hear
the smile in her voice.

I believe in a lot of things, baby. A whole bunch of fucking
nonsense. But love, love isn’t one of them.

Well, do you?” she asks again, begging me to give her an
excuse for what she’s about to do.

Love, well, love can wipe the slate clean. Love can make it
okay that a man as sinful as Esau or Cain or Doeg to tempt her. The
bible warns against temptation. Soon, poor little Juliette will
have had temptation take her from kneeling in front of the Lord’s
altar to kneeling in front of me.

I do,” I answer, giving her just what she wants. An excuse. A
reason to forgive herself in the morning.

She’ll pray about it. Ask God to forgive and
forget but she’ll
never be able to forgive herself. And fuck, it’s an awful thing I’m
about to do because no matter how many times she calls his name; no
matter how many Hail Mary’s she says, the Lord will no longer hear

still ahead of me, keys dangling in her hands as she takes
her tight ass up the stairs. This place isn’t right for her. It’s
not a dump but not nearly luxurious enough for a woman as pretty as
her. After tonight, her luck will change. She won’t understand it
at first and when she does it’ll be too late.

I tell myself I’m doing her a favour. It’s not that I really
give a damn but somewhere deep down, I think it makes me sleep
better at night. I didn’t choose to be a fucked up individual, life
just dealt me a sinful hand.

She opens the door to her mediocre apartment, the scent of
lavender and incense stifling the crap out of me and
Jesus-Fucking-Christ she really is a God freak. Daughter of a
pastor and lamb of the Lord.

My skin is on fire
as I step through the door. Some greater and more
righteous force is beckoning for me to turn the fuck around. I
don’t but I also won’t give myself the length of time I’d initially
wanted to spend.

It’s better this
way. I’ve got to meet the new chick, Maria Maria
and Zorn might just cut my throat if I’m more than twenty minutes
late. The bitch, Juliette, steps out of her heels and pushes them
to the side.

“So…” she starts, her face lighting up with a smile, “would
you like some wine? Beer? I’m not much of a drinker. In fact… I
only have a few sips of wine every so often. The beer is for when
my dad comes over, he’s one of those football and beer types…He’s a
pastor and all but you know, turned his life around but can’t kick
the beer during Sunday night football.”

Thanks for the update Juliette but I’ve done my fucking
research on Papa dearest
. Let’s just hope he doesn’t relapse if he finds
out his daughter spent the night climaxing her way to

She continues talking and I zone her the fuck out.
Telling me about
how great daddy is to the people, how wonderful daddy is.
I just want to fuck
End of fucking story.

I watch the way her lips move, the way her hands are all
gestures and her body all nerves. She pushes her silky golden locks
behind her ear, looks at me and then looks down. Embarrassed,
that’s what she is. Too damn ashamed to look her vice in the eyes.
Moving closer to her, I catch her chin with my finger, tilt her
head up and deepen our connection. She’s blushing. Her fucking
cheeks went from carnation pink to crimson red.

You’re so beautiful,” I tell her. “God’s gift to

She takes it solely as a complement. Doesn’t dare to see
herself as one of the promiscuous whores the bible tells us to
resist, refuse and rebuke. Her lips part in an attempt to speak but
her voice catches in her throat and her lips move with more

How about we forget the wine, sweetheart,” I whisper, weaving
my fingers through her long blonde hair.

She tilts her head back and her eyes fall closed. I’ve got
her right where I want her. All that talk about taking it slow,
about just going back to her apartment for drinks, it’s through the
fucking window.

I start with my tongue on her neck, licking my way up and
feeling the bob in her throat as she tries to swallow the tension
that’s building up in her.

I’m not usually like this,” she assures me.

But you’ll make an exception for me.” I tell her.

Taking it as a question, she
answers, “mmhmm. Just for you.”

“You want me to please you, don’t you?” I grunt, hoisting
her skirt over her hips.

She gasps, her eyes flickering open for a short moment before
being whisked closed by the weight of the pleasure my fingers

Pushing my body closer into her, I press my erection
against her stomach. I’m hard as fuck. This one will stick a couple
notches in my quota, not that I’ve got any problems filling it but
hey, the more the fucking merrier.

Easing my jeans and boxers from my waist, I let her know that
I’m ready to take her. But that’s not fucking all and I’m reminded
of how much more this is supposed to be than just pleasure when my
eyes wander up and I catch a glimpse of the Holy Father glaring at
the both of us.

She’s wrong for taking me here. So fucking wrong allowing
me to bang her beneath a picture of her lord and saviour. I keep my
eyes focused on him, cram my cock seven inches deep, ramming her
back against the wall.

She’s all breathy nonsense, gasping and moaning and crying
out for more. And I give it to her. Oh, how I give it to her. My
cock freakin’ pulsing and paining with ecstasy as her tight virgin
pussy tightens around it.

Oh God,” she screams, her fingers digging into the skin on my
back. “You’re so… Oh Hawke…”

I take my time, ensuring to pay enough attention to her
clit. Untainted pussy isn’t meant to be torn through. It’s more
sensitive, needs more arousing to get past the pain and if I didn’t
know better, I’d say this little bitch hadn’t been good at keeping
her legs shut. She takes each thrust like a champ, feels the
pleasure and discards the pain.

I’ve had my fair share of virgins and usually… usually it
takes a couple strokes to get them in the groove. Juliette. Oh,
little Miss Juliette took it with gusto from the start.

That feel good, baby?”

Oh yeah,” she moans, her body bouncing up and down on my

Something that feels so good, can’t possibly be bad for you,”
I whisper and she nods in agreement. Good girl.

Picking up my pace, I get her past the point of control. Her
body’s twitching and riding out of rhythm, determined to sap up
every last bit of pleasure. “I want all of you. Will you give me
all of you, Juliette?”

Mmmhmm… Yeah… Yeah,” she moans.

I slide out and then in, packing every ounce of power into my
stroke. “I want your heart.” She nods. “I want your

“Take it,” she moans, her voice merely more than a whsiper
“take all of me.”

“I want your soul.”

Take it, Hawke. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.”

“Say it again,” I demand, my fingers twitching fast against
her button of a clit, my cock deep inside her.

Take my soul, Hawke,” she wails and I proceed, giving her
everything I’ve got, pumping into her more pleasure than she can


I left Juliette’s place in less than five minutes after
fucking her out of the promise she made with the lord. She begged
me to stay, said I could spend the night. I didn’t assure her I’d
be back because that would be a lie.
I’m an asshole, not a liar. She’ll never
see me again- not on purpose, at least. It’s better that way.
Better for her and better for me.


In the bar, Maria Maria and Zorn are cuddled up in some kind
of fucking boondocks booth. Okay, so maybe cuddled up isn’t exactly
the way to put it. Zorn’s got his don’t-give-a-shit attitude going
on, feet cocked up on the leather sofa and Maria Maria’s curled
into a ball of fucking nervousness. I feel sorry for the girl. So
fucking sorry for her.

I whack Zorn across the leg. “My man. What the hell’s been
going on?”

He greets me with a loose hug and a pat on the back. “Look at
you coming in here louder than the fucking speakers.”

You know, just keeping it real. Gotta make sure my presence
is felt.”

He rolls his eyes and I take a seat beside Maria Maria, my
leg bumping into her thigh. She draws back, tightens the fuck up
and makes it known that I’m too damn close for comfort. I respect

How you doing, Maria?”

“Maria Maria,” she says, twisting a dreadlock between her
thumbs. Her eyes don’t meet mine and I can’t tell if it’s out of
fear or annoyance.

Well excuse me, your highness,” I smile.

“Just get it right, Hawke, okay? I’m not in here calling
you Eagle or Vulture or…”

Got it,” I laugh. “Maria Maria it is.”

Ever since she’s become one of us, she’s been fucking hell
bent on having her name called twice. I’ve asked her why. Zorn’s
asked her why. Kraze has asked her why. Payne’s asked her why.
Every goddamn one of us has asked her why and every damn one of us
has gotten the same reason-
that’s just what I’d like to be called.

BOOK: All In - Soul Seductors Part I - An alpha bad boy paranormal romance - XXL Teaser
4.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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