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Albion Dreaming

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Albion Dreaming

A popular history of LSD in Britain


Andy Roberts






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To Gavin for charting the course,
Lindsay for being the imperfect guru and
Andy, Graeme, Chris and Helen, with whom I shared
adventures unfettered by time and space.
And for my Mountain Girl, blips!
What a long, strange, trip it’s been.


Dramatis Personae

List of Illustrations


Foreword by Dr Sue Blackmore


1. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out

2. Hofmann’s Potion

3. LSD: The Cure of Souls?

4. LSD: A Cure for the Common Cold?

5. The Joyous Cosmology

6. The Foggy Ruins of Time

7. Strangely Strange, but Oddly Normal

8. Senses Working Overtime

9. All You Need is Love?

10. Bring What You Expect to Find

11. The Mind Alchemists

12. Coming Down Again

13. Revolution in the Head









Steve Abrams

American parapsychologist who was at the heart of London’s LSD counter culture


Jonathan Aitken

Journalist who took LSD, when still legal, for the Evening Standard; subsequently a disgraced Conservative MP


Richard Alpert

Colleague of Timothy Leary at Harvard and co-conspirator in the early promotion of LSD; subsequently eschewed drugs and became the spiritual teacher Baba Ram Dass


George Andrews

Poet and author of books on drugs


Paul Arnabaldi

Backer of Richard Kemp’s Welsh LSD laboratory


Nigel Ayres

Attendee and recorder of many free festivals of the Seventies


Syd Barrett

Original Pink Floyd lead guitarist; LSD contributed to his descent into mental illness


Brian Barritt

Early LSD dealer in London; friend of Timothy Leary


Cecil Beaton

English fashion and portrait photographer


John Beresford

Paediatrician friend of Michael Hollinsghead


Christine Bott

Involved in Operation Julie conspiracy; common law wife of Richard Kemp


Joe Boyd

American record producer and co-founder of UFO club


Tara Browne

London socialite whose death possibly inspired the Beatles’
Day in the Life


Richard Brunstrom

Chief Constable of North Wales; believes all drugs should be legalised and regulated


Julia Callan-Thompson

Occasional hippie prostitute; involved with the Kapur LSD conspiracy


Ernest Chain

Nobel winning biochemist who appeared for the defence in a 1967 LSD trial


Derek Channon

Naval rating who underwent LSD experiment at Porton Down in 1953


Harry Collumbine

Porton Down scientist


Sean Connery

James Bond actor who used LSD in psychotherapy


Julian Cope

Musician with a predilection for LSD


Francis Crick

Discovered DNA


Dave Cunliffe

LSD courier in late Fifties London


Paul Devereux

Author and researcher into prehistoric use of psychedelic drugs


Jeff Dexter

Legendary DJ at UFO club and 1971 Glastonbury Fair


Johnny Dolphin

American poet who spent time with Terry Taylor in Morocco


Bill (Ubi) Dwyer

LSD dealer in Australia and London; instigator behind the Windsor Free Festivals


Joel Elkes

Founder of Birmingham University’s Department of Experimental Psychology; early LSD experimenter; linked to MOD LSD experiments


John Esam

London LSD dealer in the early Sixties


Harry Fainlight

Poet who read his LSD inspired poem at the 1965 Wholly Communion event


Mick Farren

Counter culture author and antagonist


Nigel (Leif) Fielding

Minor player in the Operation Julie LSD conspiracy


David Gale

Childhood friend of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett


Christopher Gibb

London art dealer; friend of the Rolling Stones


Allen Ginsberg

American Beat poet with counter culture sympathies


Dave (Boss) Goodman

London LSD dealer in the Sixties


Eric Gow

RAF serviceman who underwent LSD test at Porton Down during the Fifties


Dennis Greenslade

Detective Superintendent in Operation Julie


Casey Hardison

American citizen sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in 2005 for manufacturing LSD in Lewes, Sussex


Lee Harris

Founder of London’s first “head” shop; editor of
Home Grown
, Britain’s first counter culture drug magazine


Gerald Heard

British expatriate philosopher; gave LSD to Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson; instrumental in the development of early LSD philosophies


Bill Hicks

American satirist who campaigned against drug hypocrisy


Albert Hofmann

Chemist who discovered LSD in 1938


Michael Hollingshead

Introduced Timothy Leary to LSD; mover and shaker on early London psychedelic scene


Maxwell Hollyhock

MOD scientist who took LSD to examine its effects


John (Hoppy) Hopkins

Photographer and counter culture legend; co-founder of UFO club


Frankie Howerd

British comedian who underwent LSD psychotherapy


Chris Huhne

Liberal Democrat MP


Roger Hutchinson

Attendee and photographic recorder of many free festivals in the Seventies


Aldous Huxley

Intellectual and literary polymath; probably the finest writer on psychedelic drugs and their philosophy


Laura Huxley

Huxley’s wife; administered LSD to Huxley as he died


Robert Hyde

American psychiatrist who took the first LSD trip in America


Mick Jagger

Singer in the Rolling Stones


Roy Jenkins

British Home Secretary 1965–67


Peter Jenner

Manager of Pink Floyd


Victor Kapur

The first man to be arrested in Britain for manufacturing LSD


Richard Kemp

LSD chemist; pivotal in the Operation Julie LSD conspiracy


Andrew Kerr

Instigator of the 1971 Glastonbury Fair, forerunner to the annual Glastonbury Festival


Ken Kesey

American author of
One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
; advocate of unstructured LSD use


Art Kleps

One of Timothy Leary’s disciples


R.D. (Ronnie) Laing

Radical psychiatrist who used LSD personally and professionally


Timothy Leary

American academic, responsible for promulgating LSD as a spiritual tool


Richard (Dick) Lee

Detective Inspector in Operation Julie


Donovan Leitch

Folk rock musician involved in the early London LSD scene


Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Film maker and friend of Syd Barrett


Tim Lott

Author and journalist


Christopher Mayhew

British politician who took Mescaline as part of a 1955 televised experiment


Paul McCartney

The first member of the Beatles to publicly admit to taking LSD


Joey Mellen

Early London LSD facilitator, critical of Hollingshead’s methods


Pete Mellor

Grass roots hippie with considerable experience of LSD


Ralph Metzner

American psychologist who participated in early LSD experiments at Harvard with Timothy Leary


John Michell

Author, researcher and philosopher; introduced many of the “mystical” ideas about Britain


Barry Miles

Author and chronicler of the Sixties



Free festival attendee, LSD dealer and observer of the transition from free festivals to rave culture


Andy Munro

The chemist in the London part of the Operation Julie conspiracy


Simon Napier-Bell

Record producer


Jim Narg

First British person to mention LSD in song


Harry Nathan

Distributor of LSD for Victor Kapur


Desmond O’Brien

One of the backers behind Michael Hollingshead’s World Psychedelic Centre


Humphrey Osmond     

British psychiatrist who invented the word psychedelic


Anita Pallenberg

Actress and Rolling Stones’ femme fatale


Clive Palmer

First person in Scotland to be charged with possession of LSD


Hugh Park

Judge at the main Operation Julie conspiracy trials


Paul Guest

Britain’s leading Blotter art collector, expert and retailer


Norman Pilcher

British police officer who achieved notoriety by arresting pop stars for drugs; later convicted for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice


Sid Rawle

Early hippie, squatting veteran and free festival organiser


Max Rinkel

American psychiatrist who brought LSD to America in1949

BOOK: Albion Dreaming
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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