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“I think so.”

“Good, because it isn’t over yet.”

He got off her a moment and reached into his pants and pulled
out his wallet. He found a condom and then climbed back onto the bed. She
watched as he rolled the condom over his erection, and she was amazed how wet
she was again with anticipation that it was going to fill her. Ben untied her
arms before nestling his way between her thighs.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his mouth
to hers. She thrust her tongue in right as he entered her. He pumped into her
fast. The kiss was sloppy, but she didn’t care. She needed his mouth on hers.

Grinding her hips up, moving into him the way she needed to,
she couldn’t believe an orgasm was already building. This man was incredible.

He broke the kiss and held himself up by his arms. He
brought his dick out until it was only tip deep and shallowly thrust into her.

“That feels amazing.” She panted.

“You feel amazing wrapped around me. You’re so damn tight, I
can’t hold out much longer.”


He smirked a little and then drove back into her. Arching
her body, she moaned as a ripple of pleasure started to move through her. Ben
pinched her nipples and he slammed into her harder. She found her release right
as he did. Gripping his shoulders as he flicked her nipples, they each rode it

Ben collapsed on top of her. His body on hers felt
incredible. Being with him was even better than she thought possible. He had
pleasured her fully. She’d only known him a short while, but she was beginning
to think she just might be falling in love with him. He certainly wasn’t who
she thought she would find herself with, but as she got to know him more and
more, she wasn’t sure she could live without him. It seemed as though she had
accidentally fallen in love with him along the way.

Chapter 8


It had been a week since Jane had seen Ben. Luck was in his
favor and he got the house he had bid on. So he was fast at work getting the
house all set up. Each night he called her and she enjoyed hearing the
excitement in his tone. She could see he really loved what he did. He would be
traveling a little more for now, but promised when he was home he would spend
all his free time with her. It was the thing keeping her going at the moment

Work was hell. Matt was making her life as horrible as
possible. At this point she was actually worried she was going to lose her job.
He hired a new receptionist, which made no sense. He claimed they needed to
save money, but was able to find a way to hire a young girl who didn’t look
much older than twenty. She giggled and texted all day. The men at the gym
loved her, including Matt. As much as Jane hated to admit it, she was jealous.
And not for the reason that Matt obviously wanted the girl, it was that she was
taking her job.

Jane was lucky if she got to work until two. There was
always an excuse as to why she had to leave early. Jane hated the idea of
leaving Hot Bods. Her co-workers were what made the place so enjoyable, and she
couldn’t imagine not seeing them every day like she had over the past five
years. But with the situation with Matt, she might have to start looking for
another job.

Letting out a loud sigh, she stood up from the table in the
employee break room. It was time to return to the front and quit having a pity
party. Jane put on her happy face and made her way through the gym, saying “hi”
to different members. She wished Skylar was back from her honeymoon. Right
about now she could really use a friend.

At the computer up front, she logged on to clock-in but was
interrupted by Matt.

“Casey will be here in about ten minutes. We probably don’t
need you.”

That was it, she’d had enough. “I need the hours. I was
hired full-time and I’m not even getting twenty hours a week right now. You
need to call her and tell her to wait until two.”

He laughed. “Who made you boss?” He stepped up behind her
and leaned in to whisper, “Maybe if you start fucking me again we can work
something out. I always liked the way your mouth wrapped around my cock felt.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Enough. This isn’t appropriate. If
you keep it up I’m going to report you.”

“To who? I’m the boss.”

She spun around and looked at him. “You don’t own the gym.
And I’d like to think the owners wouldn’t want the man running it to be
harassing their employees.”

“Don’t mess with me, Jane. And now that I think about, you
need a change in attitude. Perhaps you should take a few days off to decide if
Hot Bods is the right place for you.”

“I need the money or I won’t have rent.”

“Not my problem. You brought this on yourself.”

Jane huffed. “Like I said, you’re not going to get away with

“That’s what you think.” With a smirk he turned and walked
through the gym.

Now she needed to decide what to do. Did she want to just
say ‘screw it’ and get a new job or go after him with everything that she had?
She had a few days to figure it out.

“I heard what happened,” Francesca said as she came around
the corner. She must have been leaving the locker rooms. “And I think I just
might be your new best friend.”

Jane raised an eyebrow and said, “Why?”

Francesca held up her cellphone. “I recorded it.”

“You what?”

“I recorded it. Are you deaf now?”

“All of it?”

“I don’t know what he whispered in your ear, but the rest of
it is right here. Got an email? I’ll send it to you in a file.”

Jane scribbled her email on a paper and handed it to
Francesca. She tapped away on her phone.

“All sent. Go get your stuff. We can hang out for a bit.”

As Jane gathered her things, she was beginning to wonder if
Francesca was lonely. She was always hanging around the gym. She’d even made an
effort recently to get to know Jane. It wasn’t all about her. In fact, the
woman never talked about herself, which seemed strangely odd. She came across
as self-centered, but in reality Jane knew nothing about her. The most she
shared was that she had a date recently. Maybe Francesca wasn’t the person she

“Ready?” Jane asked as she made her way back up front.


“What did you have in mind?”

“We can go shopping.” Francesca opened the door that led

“I wish. With no hours, I’m broke.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get him together. That jerk won’t know
what hit him.”

Jane smiled. Maybe with Francesca on her side, they really
could give Matt what he deserved.

“You can ride with me. We’ll start with an early lunch and
then go from there. Sound good?”

“As long as it’s cheap.” Which was something she worried
Francesca knew nothing about.

“We can do one of those places that does the meals and
appetizer for twenty bucks.”

“That works.”

“Yay!” Francesca started the car and they were off.

* * * *

Glancing at his watch, Ben saw it was after two. Jane should
be off work and he was dying to hear her voice. He still had at least another
day here. But he didn’t know if he could stand much longer without feeling her
in his arms.

“Hey Stan, I’m gonna take a break. You got it?” Ben called.

“Yeah, man. Take your time.”

He decided to head to his hotel room for a bit. As he
entered his room, he pulled out his phone. Taking a seat on the bed, he
realized how worn-out he was and he sprawled out on the bed. He unlocked the screen
and was greeted by a picture of Jane as his background. Maybe if he was lucky
she’d be home and alone. He could ask her to go to her room and close the door,
and then remove her clothes. He’d tell her everything he wanted to do to her.
He’d start out with kissing her, then feast on those luscious breasts as he
entered her soaking wet pussy two fingers at a time. She’d be so tight around
his fingers that his cock would be jealous.

His mind then jumped to her naked and on all fours. He
really wanted to take her that way. While he would pump into her, he’d grip her
firm ass, maybe even give it a spanking. His cock throbbed as he imagined
seeing his handprint on her as he drove into her.

He couldn’t take it any longer. Ben unbuttoned his pants and
wrapped his hand around his erection. The chance of her being home was slim and
he needed relief now. Turning his thoughts back to Jane, he decided to take his
fantasy one step farther. He would take her in the ass. That opening would be
so tight. As he pumped into her, with his free hand he would tweak her clit.
She’d pant and call his name out, letting him know how well he was fucking her
and that only
dick could pleasure her like this. She’d beg him not
to stop.

He jerked his hand fast, up and down the whole length of his
cock. As he imagined her screaming, he let out his own moan and shot cum into
his hand. Lying there a moment he set the phone down. He needed to gather
himself before calling her. Ben sat up and headed to the bathroom for a quick

* * * *

Jane was worn-out and so happy they’d taken a break to get
coffee and a snack at Sweet Muffins. They’d shopped all afternoon and neither
of them bought anything. Francesca had dragged her up and down the strip, going
to this store and that one. She wanted every detail about Ben and was thrilled
about how things were working out. Jane was amazed that she actually had a
wonderful time with her. There was definitely more to Francesca than people
knew. And she was glad she gave her a shot.

Now they were seated outside the bakery, enjoying the cool
breeze as they sipped their drinks. Francesca chatted a bit about her brother
Adam and his upcoming wedding to Amy. Francesca and Skylar were both going to
be in the wedding party. Jane couldn’t help but wonder how that was going to go
since Francesca and Skylar had a history of not liking one another. To this day
they still barely spoke.

“You know Skylar better than I do. Is there a way you think
we can get through this in one piece?” Francesca asked.

“You just have to put the past behind you. Skylar is
stubborn. Maybe invite her to lunch and talk. I’m sure you two can be friends.”

“I was never all that into Drew to begin with. We never
even…you know.”

Jane smiled as she remembered when Drew first came back into
Skylar’s life. He had been seeing Francesca at the time, but it wasn’t serious.
But Skylar held a grudge, and it was hard for her to forgive. “You’re going to
have to make the first move,” Jane said.

“Of course.”

Taking a bite of one of Amy’s latest creations, Jane was
startled by her phone ringing. She picked it up and glanced at the screen.
“It’s Ben.”

“I’ll just run inside for a refill.”

As Francesca went back into the bakery, Jane answered the
phone. “Hey, sexy.”

“People are going to think you’re a little weird talking to
yourself,” he said.

Jane giggled. “Whatever. When are you coming back? I miss
you, and work really sucks.”

“Soon, I promise. I don’t think I can stand another day
without you.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Things still aren’t better at Hot Bods?”

“Nope. In fact, I stood up to Matt today and then he told me
to take a few days off to fix my attitude problem.”

“Are you going to report him? He can’t get away with that.”

“I know, and yes, I am. Actually, Francesca was there and
she got it on tape,” she told him.

“Do you have the file?”


“Email it to me. I’ll get this taken care of real fast.”

“I can do it. I’m not helpless.”

“I know you’re not, I just hate what he’s doing to you.”

“Me too.”

“Since you’re off work anyway, how about I fly you out
here?” he suggested.

“Really? Who would watch Toby? I’ve never left him.”

“Drop him off at my place. My dog sitter can watch him.”

She supposed she could. All she had to do for Patty was make
sure the litter box was clean and there was plenty of food and water. The cat
couldn’t care less.

“Oh, but I don’t really have the money though.”

“I want you out here, I’ll pay for it,” he said.

“I can’t let you do that.”

“Jane, I’m getting you a ticket. Check your email later for
the information. You’re going to love this small town, and you deserve to relax
a little.”

Who was she to argue? It sounded wonderful. A few days with
Ben and no Hot Bods. She was definitely game.

She chatted with him for a few more minutes before hanging
up. Francesca must have waited for her to end the call because as soon as she
dropped the phone into her purse, Francesca appeared.

“How is Ben?” she asked.

“Great. He’s flying me out to see him. I’m so excited. I
need to go home and pack.”

Jane could see the slight disappointment on Francesca’s
face. She wished she had more time, but she had no idea what time the flight
would be and she had a ton of things she had to get done before she left.

“I’ll drive you back to the gym,” Francesca said.

“It’s right there. I’ll walk, no biggie.”

“I’ll walk with you. I need to burn the calories I’ve
already consumed today.”

“Deal.” Jane smiled.

She and Francesca jogged across the street. When they got to
the gym’s parking lot, Jane looked around for her car. But it wasn’t there.
Where the hell was it?

Anger flooded her veins as she went inside. She expected to
be greeted by the new receptionist, but no one was up front. Jane stomped past
the desk and down the hall to Matt’s office, where she wasn’t at all surprised
to see the door closed. She didn’t even bother to knock, she just pushed the
door open.

Thankfully, she didn’t catch the two in the act like she
thought she would. Instead, the girl looked grateful that Jane had busted in
and interrupted them. With as arrogant as Matt was he’d mostly likely assumed
that the girl would jump at the chance to be with him.

BOOK: Accidental Love
10.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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