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Accidental Love

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Accidental Love




Lacey Wolfe



Accidental Love

Copyright © 2012, Lacey Wolfe

ISBN:  9781937325299

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Electronic Publication: June, 2012

Editor: Pamela Tyner

Cover: LFD Designs


eBooks are not transferable. No part
of this book may be used or reproduced without written permission, except in
the case of brief quotations in articles and reviews.


This book is a work of fiction and
any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is
purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination
and used fictitiously.


Back Cover Copy


Has Jane accidentally fallen for the decoy?

Sometimes there is only one thing to do when you get
dumped—make the ex jealous with someone new. Which is exactly what Jane plans
to do with Ben, an older, handsome man who has agreed to act as her new love

When Ben meets Toby, Jane’s unruly dog, he offers to help
her train him. But as Ben helps Jane gain control of her dog, he realizes he’s
lost control of his feelings, and he’s beginning to fall for the much younger

Suddenly, Jane can’t seem to remember what she ever saw in
her ex. All she can focus on is the way Ben makes her feel each time he kisses
her. But now the ex has decided he wants her back, and he’s willing to play
dirty to make it happen.


Content Warning: Explicit sex




To Ella Jade and Tamaria Soana. I’m so happy to have you both
in my life.



Thank you to my wonderful editor, Pamela Tyner. I have
learned so much these past few months. My writing has grown tremendously from
the help I have received.

Thank you to my family for their continued support. I would
be so lost without my supportive husband.

And finally, to my readers. Without each of you, this
journey wouldn’t be as great as it is. I appreciate all the love and kind words
that I receive.


Chapter 1


Jane’s lips trailed down Matt’s neck and stopped at his
collarbone. Lightly, she blew where her mouth had been. She wrapped her hands
around his neck and gazed up into his eyes.

“I don’t think I can keep this a secret much longer,” she

Matt pulled her hands from his neck and held them tightly in
his. “You have no other choice. When we got involved you knew no one could ever
know.” He kissed her knuckles. “Besides, that’s the thrill of it.”

“But I really like you. And I’m tired of this secret.”

Matt put his hand up to stop her. “I’m your boss.”

“I’ll quit.”

He shook his head. “I think we might need to end things.
You’re too involved. This was never supposed to be a relationship. But now
you’re calling and texting me as though I’m your boyfriend. And I’m not.”

Jane yanked her hands from his and spun around. She couldn’t
look at him, and she certainly didn’t want to hear what he was saying. They’d
been sleeping together for a while now. He’d call and she always came. Every
now and then he’d pull her into the office, like he did today, and they’d fool
around. Somewhere along the way, she assumed they were more. Apparently she was

“I don’t want this to be over,” she pleaded, trying to be

“It isn’t like you’re leaving me any choice. You’re getting

“I’ll do better.”

A warmth came up behind her and his breath blew across the
back of her neck. She closed her eyes and waited for his lips to touch the spot
that drove her over the edge.

“It’s too late. There’s no going back.” He pressed a small
kiss behind her ear. After that, all she heard was his office door opening,
then closing.

Jane’s shoulders slumped, and she counted to ten. She wasn’t
going to cry. No way. Matt just needed time, and then he’d realize how wrong he
was. In the meantime, she would wait patiently for him.

Straightening her posture, she left the office, walking with
a confidence she wished she actually had. She plastered the biggest smile she
could across her face and entered the reception area of Hot Bods Gym. The front
door jingled and a couple walked in.

“Welcome to Hot Bods,” Jane chimed.

The woman waved and they headed to the workout area. Maybe
one day that would be her and Matt. She just had to come up with some sort of
plan to get him back. Who could she ask for advice that was not connected to
him? Currently Skylar was her closest friend, but she was away on her

At least the day was almost over and Jane could stop being
the happy, perky receptionist everyone knew. She could escape to her home with
her fat cat and slobbery dog. They always made her feel better.

“I’m heading out, Jane. Can you handle the lock-up alone
tonight?” Matt asked as he walked up behind her.

Jane spun around, looking at the handsome man. “Uh, yeah.”

“Great. See ya.” Flipping his keys in his hand, he headed
for the front door without even glancing back.

She stared after him longingly. It was suddenly like she was
just another employee. And she wasn’t…was she? Hell, she’d been in his bed last

“Why the long face?”

Jane looked over and saw one of the regular gym patrons
approaching the desk. “Hey, Francesca. It’s been a long day.”

“I don’t buy it. I know that face. You have the hots for
that hunk that just left, don’t you?”

Jane shook her head. She’d never admitted it to anyone, and
now wasn’t the time to start.

“Please.” Francesca rolled her eyes. “I’m not blind. Does he

Jane nodded. Shit, why did she just do that?

“And he doesn’t feel the same way?”

She shook her head.

“Well, perhaps the problem is you don’t speak.”

“I can’t talk about it here,” Jane whispered.

Francesca looked around the gym. “It’s kinda empty, minus a
few people.”

“I just can’t here.”

“Whatever. I’m going to shower. I’m here if you want to

Jane’s gaze followed Francesca as she strutted toward the
locker rooms. Her blonde ponytail swayed, and her stride was full of determination,
as always. No one could knock that woman down.

Over the loud speaker Jane announced that Hot Bods would be
closing in thirty minutes. She got busy with her few closing tasks. Once the
last member left, she checked all the rooms for any belongings that might have
been left, turned off lights, and made sure all the equipment was off. In the
employee break room, she went to her locker and grabbed her purse. She did a
double check that the coffee maker wasn’t on. Her last stop was the locker
rooms to make sure everyone was gone. The men’s was empty. Next was the

Francesca was applying makeup in the vanity area.

“Hey. We’re closed,” Jane said.

“I know. I was hanging around so we could talk.” Francesca
closed her cosmetic bag.

“Oh. Well, thanks, but…” Was Francesca really someone she
could trust? Skylar strongly disliked the girl. Amy said she was okay, but Amy
was partial since Francesca was her future sister-in-law.

“I don’t want to hear it. Your buddy is away getting her
head banged against some headboard as we speak. Who else are you going to talk

“I guess you’re right.”

“Come on, let’s go over to Sweet Muffins and get a coffee.”

Jane agreed. After she locked up they walked across the street.
It was a nice evening. Jane always liked Sundays. She closed each Sunday and
loved that when she got off, it was still daylight. Francesca told her to take
a seat at an outside table, the coffee was on her.

Amy owned Sweet Muffins and Jane wondered if Francesca got a
discount since Amy was marrying her brother. If so, it was no wonder she’d
offered to pay.

Behind her, Jane heard the bell on the door. A woman
giggled. “You’re so funny, Matt.”

Jane froze. Her heart rate sped up. It couldn’t be. It absolutely
be. Feeling as though she was moving in slow motion, she
turned to look.

It was.

“Matt,” Jane said, surprised she was able to get the word

Matt grinned, not even looking one bit ashamed. “Hi, Jane.”

She stood and stared as her eyes danced back and forth
between the two, trying to wrap her mind around what she was seeing.

“Matt, who’s this?” the other woman asked. She was no longer
smiling, obviously getting a feel for what was going on. She tugged on Matt’s
shirt and whispered something then tried to walk away. Jane expected him to
just let the lady leave, but instead he took her hand.

“She’s just the receptionist over at Hot Bods,” he told the

Jane’s mouth dropped open, and her heart felt like it had
been ripped out. He’d completely dismissed her as though she’d been nothing to

Chapter 2


“Here.” Francessca shoved a coffee into Jane’s hand. “Sit.

Jane did as she was told. She was too stunned not to. Taking
her seat, she took a long sip of her drink. It was good. But at the moment she
had no idea what the flavor was.

“You’re sleeping with him, aren’t you?” Francesca asked.
is a better way of putting it.”

Jane couldn’t hold back any longer. She had to tell someone.
“For a few months. It started one evening when he and I were closing. We’d been
flirting like crazy. He called me into his office, and the next thing I knew
his desk was cleared and we were having sex on it. We agreed to keep it
hush-hush. But I thought it would only be for a little while. Today we were
fooling around and I told him I wanted more. To go public. I’d quit if I had
to. He ended things. But I didn’t think he really meant it. And I definitely
wasn’t expecting to see him with someone else already.”

“No one knows?”

“Nope. I’ve been keeping this to myself. Wow, it does feel
good to be getting it out though.”

“So, what’s your plan?” Francesca took a long sip of her


Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, Francesca said, “Do
you want him back or do you want him to see what he no longer has?”

What did she want? That was a good question. Before seeing
him with that woman she was sure she wanted him back, but that really hurt.
He’d discarded her like she was an empty water bottle. She’d hoped that after a
few days of not being with her, he’d crawl back and let her know she’d been
right and they should start telling people. But he had moved on very fast. Had
he already been seeing this other person? Could he have been cheating on her?
Then again, they would’ve had to be in a relationship for her to be cheated on.
Wow, this was way more complicated than she’d expected it to be.

“I don’t really know,” Jane finally said.

“How about you show him what he’s lost?”


“A make-over and a fake new boyfriend.”

“Fake boyfriend? Where am I going to get one of those?”

“Leave that to me.” Francesca pulled out her smartphone and
tapped away at the screen. “Call in sick tomorrow. We have a full day ahead of

“I can’t do that,” Jane objected.

“Sure you can. Heck, he probably expects it. The man dumped
you today and already found a new lady. Seriously, he’ll be relieved if you
don’t come in tomorrow. Plus, it’ll give him time to see if he misses you.
Aren’t you always there?”

She nodded. It was sad, but yes, she was always there, rain
or shine. She was dependable Jane.

“Great. Meet me at the mall about ten tomorrow.” Francesca
stood and picked up her cup. “I better go get my beauty sleep. Bye.”

Jane waved. What had she gotten herself into? Deciding to go
home, she picked up her coffee. Tomorrow would be here before she knew it, and
she was going to need all the rest she could get.

* * * *

Wow, just wow. That was all Jane could think as she stared
at herself in the mirror. When Francesca did a make-over, she went all out.
They’d gone shopping today, and Jane now wore a pair of designer jeans that
looked so good on her she feared she would never take them off. She had on a
simple white blouse, but with the jewelry Francesca insisted she buy, she admitted
she looked hot. Her normal brown hair that she’d never colored had several sets
of lowlights and highlights. It was shiny, and when she ran her fingers through
it, it felt amazingly soft. It was slightly curled under, but still rested
below her shoulders. Then there was her makeup. Francesca had done that
herself. And wowzers, she’d taught Jane a few new things.

Now she was meeting this fake boyfriend who was going to be
coming by the gym a lot. The plan was just to make Matt jealous. Jane didn’t
know if she wanted him back but making him see what he’d lost sounded like a
great idea.

BOOK: Accidental Love
10.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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