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Merely thinking about the added layer of
deception to what I was doing started that low burn in me and I had
to hold back a groan. Breathing deep I pushed aside the blooming
desire to focus on the job at hand. Bringing the scissors to the
collar of his undershirt I snipped the tip at the neck and the
shoulders before setting them aside. Grabbing the sides of the neck
in my hands I tore the fabric apart and let it join it’s destroyed
brethren on the floor.

The swift motion must have startled Eric
because he let out a short gasp then snapped his mouth shut.

It was almost unfortunate he couldn’t see the
devilish smile which graced my lips. “Is there something you need
to say slave?”

Eric’s swallow was audible. “N-no,

Taking the leather paddle from the cart I
rubbed it across his cheek. “Mmm, good,” I said before smacking the
smooth pampered skin there.

The noise that left him could only be
described as a yelp of pained shock.

“Something you need to say now?”

Eric didn’t respond in words. Instead, he
thrashed his head back and forth indicating a “no.”

Letting the paddle trail down his throat to
his chest I teased his nipples with the rough sewn edge, getting
them hard, before smacking each one. The sculpted flesh turned red
as each slap struck with more force. After delivering a volley of
blows to both nipples, leaving them scarlet and sore, I ran the
edge of the paddle down again; across the plains of his stomach to
his bulge which hid behind white cotton fabric. A dick
larger than what Walter had, hell it was larger than what most men
I had from what I had seen, which made what he did to me when we
were married so much worse.

Remembering how and why I was connected to
the man in front of me I pressed the side of the paddle into his
most sensitive area, pushing a small whimper out of him in the
process. The sound sent more electric caresses down my skin so I
pushed deeper, almost to the point where I thought it might hurt.
When I saw him bite his lip, probably preparing for a beating on
his cock, I pulled the paddle away to reach around and strike him
as hard as I could on the ass.

This time Eric’s cry was much louder,
sweeter; like a candy for my ears. Walking around him again I
fingered along the edge of his briefs; dipping my fingers in to
tease his pubic hair line before thumbing the hallow at his hip and
scratching around his side and lower back, stopping just above the
crack in his ass.

“I want you to tell me something slave.” The
whisper was low, near his right ear.

“Yes Mistress.” His voice held a tantalizing
hint of fear.

“Why are you here?”

While I waited for a reply the paddle hung
loosely from my right hand as I massaged one of his ass cheeks. My
left was busy scoring a line of red from shoulder to shoulder but
when no reply came, or at least not one I felt was fast enough, I
braced it there to strike his rear again with the paddle. The blow
was much harder, being that I had better leverage, and shifted him
forward. His hips snapped back in place and I had to wonder if he
had been paddled before.

“Answer me dog.” The last word was punctuated
by another crack of the paddle.

Eric let out a small choked noise before
replying. “I don’t…I don’t know Mistress.”


Wrenching his underwear below his butt,
exposing the already crimson cheeks, I hit each one with enough
force to leave multiple welts. When I was finished I put the band
back in place and lightly massaged the sore flesh through the
fabric. The damage skin below would make the cotton, no matter how
expensive, feel like sandpaper against it and the light sobs coming
from him told me that the sensation was close to that.

The part in me that was doing this for spite
was rolling, giddy with each cry, and hungry to see the soaked
through blindfold showing me the tears of pain it so desperately
craved. Taking my time, I walked back to the front of him; running
my nails along his skin and keeping my eyes up, ready to

“Oh, poor, poor baby. Did I punish you too
hard? I guess you should have answered the question correctly. If
you lie again, and trust me ‘I don’t know’ is a lie, I’ll have no
choice but to take drastic measures.”

Stopping in front I licked my lips, loving
the dampened cloth at his face, and continued. “Unless, of course,
that is…you say the safe word. All this could be over with one
small word.” Leaning in closer as I spoke I ended at his ear and
began whispering the word to him, his own;

“No Mistress!” There was a desperation in his
voice, something I hadn’t expected.

Curious, I stepped back and saw his chiseled
body glistening with a light layer of sweat, his chest heaving with
each breath, not unusual or unexpected. What I hadn’t expected,
what I could never dream of seeing from a man I thought I knew so
well, was the massive erection pressing at the white fabric which
strained to keep it in.

A small gasp of surprise escaped me but the
fact I even gasp surprised me more and brought my hand to my mouth
as though to hide it. Remembering my role, and that Ricki could be
watching, I composed myself and hoped he wouldn’t ask about it.

“Well slave, out with it.” The demand was as
harsh as I could make it as I grabbed his stiff beast through its
clothed prison.

As soon as I touched his cock my body wanted
it—to stroke it, suck it, be fucked by it in each hole—and I fought
to remember why I should abhor such acts. Fucking with it was part
of the job, fucking it in any way was my choice, and I shouldn’t
make that choice.

“I,” Eric began. “I need to come here,” he
finally said.

Giving his cock a squeeze I asked, “Now why
would that be?”

There seemed to be some hesitation in him as
he swallowed and didn’t reply immediately. My hand went to the
softer bit of flesh below his dick and cupped the tender balls. The
slight intake of breath from Eric hinted at a building fear but the
fact his cock danced at my touch spoke of something else.

“I don’t know how to get off without it.” The
words were fast, as though he wanted to rip the emotional band-aid
off at once and expose the raw truth to be done with it.

Instead of mangling or mashing the tender
sack I massaged it as though I was his lover readying him for my
mouth. The tension in him eased, but his cock remained hard and
ready. The urge to pull it from the undergarment that held it,
keeping it in what had to be an uncomfortable angle, and lapping at
it like a greedy whore pulsed through me, making my mouth

Not giving in to my desire I focused on Eric
and what I wanted to know. “Tell me slave, did Savannah do this for
you? I know she has used domination, but it is not her

“Yes Mistress.” His response was quick,
showing no weakness or fear. “She was not as.” Eric paused seeming
to struggle with the right words. “As skilled,” he finally said,
“as you are though.”

“I’ll take that as a high compliment.” My
words were purred in his ear as I dared to release his cock and
stroke it, running my thumb across the tip. “And when Savannah
would be doing the less skillful domination play did you ever give
her a reason as to why you were there?”

My toying with his dick showed in his
breathless reply. “She never asked.”

“But I ask.” Both my hands were on the
monster now, one at his balls squeezing and one on the shaft. “What
I want to know now is why you have to be abused, dominated by a
woman to get off. What is at the core?”

His throat moved and his body tensed. In that
moment I knew the answer wasn’t going to come so easy; it was time
for a little more persuasion.

“I sense some hesitation in you so I want to
make it perfectly clear how far I can push you if you don’t wish to
answer.” Letting go of his junk I stepped back and reached for the
cart, grabbing the shears once more. “I’ve been known to push my
slaves to the edge, some too far, and I have had clients cancel
their contracts with me in the process.”

Eric jumped at the feel of the cool metal
against the edge of his underwear, but still didn’t say a word.
Opening the scissors I began to cut away the fabric bit by bit as I

“In order to continue as my slave you have to
learn compliance.” His right ass cheek was exposed, the welts
showing a hint at fading, but that would soon change. “If you don’t
want to comply willingly it will be
into you.”

His briefs were no more and the shears were
back in their place. Eric still hadn’t spoken a word. Unhooking the
bar his hands were clasped to I pulled him forward to bend at the
waist so his hands were on the floor with his legs still spread and
hooked to the lower rings.

“Down on your knees slave.”

Eric dropped to the padded surface without a
word and I had to wonder if he knew what was coming. After
attaching the bar at his hands to the floor hooks I used the straps
at either side to lash his calves down. Going back to the cart I
gathered my harness and sat on my lounge to strap it on.

“You have a moment to think now and decide if
I need to go further with you in your instruction as my slave, or
if you are going to willingly answer me. You know at anytime you
can forfeit and use your safe word. This is all in your hands

As I finished, I grabbed the rubber cock and
wondered if Savannah had gone to such extremes with him. This
wouldn’t be the first time for me, man or woman. Screwing women
with it was for fun but screwing men was more. It was a convenient
tool used to break those who thought they were too strong. I was
well within my right to use it; if a slave didn’t do as they were
told in my chamber I was privy to do as I wished, short of
permanent bodily harm or death, to teach them what they needed to

Unzipping my boots I set them aside, fucking
a man in the ass can be hard in platforms, and walked back to Eric.
There was a slight tremor to him as I touched the skin at his rear
and that part of me that was being vengeful loved the serendipitous
situation I was in.

“This is your last chance slave. Why do you
need to be abused to get off?”

Deep inside me I knew the answer; I knew why
he had to suffer for sex but I wasn’t sure if he knew, or if he did
but didn’t want to voice it. In a moment I would know or he would
run screaming from my realm, gone forever.

Eric was motionless, silent, and I knew the
moment had arrived. Grabbing a larger paddle, one with holes for
less resentence, I got ready to soften him for what was to

Chapter 4


Eric’s ass was starting to look raw and I
wanted to stop before I broke the skin so I set the paddle down and
grabbed the lube. During his paddling I teased the sore skin with
the rubber cock, threatening to fuck him if he didn’t answer

“This is your last chance slave.” My lubed up
hands found his crack and began rubbing the slick substance in and
around his anus.

The only response that came was a quiet

“You can still speak, right slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” He choked out.

“Good, than I know you can still save
yourself and run away if need be.” The mocking tone was
intentional, pushing him to pride up and leave.

He stayed silent.

While I was beating him something in me began
to change and now, as I was ready to fuck my ex-husband’s ass, that
change was coming to the fore. The vengeful relishing turned almost
into a pity. He had fallen so low, all that pride, that vanity, was
stripped away. Gone. The man on his knees before me was not the
same man that raped me every day all those years ago. It didn’t
mean I wasn’t going to continue. This was my job after all, one I
was very good at, and part of me started to feel as though he
needed it more than that vengeful side of me ever did. The Eric who
saw his kids twice monthly still put on the dick-head show whenever
he was around me, so whatever he was feeling could be unique, or
the beginning to something new.

Taking a deep breath I started working the
hole putting in one finger first, then another, stroking in a slow
and calculated way. Once I got the third digit in I could feel the
tremor build in Eric once more, but he never told me to stop.
Spreading my fingers more and more as I drew them out I widened him
a little at a time until I could fit the tip of the dildo in.

The pink rubber dick was about as wide as
four of my fingers brought together but twice as long as them so I
had to ease it in slowly. Eric’s body shook with sobs under my
hands as I forced the fake cock in and drew it back out getting
faster with each pass. My pussy twitched watching him below me; it
was always an exhilarating feeling to fuck someone this way but
somehow, the intimate nature I had with the man below me made it
something more. Soon his sobs turned to grunts and I could see his
fingers flexing and reaching for a purchase that wasn’t there on
the rubber mat.

He seemed to be enjoying my pace, another
shocker I had not expected, so it was time to amp it up. Digging my
nails in the tender abused skin of his ass I quickened my movements
to the point where I almost had trouble keeping rhythm. The sound
of leather on flesh, the clanging hooks, mixed with Eric’s returned
sobs and grunts and was like a beautiful tune in my ears.

The tingling at my pussy spread with each
added slap of skin or noise from Eric and continued through my
whole body. My rhythm finally faltered as I had to fight my own
building orgasm. Trying to gain more control over my body I dug my
nails in and focused on his ass under my hands—bright red and
swollen, being filled with my thick rubber dick—but the trail of
juices flowing down my leg was distracting beyond the point of no

BOOK: A Slave to Desire
7.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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