A second chance: Sequel of Against all odds

BOOK: A second chance: Sequel of Against all odds
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Vella Deguara

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Vella Deguara

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I'm leaving!” I said loudly as I searched for my car keys. I
was already running late. Where had I put those damned keys?

are you looking for?”

I lifted my head and looked
at my husband. He was so handsome this morning, dressed in his suit,
but this was no news. He always looked gorgeous. The older he got,
the more charming he became. I smiled at him although I was still
annoyed at losing my keys. I had to go and greet Lucy at the airport.
After such a long time, she was finally going to come and pay me a

keys, I can't find them.” I said exasperated, “I’m
sure Kylie hid them somewhere.”

Tyler smiled. “Kylie?
Don't you think she's a bit grown up now to do those things? You’ve
probably put them somewhere, and you can't remember where.

I don't know where my head is lately.” I said distracted.

Tyler's face changed
expression all of a sudden, and I could see something in his eyes. I
wasn’t sure what it was, but it looked like something I had
said angered him.

you OK?” I asked.

I am.” He replied visibly annoyed. “I have to go now. I'm
late for work and since today you're having a day off I'd better
hurry. I'll have to work for two.”

come on Ty!” I snapped. “You knew Lucy was going to
arrive today. I can't possibly come to work especially now that I’m
pregnant. I mean in a few months I'll have to stop. Maybe you should
start searching for someone new to help you.”

He retorted sharply. I stared at him, surprised by his outburst.

are you so angry all of a sudden?” I asked taken aback.

not angry.” He replied looking away.

yes, you are. What’s wrong?”

I hated it when he did this.
Pretending nothing was wrong and keeping everything inside him when
in reality there was something bothering him. Lately, it was like he
was living in a world of his own. He was always grumpy, always
sullen. I wanted to know what my husband was going through and help
him solve any problems he was encountering, but he was shutting me
out of his life.

leaving. Do you want me to take you to the airport?” He asked
instead of responding. “No?” he continued as I just
stared back at him.

think I'll take a taxi.” I said finally.

can take you.”He said impatiently. “At least you'll be
there in time. Then use the taxi to come back. Are you coming or

I replied as I gazed at him. I wondered what was passing through his
mind. Tyler wasn't himself; he was always quiet and tense, but I
couldn’t understand why. He was supposed to be happy. We were
finally having the child we had wished for during all these years,
but for some reason or another he was always moody.

left already?” He asked then.

David came for her about half an hour ago.”

He sighed and rolled his
eyes. “Oh right. David.”

I was going to reply, but I
bit my tongue. I knew that when it came to this argument he was very
touchy, and I didn't want to fight with him. It seemed that we
weren't doing anything else but that lately. Instead, I grabbed his
arm. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes, and I stared at his
handsome face. My God, even after seven years I still felt my heart
racing whenever he looked at me like that.

love you Tyler,” I said smiling at him.

His gaze softened and then
he caressed my face and pulled me to him before kissing me tenderly.
“I love you too. Now let's go, or you'll be late.”

I nodded and followed him
out. We got in the car, and he started driving, staying silent all
through the trip. What was happening between us? I felt so sad. I
looked at him secretly. He seemed so lost in thoughts, so distant. He
never looked once in my way.

When we arrived at the
airport, he just dropped me there and left. I just felt like crying.
I felt nauseous all of a sudden, and it wasn't due to the pregnancy.
This pregnancy was different from my first one. I had never suffered
any nausea before, and I was already four months pregnant. I looked
at my watch and realized I was terribly late. I hoped Lucy wasn't
there already. I hurried inside and went to the arrivals area.
Thankfully she hadn't arrived yet. I sat down on a chair and hid my
face in my hands. I felt so depressed. All our trouble had started
four months before, from the moment David returned into our lives. He
wasn't doing anything wrong, just being there for his daughter, but
his presence had changed something between me and Tyler. I could feel
him distancing himself from me. He was always sad and anxious. We
were falling apart, and this was happening during the period when I
most needed to feel him close to me. I was carrying his child. The
miracle baby that was supposed to bond us more.

I looked up with tears in my eyes and saw my friend Lucy holding her

I shouted. It had been two years since I last saw her, and that was
on her wedding day. Lucy and Logan had stayed together all through
college and University and then got married. They were more in love
than ever, and now they even had a baby called Luke. The family of
the three Ls. That's how Lucy referred to her family.

She hadn't changed a bit.
And even though she had just had Luke she looked fantastic in her
stretched jeans. She smiled at me and hugged me.

was the flight? Everything OK?” I asked her as I took her

it was fine. Luke slept through the entire journey. He has been a
very good boy.”

Lucy, he's so sweet! He resembles Logan so much,” I said
looking at her lovely baby.

that's what everyone says, but he has my character,” she added.

I smiled. “And your
smile as well.”

Lucy now regarded me in a
concerned manner though, and I knew what she was going to ask me
before she even said it.

wrong Cassidy? I saw you crying before,”she said.

I sighed as I tilted my head
slowly up to look at her. Oh, how much I had missed her. Leaving
everything behind me to follow Tyler hadn't been simple. We had run
away after Kylie was born. He hadn't faced the trial, but his lawyer
had advised us to go and live elsewhere, the farthest the better,
somewhere where nobody knew us. And that's what we had done. Tyler's
father had opened a new hotel in another state, and we had bought a
house there. Now we were running the hotel together. Tyler is the
CEO, and I'm his assistant. I can't say that it was the work I had
always dreamed to do, but it pays well and financially speaking we
can't wish for more.

nothing. I'm just stressed,” I lied.

Lucy looked at me with
narrowed eyes but didn't say anything.

about Logan? How come he didn't come with you?” I asked trying
to change the subject.

had to work and unfortunately he couldn't take three days off to come
with me.”

I see. Luce I can't take you to your hotel right now. Tyler gave me a
ride here and then he left. I couldn't find the keys of my car so
we'll call a taxi and go to my house. Then I'll drive you to the
hotel later. Although honestly I can't understand why you didn't want
to stay with me.”

appreciate Cas but I prefer it this way. Luke gets up a lot during
the night and could disturb you and Tyler and even Kylie.”

we have to get used to the crying in the middle of the night, within
five months we'll have a baby.”

Lucy smiled.

but I'm sure that Tyler would be more glad to wake up when he hears
his son or daughter crying than when he hears mine.”

maybe you're right,” I replied. I wasn't sure what Tyler was
thinking right now, we rarely talked about these things, I wondered
if he was really happy with the arrival of this baby.

call a taxi.” I said taking out my phone. After a while, the
taxi arrived and took us home. I paid the taxi driver and helped Lucy
to take out the luggage.

Cassidy, this house is so big. It's beautiful,” she said while
I rummaged in my handbag to get the keys. Finally, I found them and
opened the door. I let her in, and she gasped. “My God, the
living room is so big, it’s the size of half our house. You’re
living like a princess! I'm very happy for you,” she said with
a smile. She couldn’t imagine how wrong she was.

is not everything Luce. Logan loves you a lot you're lucky,” I
said sadly.

Lucy looked at me surprised
by my remark.

what's going on? I thought you were happy with Tyler.”

I couldn't take it anymore.
I sat down and began to cry.

Lucy, no I'm not happy. My life is wrecked at the moment. Things
aren’t going well lately between me and Tyler,” I

do you mean?” She asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

just that-.”

Just at that moment someone
rang the doorbell.

me a minute Lucy. I wonder who it is at this time.”

I stood up and went to
answer the door. As soon as I opened the door I saw David standing in
front of me. He smiled and looked at me with his dreamy eyes. My
heart lost a beat.


What are you doing here? Is Kylie OK?” I asked him already
feeling queasy at the idea that something could have happened to her.
He rested against the door jamb, holding the crash helmet in his
hand. He was looking good with his leather jacket on and I had to
admit that black suited him.

Of course. I took her to school about two hours ago,” he
replied calmly.

I felt relieved, although
that didn't explain why he had come.

what are you doing here? I mean aren't you suppose to be at school at
this time?” I asked him.

David smiled at me.

don’t have any lessons this morning. Can I come in for a
minute? I need to talk to you.”

I looked at him hesitating
for a moment. I wasn’t sure if letting him in was a good idea.
He sensed my indecision and sighed.

BOOK: A second chance: Sequel of Against all odds
5.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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