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“This isn’t a dream.  I like this stronger woman who knows what she wants.  I’m proud of you.”

Dolton heard her crying but he could smell the happiness coming off her.  Speeding up eager to get home, he glanced over at her as he pulled into their street.  She smiled at him.  “This, how you are with me, what you say it shows me why I never stopped loving you.” She cleared her throat.  “I love you so much, Dolton.”

Pulling into his driveway he parked and jumped out of the car eager to get Alissa in his arms.  Going around to her side he opened her door and picked her up.  Carrying her to the front door, Dolton fumbled with the keys trying to open the door as quick as he could.  Stepping in he slammed the door shut with his leg.  “I love you, Alissa.  I love you so much.  I’m so lucky to have you.”

Pasting his mouth to hers he stumbled down the hall reluctantly letting her go only to rip her clothes off, and his own, watching the tattered pieces fall to the floor.  Gathering her to him again, Dolton and his bear became frantic to show her she was his and only they could touch her, because they loved her.  Dolton couldn’t make it to a bedroom.  He needed her now.  Her back hit the hallway wall and he held her up and buried his face into her pussy and feasted.  She screamed in pleasure as he let his animal side free to ravish her, licking and lapping at her nether lips.  Her hands gripped his hair and her tugging only heightened his need.   

Resting Alissa’s legs over his shoulders he buried his face deeper, sinking his tongue into her dripping core.  Her moans were pure heaven.  Scraping his lengthened teeth over her sensitive clit he felt her legs start to quiver around him and he lapped at her once more before easing away.  She gripped his hair pulling him back.  “No.  Finish me.”

Dolton chuckled at her demanding tone, but right now he was the boss, and he was getting what he wanted and that was his dick in her pussy. He didn’t say anything as he eased her legs down and yanked his head away from her, ignoring the pull on his hair.  He lined his dick up to her entrance and pushed home burying his cock deep inside Alissa.  Wrapping her legs around him he held her against him and walked to the lounge room.  Going to the sofa he laid her down and pulled her to the edge.  Kneeling, he was the perfect height.  He hovered over her for a second or two, staring into her now passion-filled eyes before he drove his dick home, propelling himself into her with a deep sure thrust.   

“Dolton,” she howled his name, arching up to bring him deeper. 

Fondling her breasts he tweaked her nipples as he pounded into her in a mindless frenzy.  Alissa was his soul mate—his one.  She was his mate. 

He yanked her up and meshed her lips with his.  Using shifter strength he balanced as he eased up thrusting deep and holding himself there as he turned and sat on the couch resting her legs on either side of him. 

Tearing his mouth from hers, he growled, “Ride me.  Mate me.  Show me you want me just as much as I want, no need, you.  Make me yours.”

Alissa wiggled on him, her hooded eyes widening as she slowly rose up and down.  She was soaked, and her core gripped him tight, never wanting him to retreat.  The pull of her muscles as they wrapped around him was pure heaven.  Dolton stared down at where his dick disappeared into her pussy each time.  It was so hot. 

Alissa rode him like she was on a bucking bull.  Dolton was so close to coming, but even in mate crazed state, he knew he couldn’t have his own release until Alissa had hers.  Leaning back on the couch he drove up meeting her thrust for thrust.  Circling her waist he brought her down so their sweat coated bodies rubbed.  Squeezing her arse, he followed the curves of her cheeks down and around to their joined bodies to find her clit.  Latching onto it, his fingers circled her clit before pressing down and putting pressure on it and repeating the process again and again.    Holding onto her neck he struck, his canines sinking into his mating mark.   

“Holy shit,” she yelled. 

Alissa’s core spasmed around him and gripped his dick in a vice-like grip.  Dolton swore fucking stars clouded his vision.  He pumped into her barely moving because of her pussy’s tight hold.  Letting himself fall, he roared his release as he shot his seed into her. 

“I love you,” Alissa.”

“I love you too, Dolton.”






Alissa moved in with him straight away.  They spent every spare moment talking about what they’d missed over the last five years, and laughed as they remembered antics they’d gotten up to when they were younger. 

Christmas was crazy.  Their families didn’t seem too surprised when they arrived together.  Alissa’s brothers didn’t kill him, but damn did they give him hell.  Dolton took it all and stuck up for her with everything.  She’d gone to sleep the last couple of nights telling him how it was nice to have someone on her side, and she fell more in love with him each time he stood up for her or backed her up. 

Alissa thought he was joking when he’d told her he’d booked a Celebrant for Boxing Day.  Dolton was marrying his mate and was making sure all knew Alissa was his.  He saw no reason to wait.  It had already been over a year since she’d come of age, and he’d missed time he could have spent with her.  He didn’t want be without her a moment more.

He tried not to glance impatiently at his watch as he waited for his bride to arrive. 

An elbow landed in his side.  “I think our sister has come to her senses and done a runner.”

Shooting a glare at Alissa’s oldest brother, Gary, Dolton snarled, which did nothing but cause her other brother next to him to laugh.

“I’d run for my life if I had to put up with your ornery arse,” Clifton said.

Dolton told himself that blood shed on his wedding day wouldn’t be appreciated.  He and Alissa should have eloped so they didn’t have to put up with her damn brothers.  Growling, he flashed his sharp teeth in a predatory smile.  “Aren’t you happy you don't have to put up with my arse, which your sister tells me is perfect?”

He chuckled as their laughter stopped and their gazes narrowed on him. 

Faint music started up and he turned to the aisle covered in colorful frangipanis.  Alissa stood at the end her arm sat on her father’s.  She wore a cream off the shoulder princess dress, it hugged her waist with lace and pearls and flared out in a puffy skirt.  Her hair was up in an elaborate bun with curling pieces falling out framing her face and falling down her neck.  She looked absolutely stunning, her smile huge and her green eyes shining with happiness. 

Dolton couldn’t wait where he was a minute longer.  His gaze locked onto hers and he met her down the aisle filled with friends and family. 

“You look amazing.  Beautiful.  Stunning.  I’m so lucky.” Taking her from her father, he gathered her to him and leaned down locking his lips to hers.  Throats cleared and people whispered.

“You do realize the kissing part hasn’t come yet?” Gary sniggered.

Sighing, he eased away from her and rested his forehead against hers.  “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” she whispered back.

Her brothers made gagging noises.  “You’d think since it’s our wedding day they’d give it a rest.”

Alissa moved to the side and gazed at her brothers, she let out a breath and rolled her eyes, then burst out laughing—the musical sound his favorite.  Slowly he turned and saw her brothers ‘trying’ to look innocent and they stared at Alissa. 

“You ready?”

Alissa gazed up at him, her eyes shining bright with happiness.  “I’ve always been ready for you.  I love you.”

Leaning down, he kissed her again. This time he ignored the comments and clearing throats and took his sweet time.  When he pulled away, Alissa’s baked honey scent was high, her checks were flushed, and her eyes were filled with passion.  “I love you too.”

Linking her arm with his he guided Alissa down to the Celebrant, settling her by his side.  Dolton smiled at the Celebrant.  “We’re ready.”


Three years later…

Alissa waddled out of the back entrance at work. Ranger, one of the bouncers, walked beside her hovering close.

“You do know if Dolton finds out you’ve been working, on your feet, he’s going to go nuts. Bed rest from what I heard means you stay in bed. Now I think on it, Dolton will be pissed just finding you out of bed. Lex, is a great white shark shifter and even he’s scared of your mate.”

She rolled her eyes at that, Lex, wasn’t scared of anyone. And she had to come in, this time of year, close to New Year, the club was super busy with busloads of woman arriving.

Alissa went to pat Ranger, to tell him not to worry about Dolton that she could handle him, but he stepped away from her. Alissa sighed, none of the shifters would let her touch them, even just their arms in comfort now.

When she was pregnant a little over two years ago with her daughter, Ava, Dolton went a little crazy with all the male attention she got, the rubbing of her belly, telling her how she glowed and so on. He broke so many of the shifter’s fingers, hands, and other body parts, that by the end no one at the club came near her. The night of Ava’s birth he exploded, and from what she’d been told, may have almost killed some doctors when they didn’t get her pain meds quick enough.

The poor wolf shifter OBGYN refused to see her for this pregnancy. Actually all male OBGYN’s she called refused her. In the end, this time around her doctor was a female lion shifter.

“He won’t find out if you don’t blab to him. I left Ava with nanny at home. She would have been the one to let loose, blabber on about her friends.” Ava, was a couple of months short of two and was advanced, she had a larger vocabulary than most her age. Alissa shook her head, her daughter loved coming to her work, and she had every male under her spell, so much so that they were all disappointed when she didn’t bring Ava in.

Ranger huffed, “I’m not an idiot. I won’t say a wor…”

A loud bear roar reverberated the surrounding forest and cut off Ranger’s words. A massive brown bear came barreling at them. Groaning, she wondered who had told him.

“I’ll leave you to handle that.” Ranger said as he backed away from Dolton.

“Scare-dy cat,” she mumbled.

Ranger shrugged. “Smart cat. I’m getting away from a bear who’s protecting his mate and cub.” Ranger went inside, and Alissa waddled over to a very upset grizzly bear.

“Really was that necessary? Ranger was only walking me to my car.” The bear huffed. “Dolton, I love you, but right now I’m nine months pregnant, with your parents staying with us until after the baby is born and an almost two year old hyper little girl bear cub. If I didn’t get out of the house like you do, to at least go to work for half an hour, I was going to go crazy.” That was putting it nicely, Alissa liked Dolton’s parents but there was only so much she could put up with from her mother-in-law.

The bear made a scoffing sound, and Alissa knew what Dolton was saying. “I know I was put on bed rest, but that was three months ago. I only have a little over two weeks left until my due date.” Her whole body ached, she’d had enough. Alissa poked at the bear having to put a little bit of strength into it to know he’d feel it under his fur.

Slowly the fur receded and the bear shrunk down to Dolton’s six-eight height. A magical swirl covered his body as his clothes appeared. His jeans molded to his body along with his plane black t-shirt. Mmm, her husband, soulmate, was so yummy, and turned her on any time she was near him. It was no wonder she was pregnant again so soon.

The feeling and reactions never changed for Dolton, they’d only gotten stronger.   Her love for him grew every day and she knew he felt the same.  She loved the ornery bear beside her, in whatever form he was in, and she was happy she hadn’t escaped that night over three years ago.

“I love you my stubborn mate.”  He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers lingering over the kiss. She took a deep breath in of his fresh woodsy smell, and it calmed her.

Hugging Dolton as tight as she could with her massive belly, she sighed in contentment. “I love you too. Forever and always my lover, my friend, my mate.”












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BOOK: A Mate's Escape
7.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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