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Dolton slid up her body kissing a trail to her breasts where he sucked one pebbled nipple into his warm wet mouth following with the other breast.  Slipping her arms around his back, she clutched him as he fondled and sucked on her breasts.  She still wasn’t over the blissed out feeling from her orgasm and her skin felt a million times more sensitive then she could ever remember. 

If she was going to do this, Alissa was going to do some exploring, touching, and tasting of her own.  Moving her hands up, she threaded her fingers in his hair and yanked on him. 

“My turn.  I want to play.  My turn now.”              

Dolton grinned at her and his beautiful warm chocolate eyes lit up.  Letting her hands fall she caressed his cheek before tracing his full lips.  His tongue came out to circle her digit.  “Anything for you.” He nipped at her finger. 

Pushing at him, Alissa rolled so she was on top.  “I like this position.” She smiled down at him.

“I’m liking this position too.  I’m liking the new Alissa who’s bossy.”

“I was always bossy.  You’re just willing to do what I tell you now.” Alissa winked at him, but as she gazed down the length of his muscular body it shocked her at the sassy, sure woman taking over now. Sure she was confidant at work, but not so much with the men in her life.

Running the pads of her fingers over every ridge, crevasse, and bump she marveled at the texture of his smooth soft skin against the hardness of him.  She worked at a male strip club and saw a lot of muscular bodies but nothing like Dolton’s.  His chest was so wide, and his bear really suited him.  Unlike the men at work Dolton, had a pelt of dark soft chest hair, and his skin wasn’t spray tanned or sun tanned, it was a natural dark olive. 

Sliding down his body she brushed her lips over his skin trying not miss any part of him.  Settling between his thighs she circled the proud member before her and rubbed her hands up and down his thick cock.  Dolton’s dick was fatter than any cock she’d seen before.  He was a decent length too, but his width had her worried. 

Gazing up at him, she saw the passion flaring in his eyes and his bear resting just under the surface.  She could do this.  She wanted to do this.  Alissa hovered over his length, closed her eyes, and sank her open mouth over him as she gripped the base.  Her mouth was open wide and he filled her.  Sucking on him she circled her tongue around him and tried to remember to pump her hand. 

“Fuck, Alissa, that’s feels amazing,” he rasped.

Opening her eyes she hummed her approval that she was doing well.  She hadn’t done this before.  The other two men she’d been with had been more of wham bam thank you ma’am, not much foreplay. 

On a growl he roared and yanked her off his cock and pulled her up.  “No.  I will only come inside your core.” Dolton flipped them before she could react.  “Mine, every part of you mine,” he snarled, lining his cock up to her entrance.  His dick ran back and forth over her pussy lips spreading them.  The head of his cock sank in and his gaze captured her own.  “I claim you.  I gave you my mark.  You have my life and everything I am.  I will give my seed, you will give me young.  You’re my bear’s and you’re mine.  My mate, my woman, my soul.  Mine.  I will ask you this time do you understand?”

Oh my God, it was true, she was his mate.  She hadn’t dreamt it.  Alissa hadn’t misheard him.  Dolton wasn’t playing any games.  Her brain could barely comprehend what was happening, let alone what everything meant.  Alissa’s whole world had just changed and right now she so didn’t care because her body was burning with need.  Dolton’s cock twitched inside her and the tight coil that was twisting inside her tensed, eager for more. 

“Alissa, do understand?  You’re mine now?”’

Nodding, she pushed up seeking the pleasure she knew he could bring.  Dolton balanced on an elbow, his hand cupped her chin. 

“I want to hear you say you’re mine.” He thrust further, just enough to drive her wild with need. 

Argh, she was so hot, so aching for a high only he could give her.  Right now she’d agree to anything.  “Yours.  Take me.  I’m yours.  Take me now.”

A satisfied grumble left his chest.  Dolton’s gaze locked with hers as he propelled forward.  Holy moly, Alissa had never been so full, she was so wet from all their play that as he pushed himself into her the slight stretching she felt added to her pleasure. 

Alissa moaned and clenched around him as he moved deeper into her.  Clinging to him she dug her nails into his back as she pushed herself up to meet each thrust eager for more.  Wrapping her legs around his arse she used her heels to drive him deeper. 

Alissa moaned, feeling the tightly coiled spring inside her ready to unfurl.  She was so close to falling over the edge and reaching the bliss that was almost within her reach.  Dolton pistoned into her faster and she relished the strained look on his face knowing he was as close to coming as her.

“I feel like I’m going to exploded,” she panted. 

“Alissa what do you need?  What do you want?  I’m so close.  Your pussy is fucking tight I’m fighting not to come.” Dolton’s voice was coming out in pants.  He gathered her up and pushed deep as he balanced on his knees. 

“Close,” she gasped as his cock hit just the right spot.  He hit the magic place over and over.  Screaming as the pressure and passion built so high, she fell over the edge shattering into a million pieces, euphoria seeping into every pore. 

“Oh shit,” Dolton grunted out as he drove into her one last time and stilled. 

Dolton gently laid her back on the bed and came to lie beside her.  Closing her eyes she basked in her blissful state.


Dolton gathered Alissa’s back against his chest and kissed her head.  They lied there for a while, exhausted and sated.  He threaded his fingers through hers and brought her hand up to kiss her knuckles. 

“Even your hands are huge,” she grumbled. 

Bringing their joined hands up higher he studied her tiny dainty ones.  “Your hands are just small.”

“They are not.” She tried to yank her hand out of his but he didn’t give it up.

“They are.  You are small.  You’ve lost weight.” She had thinned out over the last five or so years.  She’d been beautiful before, but now she was stunning, all full figured and perfectly proportioned.  Just right for a bear to hold and love. 

“Ha.  I’ve not.  You’re delusional.”

“I don’t have false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions.  I see a lot clearer than you or any human.”  The Alissa he knew would never have argued like she was now.  He liked it.  She’d learned to hold her own.  “You’ve gained independence too.  I bet your family has no idea where you’ve been working?”

Alissa wiggled in his embrace and uncurled her fingers from his and turned to face him, narrowing her gaze.  “It will stay that way.  I don’t need them harping at me.  One of the reasons I left was because they controlled almost every aspect of my life.  I should be able to choose where I work and who I’m friends with.  I’ve gained my independence and I’m not stopping working there.  I love my job.  Don’t you trust me?”

Dolton laughed, if Alissa thought he’d let her work at the strip club she had another thing coming.  No way was his mate going to work with a bunch of naked men.  “I trust you, it’s everyone else I don’t trust especially that Lucas idiot.”  He chuckled.  “No woman of mine is working in a male strip club.”

“Hey, stop laughing.  I didn’t say anything funny, and I think you’re being unreasonable.” The growl in her voice scent his bear crazy with the need to assert his dominance.

“I am not and you’re hilarious.” Dolton cupped her face to make sure she didn’t miss what he said next.  “You are mine.  I don’t want you around a bunch of naked men.” Caressing her cheek, he lingered over her swollen lips. They were puffy still from their kissing earlier. He leaned down brushing his lips over hers.  “I want you with me, Alissa.  I’ve missed out on time I could have had with you if I’d listened to my instincts.”

Alissa sighed loudly.  “Dolton, please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m glad you didn’t stick around and figure out sooner who I am to you.”

Surely she didn’t just tell me she didn’t want to be with me.

“No.  Wait.  Hear me out.” She nibbled on her lips. 

The pleading in her gaze had him nodding willing to listen.  “Fine.  I’ll wait.”

“I needed this time.  I wasn’t really ready for you back then.  I don’t even know if I’m ready now.” She held her hand up in a stop sign halting the argument he had on the tip of his tongue.  “What I’m trying to say is that, I needed to know what freedom was, is.  I needed to have a life of my own, to know what I want for myself.  To tell you the truth before last night I thought I was over you and ready to really move on.  Do you know before I moved Sea Breeze I was still a virgin?”

Dolton growled because that was something even he didn’t want to think on.  He knew if he found out who had taken her virginity he and his bear would kill him.  He hated even more that Alissa had thought she was over him and ready to move on.  He’d never have allowed that, he’d have fought to get her back.

“Argh, I take it that’s something you’re not thrilled about.  Well I couldn’t wait around for you.” She knelt on the bed glaring at him.  “I had no idea what I was to you.  I confessed my love and you rejected it.  I’d never been on a date before I moved here, well not without one of my brothers scaring any potential guy away.  I needed to live before I became your mate.  I needed to find myself.  To live my life, and to know what I like and dislike.  I needed to make mistakes.”

Dolton felt terrible for not figuring out what Alissa was to him sooner and almost losing her.  Making love to her last night and mating with her had all the feelings he’d locked away flooding through him.  He loved Alissa.  He had for a while and it scared him because he didn’t want to lose her.  He knew if she wasn’t his mate nothing could come of his love.

“I know if you figured out I was your mate years ago I would never be who I am now.” Alissa’s eyes were pleading as she gazed at him.

He hated to admit it, but she was right, he even liked how she had a backbone now.  She took no shit.  Dolton studied her big dark forest green eyes as they gazed down at him with hope.  Sitting up, he gathered her so she straddled his lap.  Alpha shifters like him were known for liking everyone to follow their instructions, but he knew if Alissa followed his every whim he may love her but she’d lose herself.  “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’re right.”

She giggled and the musical noise had him and his bear eager to do anything to hear more.  “Before I moved away from home I would never have had the strength to be a shifter mate.  I would have followed you blindly.”

Dolton winked at her.  “Now that sounds quite good.  I like the idea of you following.” Yanking her closer against him, he took her mouth and showed her how to follow him where it counts.    



Chapter Three



Alissa snuck out when Dolton fell asleep, after they’d had their second round of sex.  Her phone, ID, and cash sat on top of the washing machine.  She was glad she’d found them, and she’d used his phone to call Lucas to come and pick her up.  She wrote Dolton a note telling him she’d either call him after work or see him tomorrow. She may be mated, but she was putting her foot down early in this relationship so Dolton knew she wasn’t going to be walked all over.

Lucas was pissed off at her but eager to find out what was going on.  “You going to tell me what the hell happened last night?  I want to know who the hell that guy was.  The police wouldn’t even go check on you.  They said if you were with Dolton Brown you were safe.” Lucas’ knuckles were white as he clutched the steering wheel as they drove back to their apartment. 

“Dolton is a friend of the family.  He served with my oldest brother.  I know he was in the army for a while, the police probably knew that.” Alissa gazed out at the scenery passing by, unsure what to say next.  She felt bad.  She knew Lucas had been trying to get her to take him seriously about dating.  She’d never really felt anything besides friendship for Lucas.  Sure, he was nice to look at with his amazing body and movie star looks, but he’d never made her hot, never had her aching with need to touch him or be touched.  Not like Dolton made her feel. 

Lucas drove into the apartment complex’s car park.  They had under half an hour before they had to be at work.  Christmas was one of the busiest times for the club.  All women work places loved having their Christmas parties at the club.  The only time the club was closed was for four days next week, the day before Christmas and two days after. 

“If he’s a family friend then why did he take off with you and not hang around and introduce himself?” Lucas had a point.  Fuck.  She had to tell him.  He had no chance with her, especially now she had Dolton.

“I haven’t seen Dolton since I was seventeen.  Last night was the first time I’ve seen him in over five years.” Lucas parked the car and switched it off turning to give her his full attention.  “I came of age since I’ve seen him.”  Lucas stared at her waiting for more.  Sighing, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out.  “I’m Dolton’s mate, Lucas.”

Lucas’ eyes widened and he opened the car door and got out, she followed and went around to him, but she need not have bothered as he was coming to her.  “What do you mean you’re his mate?  What does that mean for you, to you?”

The last question was one she was still figuring out herself.  “I’m his soul mate, or at least that’s what the shifters call it.  I’m his wife, I suppose we humans would say, and as for what it means to me.” Sighing she narrowed her gaze on him. “I’m surprised you don’t know this, most of the people we work with are shifters.”

He shrugged. “I don’t care about other shifters. I care about the one who took you. I want to know what he is to you.”

Alissa wanted to say she loved Dolton and she was his mate, but even after last night and today she still wanted to be cautious.  “I’m not sure.  Do you really even want to know the answer to that?”

Lucas held her hand and they walked towards the stairs, he opened the door and they went in starting up the flights to their home.  Lucas was quiet for a while and Alissa could almost see the cogs in his brains turning as he thought everything through.  When they got to their apartment he was still lost in thought as he opened the door and let them in.  She was eager for a quick shower and some clean clothes. 

Walking towards her room Lucas stopped her.  “He’s the one, isn’t he?  He’s the reason you held back and wouldn’t even consider me?”

There was no point denying it now.  “Yes.  Dolton is why I didn’t want any relationship.” Closing her eyes she leaned back against the wall.  “I have been in love with him for as long as I can remember.  He was the guy who would catch me if I fell, like literally.  He caught me falling out of a tree once and the second time from my bedroom window when an escape didn’t go quite as planned.  I don’t think he knows I know, but he scared the crap out of some guys who were teasing me about my weight.  He also told off some of the girls who picked on me.”

She giggled as she remembered hearing about how he told the group of girls off by telling them what most men desire and described Alissa.  “He was my date to my year ten and twelve formal.  He teased me, but not once was it about my weight or, anything negative.  He teased me about how I felt for him, but now I think about it, he wasn’t even bad when he did that.  He would more like state a fact like how turned on I was.  Which I was anytime he was near.  How red and shy I became around him.  He would say it was cute I found him so attractive.” Opening her eyes she stared at Lucas, his lips were turned down and his eyes seemed sad. 

“I never had a chance.  You love him.”

“Yeah, I do.  I don’t think I ever stopped.” She opened her door.  “I’m sorry if I led you on and gave you false hope.”

“No.  You said no from the start.  I was the one who kept pushing.  I suppose you’re going to move out?”

“Yeah.  Dolton wants me with him and I want to be where he is.  I know it’ll be hard to find someone over Christmas, so I’ll pay my side of the rent until you find a new roommate.”

Lucas ran his fingers through his blonde hair.  “Thanks.  Just until after Christmas though.” She nodded.  “Um, what are you going to do about work?  I bet he’s not happy about where you work.”

“Dolton will have to get used it.  I’m not quitting work, Lucas.  I love my job.  You’re right Dolton isn’t happy with where I work, but I’m not giving it up.  I get to use my accounting degree and I have fun helping organize back stage and doing other jobs too.  It’s never boring.”

Lucas nodded.  “I’m glad, but if you need help making your case to him.  I’m here.”

“Thanks Lucas.” Alissa went into her room and choose her clothes for when she got dressed for work after her shower.  There was no way she’d ever get Lucas to help any case with Dolton.  That would do the opposite, especially with the reaction Dolton had to her just saying Lucas’ name.


Dolton took back what he said about liking the new confident Alissa, the Alissa who stood her ground.  He awoke alone in bed, he searched his house but knew she wasn’t there. He couldn’t smell, or feel her presence.  The note she left had his temper rising.  She was going to work even after he’d told her he didn’t want her working there anymore.

Ringing work he sorted out his replacement and got the information he needed.  Showered and dressed, he was ready to go show his mate who was boss. 

The club was packed full with women.  Dolton had thought when he parked his car and walked towards the club and seeing all the women that he would have trouble getting in.  It wasn’t the case.  He’d fought off advances and women touching him, thinking he was going to be a part of the show.  Dolton had been surprised when the bouncer, a tiger shifter, came to his rescue.  Although, rescue was a loose term for what he did.  The tiger laughed his arse off when he got close enough to smell he was a bear shifter and having trouble fighting woman off. 

He slapped Dolton on the back.  “I’ve never saved a bear from a bunch of women before.” Then he sniffed Dolton and laughed some more.  “I’m glad I did help you.  Alissa would have had my nuts in a jar if you got hurt.”

Dolton’s snarled, “She better not even touch you.” But that only had the tiger laughing louder.

Once in the club, Dolton sifted through the throng of women searching for Alissa.  The strong perfumed messed with his sense of smell.  He had trouble finding her.  Letting his animal free just enough to find her, he closed his eyes and wandered towards the mating pull.  He opened his eyes when the women thinned and he came to a door with two guards.  They were both tiger shifters too.  Dolton was shocked at the amount of shifters working at the club. 

Dolton got close enough for both shifters to sniff him.  They grinned as soon as Alissa’s scent registered.  The one on his left smirked.  “We expected you earlier.  Alissa told us not to let you through until the show’s over.”

Raising an eyebrow Dolton looked at the two tiger shifters, they were tall over six feet, and built, but neither were the height or build that came close to his.  “You two going to stop me?”

The other tiger on Dolton’s right shook his head.  “She didn’t tell us you’re a bear.  She said her shifter mate would be coming.  I thought she smelled of bear, but you rarely mate with humans due to how big you are.”

“Does that mean you’ll let me through no fight?” Dolton didn’t want to take on the two tiger shifters, but he would to get to Alissa. 

“I know Alissa is your mate, and this isn’t a place I’d want my mate working, but Alissa is invaluable to us.  Since she’s been working here it’s become a much better place to work.  She’s tuff as nails and doesn’t take any crap.  She can smooth over any trouble we have without fights.  One of the best things is she treats everyone as equals.” He raised his eyebrow and Dolton knew what he meant.  “So what I’m saying is, can you just watch her.  See how much she loves this job, before you throw her over your shoulder and never let her come back.”

The two tigers stared at Dolton with pleading eyes.  “Fuck, fine.  Can I go through now?”

The tigers moved aside and Dolton opened the backstage door stepping in and shutting the door.  He was eager to find Alissa.  He was surprised at what he saw, when he looked around him.  Alissa stood at the stage curtains but she wasn’t watching the show, she was talking to a man working with controls, she then turned and signaled instructions to a guy in an Indian costume. 

Alissa looked so happy, and Dolton knew at that moment he couldn’t take this away from her.  He watched her help out back stage, he didn’t move from the entrance.  She sat when the guy in the Indian costume went on and she worked on a laptop.  She never stopped smiling.  Dolton noticed that not once did she study the naked men.  She was totally focused on her work.  When they come up to her she talked to their face and didn’t check them out.  He saw enough to know he couldn’t tell Alissa to stop working there.  Not when she enjoyed it so much.  He could see she wasn’t attracted to any of the men. 

Stepping away from the wall he’d been leaning against he walked towards her.  When he got close enough Alissa turned and spotted him, licking her lips as her gaze roamed over his body and rested on his face.  Dolton watched as her chest rose and fell faster the closer he got, her honey scent strengthening and her eyes blazed with need.  When her gaze caught his she nibbled on her bottom lip. 

Growling as consuming need for his mate flushed through him, he stalked to her. 

“I’m not quitting work,” she mumbled.  Her smile disappearing.

Crap, he was an arse earlier.  Kneeling in front of Alissa he cupped her face.  “I’m sorry Alissa.  I was being a jackarse.” He stroked her cheek.  “Finding out you’re my mate brought the animal possessive instinct to the forefront.  I trust you.  I know you can look after yourself.” He stood and lifted her off the seat and gathered her to him.  “If this is the job you want I’ll support you.  Before I was your mate I was a friend.  I can be both and better our relationship.”

She threw her arms around him and yanked him to her for a kiss.  “Thank you.  I love you.  I love my job.  I love feeling useful and everyone listens to me here.” She snuggled into him.  “Now I just have to tell my family.”

He winked at her.  “I’ll support you.  If you want to tell them in a couple of days at Christmas I’ll back you one hundred percent.  I want you happy.” He smirked at her.  He intended to do a lot more at Christmas than just tell her family, but he’d wait to tell her what he had planned.  “I think they’ll be too ecstatic about us being mates to bug you about anything.”

Pushing off his chest she gazed up at him and rolled her eyes.  “Oh yeah, I bet my brothers are going to be real happy.”

Dolton winced, Alissa’s brothers would grill him for being with their baby sister.  He’d put up with it though, he’d do anything for her.  Hugging her he kissed her head.  “You’re worth any shit they give me.”

Alissa shook her head.  “Oh thanks, I don’t know if that was one of the most romantic things anyone has ever said, or I’m just sad for having such low expectations.”

He laughed.  “Well, I’m grateful for those brothers of yours they have kept your expectations just low enough, for me to come off romantic.” He winked and Alissa giggled.  He held her for a moment or two before he heard the music stop.  “What time do you finish?”

She sighed and snuggled into him.  “I can leave now I suppose.  I’ve done all my work.  I’m here now just so I can help in this busy period.”

Lifting her up off the chair he growled, and placed her over his shoulder smacking her arse.  “Tell everyone you’ll see them tomorrow.”

Alissa squealed with laughter and yelled, “See you all tomorrow afternoon.”

Dolton grinned as he opened the backstage door.  He palmed Alissa’s arse as he passed the two smirking tigers, and winked at them. The women in the club caught sight of them and the crowd turned into wolf whistles and cheers.

Carrying Alissa to the car he opened his passenger side door and gently placed her in the seat and got himself in the driver’s seat.  He started the car and drove towards his, their house.

“This still feels like a dream.  I’m trying to be myself because I’ve worked hard to move on from my overprotective family.  I want to show everyone  I’m not a push over and can do things by myself.  I want you to see I’m a strong mate.”

BOOK: A Mate's Escape
13.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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