3 Kill Me Over the Garden Gate

BOOK: 3 Kill Me Over the Garden Gate
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An Olive Branch Mystery



Episode #3



Kill Me Over the Garden Gate






Gale Borger



Kill Me Over the Garden Gate

An Olive Branch Mystery #3

An Echelon Electric Short eBook


First Echelon Press Publication / May 2011

All rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2011 by Gale Borger

Cover Art © Karen L. Syed


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Published by Echelon Press LLC.


Chapter 1



"This is not what I had in mind when I said I'd help find a murderer."

Bean squeezed under a potting bench in a greenhouse owned by Franklin B. Hunnicut IV. He knew Pone and Shroom ran like heck for the garden gate. The security guards were after them when Bean ducked into the greenhouse. His friends hoped to make it to the gate they'd broken to get in. Bean dove under the potting bench to hide. The security guards ran past him. They chased Shroom and Pone. Last seen, Shroom had almost made it to the gate. Bean sure hoped they made it.

He waited. His leg cramped. Musta been about a half hour ago, and he still didn't hear screaming.
I wonder if they got away
. He peeked out from under the bench. He listened. No sound. Where are those guys? Bean slowly crawled into the aisle. He sat on the floor. "So do I wait for those guys to come back or what?"

Bean got to his knees and looked out a dirty window. No one in sight. He saw some plants sitting in plug trays on top of the bench behind him. He peeked out the window one more time. Nothing. Bean stood and grabbed a tray of four-pack flower pots. "Why not? Might as well plant. Pone will come for me when it's clear."

Bean poked the bottom of the plug tray. The tiny plant popped up. "Petunias. I like Petunias." Bean filled the four-pack from the pile of soil mix on the counter. He scraped off the tops of the trays with a wooden ruler. The extra planting mix fell to the table, the tops of the pots now even. He then took a pencil and poked a hole in the middle of each pot. Popping each plug out of its tray, he dropped one in each pencil hole. He pressed the dirt around each plant and watered it in. He set aside the first tray and picked up the next.

Several trays later, Bean ran short of compost for the plant mix. He poked his head out the door. No one was coming. Where are those guys? I hope Pone comes soon.

No noise could be heard in the yard. Bean grabbed a bucket and snuck around the corner of the green house. He lifted the tarp that covered the compost pile. He scooped the compost with his hands. The bucket was almost full when Bean's hand caught on something. He shoved the bucket into the pile and hit something hard.

Digging in the pile, he found a piece of cloth. He began to dig like a dog for a bone. Dirt flew between Bean's legs. It landed about ten feet behind him. He stopped suddenly. He heard moaning sounds and didn't realize he'd made it.

Finally, dripping sweat and out of breath, he fell back. A shoulder and arm hung out of the compost pile. Bean stared. His mouth hung open. He blinked, and waited for breakfast to creep up his throat. Nothing happened. He reached out and poked the arm. It moved but did not bend. Bean scrambled backward. He shoved the arm with a foot. Compost dribbled down the pile, but the body didn't move.

"Oh crap…
, Crap, compost. You kill me, Beaner. Knock it off now. No compost jokes." He touched the arm again. "
, been dead awhile." Bean leaned forward and knocked more compost off the body. He grabbed an arm and pulled. It didn't budge. He emptied his bucket and used it as a scoop. When he'd cleared the compost off the upper body, he pulled the body out of the pile.

, another dead chick. I gotta call Pone's dad." He dug out his cell phone. He went through his contacts, but didn't find Big Mike's number. "Damn. Now what?"

Bean texted Pone to get his dad out to the Hunnicut place, there was a body in the crap pile behind the greenhouse. As he pushed
he heard a noise. He almost wet his pants, but sucked it up and grabbed the tarp. He yanked it over the dead chick. Crawling on his hands and knees, he scrambled around the corner and slipped inside the greenhouse. Since it had worked the first time, Bean crammed himself onto a lower shelf and held his breath.

At the sound of footsteps, he wished he'd gone to the bathroom earlier. The steps slowed. Bean squeezed his eyes shut.
Like that's gonna make me invisible
? "Bean you are such a loser!"

The greenhouse door creaked. Bean nearly exploded as a foot scraped on bare dirt. The sweat ran down Bean's face.
Oh no
. The murderer must have come back for the body. He tried to make himself smaller, and his hand brushed against a can.

It was totally silent. Bean prepared himself to die
. I hope I don't pee myself when I kick off
. A rustle of clothing had Bean prepared to open an eye.


Chapter 2



"Bean!" Something smacked his head and both eyes popped open. Spaz stood about a foot away from him. "Yo, Bean, snap out of it." A hand cracked across his cheek.

. Damn, girl, that hurt."

"Bean, what the heck are you doing here? Why are you hiding in the greenhouse? Where are the other guys? Did they make it out? Bean! Bean, why don't you speak?"

Bean grunted and dragged himself out of his hiding place. He fell into the aisle and sucked in a deep breath. "I couldn't get a word in. That's why I didn't speak. Geez girl, chill. Last seen, Pone and Shroom, running toward the garden gate. Security was after all of us. I hid in here. That's the last I know."

"We heard sirens, and I thought the cops got you."

"Not me. Uh, not yet, I mean." He brushed dirt off his pants. "Holy cow, I forgot for a second. I found another dead chick."

"Oh my God, where?"

Bean pointed out the door. "Around the corner, in the compost pile."

"Let's go see."

Bean grabbed her wrist. "No! Don't go out there. We gotta get out of here."

Spaz shook off his hand. "Not me, Beanie Boy. I stay. Old man Hunnicut will know I went missing. I wanna see the dead chick. Maybe I know her too."

"I don't think so."

"Outa my way, Beaner." She walked around the greenhouse. Bean peeked around the corner and watched Spaz stare at the dead girl. She dropped the tarp on her. "Yeah, I've seen her around, but I don't know her name. I wonder who offed this one."

"Spaz, there's no question Hunnicut is the murderer. That body out there proves it."

"Don't murderers kill each person the same way?"

"I think I heard serial killers have a pattern, why?"

"Because this girl has a bullet hole in her head. Amy didn't. She was strangled and hoed, remember?"

"I don't care. Come on, we're getting out of here."

Spaz grabbed his shirt and yanked him close. "Listen, Bean Brain. I am not leaving. Got it?"

She shoved him away and he stumbled against the potting bench. "But, Spaz."

She pulled at her skirt. "But nothing, Beaner. I stay, you go."

"I'm staying. Let me see that chick again."

"Spaz, don't. She's really gooey."

Spaz dropped the tarp. "Yuck. You're right. She's gross. Better call Pone's dad."

"I don't have his number, but I texted Pone to get Big Mike out here right away."

Spaz looked down at the tarp and let out a sigh. They went back inside the greenhouse. "I gotta go. You can either take a chance at the side gate, or let me try to sneak you into the house. What's it going to be?"

Bean had an urge to run–almost as bad as the urge to pee. But could he leave Spaz? Another no brainer. "I stay too. I can pose as a florist or something. Or I could hide in your room. What do you think?"

"I think you're an idiot. That's what I think. You are also brain dead if you think you are sleeping with me, pal."

"Oh man, I didn't mean–"

She slugged him in the arm. "I know, but I'll have to hide you somewhere. Let me think."

Bean perked up. "Good. You go think. I'll get some pictures of the dead chick and email them to Pone."

Spaz lifted a brow. "I knew you had a brain in there somewhere. I'm impressed."

Bean grinned. "Watch the master at work."

Spaz rolled her eyes. "Spare me, fat head."

Bean tossed her a quick smile and turned away. Spaz caught herself smiling and quickly wiped all traces off her face. She drew circles in the dirt on the table. "What am I going to do with this idiot?" She doodled in the dirt and thought. Suddenly, Spaz jerked her head up and smiled an evil grin. "I got it! Man-o-man, old Bean Pole is gonna be pissed."

Bean came back through the door. He stopped and stared. Spaz looked around. "What?"

Bean backed up a step. "Uh, you're smiling."

"So what?"

"It's kind-of scary. You never smile."

"Scary is my middle name, Bean-o."

"You also look kind of beautiful when you smile."

Spaz scowled at him. "That's cuz you're a moron, and don't know no better. Come on, Moron, we need to get out of here."

Bean emailed the pictures to Pone to get them to his dad. "Okay, I'm ready."

"You'd better be."

Spaz and Bean snuck out the door. They headed for the hedge row which led to the big house. They kept low and moved quickly. Spaz led Bean to a side entrance and shoved him through the door. Bean stood against the wall. Warm smells of cooking food filled his nostrils. He sucked in his gut when a small person dressed in black whizzed past him. "What the–?"

." Spaz grabbed his hand and dragged him down the hall. She stopped when the wall ended and Bean crashed into her.


." Spaz waited a second more and dashed across the opening. Stairs led up to the second floor. Bean felt her tug his arm and followed her. Spaz barely paused and ran up another flight. Out of breath and very confused, Bean leaned on the wall behind him. Spaz tugged on his arm again. "Come on, and don't say anything!"

Bean shuffled along behind her as Spaz hurried down a hall, turned right, and went down another. Turning right one more time, Spaz stopped. She looked both ways, pulled a key out of her skirt pocket, and shoved it into the lock. The door clicked open and Spaz slipped into the room. She grabbed Bean by the shirt and tugged him inside. She looked out the door one more time. Then closed and locked it.

BOOK: 3 Kill Me Over the Garden Gate
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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