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299 Days IX: The Restoration

BOOK: 299 Days IX: The Restoration
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299 Days IX: The Restoration




Glen Tate


Book Nine in the ten book 299 Days series.


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299 Days IX: The Restoration



Copyright © 2014 by Glen Tate
All rights reserved.

Printed in the United States of America.

Prepper Press Trade Paperback Edition: July 2014

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This book is dedicated to people I don't know yet. Although, in all honesty, I have a pretty good idea who some of them are. These are the people who will rebuild our areas after the Collapse. Some will do exciting and heroic things, others will do mundane things like getting water systems and electrical grids working again. Some will restart hospitals, others will write constitutions and new laws to prevent this from happening again. This book is dedicated to them: the rebuilders. 


This ten-book series follows Grant Matson and others as they navigate through a partial collapse of society. Set in Washington State, this series depicts the conflicting worlds of preppers, those who don't understand them, and those who fear and resent them.


The Restoration
is the ninth book in the
299 Days


When the Patriots finally launch their strike against the Loyalists, Grant Matson’s leadership, bravery, and training are put to the ultimate test. The 17
Irregulars are teamed up with regular military units and they must put their differences aside in order to successfully overthrow the Limas.

While the battle rages on, the Loyalists outside of Olympia start to pay the price for their allegiances to the wrong side of the Collapse, while well-intentioned others welcome the beginning of New Washington that recognizes fairness and hard work.

The battle winds down and a new day begins as the Team recognizes that victory does not come without loss. Grant, now a celebrated war hero, is not without his own personal hardships, and fears facing a new life without his family.


Books from the 299 Days series published to date:

Book One –
299 Days: The Preparation
Book Two –
299 Days: The Collapse

Book Three –
299 Days: The Community

Book Four –
299 Days: The Stronghold

Book Five –
299 Days: The Visitors

Book Six –
299 Days: The 17

Book Seven –
299 Days: The Change of Seasons

Book Eight –
299 Days: The War

Book Nine –
299 Days: The Restoration


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About the Author:



Glen Tate has a front row seat to the corruption in government and writes the
299 Days
series from his first-hand observations of why a collapse is coming and predictions on how it will unfold. Much like the main character in the series, Grant Matson, the author grew up in a rural and remote part of Washington State. He is now a forty-something resident of Olympia, Washington, and is a very active prepper. “Glen” keeps his real identity a secret so he won’t lose his job because, in his line of work, being a prepper and questioning the motives of the government is not appreciated.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Chapter 291


Chapter 292

Brewery Tour

Chapter 293

“We’re here to put the Bad People in Jail”

Chapter 294

Tom’s Kids

Chapter 295

Bedtime Story

Chapter 296

Coyote Bait

Chapter 297

Anne’s Revenge

Chapter 298

Regular Military

Chapter 299


Chapter 300


Chapter 301

The Blur II

Chapter 302

Watershed Park

Chapter 303

A Missing Friendly

Chapter 304

“Every New Year’s Day from Here On Out”

Chapter 305

“What Else Could Go Wrong?”

Chapter 306


Chapter 307

“Let’s Go Fix This State”

Chapter 308

Under Arrest

Chapter 309

“It Will Show Everyone the Legitimate Authorities Are Still in Charge”

Chapter 310

Picking the Wrong Side?

Chapter 311

An Extra Day Off

Chapter 312

Life in Forks

Chapter 313

Dmitri’s Rules for Gray Manning

Chapter 314

Reaction in Pierce Point

Chapter 315

Sheriff Bennington

Chapter 316

One Armored Car

Chapter 317

Prisoner Herself

Chapter 318

Pancakes II

Chapter 319

“We Know Everything. Everything.”

Chapter 320


Chapter 321

New Washington

Chapter 322

Reconciliation Commission

Chapter 323

Reports and Letters

Chapter 324


Chapter 325

The Aftermath

Chapter 326

Leaving Seattle

Chapter 327

Reconciliation Starts … Tomorrow

Chapter 328

New What?

Chapter 329

Remembered for a Hundred Years

Chapter 330

Smiley Faces

Chapter 331

A Weird Truce

Chapter 332

Fixing New Washington I

Chapter 333

Fixing New Washington II

Chapter 334

(February 24, year after Collapse)



Chapter 291


(January 1)



Nancy Ringman was wobbly from all the wine, but felt like her legs were encased in concrete. She could barely move them. Each step was a struggle, requiring all her strength and then a long rest. There was nothing physically restraining her; it was all mental. She held the box with the pistol in her hands. She knew that once she got out to the football field, she had to do it – and she really didn’t want to do it. She wondered if it would hurt to shoot herself. She kept wondering if she shot herself in the head, would the brain shut down instantly and prevent it from registering pain. Or, would she feel pain before she died?

Each step was taking longer and longer. During her brief rests, she looked at where she was, the Clover Park Temporary Detention Facility. Remembering the people who used to be there, many of them just a few hours ago. Now they were gone. Everyone was gone. The staff had melted away as the explosions and gunfire got closer and the prisoners … they were … gone.

“Under my feet,” Nancy said softly as she stepped onto the first of the fresh dirt at the football field. “Under my feet,” she repeated. She smiled. It wasn’t a happy smile; it was an ironic and tragic smile. She realized that, throughout her life, she desperately wanted to have people under her – in her job, in her marriage, in everything – and now she had succeeded.

“Success,” she whispered to herself as she took another step on the fresh dirt. “I’ve been so successful,” she said sarcastically. “Look at me! I’m a success,” she said out loud in the empty football field.

She started to feel something under her feet and quickly jumped back onto the grass and away from the dirt. There wasn’t anything physically moving under the dirt; there was a very faint sense of … something … under the dirt. She felt like lots and lots of things were under that dirt. Not bodies, although she knew they were down there, but … lives. Under that dirt were lives. Fathers who would never see their wives and children. Brothers and sisters who would never see their siblings. Weddings that never would happen, lives that never would go on. It had all stopped and those incomplete lives were under the dirt.

And she had done it. She could have stopped it. She could have let them go. She let out that same ironic and tragic laugh as a moment before. “I could have just done a bad job,” she said to no one, except the faint things under her. “I could have failed – for once,” she said, without a laugh this time. “But no,” she said, “I’m Nancy Ringman. I never fail. I get the job done. ‘You can count on me, Linda’,” she said, repeating her answer to her boss, Linda, when she was told to “make room” for the new arrivals at Clover Park by getting rid of the prisoners. “You can count on me,” she mumbled again.

She wondered what Linda was doing right now. Linda was probably in some safe place in Seattle, cheerfully reporting to her superiors that Clover Park was now ready for refugees loyal to the legitimate authorities. Linda had succeeded.

Used. That word kept ringing in Nancy’s mind. She had been used. Linda got all the credit; Nancy had all the things underfoot to haunt her for the rest of her life.

In a rush of emotion, Nancy started to realize how all her “success” was just her being used by her superiors. She made all the sacrifices, she got people mad at her, and she made enemies, just to 'get the job done'. Their job, the superiors’ job. She was at the end of her life with no friends, no real marriage to speak of, and no kids. Until a few days ago, she only had that thrill when she could tell people what to do or could get favors done because of her connections. That wasn’t a life. That was a power trip masquerading as a life.

Empty. That word replaced “used” as the one running through her mind. An empty life, completely wasted by enjoying being the bitch. “You’re the one who enjoyed it,” she said to herself. “No one made you be this way.” She started to relive the thrill of calling the Governor’s chief of staff on her cell phone and getting a cousin a job, or placing a call and then someone she couldn’t stand magically lost his job at a state agency.

But it didn’t seem fun now; it didn’t seem like a thrill. She felt horrified at the things she’d done. She now realized how … awful she’d been.

“Time to do something about this,” she said aloud again. She looked at the pistol box she was holding. Her hands and arms started to go wobbly. She had to set down the box. She spent the next minute or so staring at the pistol box and imagining that she was picking it up and getting the gun out. After several mental rehearsals, she thought she was finally ready to actually do it.

She slowly bent down to pick up the box and hold it in her hands, just like she’d mentally rehearsed. She felt it. She paused. Then she suddenly picked it up.

“Might as well get this over with,” she said. She recalled a root canal that she had postponed a few years ago and how relieved she had been when she finally got it done. Putting things off can often be worse than actually doing them.

BOOK: 299 Days IX: The Restoration
7.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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