Wolf's Vengeance (After the Crash) (18 page)

BOOK: Wolf's Vengeance (After the Crash)
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She lifted her head from his chest to stare down into his eyes. “A month ago I never expected to say this. I love you.”

Her words were soft and simple, almost casual, but their effect on Snake was galvanizing. He pulled her against his chest and held tight for a long minute. “I love you too. I hoped you’d love me back someday. Darling Melissa Ann. You make me so happy.”

“Snake, you make me happy. At that barn, where we talked to my mother, I saw your face. You looked proud of me and angry at her. I knew you were on my side. I know you’ll always be on my side.”

“Always.” For a brief moment, his eyes gleamed with tears. “I’ll love you forever, Melissa Ann.”

“I love you so much, I’ll even let you get away with calling me Melissa Ann.”

He rolled her onto her back. His lips curved into a smile against her temple before they puckered into a kiss. “Seventeen. Only thirty-three to go to hit fifty.” A wicked glint came into his eyes, banishing the tears. He kissed her throat. “Eighteen.” His lips touched her breastbone. “Nineteen.” She inhaled sharply when he sucked her nipple into his mouth. “Twenty.”

Mel decided maybe she wasn’t quite so worn out after all.

The End

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About Maddy Barone

Maddy Barone has held many jobs in her life, including medic in the US Army, sales clerk in a craft store, and financial examiner for Medicare, but her favorite job is that of writer. For fun she knits, spins, and sews historical costumes for her alter ego in the SCA, a historical re-enactment organization that recreates the best parts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. She lives in North Dakota with her three rescue cats, and a percentage of her royalties go to a local no-kill cat shelter called CATS Cradle. To receive exclusive excerpts and deleted scenes, visit her website.




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About Maddy Barone

BOOK: Wolf's Vengeance (After the Crash)
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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