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“And from July to October the humpback whales arrive.”

“Can we go to see them?” she asked.

Something close to pleasure assailed him. He liked the idea of whale watching with her. And the idea they’d still be together in four months didn’t fill him with panic or make him feel smothered as he’d felt when Marisa spoke of the future. Hell, even twenty years didn’t scare him. “I’d like that.”

He leaned over to kiss her, and she tugged him over her body. Her soft breasts and pliant form sent a surge of need through him.

“Why don’t you take off your dress?” he suggested.

“Here? What if someone walks along the beach?”

The intrigue in her voice brought a smile. “Chicken? I thought you wanted to make love in a public place?”

“I was trying to shock you.”

“Aw, Zoe. Does that mean anal sex is out, too?”

“We could do that.” Fascination shaded her words.

“We can do anything you want. It’s private enough here.”

“I want to experience everything with you, Matt.” The earnest tone squeezed his heart, and he had to swallow to get rid of the lump in his throat.

He reached behind her to tug her zipper down and peeled the red fabric away from her luscious breasts. He stroked her satin-soft skin and traced a circle around a nipple.

“Take me in your mouth,” she whispered.

“Always trying to direct operations.”

“You never let me take charge.”

“Complaints from the stalls?” He wanted to laugh. Making love with Zoe was fun. She made everything new. He even enjoyed living with her when he’d always chafed at being in close quarters with a lover before. He stripped the clingy red dress off to reveal her lush body and slid his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties. She sucked in her breath and trembled when his fingers branded her flesh.
He drew her matching red panties down her sleek thighs and stood to rapidly remove his clothes.


Zoe smiled. A cool breeze skittered over her bare skin as she lay back and gazed up at the stars. It felt decadent, stretched out naked in the night air. A giggle erupted. “What if someone comes along and gets curious?”

“They won’t see much, but if they come too close, we’ll roll up in the blanket.”

A tight pressure in the region of her heart told the truth. She loved him. She wanted to shout it out for everyone to hear, but it was too early. He was having problems adjusting to the change in their relationship. And it would get worse once Marisa spread gossip. Zoe had no doubt she would tell everyone. Marisa seemed that sort of woman. She shoved the thought aside. “Kiss me.”

“Did I tell you I brought some toys along?”

“Really? What?”

“Close your eyes.”

She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Turn over on your stomach and spread your legs for me. Up on all fours.”

Arousal ripped through her body immediately, making her moist and ready for him. “What are you going to do to me?”

“I’d never hurt you, Zoe.”

She trusted him implicitly. “I know.” To prove it, she rolled over on her stomach and rose up on hands and knees, her pulse hammering while she waited for his next move.

“So you’re okay?”

“Bring it on.”

The woven basket he’d carried rustled as he dug around inside. He settled between her spread legs while she waited in a fever of anticipation, her fingers digging into the fine sand. The sound of the waves breaking and the soft breeze caressing her bare skin drove her arousal higher. She’d known sex outdoors would be fun, but she wished he’d hurry.

He ran his fingers down her backbone before stopping to massage her butt, digging his fingers into the muscle tissue. It felt so good. She groaned, relaxing beneath his ministrations. His fingers dipped into the valley between her buttocks, then lower to part her slick folds. He cruised his finger across her clitoris, and she sucked back a mew of pleasure. He was so good at making her hot, making her want him. She panted, tensing while she waited for more. It didn’t come. Instead, she heard the wheeze of a plastic bottle. Then he touched her again, smearing her hot flesh with a cool liquid. She jerked in surprise.

“What’s that?”

“Lube.” He spread the lube the length of her cleft. He trailed a finger higher and teased the rosette of her anus. An arrow of heat speared the length of her body. The bottle wheezed again. A dollop of cool lube landed near the finger that massaged her pucker. She quivered. Raw need made her shift, and all she was aware of was his finger. It teased and dipped and pushed slowly into her.

Her heart pounded as a spear of pleasure darted the length of her body. “Matt, I like that.”

“There’s more.” He removed his finger and a whimper of protest whispered past her lips. “Patience, sweetheart. I’ll lube the plug and insert it,” he said, tapping her backside. A groan escaped.

“Do that again.”

“What? This?” He slapped her buttocks.


He smacked her ass again. Her cheeks stung in a good way, blood pooling where his hand had struck, but she felt empty. As if he read her mind, she heard him squeeze out more lube. Then he shifted. A soft object nudged at her anus. It slipped slowly inside, the coolness of the lube bringing a shudder of exquisite pleasure. The enjoyment gave way to an intense pressure that bordered on pain. She breathed slowly, frightened to move a muscle. It felt very different to the way she’d imagined. She bit her bottom lip and tried to stay relaxed as the feeling of fullness intensified.

He cupped her buttock with his hand, caressing her tingling cheek. “Okay?”

“Yeah.” Her womb pulsed insistently as he slowly pushed the plug fully into her.

“Good girl.” He grabbed a condom and rolled it on. He slipped between her legs, guiding his cock slowly into her wet pussy.

“That feels…are you sure you’ll fit?”

Laughing, he bit and nibbled the flesh of her neck. “I’ll fit perfectly. You’ll see.” His hands were everywhere, skimming her arms, her belly, her breasts and dipping between her legs to tease her clit. Gradually he worked his shaft into her, moving with measured strokes that made her clench tight. She melted at the tenderness in him, quivering as he whispered encouragement. A surge of wetness met his next smooth plunge. They rocked together in a slow dance. She felt impossibly full, yet treasured with his careful, seductive thrusts. His hands cupped her breasts, tugging at her nipples in the way he knew she liked. He slipped his tongue into her ear, teasing the whorls and making her shudder.

“You make me feel good,” he whispered. “Your cunt grips my cock so tightly. We’re made for each other. Perfect.”

His words brought a smile of satisfaction. The pleasure built, spiraling from tingles to waves. Her nerve endings vibrated until sensation ruled, and her climax crashed through her sensitized body, pulling him along with her into the maelstrom of tumultuous pleasure. When the contractions of her pussy ceased, her body sagged, his strength the only thing keeping her upright.

Long minutes later, he pulled from her and slid the plug from her anus. Rubber snapped. He turned her into his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. “You okay?”

And how. She didn’t think she’d ever be the same. “Yeah. Again?”

“I’ve created a monster.”

“An addict,” she corrected, hugging him tightly, trying to express everything she felt inside with her touch. “But only for you.” Matt was important to her. Their lips met and the fire licked her veins, her vagina clenching with fresh hunger.

Very important.



Chapter Six



Happiness flowed through Zoe as she went about her work, serving customers, clearing tables and helping out in the kitchens whenever they needed her. The two weeks since the party had been pure bliss.

“You’ve got customers at table six,” the manager sang out.

“I’m on my way.” Zoe pulled her order pad from her black apron pocket and hurried outside. Her steps faltered when she saw who it was. Marisa. Zoe inhaled deeply and continued. She had to face the woman some time.

“You.” Something in Marisa’s face told Zoe she’d known where she worked. She’d brought her friends to see the fallen woman. Like an exhibit in the zoo. Zoe bared her teeth in something resembling a smile.

“Hi, Marisa.” She shared her smile round. “Are you ready to order?”

“This is Zoe, Matt’s sister,” Marisa said in a loud voice. “They sleep together.”

It seemed to Zoe that everyone fell silent in a collective held breath. Color stained her cheeks even though she wasn’t a big blusher. Then someone knocked a teaspoon against the side of their cup, breaking the spell.

“Marisa, would you like to order?” Zoe smiled so hard her cheek muscles ached.

“I’ll have a skinny latte,” one of Marisa’s friends said.

Zoe nodded and made note on her order pad, clutching the pen until the color bleached from her fingers. She wondered if Marisa had given Matt the same treatment. Zoe’s stomach roiled. It would explain the bad moods when he arrived home from work.

“Is your brother good in bed?” the woman sitting next to Marisa asked. The women all tittered.

Zoe wanted to put them in their place but instinctively held her tongue, knowing she’d only make things worse if she reacted to the provocation. “Anyone else ready to order?”

Ten excruciating minutes later, Zoe left to deliver the orders to the barista and kitchen. Part of her wanted to run, but she forced herself to saunter off with a hip-swinging rhythm. She did well because a group of young men at another table whistled, nudging one another when she passed.

“I heard that woman,” one of the other waitresses said. “Is it true?”

“Of course not,” Zoe said, but her upbeat mood had fled, replaced by distinct worry. What were she and Matt going to do?

* * * * *

The front door opened and closed. “Zoe, I’m home.”

“I’m out on the deck,” she called.

Matt looked at the broom and pile of dust on the tiled floor and the innards of the fridge sitting on the kitchen bench and scowled. He dropped his briefcase on the floor with everything else and strode out to the deck. Zoe was sitting on a padded chair, her face upturned to the sun. She wore a brief black bikini top and jean shorts, her hair pulled back in a lopsided ponytail. The rough edges of his anger softened on seeing her smile.

“I heard you drive up,” she said. “Here’s a beer. I’m taking a break from cleaning.”

His brows rose.

“I know the main room is a mess, but the bedroom and bathroom are spotless. I thought you’d be working late.”

She lifted her face for a kiss and his irritation faded. Despite having a bitch of a time at work, he had her to come home to. He tugged at his shirt buttons and kicked off his shoes. He shrugged out of his shirt, yanked off his socks and sank into one of the patio chairs beside her.

He’d thought the gossip would die a natural death, but if anything, it was becoming worse.

“My boss called me into his office today. He wanted to know about you.”

Her face paled. “I didn’t realize things had become so bad.”

Bad. Shit, that was an understatement. “Several of my biggest clients have asked for someone else to take over their work. I told him we weren’t related in any way, but he said it didn’t make a difference. Gossip said different and it was hurting the company.”

“But it’s none of his business. It’s your private life. Our private business.”

“Yeah, I know. Told him that too.”

She set down her glass of wine, her brown eyes full of trepidation. “What do you want to do? Do you want me to leave?”

“No!” He had considered it, but Zoe was part of him. Just the thought of her leaving filled him with panic, and he’d rejected the idea without another thought. He closed his eyes, trying to think past his confusion. His boss had laid down an ultimatum, but he didn’t intend to tell Zoe. He pictured his boss and recalled the man’s embarrassed stammering. “Don’t usually comment on a man’s personal life.” But he had and now Matt had no choice. He had to choose between the career he’d always wanted and Zoe. No contest there at all.


“Come here.” He patted his knee.

“Said the spider to the fly?”

“Yeah,” he murmured. “Wanna shower with me?”

They finished their drinks and headed for the bedroom. Minutes later they were in the shower. She soaped his back. It felt as though they’d been together forever, yet it had only been weeks. He shivered as her small hands massaged his cock. She teased his balls until they drew tighter.

Zoe or his job. Matt turned to face her. He cupped her face in his hands and stared into her beautiful brown eyes. “I love you, sweetheart. Very much. I think we should get married. What do you think?”

For a moment, she looked as though she might cry. Her eyes turned misty and her lush bottom lip quivered. “Oh, Matt. Yes. Yes! I’d love to marry you. You have the best ideas, but are you sure?”

“Very sure. I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you. I don’t want anyone else.” His arms wrapped tight around her, and their lips met in a kiss to affirm their love for each other. Lips slid together, tongues tangled, and all he could think was how lucky he was to have her in his life, to shake him up a little and show him what was important. No, he didn’t have a single doubt. This woman, this minx, who drove him crazy was the only one for him.

A thump on the bedroom door made them both whirl about to stare. He flicked off the water.

“Matt, are you in there?”

“It’s Mum,” Zoe muttered in an appalled tone. “Did you know she was coming over? Oh, boy. I can hear her panicked shrieks of horror now.”

“No.” He stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around his waist. “I didn’t know she was coming. But she’ll just have to get used to us being together. I don’t intend to change my mind.”

“Me neither.” She slapped to her hand to her mouth in consternation. “My clothes are in the bedroom. I’d prefer to break this gently. I don’t want to shock her.”

“I doubt it will make much difference how we tell her.” He shrugged and headed for the door, ignoring the water dripping from his body. He opened it and stepped through before closing it again. “Mum. John. You should have called.”

“Sorry, Matt. We used our key. Do you have someone in there?” his mother asked, a tinge of pink highlighting her cheeks.

“The woman I’m going to marry,” he said.

“Oh, Matt!” His mother beamed. “John, did you hear that? Our son is finally getting married. We’ll have grandchildren.”

Matt glanced at Zoe’s father, his stepfather. He wondered if the small grin would disappear when he realized it was his daughter. The hard lump of apprehension in his belly dissolved as suddenly as it had appeared. The answer was so simple. He loved Zoe. He’d been running for a while, but no longer. Marriage would slow the gossip, and eventually everyone would find someone else to discuss. They had each other. What more did they need?

“Do we know her?” his mother asked.

The bathroom door opened, and Zoe came out dressed in his robe. Her light brown hair lay in damp curls around her face. Her cheeks were pale, but her firm chin indicated determination. “It’s me. Matt is going to marry me.”

“John?” Matt’s mother sounded faint.

Zoe stared at Matt. He crossed the room to stand at her side, smiling in a reassuring manner. His arm slipped around her waist. She swallowed and leaned against him. He hadn’t walked away. He’d said he loved her and more importantly, he cherished her enough to ask her to marry him.

“Hi, Mum. Dad.” Zoe tried to read them. Matt’s mother was easy. Her hands trembled and her face was pale. Shocked, because a relationship between them wasn’t what she’d expected. Her father remained impassive, but he wasn’t shouting. That had to be a good sign.

“But you’re brother and sister. You can’t get married,” their mother said.

“No, that’s not true. We’re not related. There’s no impediment to a marriage between the two of us,” Zoe said, concentrating entirely on Matt.

“That’s right.” Matt smiled, his blue eyes blazing with encouragement and a hundred other emotions. “Zoe has already said yes.”

Zoe swallowed again to disperse the knot in her throat. The need for verbal reassurance shimmered through her. “You really love me?”

“I’ve always loved you, wild child, and this time I’m done running. You’re right. We’re meant to be together.”

“John, do something,” Matt’s mother said, in clear panic. “They can’t get married.”

“They’re not related,” Zoe’s father said. “They’re quite right about that.”

“But…but…I suppose you’re right,” their mother said grudgingly, but it was clear she needed more time to become used to the idea. “I guess as long as you’re not rushing into things.”

“We’re sure. We don’t need to wait,” Matt said, glancing at Zoe with love in his eyes. “We intend to marry very soon. We don’t want a long engagement.”

“That’s right.” Relief soared through Zoe. Everything was going to be okay. Matt loved her and intended to let everyone know. “I love you so much!” And she jumped at him, trusting Matt to catch and keep her safe. Part of her heard her father reassuring Matt’s mother and telling her he’d suspected all along. Matt and Zoe would be fine. They knew what they were doing. Although their mother didn’t seem totally convinced, Zoe suspected it wouldn’t be long until she was muttering about grandchildren again.

Zoe looped her arms around Matt’s neck and rubbed their noses together. Then their lips met, and wild child Zoe Underwood claimed her man in no uncertain terms. They were going to have some wonderful adventures together.


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BOOK: Wild Child
5.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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