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The Wicked Pen Chronicles: Release


Eva Lane

The Wicked Pen Chronicles: Release
Copyright: Eva Lane
Published: 12
June 2013
Publisher: Random Life
The right of Eva Lane to be identified as author of this Work has been asserted by her in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, copied in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise transmitted without written permission from the publisher. You must not circulate this book in any format.
The music was so loud I could feel it vibrate through my whole body
. Give me one more night
was blaring in the background. I looked up. The dance floor was full now. Writhing bodies everywhere. You couldn’t tell who was a man or a woman. It was a flesh-fest; bare midriffs and cleavage were the ultimate fashion accessory these days. Be it a guy or girl.


I liked people watching. Looking at people wondering who they were and what they were thinking. Were they here alone, with a partner or in a group? You could tell a lot by the way people interacted on the dance floor.


There was a couple on the side passionately kissing. His hands were gently caressing her and her hands were stroking his upper thigh. Young love she thought. Gentle always at first. Then there were the usual crowds at the bar. Watching the crowd just like her. The only difference was they were all blokes. Looking for one-night stands. I could do with one too. If only I didn’t have two kids at home waiting for me.


“Would you like another drink, little lady?” the man sitting next her asked.


He had approached me about twenty minutes ago with a drink. He was handsome, tall and bald. I liked the way he looked but that’s where the attraction stopped. He didn’t seem to have too much up top. I didn’t have much time left so I took the free drink hoping that company was worth it. I regretted my choice very soon. If it wasn’t little lady then it was doll or sweetie. I hated sweetie, but little lady? I wasn’t even little. I was tall, with a very toned body, even after two kids. My arms were slender but had what my kids called “tiny muscles”; hardly a little lady. And I was drop dead stunning. I am not showing off but it was obvious by the amount of people who chased me. I never had to wait long when I went out. Just had to sit and wait. Be it a coffee shop, local shopping centre or the bar. But I know that often men found it harder to approach me. Intimidated by me I guess. Surely someone like me was not single. Surely there was a boyfriend or husband around the corner.


“Another drink doll?” That voice again.


He was still here. Still trying out his luck. I normally just went cold if I didn’t like the company. But this guy was persistent. I did like the way he looked from afar so I made my smile very inviting. No wonder he had the wrong idea. A single girl at the bar; I was too good looking to be by myself. I was either an expensive escort or just a woman looking for a one-night stand. So men always assumed that I was there for a one night stand. Which is exactly what I wanted them to think.


However, there was a babysitter at home and my two kids waiting. Kids were still raw from what their dad did. They were not ready for me to bring a man home. Not ready to wake up and see him or see traces of him and of course he never shows up again. I wasn’t ready for a relationship. But I craved sex. Not hard, not rough. Just gentle lovemaking. But how do you get that? Most men were all too happy to get in my pants but I knew exactly what they would do once they were in there. They would want quick, rough sex; hard and fast and over in a flash. I wanted slow and sensuous. I wanted to be pursued and conquered.


So I sat at the table and played out that fantasy in my head. My knight will come over. We will talk. Share a drink. He will then take me back to his apartment. We will make gentle love. He will make me come first before asking me if I was still okay to keep going. I would nod and then he will gently come while he rocks against me. All that time he will kiss me, my neck, play with my hair, squeeze my shoulder and tell me how lucky he was to be with me at that moment, how he couldn’t wait till I see him again. All of that and more will happen from start to finish in 2 hours. It took me 30 minutes to get to city and 30 minutes to drive. I only had the babysitter for 3 hours, all I could afford so that left 2 hours for my fantasy. Oh well, one night it might happen. But not tonight.


“I’m so sorry but I need to get home,” I said.


He was shocked. He was so sure that I was into him. Men never use their brain or eyes. Oh they used their eyes to look but not observe or understand. He saw me looking at him and he thought that was it. He didn’t realize or notice that as soon as he opened his mouth I was gone. Lost to him.


“Are you playing hard to get?” he asked with a nasty smirk.


I was wrong about this one, even though he was nicely dressed and seemed polite, he was covering up an asshole inside.


“Fuck you too” was what I heard as I drifted away. I wish, I thought. Soon I was out and heading to my car.


I dreaded this time, this moment. My escape was over and now it’s back to my reality. I loved my kids; more than anything in this world. But I needed my own time sometimes. I never had that anymore. If it wasn’t working then it was domestic duties. Money was tough but I always saved money for my weekly night out. Luckily Lucy just lived around the corner and she was often keen and eager to babysit. The kids loved her too; she was good at feeding them, playing and then putting them to sleep. They actually listened to her more than they listened to me. I wish I could have her over more often. Soon, I thought, I was expecting a promotion and with that chance of a big raise. Single income was hard especially when you have grown accustomed to two incomes.


“Bastard” I said it out loud. He was no longer there but he was still paying me back. I was going to have this under control soon. The promotion and some budgeting should leave plenty of money for holidays and weekend outings. And more babysitting. Maybe I can afford to be away for a full night. Kids would punish me too much if I did that but I could dream.


I was half way back home. What was it that Lucy said? She said something about only being able to there for 2 hours. Oh damn it, was I suppose to return early. Then I remembered. Tommy. Her older brother Tommy was back home for couple of months. He was studying in US and it was their summer break. I vaguely remembered him. That’s right, she had to go out to a friends tonight and she mentioned that Tommy was going to cover for her. How long has he been away? Three years I thought. Three years gone and so much has changed.


Oh well it will be good to see him again. I wonder what he looks like. I was trying to imagine. Oh shut up. Your night of fun is over; I couldn’t bring that reality to my house. Home. I took the money out of my purse as I walked inside the house. It was very quiet. Kids were obviously in bed. I could see a light and small noise coming out of the TV room. I slowly walked over.


There was man sitting on the sofa. He had dark black hair. The head was visible above the sofa. He was either grown very tall or was sitting up straight. There was a movie on. The Notebook. Really, I almost chuckled. Nicolas Sparks, poisoning the minds of young girls with what love should be. So false.


“Hello,” I said.


He stood up. Yes he was tall. And muscled. He was wearing a t-shirt which was bulging with muscles. His back was a thing of beauty, I was mesmerised. And then he turned around. Who was this man? She thought. He was not Tommy. Not a boy. This was a man. He was beautiful, firm cheeks, red lips that I wanted to suck and broad forehead. I could see a bit of Tommy in there. Was there another older brother? No it was Tommy. He has just grown up. A lot. He was walking over towards me.


“Hey! Mrs Hollows, how are ya?” the man drawled with a slight US accent.


It was Tommy! And then he was hugging me. His arms were around me. Hugging and squeezing. His lips. Big and wonderful lips were on my cheeks. They left a burning mark. But it wasn’t just my cheeks. I was burning all over. He was so warm. I didn’t want to end the embrace but she had no choice. Any longer and it was on the verge of being inappropriate. And I didn’t want to do that. No to Tommy. Besides I was no cougar. I was not going to seduce Tommy, son of my neighbors.


“How are you doing, its been so long since I last saw you” Tommy asked.


“Very good and thanks for helping out tonight,” I replied.


“Least I could do,” he then swallowed hard. “I heard about what happened. I am so sorry.”


I smiled. It seemed everyone knew what had happened. I never talked. I hated sharing these kinds of things. But gossip always gets out especially as he loved to talk. Dug holes for himself.


“Oh its nothing. All in the past. Onwards to the future,” I said too brightly.


I was trying to be all cool. I noticed that my hands were still on him. He had withdrawn from the greeting embrace but I couldn’t tear my hands away. My hands were burning feeling his warmth.


“Could I get you a drink?” I asked.


“I thought you never ask. Scotch on the rocks please,” he said.


Yes, he was definitely a man. I walked over to the kitchen and then I remembered. “Ahem, I actually I don’t have any Scotch,” I paused “Since he left, there has been no need”. Tommy was very apologetic.


“Oh, I am so sorry.”


He was walking over to me again. Almost, running over and he was embracing me again. A comforting embrace, I thought. But as long as I was in these warm and strong arms again then it was okay. I tried to hug him back but he was holding me over my arms. He slowly pushed back still holding me.


“I am so silly, I bet that’s the last thing you wanted to be reminded of,” he grinned ruefully.


I just smiled. To be honest, I wasn’t bothered by it too much but if Tommy thought that his words were hurting me and he had to comfort me then I was just going to play along.


“I got some wine,” I said, remembering the bottle in the fridge.


“Perfect!” came the reply.


His arms released me and I reluctantly walked away. I went to get the chardonnay from the fridge.


“Oh let me help,” said Tommy.


His fingers were brushing my fingers and then his hands were around my back again as he took the bottle from me. Just like that he was touching me and then he was gone again. He was looking around for something.


“Glasses” I said. He smiled.


I quickly got some glasses and he poured the wine. He knew how to pour. Too many men would pour wine just like it was a soft drink. There were drops everywhere. But not Tommy. He did it with elegance, rolled his wrists in the end.


He looked back into my eyes. “Restaurants, working there has its perks”


“Tips too,” I chimed in. He started to laugh. “Always pays for the drinks”


“So how is the uni life in US?” I asked “Give me all the details.”


BOOK: Wicked Pen Chronicles: Release
9.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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