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What He Seeks (What He Wants, Book Twenty) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) (2 page)

BOOK: What He Seeks (What He Wants, Book Twenty) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)
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“I don’t know.”

“Well, can you… can you tell them that I’m not… that I’m not looking into those girls anymore?”

“I’m working on it, Charlotte. In the meantime, though, we will have to deal with this meeting.”

“Okay.” Anxiety rushed through me as I imagined myself in a meeting with Jason and Josh, the two of them talking about my involvement with Noah. I took in a deep, shuddering breath.

“I’m going with you.” Noah loosened his tie and drained the rest of his drink, then returned to the bar and pulled out the bottle of scotch.

“Going with me where?”

“To the meeting.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Why would I joke about that?”

“You can’t go to the meeting with me, Noah. The meeting is about my relationship with you, about how it’s breaking the rules! You can’t show up with me.”

“I don’t see what the problem is.”

I gaped at him. “The problem is that it looks bad.”

“That’s exactly what they want, Charlotte. They want to make you feel like you’ve done something wrong.” He shook his head and began refilling his glass.

done something wrong, Noah. They’re right. It was unprofessional for me to get involved with you when I was working on your case.”

“Which is why I need to be with you. I will act as your counsel.”

“It’s not a trial, Noah. It’s just a meeting.”

“It is
just a meeting, Charlotte.” He was pacing across the kitchen now, faster and faster, his strides keeping pace with his emotions. “If the police asked you to come down to the station and told you it was no big deal, that they just wanted to ask you a few questions, you would never show up there without counsel, would you?”


“Then how is this any different?”

“Because I’m not being arrested, Noah. And because I don’t want to antagonize them!”

“Jesus, Charlotte!” he said, and he slammed his glass down on the breakfast bar, then gripped the marble and leaned forward, staring down at the floor while he tried to calm himself down. “You are very naïve about some things, and I am not going to let you sabotage yourself.”

“I need to be able to make my own decisions.” My body was wired with tension, the stress of finding out that Professor Worthington was out of jail coupled with the stress of getting this letter tying me into a knot.

“You can make your own decisions when you make the right ones.”

“You know, you have a lot of nerve,” I said, and his eyes widened at my disobedience. “I agreed not to bring up Lameuix, to not ask you any questions, to give up looking for Mikayla even though it was something that was very important to me. And now you want
control. You can’t do that, Noah.”

“I can and I will.”

“No.” I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest, defiant. “No. You can’t just make unilateral decisions about my future.”


“If it’s ours, then why don’t I get any say?”

“Because that is what you agreed to,” he growled. “You agreed to let me have control.”

“Not of everything!”

“Yes, of everything.” He crossed the room to me and grabbed my arms, uncrossing them from my chest as his pelvis pushed into my hips and pinned me against the counter. “You will submit to me, Charlotte. You are my fiancé, my submissive, my fucking
as far as you’re concerned.”

My body flushed at his closeness, at the possessive tone in his voice, at the way he was pushing into me, at the words he’d said, calling me his property. He’d trained me to react to those things, and I felt a familiar warmth settle between my legs.

He towered over me, his full six-foot three frame making me feel small, delicate, the way no other man ever had, and I loved his broadness, his strength, the way he handled my body so easily.

“You don’t own me, Noah,” I said, wanting to prove to both him and myself that he hadn’t broken me completely.

He took in a sharp breath and let it out slowly. “Your smart mouth is going to push me, Charlotte.”

“To do what?” I dared. I was like a petulant child, testing him, trying to get him to react to me with my bad behavior.

“To make me shut you up,” he growled and then his mouth was on mine as his kiss took me and his hands wandered down to my ass, pulling me into him.

I groaned as he picked me up and set me down on the counter, then grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. His cock was already rock hard through his dress pants, and it pushed into me, causing my center to flood with wetness.

“You will listen to me, Charlotte,” he breathed into my neck. “You will do as I say.”

“No.” My heart was beating fast in my chest, and I felt wild, reckless, drunk with the idea that I could defy him. I wanted to see what he was going to do, wanted to taunt him into doing something he’d never done before.

“I want you to think very carefully about what you’re doing right now,” he said wickedly, and now he didn’t seem angry or mad. In fact, he seemed excited, his chest rising and falling as his breathing came in shorter bursts.

“I am thinking about it,” I said, and then I tried to slide off the counter and get away from him, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back toward him.

“Charlotte.” His voice was a warning. “You will do as I say.”

“No,” I said again. My skin was feverish, flushed. “I won’t.”

Noah pulled back and looked at me, his eyes moving over my body, drinking me in. I made sure not to look away so that he wouldn’t think I was intimidated by his stare. I knew that would make it that much worse, but I’d already pushed him this far, and my body was wired so tight it was screaming for a release.

The side of his mouth twitched, and then he leaned into me. “You think this is a game, Charlotte, but I can assure you it’s not.”

The first frisson of regret slid up my spine, the first little bit of anxiety as I wondered what he had in store for me.

I waited for him to pull me to him and start whatever delicious torture he was planning, but instead he stepped back. He very calmly removed his suit coat, then undid the buttons on the sleeves of his crisp white dress shirt and began rolling them up over his strong forearms.

Every movement he made was deliberate, slow, and I realized that whatever he was planning wasn’t going to be a quick release. Instead it would be a slow burn, a tease designed to make me pay for what I’d done.

“Noah,” I said and licked my lips.

But he didn’t reply. Instead he picked up his drink and took another sip.

Then he left the room, leaving me sitting there on the counter.

When he returned, he was holding something in his hand, something rubber with a strap on it.

I swallowed and thrust my chin into the air defiantly, but now my heart was beating a staccato rhythm against my rib cage, my bravado beginning to fade.

He grinned a mischievous grin, then walked over to me and pulled me to him, pressing his body between my legs again and sliding me forward across the counter.

He reached up and began to unbutton my shirt slowly with one hand, the words he’d written on me earlier - BAD GIRL - still visible across my chest.

I glanced down, trying to get a look at what he was holding in his other hand, but he caught me and snapped, “Eyes on me.”

I moved my gaze back to his.

“Do you know your safe word, Charlotte?” he asked huskily.

I nodded.

“That’s too bad,” he said. “Because you’re not going to need it.” He slid his index finger down my cleavage, causing my body to ignite into flames. I could smell the woodsy scent of his cologne, so sexy, so masculine, so Noah.

“Why not?” I managed.

“Because you won’t be able to talk, baby.” He raised his hand then and I saw what he was holding.

It looked like a tiny belt with a rubber ball in the middle of the leather straps.

A ball gag.

My mouth went dry.

“You think it’s fun to talk back?” Noah asked, and tugged on the straps. “We’ll see.” He ran the ball part of the gag up over my stomach, across my breasts, over my neck and up my chin.

The scent of the rubber filled my nose and Noah’s dark eyes glinted with desire. “Open your mouth, Charlotte.”

I did as I was told and he slipped the ball gag in, and then he was fastening the straps behind my head, buckling me in, leaving me unable to speak. Panic filled my body. My hands flew up and I tried to push him away, but he finished buckling the gag and then grabbed my wrists.

He looked deep into my eyes and his gaze searched my face, taking me in, how helpless I was, the panic and fear that I was sure was reflected in my eyes. “You look so sexy, baby,” he murmured, and then he was leaning in and whispering in my ear. “If you need to safe word, shake your head twice, and I will stop.” He straightened up. “Nod if you understand me.”

I nodded. I could taste the rubber in my mouth and the gag made it a tiny bit hard to breath. My nails dug into my palms as I resisted the urge to reach up and yank at it.

Noah pressed his hand against my heart. “Relax, baby girl. You’re safe.”

I nodded, and all the fear and anxiety flowed out of my body, replaced by a deep aching need for this man that I loved, that I trusted with my whole being. All my nervousness, all my apprehension was gone as I gave myself to him.

He began to unbutton my shirt slowly, his fingers deft and strong, and I knew now why I wanted to be his submissive, why it was such a powerful dynamic. In that moment, I had nothing to worry about. Noah was in charge of my every need, my every move, my every desire. I didn’t have to think about anything.

I just had to relinquish myself to him.

When he’d finished unbuttoning my blouse, he slipped it off my shoulders gently, his fingers brushing against my skin and causing me to shiver as I was left in just my bra.

I moaned, my voice muffled by the gag in my mouth.

“You’re already wet, aren’t you, Charlotte?”

I whimpered, because he was right. My panties were already wet, sticking to my pussy like a second skin. He grabbed me around the waist, his huge hands making me feel tiny as he stood me up. His hand slid down and undid the clasp on my skirt and then pulled the zipper down excruciatingly slowly. The whole time his eyes burned into mine, his tall, broad frame towering over me and making me feel delicate and small in a way on other man ever had.

He tugged my skirt down over my hips until it pooled on the floor and I stepped out of it, so that I was in just my high heels, bra, and thong. Noah’s thumb grazed my cheekbone softly and my knees went weak.

He crossed the room back to the bar, filled his empty glass, and then took my hand and led me to the living room, pushing me down until I was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch.

His eyes bore into mine, and he tipped my chin up to look at him, and then he sat down on the couch, and I was reminded of the first time I was here, in his apartment, the first time I met him, how he’d made me strip and show him my naked body.

He leaned back on the couch now and loosened his tie.

“Rub your pussy.”

I whimpered around the gag in my mouth.

“Rub your pussy, Charlotte, or I will make you do something much, much worse.”

He wasn’t one to make empty threats, so I slid my hand down over my stomach and over the outside of my black silk panties, my face flushing red hot at what he was asking me to do. It made me feel helpless, him sitting on the couch while he watched me do something so intimate, while the whole time I was gagged and almost naked, a slave to his every whim.

“Rub yourself, baby,” he said, taking a long, slow, casual sip of his Scotch. I rubbed myself over my panties as he watched me. My body was flushed and my pussy was wet, the silky material under my fingers sticking to my folds as I rubbed. “That’s it, just like that.”

He made me touch myself for a few more minutes, the whole time his eyes on me, his body language relaxed, almost disinterested, one hand holding his drink, the other arm slung lazily over the back of the couch. But his eyes burned bright with his possessiveness as he watched me.

“Come here, Charlotte,” he said finally, as he set his drink down on the table next to him.

I crawled to him and he leaned down and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts tumble from the cups.

He grabbed my tits, rubbing his thumbs over my hard nipples.

A moan escaped my lips.

He cupped my chin in his hand and squeezed my cheeks together, forcing me to bite down on the ball gag. I tried to cry out, but my scream was almost too muffled to be heard.

“You look so sexy gagged.” Noah’s index finger traced my collar bone, and he slid his hand down over my stomach and to my panties, pushing them over to the side so that my pussy was exposed. “This is only the beginning, baby. I haven’t even started to train you properly, and look at you. Look at how dirty you are, with Bad Girl written all over you, on your knees, gagged, with your pussy out.”

I groaned again, the embarrassment and humiliation of what he was saying making me even wetter than I already was.

He took my hand in his, raised it to his lips and kissed my knuckles. His lips were warm, the stubble on his chin bristly against my skin. He licked his bottom lip and then began guiding my hand down over my stomach. I tried to pull it away, uncomfortable with touching my body this way, for feeling my curves like this, but he forced me to keep going.

“You’re beautiful,” he rasped. “You are so fucking beautiful, Charlotte.” He placed his hand flat over mine and continued sliding it down my body until it was on my bare pussy. Then he leaned back on the couch again. “Lie back.”

I lied back.

“Good girl. Spread your legs for me.”

I spread them.

“Put a finger inside yourself.”

I did it, pushing my finger up into my pussy, fucking myself as he watched.

It was a turn on, knowing that I was gagged and helpless, naked except for the tiny scrap of material that was my panties, helpless to resist what he required of me.

BOOK: What He Seeks (What He Wants, Book Twenty) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)
12.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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