Read Weight Loss Box Set: More Than 70 Delicious Cookie and Fast Making Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Improving Your Health (5 2 Diet, Slow Cooker Meals, Slow Cooker Recipes) Online

Authors: Sara Hughes,Heather Klein,Eunice Hines,Una Soto

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Weight Loss Box Set: More Than 70 Delicious Cookie and Fast Making Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Improving Your Health (5 2 Diet, Slow Cooker Meals, Slow Cooker Recipes)

BOOK: Weight Loss Box Set: More Than 70 Delicious Cookie and Fast Making Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Improving Your Health (5 2 Diet, Slow Cooker Meals, Slow Cooker Recipes)
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Weight Loss Box Set


More than 70 Delicious Cookie and Fast Making Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Improving Your Health

5:2 Diet Cookbook

20 Fast and Easy to Make Diet Recipes To Reduce Your Weight

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Let's begin with the obvious and the unsexy. The way to lose weight is to end a day with a calorie deficit. Let's say you are the perfectly average American and you weigh in at 185 pounds and the tip of your heads hits a ruler at 5 foot 6. You are 37 years old, you are most likely to work in retail and you are just about more likely to be a woman. You are a Frankenstein's monster of every demographic in the USA and a bit tall for a woman and a bit short for a man but you are nevertheless the mathematical average. This means you have a BMI of 29.5. This means you are overweight.


The Body Mass measurement of the human body is deeply flawed because it doesn't account for body shape, weight distribution or how much of that weight you are carrying in your muscles. Unfortunately, at 29.5 you are by most metrics overweight. This is good news though, because it means you, hypothetical reader, have got your hands on the right book. To lose weight you need to need to consume less than 1,849 calories a day. Putting it like this can be misleading because you can consume far more calories than that and lose weight as long as you spend enough calories to bring your daily total below 2,849. This is why the concept of a calorie deficit is more useful. To get to a 'healthy' BMI of at least 25 you need to either lose 29 pounds or grow 6 inches. If you aim to lose one pound a week then you will step foot into the healthy side of your BMI in 29 weeks which would require you to take in no more than 1,349 calories a day. If you wanted to do it in double time that would be 849 calories a day.


Let's consider what this means in food terms. A bowl of chili, a relatively healthy dish, comes in at between 200 and 250 calories. A can of tomato soup has 236 calories. An apple has 52 calories. A McDonald's Big Mac has 467 calories. A bowl of corn flakes with milk has 172 calories. One cup of orange juice is 112 calories. A ham and cheese sandwich has 352 calories. If we had cereal for breakfast, a whole lot of soup for lunch and a bowl of chili for dinner we'd have eaten 875 calories. Nobody eats that though, let's add two glasses of juice, an apple, a chocolate bar (235 calories), the equivalent of four pieces of toast with breakfast and lunch (87 calories each for 348 calories) and why not have two scoops of ice cream for desert (250 calories).


Our new total is 1,984 calories a day and that was based on the pretend serving sizes used by certain industries to hide the realities of consuming their products. You would likely have consumed a little more. If you are a 5 foot 5 woman then you need to get to roughly 149 pounds to be at a healthy weight which would require 1,615 calories a day to maintain. If you are a 5 foot 10 man your roughly healthy weight would be 171 pounds and that would require 1,849 calories a day to maintain. That is without any significant exercise.


This basic math tells us a few interesting things. To maintain a clinically healthy weight for the average man or woman you could have the diet above, but simply remove toast if you are a man, and the  and juice if you are a woman. As the larger average person that is trying to lose weight you could steadily lose weight by simply not having any snacks, toast or juice. If you wanted to lose weight far quicker you would, as the average person, have to eat a bit less than one bowl of cereal, one large bowl of soup and one average portion of chili a day. That sounds relatively easy in practice but in reality that is not a lot of food.


There are 52 weeks in a year and if you simply remove snacking and have relatively healthy food at relatively healthy portions you could be at a healthy weight without any significant exercise by the end of the year but not within two months. This is again not as easy as it sounds in theory, because it requires portions smaller than you typically eat and the spurning of condiments, cheese and unhealthy snacks.


I don't believe dramatic lifestyle changes are always feasible, or really sustainable: if you do almost no exercise now, how likely is it that you will start hitting the gym exhaustively every week? Maybe for a few weeks after getting inspired but then you get a rejection in life or winter comes around and it's gone again. The benefits of exercise are phenomenal and it's easy to put yourself in to a coma with the facts relating to its benefits. These benefits might make you run around the park tonight but will that last when you come home late from work? We should be realistic with ourselves. We might not commit to exercising long term but we can commit to a change of diet if we enjoy it and we know we can lose weight just by eating relatively healthy food and sticking to only a few healthy snacks.


Just as we won't commit to a regime of rigorous exercise if we don't really want to, we won't really commit to a diet if we don't like it. We can see the positives of being healthy but the paradox of being unhealthy is that it can make you unhappy and have low self-esteem and those are not good platforms to launch a new lifestyle that is not always enjoyable or fun. The solution then is learning how to cook fun and tasty meals and snacks that will allow us to lose weight steadily and then sustain that new weight long term. I aim to give you 20 every day recipes that you can use to help you get there. I aim for these recipes to become familiar favorites and hopefully introduce you to some new ideas and ingredients you can use for many meals to come.


I will try to avoid tired old favorites and look especially at the forgotten meals of lunch and snacks where we so often sneak in calories we didn't need, and we were so good with dinner. The key to getting healthy with a diet is to drop the entire concept of a diet from our minds. If we feel as though we are punishing ourselves then we will only see being healthy or slim as a temporary phase and an unpleasant one at that. Instead we need to adopt an entire new repertoire of recipes that are delicious enough that we won't always feel we are missing out and we won't have to be daydreaming of treats or beating ourselves up because we snuck a chocolate bar in the basket at the checkout line because we will have treats we're able to eat guilt-free.


Before beginning I'd like to give some general guidance about healthy cooking. We can sometimes be given false impressions by the media and recipes in general. We've been fed the idea that fast food is evil and home cooking is fantastic. That organic food is magical and processed frozen food is full of terrifying trans-global-mega fats and additives or coloring named after every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. This is not false wisdom, as you can see from earlier the Big Mac itself was high in calories and that is without fries or soda. However we can become lazy with our thinking if we adopt this too much. We start to think every fruit or vegetable is good for us and as long as something is made in our kitchens then it is healthy for us.


The core issue is not fast food companies or evil supermarkets it's being ignorant about nutrition. We should not just demonize a few food outlets and then not alter our own approaches to food. Junk food is full of empty calories but many of our beloved and healthy foods are as well. One teaspoon of most cooking oils will come to 40 calories (butter is often healthier), 42 calories in a kiwi, 161 calories in an ounce of peanuts and 19 calories in a tablespoon of ketchup. The things we put on our foods can also add enormous hidden amounts of calories and a lot of fruit is no better than candy when it comes to calories. These things are all nutritionally better but don't let vitamin content fool you when trying to lose weight.


We must always be cautious when following a recipe to ensure we do not put a big slug of olive oil when we need only a whisper or that we don't just throw in as much cous cous or rice into a dish as we like because it's not part of the "real meal". Be sensible when following a recipe and cautious of what you are putting in your pan.


These recipes aim to be relatively simple, fun and tasty. The book will take you through breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. More than anything these recipes are there to supplement what you already know about being healthy. You know that a grilled chicken breast is good for you but you might not look forward to it with a boring old salad. You might have a good idea of a low calorie day-to-day regime is but you might not stick to it unless you have something to really look forward to during it.

BOOK: Weight Loss Box Set: More Than 70 Delicious Cookie and Fast Making Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Improving Your Health (5 2 Diet, Slow Cooker Meals, Slow Cooker Recipes)
12.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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