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Wedding Knight
An Impossible Series Short Story
Julia Sykes

© 2016 by Julia Sykes

All rights reserved.

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or everyone
who says Smith is their favorite.

He’s my favorite, too.

Impossible Series Reading Order
Chapter 1


, you’re finally tying the knot in two days. Took you long enough,” Clayton jibed with his typical wide grin.

I elbowed him in the ribs, but an irresistible smile tugged at my own mouth. “Dick. You know we were waiting until Lydia finished school. She just graduated in May. Besides,” I added drily. “I don’t see a ring on your finger yet.”

“Touché,” he allowed. “But there’s a ring on Rose’s finger and a collar around her neck. That’s enough for me for now.”

“I beat all of you assholes to it, so I don’t want to hear another word about it,” I warned, still smiling. I looked to Kennedy, my mentor and oldest friend. “I even got one up on the old man for once.”

He scowled and crossed his arms over his chest. “Call me
old man
one more time and see what happens. I can still whoop you, kid.”

I snorted. I hadn’t been a
in a long time, but Kennedy would never stop calling me that, even when I reached fifty like him. I pretended it annoyed me, but I was secretly pleased at our tight bond. He was the closest person to family I had, other than Lydia.

Looking around at the men who surrounded me, I supposed that wasn’t entirely true. I had a bigger family than ever. All of my closest friends had gathered at Decadence to celebrate my last night before I was married. I didn’t think of it as my last night being
a free man.
My heart had been ensnared by Lydia a long time ago, and I never wanted to be free of her.

“You look like a lovesick puppy, you know,” Reed said blithely.

My eyes narrowed. “And what do you think you look like whenever you’re near Katie?”

He tipped his head at me. “Point taken.”

Javier cleared his throat. “I think you’re forgetting about me. You’re not the first one of us to tie the knot. Charlotte and I are married, remember?”

“I think
the one who forgot about
None of us got to attend your court marriage. You haven’t had a big, fancy ceremony yet,” I countered. “I still haven’t gotten an invite to your wedding.”

He flashed a grin. “You’ll get one soon.”

Even if the group of Doms did irritate the shit out of me sometimes, it was nice having a group of friends in the lifestyle. I didn’t even mind the fact that there was always a bit of a pissing contest going on between us.

“This is my bachelor party,” I pointed out. “Aren’t you all supposed to be celebrating me and shit?”

Derek grinned and gestured around him. “Why do you think I closed down my club for this little party?”

I had to acknowledge that it had been damn decent of him to give us private use of Decadence for the evening.

I didn’t have to say as much, though. It was too much fun goading them.

“So when do our subs get here?” I demanded. “I’m
not having a scene with you guys.”

Dex drew himself up to his considerable height, fixing me with mock-disapproval. “You know the women aren’t invited to the bachelor party.”

I frowned. “So we’re in a BDSM club to sit around and chat about our feelings? What the hell kind of party is this?”

“You know you love to gossip,” Kennedy drawled. “It’s one of your most annoying qualities. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

“Don’t worry,” Clayton chimed in, deep blue eyes dancing. “We have something fun planned for you.”

I lifted an eyebrow. “What are we going to do, play a game of Scrabble?”

Clayton’s grin sharpened. “More like wrestling. Only, you lose.”

They didn’t give me a second to formulate a response. Dex and Clayton grabbed my arms, hauling me back.

“What the fuck, guys?” I twisted against their hold, but the two of them together were stronger than me. They pulled me down, and my ass hit a hard wooden chair. My arms were wrenched behind my back, and cold metal cuffs clicked in place around my wrists.

I snarled and jerked against them. “I don’t know what you’re playing at, but this isn’t funny.”

Kennedy chuckled. “Actually, it is.” He pulled a long strip of black cloth from his pocket.

“No fucking way,” I ground out. “You are
blindfolding me.”

He grinned. “Watch me.”

I tried to get leverage on my feet. The back legs of the chair lifted a few inches off the floor before Dex’s and Clayton’s hands gripped my shoulders, pushing me back down. They both laughed, as though this was the most fun they’d had in ages.

“I’m going to kick all your asses.”

“Yeah,” Derek smirked. “Good luck with that.”

Kennedy was behind me. The black cloth dropped over my eyes, and he quickly knotted it at the back of my head.

“Worst bachelor party ever,” I growled. “You just wait until I get out of this.”

“You’re acting like a total brat, you know,” Kennedy drawled.

I snarled again, making a fruitless attempt to wrench my hands free. The cuffs bit into my wrists.

“Now you know how your poor subbie feels,” Dex’s voice rumbled with mirth.

“Is that what this is?” I demanded. “You’re trying to teach me some sort of fucking lesson? Joke’s over.”

“Not yet,” Clayton sounded even more amused than Dex. “We haven’t even gotten to the fun part. Derek,” he addressed the club owner, “I think we need some music.”

Immediately, a track with a deep, sensual beat filled the empty club. I didn’t have a damn clue what was going on. Fucking blindfold. Fucking cuffs.

Fucking former friends.

Then I scented a heavy, floral perfume. With my sight taken, my other senses were heightened, and the smell was quite strong. I didn’t recognize it.

Body heat washed over me, and the unmistakable feel of a woman’s thighs straddling mine registered.

“You did
get me a stripper,” I growled at the guys.

“Sorry to break it to you, but we totally did,” Reed sounded far too pleased with himself.

The woman rolled her body against mine, her breasts grazing across my chest. I could feel her hardened nipples through my t-shirt, and her lips touched the side of my neck.

I would know those lush lips and pert little peaks anywhere. I’d felt them against me often enough, toyed with them mercilessly. She might have tried to mask her usual light, fresh scent, but I wasn’t fooled.

I suppressed a savage grin. I’d play along for the time being. I didn’t at all mind allowing my fiancée to give me a lap dance.

She rubbed herself across my thighs, the heat of her pussy sinking through my jeans.

“You know I only want Lydia,” I protested loudly, trying to keep my frown fixed in place. “Sorry, honey, but you’d better back off before I do something we’ll both regret.”

She giggled and continued to rock her hips against me.

So she was enjoying teasing me? I couldn’t have that.

She ground her pussy against my dick, and I instantly hardened in response. She let out an angry little gasp, and the blindfold was suddenly ripped away.

Gorgeous blue-green eyes glared down at me through narrowed dark lashes.

I grinned up at her. “Hi, sweetheart.”

Her mouth popped open, and she lightly slapped my chest. “You knew it was me!” she exclaimed. “That wasn’t funny.”

“You know I wouldn’t get aroused for another woman,” I said gently, brushing a tender kiss across her pretty pink lips. “But you shouldn’t have teased me. Guys,” I barked out. “Un-cuff me so I can punish my naughty little sub.”

She pushed off me, shaking her head and backing away. Kennedy stepped behind her, catching her upper arms and trapping her. Clayton unlocked the cuffs.

I stood and prowled toward her slowly, drawing out the tension. Her eyes widened, and she tugged against Kennedy’s hold.

“This was your idea!” she protested, looking around wildly at my friends. “You can’t let him punish me!”

Kennedy winked at me and guided Lydia into my waiting arms. “Congratulations, kid. Enjoy your present.”

Lydia’s eyes were huge in her delicate face. Her mouth opened and closed, but she couldn’t seem to find any words.

One corner of my lips ticked up in a cocky smile. “Nothing to say, sweetheart? I don’t hear a safe word.” My fingers curled into her bare waist. She wore only a black lace bra and panty set. I knew she was already comfortable being naked around my friends, but she’d never had a group of Doms turn on her before.

She swallowed hard. I studied her body and found clear signs of arousal. Her cheeks were flushed, her nipples hard. And I could smell the beginnings of her desire through the heavy perfume she wore.

I hooked my forefinger through the ring at the front of the black leather collar that encircled her throat. I missed the silvery glint of her true collar, but I’d sent it off for special modifications and fully intended to return it to her on our wedding night.

Not long to wait now.

Using the light leverage of my hold on the temporary collar, I tugged her forward. “Come.”

She didn’t hesitate to follow me as I led her from the bar area of the club, across the empty dance floor, and into the public dungeon space. The men accompanied us, close enough that she could feel their presence, but they didn’t encroach on my domain.

Okay, so maybe they were my friends, after all. I could forgive their little practical joke, if Lydia was my prize.

I stopped when we came to my desired destination in the center of the dungeon. Before Lydia could take a moment to study where I’d placed her, I fisted my hand in her hair and tipped her head back so I could take her lips. I wanted to keep her focused on me, on the sensations I would inflict upon her. I wanted her to completely lose herself and find the blissful peace that I could give her through a loving blend of pleasure and pain.

Keeping her mouth trapped under mine, I removed her delicate lingerie, unhooking the bra and sliding the straps slowly down her arms before turning my attention to her barely-there panties. I kissed my way down her neck, between her breasts, across her belly. Her fingers slid into my hair, guiding my face toward her hot pussy. I allowed the gentle direction for a moment and pressed a soft kiss directly against her clit, teasing her through the lace panties. Then I gripped her wrists and pulled her hands away from my head.

I looked up at her, and our eyes locked. “Stay still,” I ordered.

She drew in a long breath and relaxed her arms at her sides, completely submissive to my will.

Fuck, she was perfect.

My palms grazed along her tanned thighs as I pulled the panties down her long legs. I tore my eyes from hers so I could study the slick arousal glistening on her pretty pink pussy lips. I blew a stream of cool air across her heated flesh. She gasped, but my good girl didn’t rock her hips toward me to beg for more. She stayed still, as I’d instructed. Even though I was on my knees before her, I was utterly in control.

When the black lace reached her feet, I grasped her ankle, silently urging her to step out of the panties and spread her legs wide for me. She moved gracefully, her complete trust in me making her body pliant in my hold.

I got to my feet, keeping less than an inch of space between us. I wanted her to feel my influence, but not my touch. She’d be quivering in anticipation before I put my hands on her again.

“Derek.” I raised my voice so he could hear me over the sensual beat of the music, but I didn’t take my eyes off Lydia’s gorgeous face. I would watch her every slight change in expression as I toyed with her. “I’ll need a few items, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not,” he replied, his tone lilting with amusement. “It’s your party.”

“Hmmm,” I mused. “It
a party. I can’t have all the fun. Why don’t you guys pick out your party favors?”

Lydia’s soft lips parted, and her big eyes widened. “Master,” she whispered, my title somewhere between protest and erotic longing.

My lips twisted in a slightly cruel smile, and I caressed her cheek. “You wanted to be the entertainment for the evening, girl. Is this not what you thought it would be?”

She pouted. “I thought I was going to give you a lap dance.”

I traced her lower lip with my thumb. “You thought you could tease me. Naughty girl.”

“Are you really going to punish me?” she asked, her voice small. “I just wanted to make sure you had a fun night.”

“Oh, I will have fun. And so will you.” I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Trust me.”

She stared up at me, her beautiful eyes shining with devotion. “Always.”

“Party favor number one,” Clayton said, breaking the intense moment.

I turned to him, grinning when I noticed what he offered me: supple black leather cuffs. Exactly what I needed to get started.

“I taught you well,” I told him. Clayton had lived a vanilla life until I helped instruct him in BDSM a few years ago.

He punched my arm. “Arrogant ass.”

“Yep,” I replied, not in the least contrite. He returned my grin and stepped away so I could turn my attention back to Lydia. “Give me your hands.”

Perfectly compliant, she obeyed without hesitation.

“Good girl,” I praised, holding her in my gaze as I ran my thumbs across her vulnerable wrists. She shivered, but she remained relaxed in my hold. I buckled the cuffs in place, applying just enough pressure so she could feel her bonds. I guided her arms above her head and grasped the chain that dangled from the ceiling. With my superior height, it was easy to clip the D rings on the cuffs. Her lithe body was stretched before me, and I couldn’t resist running my palms down her sides, reverently caressing her soft curves. Her back arched, and her head dropped back. I took a few long seconds to taste her lips, to tame her tongue with mine.

“Party favor number two,” an accented voice said beside me when I finally released her.

Javier held out a spreader bar. His kinky choice surprised me. I didn’t know him as well as the other men; he’d been undercover for the majority of his time in New York, and he didn’t frequent Decadence because his sub was Derek’s sister.

I nodded at him in approval and took the bar. Lydia’s legs were already spread for me, exactly where I had placed them when I stripped her. It took less than a minute to attach the cuffs at either end of the bar to her ankles, locking her in place. While she was sweetly obedient, it might be difficult for her to comply with my order to remain still once I started tormenting her with erotic pain and pleasure.

BOOK: Wedding Knight (An Impossible Series Short Story)
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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